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Crude oil used to be available from mineral seeps near the surface. The phrase "snake oil" refers to the oil collected and bottled from Lake Seneca, then sold as a medicinal in the 19th century.

Problem is, most of those sources are long since depleted.

All these sources are problematic. Ethanol/methanol require a ton of vegetable sugars, and are corrosive to fuel lines unless you take precautions. Wood gas requires the availability of wood in quantity, which is fine except that some disaster scenarios may leave you with no wood for years to come. Ditto for even animal power: livestock requires feed.

Eventually you can cook up an ethanol based system, but how do you survive from now until then? Stockpiles? PV/wind/hydro?

I'd at least have a human-powered backup. Pic related is a screw-cutting metal lathe, pedal-powered, from the late 19th century. I'm surprised there isn't a modern equivalent.

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