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If it was as easy as all 4 shear pins being broken, it wouldn't have even warrant mentioning because I'd just replace them with bolts for the day and not shovel 20 tons of snow.
The impeller shaft with the worm gear that goes into the auger gear box, and the other end has a single threaded hole to attach the pulley to run off the engine is what sheared.

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What wonderful projects are you niggers up to currently?
First storm of the year, went out a few hours ago and pulled out the blower and started to go to work about half way into the projected time it's coming down.
About 80% in it stopped throwing with authority, found it odd, tried cleaning it to see if it was clogged, nothing.
Auger wasn't spinning. Decided to break it in half and pull the gearbox. After gas spills, a sheared bolt, and a big fucking mess, I was treated to this.
Worm gear that drives the auger is mulched from 11 years of my mother using it. At least things look salvageable.
God bless the engineer who actually added a failure point to the system so the rest of the box didn't get fucked, worm gear on the impeller shaft looks nice, no burrs from cursory feels.

Got that to do, then my boiler's been leaking, and have to pray my car passes inspection, mower deck is blown out from 15 years of use and have to try to reteach myself some welding skills after not laying a bead in over half a decade in a garage with no heat, a dinky 110 flux machine.
Wish I had the luxury of doing something mechanical for leisure once in a while.

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