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>Still worth doing for low-cost use where density doesn’t matter, like home storage.
If they would improve tech a bit, it would be viable for EVs and such.
> Hope they don’t stick to the tiny cylindrical cells though
Cells can be manufactured in any shape or form.
I think at the moment, some noname cell wrapping facilities are making these cells, and they might only have equipment for 18650s. (pic related, you can buy catode material)
>Can’t watch the video at the moment, is it a nickel manganese cobalt design? If so that’s still a bottleneck.
Unknown, but it very likely not lithium, and probably NMF... Dunno chemistry at all.
Discharge voltages don't fit any lithium battery and it doesn't have typical lithium battery "shelf" where voltage barely changes. It has somewhat linear discharge from 4V to like 2.4V and then it drops off to zero.

I'm kinda glad that this is no longer a technology from shitty eco-brainwash youtube video, but something you can buy and try out, albeit a bit expensive atm.

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