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So I did a MIDI controller prototype with some buttons and potentiometers using a UNO and HIDUINO.

You basically reprogram the firmware on the USB IC on the UNO with HIDUINO and it will translate MIDI to USB signals without needing translating software on the PC.

Now I want to do my own PCB for a better MIDI controller with more buttons and potentiometers so I thought of using a mega since it has more analog inputs but it's too hueg for my case. I saw this Mega pro mini which is much smaller, problem is it it has no USB IC, which I need for the HIDUINO.

So I thought of adding a pin header for the mega pro mini on my pcb and wire together the serial communication to another atmega (like the one for leonardo for example) and use that one as USB IC. Theoretically it should work, but has anyone tried something similar? Officially HIDUINO supports only UNO and MEGA because of this USB-IC thingy.

I've seen other MIDI libraries out there for atmel chips with integrated USB communication but I really liked this one.

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