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Hello 4chinks <3
I am looking for (you)r advice on what manual skill I should hone

I am 18, just graduated highschool and I realized that I should become a tradesman. I have plenty of support and time, I will be ING to an economics university (it's free and good) and I'll have the time to work on my skills, and my dad and brother are both skilled in diy, although they aren't professional tradespeople. there's nothing holding me back from getting skilled at anything, I'd just like to know what you guys think I should do and why.

Requirements are:
- good money; enough for a property, a modest hobby and to support a family
- high skill and some prestige to it, i don't want to hate myself.
- doesn't destroy health-wise; I'm not afraid of hard work but I don't want to be a wreck by retirement.

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