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Hey, folks. I'm trying to remove and replace the faucet from my bathroom sink. It's old as hell and needs to go.

The top part has no screws or attachments that I can see. If I twist it, it moves a very small amount, but otherwise there is no give. I've put a lot of weight on it trying to see if I can simply spin the thing off, but no luck.

Underneath there is what appears to be a copper screw and a nut above it. The square thing (that had the water connections on it) spins a small amount but doesn't seem to impact if the faucet comes off or not.

I hit the area with some vinegar in an attempt to remove some corrosion. I've done everything I can to deal with the screw, but the metal is simply chipping away and it's not coming undone.

As for the nut at the top, I have no idea how I could even reach it, there's at most a half inch of space on either side and none of my tools can reach.

If there's no way to get that screw out, I'm wondering how best to simply cut it out. Angle grinder maybe? Any help is appreciated.

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