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yeah, I wouldn't know how to do a pot off the top of my head in SPICE, but piecewise linear is straightforward enough for voltages

if he does the 7106 won't be of any use to him ofc

like 0.009 hours in MS paint related? sounds right

>and will corrode copper if you leave it on
that's fair, thorough post-cleaning is essential, even for the stronger electronics-grade fluxes. even no-cleans used in hand soldering are better cleaned off a board, since you won't know for sure whether any particular bit of flux on the board was necessarily activated
here's the rub: the pipes we use are quite a bit smaller than plumbers use, and stranded insulated wire wicks so it simply cannot be thoroughly cleaned. if you use activated flux on stranded wire you will come a gutser
if you need that much flux activity, perhaps it's better to tin the parts of the work separately using whatever fuckin' HCl dip, then join them under something milder
>proper stuff
$1 per cc is about right for flux at around an ounce sized order. you don't have to use that much of it. I have a bunch of 2cc tubes of no-clean, each of which gets me through about 400cm^2 of board surface with a lot left over for random breakout boards and wires
>boils off
>need to use a fuckton
I suspect a technique problem
>rosin in alcohol
it's a weak flux, kind of a mess to clean if you should need to, but benign in service and cheap. as expedient electronics fluxes go, this is my fave
>zinc chloride
citric acid can be found in the ethnic foods aisle, but it is cheaper than ZnCl in bulk and makes a decent water-washable flux that doesn't attack metallic Cu or Fe as hard. also great de-ruster for hand tools

it would be easier to guess with board photos. prob just cutting every possible corner
>reference/demo code from the chip mfr
>no FCC testing
>cheapest possible antenna
>shanzhai IP policy

>casually moving your minisplit around
Dubai extravagance confirmed

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