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How do i into time travel?

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you already are, just at the same rate everyone else is

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Hang out in a deep gravity well or travel at a high percentage of light speed. You can only go forward in time faster than everyone else but it's better than nothing.

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Also figure out how to not increase yourself in mass untik death

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Sit in a box and cover yourself in dirt. Good job, you have now learned to travel to the future

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Personally, my last trip was to Odessa. I fell in love with this city from the first acquaintance with it. If you have not visited this city yet, then I highly recommend doing it. Moreover, there are many places worth visiting and where to entertain yourself. For a guide, I recommend using https://odessa-journal.com/category/barspubs/ .

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Thoughts on the crafsman diy vids? is he legit?

btw, he's a black dude right?

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Never watched any of this guy's videos before today. His voice sounds like he's doing a character and it's pretty grating, especially when comparing the oldest video to the newest.

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honestly just sounds like a woman trying to imitate the voice he's doing

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>honestly just sounds like a woman trying to imitate the voice he's doing

could be, but I think he's actually a sorta old black guy and that's his wife. Whatever the case, he seems to have a genuine child-like enthusiasm for molding things, and trying to help others learn techniques:


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Bump for steady craftin

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I'm personally looking for a way to make a video myself.

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I have a southwest-facing concrete garden which has no soil apart from some rose beds along the boundary with the neighbour. there's a lot of cracks where weeds are growing through but it's otherwise flat. it is completely soulless and I'd like to turn it into a nice garden that's both nice to look at and relax in, but also beneficial to wildlife. my current thoughts are to make different areas of the garden such as a small wildflower meadow, a secluded bamboo/japanese garden behind the shed and a normal pretty arrangement in the middle. in the plan I've uploaded
>the wildflower meadow would go in the 2m x 7m section
>the bamboo/japanese garden would go in the 2m x 2m section behind the shed OR it could be made bigger with the whole 3m x 5.6m section on the left of the shed
>the big 2.4m x 12.6m middle area (between the beds and deck I am not sure what to turn into but I want it to have nice flowers and a path to the back
my ideas are quite rough but do you guys have any opinions of what I could do with my barren garden?

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By concrete I assume you mean paving slabs and not solid concrete. If you want to put a lawn down you need to lay your turf on 12 inches of top soil so you may need to dig down a bit.

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I started to untuck mine already, to pls. There are beds all on that back edge, with loads of free Craigslist material, bricks, horse manure compost, gutters, etc I did purchase the ibc tote

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sounds tempting! I will look into the logistics of that. it's either that or a woodland meadow since it's a shaded area
no I mean literal solid concrete all over haha. its almost 2ft deep

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I think it's an awesome idea to turn it into a garden where you and maybe your family could have a rest or make some picnic. I would advise you to cover all the surface with the ground and lawn and make some flower beds and to build a patio and make a gravel alley. When my husband was making a garden in front of our house we decided that we needed a garden tractor which helped us to do a lot of work. We found a great site https://www.growgardener.com with all the necessary thing for garden and bought there a tractor which still is very helpful and useful. You can also find on that site some nice ideas to improve your garden or build something there.

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Do I need to reinforce these before adding a pull up bar? How much weight can they have pulling downward? Is the weight capacity different than something being onto? I was thinking of running a 2x6 across two of these, so that I can bolt a pullup bar into it. I don't know much about wood weight distribution, but in my head that is using the strength of two rafters instead of just one. Also I am not a huge fatty, I weigh about 190.

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It turned 90 degrees because 4chan (and many other websites) strips the EXIF data from pictures when they are uploaded. The photo's orientation status is normally stored in the EXIF. They do this because people kept posting pictures which accidentally contained their GPS coordinates and other data embedded in the image.

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no need to reinforce but need to attach "hangers" to the top chord, 2 or 3 3/8" or 1/2" bolts thru the top flat 2x4 into a hanger plate is plenty. the bottom chord should not be modified

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>no need to reinforce but need to attach "hangers" to the top chord, 2 or 3 3/8" or 1/2" bolts thru the top flat 2x4 into a hanger plate is plenty. the bottom chord should not be modified
good answer, anon

OP where are you where this is how they construct floor joists?
I'm not a construction guy so idk maybe this is how it's done today
but i've never seen joists made from 2x4s

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God mending plates can go to hell, I know why they should be fine but I just dont like them. screws are so much more reassuring.

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Bro, if you are going to start living in the basement apartment, the first aspect that you should think about is waterproofing. Believe me, I know what I am talking about because I lived in such an apartments and I had really great troubles with this aspect. Fortunately, my friend told me about this site https://aandyconstruction.com/ when it is possible to learn the basic info about the waterproofing and to buy some services in this sphere. I wish you good luck with moving!

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I posted this in the qtddtot but no responses more than a week later so here goes.
I just bought a house in florida and got the inspection report and it was mostly good. The inspector told me to invest in good house paint, something like a $200+ sherman williams breathable exterior paint or something. Said I'd need about 4 cans to do the whole 2700ish sqft house. Is this good advice or will i end up buying snakeoil? He seemed quite knowledgeable and helpful during the inspection but 1k to paint the house myself better get me god's gift to humanity quality paint. Looking around through google has a lot of conflicting info about whether or not to get breathable paint. Right now i think the house is covered in 14 yearold stucco.
Also what do about alluminum roofs? Roof needs replacing in about 5 years or sooner depending on hurricanes. They seem worth the investment and we specifically bought a house outside an hoa so we dont have to ask permission to exist for everything.
Theres also some occasional gaps in the laminated wood floorboards that i plan on touching up with clear caulk or epoxy maybe until its time to tear it all up and i get to put ceramic tile down throughout most of the house.

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Location is in first post, florida. No swamp, no desert, just hot powerful sun and lots of rain and humidity and hurricanes
The drainage on the back and sides is ok minus one or two small areas. The front gutters got decimated by hurricanes, either mathew or irma. Ill put up new front gutters soon as i can
>smallest amount of time actually painting and the most amount of time prepping to paint. unless you intend to strip the existing paint and properly prepare it like you should, make sure you get paint that matches the existing paint. ie. dont go oil over latex.
Ty i appreciate the input. I gathered that much from google already. Just working on narrowing down which paint to invest in

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I was thinking wax would help and ive already washed it pretty good. The previous owners diy'd the interior paint job or hired really shitty painters and theres a fair amount of tiny paint splatters to take care of all over the main living area and master bed room too. For some reason the other 3 bedrooms seem fine. So i have the acetone on hand already (and some plastic and metal paint scrapers) for that reason. I guess ill pick up some wax first and test that and try to find a matching stain next paycheck. Thanks for the input

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go with breathable paint ofc

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Bro, you have really huge house, I should say. Alluminium roof is nice, I have the same

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I would rather use plastic clapboard for the walls than paint them. If you don't have children or Pets, there's nothing to worry about. And in order for you to safely move your belongings, I advise you https://crosscountrymoversllc.com . On this site, you can order the transportation that I used. Everything went perfectly for me, so I recommend it.

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Ideas for a DIY bed tent/privacy screen?
I don't havea chair, or desk and I live in a house with 8 others, and I also share a room.
I just want to study in peace, do any of you have ideas for a DIY bed tent or something of that nature? I am a student so I obviously can't afford $100 for one of these

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>Used vehicle

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Well, it was a Toyota and I'm still driving it 10 years later so it was a good buy.

Nah, they don't. I was a mechanic. Miltary stuff is super specific and oddly out of date. Everything is chosen for durability and reliability. So, military vehicals are missing a lot of the things that are present on modern vehicles. Like emission control systems or even fucking mufflers. Or they are present but are super fucking old school. ABS was only added to some vehicles starting in the 90s and they are not anything like modern ones.

Same with their electronics, computers and radios. SINCGARS radios (first deployed in 1990 and still in use) used basically nothing that is considered current in the civilian world while having a bunch of stuff civvies have no use for; like frequency hopping and replaceable encryption keys. Up until about 10 years ago they were still using GPS receivers first deployed in the 1980s. Their FBCB2 system uses computer internals that were out of date 10 years ago. So, when you apply for jobs you will find you have some pretty huge holes in your experience and no one will want you or you will start at the bottom anyway.

So, be a cook or an armorer or work in S-4 or something. Medics get good training but they are combat roles. Anything combat arms is only good if you want to be a cop and cops can be pieces of shit. Be a firefighter instead. No one is ever unhappy to see you and you get bought a lot more beers. Heavy equipment operator is the only thing that is fairly easy to get as a military job that I can think of as truly useful when you get out but that is a pretty shit job in the long run. Right up there with truck driver.

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just fap in the shower like everybody else

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God damn. I hate this DIY after one accident in the middle of my camping. We tried to DIY tents and as you can see it doesn't work at all. It was looking so perfect on video and we decided that it's gonna be the same easy. Oh, how wrong I was. Now I only buy verified stuff. The tent I bought here https://hot-tent.com/collections/tents was quite good.

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Roofer here, I specialise in sheet metal roofs and looking for a new tool belt to replace my current pic related Buckaroo leather apron toolbelt since the pockets are a bit tight and not very easy to retrieve fasteners or tools out of. I've got my eyes set on a Occidental Leather Stronghold Big Oxy or one of their one piece leather carpenter belts but they're very expensive. What are /diy/ suggestions?

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AIMS Saratoga Motherload

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yo also in NZ PlaceMakers carry OX belts. they're a recent addition. talk to your rep last time I was at Placemakers Cranford street (christchurch) they had some pretty cool looking ox belts for $99

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Hello. I also searching for new modern tool belt. What are you using nowadays guys?

>> No.1255051,2 [INTERNAL] 

Hello. It depends on what exactly do you need. Try to visit some store with such tools and choose the most suitable option for your work. There are not so many good variants.

>> No.1255051,3 [INTERNAL] 

Good day. If you want to choose really good tool belt I recommend to read several reviews from experts and you will understand all advantages and disadvantages of popular models. For example you can start here - https://gordonstoolsblog.com/tool-belts-review/ great post! In general all is very simple.

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Can someone with a bit of mechanic's knowledge explain to me how I can repair this vehicle? I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to some body shop to fix it. I do have tools and I can buy whatever parts are necessary for the repair, I'm just not sure where to start.

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You are 100% right about the filter thing.
A guy I know owns a black car service with a fleet of E-Class Mercedes. He hired a couple of minimum wage fucksticks to maintain his fleet.

As it turns out one by one his cars started suffering oil starvation. It took him a while to find out the "tech" was using an oil suction pump to lift oil out of the dipstick and never bothered to actually drain the pan or change filters because that would have required removing the undertray, therefore too much work.

These same people work at oil change places.
They are lazy.
Sometimes they won't even bother to replace the copper washers on the drain plug or even take out the old O ring for the filter, which causes the filter to not seal properly.

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If it burns oil try going with a something thicker. Like 10w40 if you normally use 10w30.

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Hi guys! After accident I'm searching for new off-road front bumper for Toyota FJ Cruiser. If you have such experience, can you recommend something for me?

>> No.1334110,2 [INTERNAL] 

Hey man. Did you try to make a search in internet? Nowadays you can find even good quality used spare parts. Also if you want to find new one, you should know what exactly do you need.

>> No.1334110,3 [INTERNAL] 

Hello. I can say that for such repairs you should go to the service. There are a lot of work here. All you can do is to know what spare parts you will need and order them. For example I recently changed an off-road front bumper on my Toyota FJ Cruiser and I found it in internet on https://fjcruiserhub.com/best-off-road-front-bumper/ it is special site about these cars:)

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First and foremost I'm a brainlet. Now with that out of the way let me ask this; My fucking car radio wasn't saving the radio station and had a really hard time finding the channel then I had the great idea of fucking with the cabling and now it doesn't turn on at all.

The cables are in the spot they should be and it turned on more than once after doing pic related, then I heard a bip our similar noise and it stopped working. Can't even get the CD off.
Help pls.

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Ultimate troll thread.

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>You're really on a budget, aren't you?
Anon I drive a Corsa B from the 90s, it goes without saying.

>1) Solder
I have that, it's somewhat of a tedious job but it's would indeed provide for a much more secure connection. If I can find the right wire combination to make the buttons work again I'll then definitely do that. Thanks for the recommendation and all the support my friend.


>> No.1932626,1 [INTERNAL] 

Here is the simple answer is whenever your car needs repairs. Even a minor accident could affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. Getting it checked and repaired by a professional repair service will give you the best repairs, prevent the problem from escalating and ensure that the car is safe to drive. Even I have an Audi A4 b9, every time for my body repair, I use https://xpresscentres.co.uk/

>> No.1932626,2 [INTERNAL] 

<a href="https://filmarefotografii.ro/">foto video nunta</a>

>> No.1932626,3 [INTERNAL] 


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How well would pic related work for a noob looking to learn welding?
What are good places to get scrap metal for practice?

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T. Gook

>> No.1827296

It is terrible get the green one with gas don’t use that Shitty flux core it doesn’t even output dc like it’s supposed to it’s AC THERES NO PROPER RECTIFICATION
Buy the big green one and rent a gas bottle from your local weld supply shop don’t buy the bottle it’s a scam
You can weld the piss out of anything with 220v going into the green ones they are excellent welders
BUT depending on what you are trying to do you may just wanna bite the bullet and get the AHP tig machine if you’re gonna do small stuff, and just do the big stuff with stick. Stick is smarter sometimes anyways, you can weld through rust safely with the correct rods
Bottom line the one you posted is cheap and somewhat dangerous, and will not work worth a damn without a lot of headache, but there are other options around for not much more money that will last you way longer and allow you to actually weld

>> No.1827563

hello is a hobart 180 a good welder and should i use flux core or get a tank?

>> No.1827563,1 [INTERNAL] 

Aluminum "welding" rods do not know how effective they are at the moment. Previously, they could be used very often, but in 2020 they are rarely used for welding. In general, at the moment, I can say so, there are a lot of welding machines in 2020 and some underestimate them, which makes it difficult for themselves to work. I am currently using the 2020 welding machine and it still helps me a lot. And I found out about this device from reviews on one site. I can throw you a website containing these reviews of the 2020 welding machine and its effectiveness. I was genuinely surprised when I bought it. Thanks to this site for the feedback on the welding machine https://afterpaints.com/best-welding-cart-reviews/

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Recently moved a bookcase and noticed a large area (~1' x 2') of black mold underneath on the top of the carpet. The surface isn't damp now so it must have been a water leak that came and went. How can I cheaply and effectively remove both the mold and the stain, without replacing the carpet or ripping it out? Are there any good mold stain removal products I can make or buy at the store? Thanks.

Pic related is what it looks like.

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>carpet is supposed to be replaced every 5-7 years regardless

This isn't /b/ quit bullshitting.

Carpet should be professionally cleaned every 3 years. If you manage this along with weekly cleaning. Your carpet should last easily 20 years.

>> No.1224727

A knife.

You don't have to replace it and you won't be tearing it out.

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Is this Great Foam maymay the new shot of black? It's really annoying and clearly forced by one dumb faggot

>> No.1225633,1 [INTERNAL] 

wow, have you tried to use cleaners?

>> No.1225633,2 [INTERNAL] 

Cleaning household items is very important for a modern person: you will not only be able to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your home, but also prevent various infectious and allergenic diseases. A dirty carpet is an ideal home for microorganisms and small insects, here their number is sometimes measured in millions. Dust mites, pathogenic bacteria (British scientists have proven that anything can be found in the carpet – from E. coli to bacteria that provoke pneumonia), fleas of domestic animals-all find a safe haven in the carpet. I was confused by the number of companies in the market that provide carpet cleaning services. My friend advised me https://www.sunlightfinerugcare.com/ they provide your carpet with the necessary level of cleaning.

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Looking for the cheapest alternative to replace the carpet in my car. I'm not looking for a expensive material or anything, just something that resembles a carpet to cover up the floor.

The old carpet is almost destroyed and is in terrible shape, previous owner left too much shit to not even make it worthwhile cleaning the carpet but just replacing it.

What are your suggestions?

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Do you kidnap little children?

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Looks quite comfy actually.

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Ceramic tile.

>> No.1449434,1 [INTERNAL] 

By the way, I didn't really bother about the carpet. I often use dry cleaning so it looks perfect. Some of my friends clean up all the garbage on their own, but I can't do that because of my dust allergy. So I found a great alternative, namely dry cleaning. I was looking for a suitable option for a long time and came across https://www.carpetcleaningnyc.com and I was very satisfied. My carpet looks perfect and I don't have to breathe dust. I think it can help you keep the car in good condition.

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a fully automated cnc shop, with a web application where a customer uploads his cad file, receives an quote in seconds, and can decide to buy the part or not

if he buys, the system checks for the payment, once is done, proceeds to build the part, pack it and sets aside for shipping

say i get a system like this up and running, with minimal maintenance, is it even worth the hassle? is there even demand for it or people just like to talk to their supplier most of the time?

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>> No.1990080

I can tell you have never worked in manufacturing or software development. Just for the quoting and ordering system, companies would pay you billions if you could get it right.

>> No.1991075

Companies do this now. Protolabs for example.

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you'll still need manpower for
>machine supervision and gcode tailoring
>quality control and part inspection
>tool changing
>stock placement and preparation
>part postprocessing (deburring and finishing)
>packing and sending the part
you'd need a massive upfront cost to automate even half of this with assembly lines and control arms. doing this on a small scale would make ROI unattractive for a home gamer, would probably be more feasible to do the same system but with 3D printing (machines like the CR-30 have belt platforms now)
t. mechanical engineer with specialty in manufacturing

>> No.1991203

plus, it sounds like most of your work and effort would be going into the frontend and cohesion of the operation - setting up the website, making software that can automagically take a 3D file submitted and generate reliable tool paths no matter the geometry of the object, calculate the running costs based off the volume of material used and wasted, amount of machine power used, leeway for any problems like tools breaking and ruining the part, and all this within minutes - sounds like you need big bux, not a one man band operation sadly

>> No.1991203,1 [INTERNAL] 

I think it's a great business idea, guys, but I haven't really seen that concept here in New York. Although the city is huge. Try to find sponsors, I'm sure that the companies associated with the details will surely hear you. I am engaged in the repair of parts and often see that in my city you can not buy the parts I need without wasting time and without hassle. There is no point in contacting physical stores, as this will be a huge waste of time. I usually turn to online services that are available in many cities. The demand for this is huge as there are a lot of people among me who also apply for spare parts. Recently I took wholesale on https://www.automationstop.com/ and I liked the fast delivery and also the fact that I spent a minimum of time on communication and so on. Your business is similar so I think it will blow up this area! Good luck to you

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What's it like being a construction laborer? How's the pay? Do you enjoy your job?

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Kind of in the same boat as you. God I wish I could find something that pays better but it's not like I can get paid to go to college unless I'm gay/a tranny/female/illegal immigrant, so I'd have to work on the jobsite for another 4-6 years (depending on if I wanted to get a grad degree or not) while going to school.

This fucking sucks

>> No.1701354

Well those fucking bigots will need to talk to the cities HR department about this :^)

>> No.1702429


The sad thing is I have two degrees but being a white guy nobody else will even hire me.... I was in sales and got fired from that cuz I talked back to my manager which is dumb I know. That and I was waiting tables. I here yah bro this really sucks, I just want to set some roots for a family and stuff but I can't make a dime even with my side gigs. its rough out there

>> No.1702429,1 [INTERNAL] 

You should never try to build something by yourself if you don't have the right knowledge and experience in this domain. Ten years ago I was building my house. I always wanted to save some money. When my builders said that they need a scaffold tower, I said that I can do it by myself. I built it with my friend and it was very fragile. One of my workers felt down and I felt very bad. After that, I hired a professional scaffold tower. This is like a lesson of life. Never try to do something if you don't know how to do it, and never try to save money on people's lives.

>> No.1702429,2 [INTERNAL] 

You should never try to build something by yourself if you don't have the right knowledge and experience in this domain. Ten years ago I was building my house. I always wanted to save some money. When my builders said that they need a scaffold tower, I said that I can do it by myself. I built it with my friend and it was very fragile. One of my workers felt down and I felt very bad. After that, I hired a professional scaffold tower. This is like a lesson of life. Never try to do something if you don't know how to do it, and never try to save money on people's lives.

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I would like to make my door more soundproof... any ideas how i can achieve that ? Maybe nailing nails onto the door and hang little bags full of sand on it ?

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Wala is older than 4chan

>> No.1572410

It's not about what you think. Language and spelling change whether you want them to or not. If you think otherwise, or if you think you can influence it, you are an idiot. And honestly, the "thinking" that you've done so far has been basically impotent, so why even continue?

>> No.1572723

>implying I ever step foot in /ck/

>> No.1572725

>It's not about what you think. Language and spelling change whether you want them to or not
>looks up "voila"
>yep, still the same

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In order to create a fantastic atmosphere in your room, you first need to think about sound insulation. Extraneous sounds always interfere with rest after a hard day's work and the noise of neighbors distracts and interferes with concentration. The door to the room should be as tight as possible so that no sound can pass through. When I had to soundproof my room, I turned to https://silenthomehub.com/ for help, as this is the best service in the field. I managed to create a great room in which there are no extraneous sounds and nothing distracts me from work. I am very pleased with this result and when renovating my own apartment, I plan to do the same.

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>nb4 filthy weeb
I'm trying to teach myself Japanese, however looking at the hirigana and katakana alphabets are a little daunting. So I was wondering if it was possible to learn them separate, or if I had to learn them both together. Also, any general tips for keeping a new language notebook and learning it in general.

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>> No.1196457

You can learn Hiragana and Katakana separate, but they're basically the same alphabet with different symbols for the same sounds. Katakana's just for loan words. Learn Hiragana first, and you'll find that lots of Katakana are similar to Hiragana. Hiragana is the more important alphabet to learn first.
Fun tip: Search "Genki japanese book" and there's a 2-part series with a textbook and workbook, it's pretty much the go-to for basic nipspeak.
t. 2 year nip student

>> No.1196477

Fuck う, I can't unsee it.

>> No.1196505

If it gives you any faith, I was able to learn hiragana and katakana quite quickly and found it easy. Start with a little at a time, use flashcards, and expose yourself to their real-world use (which I'm assuming you will encounter for the same reasons you want to learn them).

Kanji is tougher, I've only picked up a few and haven't bothered to learn in a dedicated matter. But kana are easy. You can do it.

>> No.1196810


Sorry, I don't buy it. Maybe if there were some intrinsic connection between the shapes and sounds that made mnemonics really easy to form, but otherwise that sounds like bullshit.


I've never used Memrise so I can't comment on it beyond that it sounds like a pre-built flash card system. I will say though that anyone trying to learn Japanese who isn't even willing to put forth the effort to self-study the kana has 0% chance of advancing into anything resembling a grasp of the language.

Pre-builts are nice as a stepping stone into real learning.

>> No.1196810,1 [INTERNAL] 

So, I was trying to learn a new Asian language, and decided to give Japanese language a try. Very soon I realized that Japanese is extremely complicated and will require me to invest a great amount of time.
The first thing I did was try out Duolingo, it is one of the most versatile app for learning any foreign language, but it still needs a lot of time. So, installing Duolingo wasn't enough, I needed some one to help me with my college assignments as well. Thankfully, I found https://eduhelphub.com/ tutoring service. They made my studies so much easier, giving me time to spend more time on learning my new favorite language.

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>> No.1975731

That is excellent. What did you use to make it. Lots of us would die to create like that.

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Erectieproblemen treden in het algemeen op bij mannen als gevolg van de afname van de verspreiding van bloed in de aderen. Om een ​​erectieprobleem op te lossen, zijn Cialis-pillen de beste medicamenteuze behandeling. Cialis-medicijn consolideert dynamisch fixerend sildenafilcitraat dat zich mengt met bloed en de bloedstroom snel in de aderen toevoegt. Precies wanneer dit medicijn op dat moment na een paar minuten met het bloed wordt gemengd, zul je een hardere en baanbrekende erectie vinden voor een meer uitgebreide tijd tijdens het sekspatroon. Cialis-medicijnen blijven 6 tot 7 uur lang goed, dus idealiter is één pil voldoende voor een dag.

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so, for the last few months ive been looking into finding a solution for a problem ive had for a while, I am a very hot sleeper, I fucking heat up the bed and toss and turn and its very uncomfortabl

so, I went looking online for solutions, and I came up with a "mattress" cooling solution, and a weird fan system, the bed cooling solution actually cools water (to a very "meh" capacity, it makes it technically "not warm" but not very cool unless you put some heavy insulation on it), and the fan thingy claims to cool you down, but it seems that all it does in that aspect is just be a regular fan under the blanket

so I got to wondering, what the hell, why dont I just get an air conditioner instead of the fucking fan thingy and provide active cooling

but then this brought on more questions:

How do I direct the AC air at my bed

why not then just make a small portion of my apt. cooler so I can keep the water cooling system cold aswell so it can cool the bed better (it can cool the water lower than room temperature, but not to an objective degree, it depends on the ambient temperature)

so I got into searching how could I keep a portion of my room enclosed, and I came up with either one of those weird-ass bed covers, or with a small insulated tent to put the bed in

but at that point, now I am:

Running a full blown AC
Insulating part of the room I am in
running the bed cooling system

and at taht point it feels like I am jsut making a room in the house so I can sleep, is it even economical at this point?will it even work? if the main point was to keep the bed cool, would keeping all the air around the bed cool also work?

so I do have a few questions or requests for suggestions if y'all ahve any

if I set a portable ac in an enclosed environemnt (that would be within another enclosed environment, the apt) will it cool the area its inside relatively to the temperature outside, or would it be futile and not go lower than say 68? can I "funnel" the ac air to the bed?

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>> No.1699793

I see, interesting solution

I will look into the pump, heck, maybe I could add an automatic ice maker to keep water cool!

>> No.1699809


I didn't know the secret to a fulfilling life would be found on 4chan.

>b's body Heats up the ENTIRE room
>can fog windows up in a master bedroom
>woman can shiver in the 80s (f)

>> No.1699874

Your issue is that the heat from your body is just absorbed by the mattress. Get an army cot so the heat of your body is just dissipated to the air beneath the cot and out into the room. Army cots are the comfiest of hot weather sleeping.

>> No.1700100

how much do you weigh?

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Usually, I get insomnia when it is summer. I hate that period because I am not feeling very good and also I am allergic to a lot of flowers. I have several solutions for how to fall asleep. Firstly I try to go for a ten-minute walk, luckily I live near a park. If it doesn't' work I try to drink something alcoholic, sometimes it is helping me. If all the methods don't work I have some pills that help with insomnia, it is also important to have a good and comfortable weighted blanket. The most important is the matres and the pillow, you just need to find the combination that is comfortable for you.

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I live in an rv and I love playing my records but I've got the problem of when I'm moving around occasionally it will skip due to the house moving any ideals on a remedy for this

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>> No.1737709

Put it in park

>> No.1737874

I mean that frees up all the rotation axis and all, but that's not really the problem. The angular velocity and acceleration of an RV shouldn't be a problem. The main problems is translational acceleration in the vertical direction which will cause a skip that resumes as if it kept playing normally, and acceleration perpendicular to the tracking arm which will cause it to skip grooves. For the perpendicular one to occur it needs to be a combination of both to get out of the groove.

Beyond suspending and dampening the entire player or spring loading your arm and destroying your records, getting a linear tracking player like >>1730950 mentioned is your best bet. It entirely solves the issue of acceleration perpendicular to the grooves, and I feel like since you don't have a large cantilevered arm, you can get away with normal tracking force.

In fact the more I think about it, increasing the tracking weight by means of a cantilevered beam with a counterweight (which is probably what your player has), would actually increase skipping since it's moving the CG further away from the pivot point, increasing the moment about the CG created by the pivot point.

>> No.1737882

Use bouncy ball then.

>> No.1737906

>Greta van fleet

>> No.1737906,1 [INTERNAL] 

Don't listen for heaters, they just envy you. Indeed, possibly you have an old record player and you just have to change the turntable to play. I had the same problem with my previous model. We took the record player in the camping and while we were moving around occasionally it skipped due to the house moving. I thought that we broke it, but when we stopped it worked again without any problems. My friend advised me to order a new one and I found some interesting models on https://www.scatrecords.com/best-turntables-under-500/ . So, I selected a cool model under the 500$.

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hello /diy/, first time poster here

is there any way to convert a samsung bead 1.8k headphone (pic related) to a 3.5mm jack one?

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>> No.881612

not meaning to derail the thread but does anyone have instructions on how to build a contact microphone? as in for field recordings and sound design?


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why would you want a mic on your contact lens

>> No.881618

ahaha yeah...


seriously though.

>> No.881624

Aren't those basically just piezo discs in a suitable enclosure? What's wrong in google's suggestions?

>> No.881624,1 [INTERNAL] 

gracioso yo queria hacer eso hasta qeu vi que los cables son 5!? en un jack maximo hay 4

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