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Well, I prefer not giving my opinion about it for the moment, I want people to react as they were seeing it in the street.

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I'd be surprised marketing directors have to resort to such cheap pandering.

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i feel good for reporting this shit

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Hey, I need a torch both in the kitchen and for plumbing purposes. So for crème brûlees and for soldering pipes.

Would something I find in the diy store work for crème brûlees or should I go the other way around (like the chef's torch in pic)? Other tips? Thanks!

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Haha, that looks cool, but probably way too expensive for me. I'd use this sporadically, definitely not professionally. Thanks though

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Regular plumbing torch with a tank is like 20$ (non-MAPP). What kind of stupid degenerate wants to mix and match a soldering torch with something you eat with and could very likely poison yourself with cross contamination of flux and solder spatter?

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Thanks that is useful. I didn't know if those $20 ones would be any good.

So non-MAPP means propylene? And butane being better for cooking? If the two applications ideally need different fuel then there's no question.

Thanks for the reality check. No thanks for calling me a degenerate, but maybe I had that coming.

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go to any home improvement store, get propane torch

I've used my torch to brown buns and make bruschetta....should I be dead?

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>cross contamination of flux and solder spatter
what kind of dipshit uses a torch that close?

the flux ends up in the water anyway with the lead free solder

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Why should I buy peterson's picks?

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free toothless gumjob from old peterson's mum with every set.

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Still a bit pricey for what you get.

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I got a set from wish that cost half as much and have lasted me for more than a year now. The seem to do the job just as well as anything else.

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I don't even know wtf it is?

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Lock picks made by petersons

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Hello everyone.

I recently got this Cherry G80-1800 keyboard, and I noticed there's some sort of connector / magnetic reader on the top of it. Anyone know what model it is and how can I use it?
By the way, there's no specific keycaps that pos keyboard usually have, only the usual ones.


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Looks like a smart card reader

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Isn't it too small to fit a card? It's only 3,5 cm wide (1.4 inches)

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what does the label say

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I can't tell, it's completely ruined and unreadable.

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try to google model or serial number of that keyboards. Maybe something like that survived on pcb. If not see if that slot is connected to some chip, try finding out its symbol.

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How can I make a plush like the one in the pic related? I want to hang it in my room.

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They're called Golliwogs so use that as a kickoff point in your search.

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God I didn't know that, now it's so much easier! Thanks

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Hey /diy/
im learning to ba a boatbuilder and where now doing a project in school where we need to equip a 42ft sailboat and design the furniture, cockpit etc... any good ideas?

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no it will just be another stupid thread where nothing can be discussed because op can't do basic google

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is it a wood, composite, metal or concrete hull?
is it for lake, inshore or offshore?
will it be racing, or is it a floating winnebago?

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Go to wooden boat school port Townsend wa learn to build boat.

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Boatbuilding forums exist, they are comprehensive and have many examples of superb homebuilt boats.

/diy/ is a waste for subjects covered wonderfully elsewhere. Learn to Google you lazy shit. You won't get gud by asking /diy/ for homework help.

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> what is a thought exercise designed to get children thinking about spatial relationships and efficient use of space, within a fun and different context than just a house, room etc.

But lets run with your assumption that OP is in a secondary or tertiary course. Which makes him even more of a fucking idiot for needing to ask here instead of googling "common yacht fitouts", using his coursework, talking with his classmates, or doing any of the other dozen or so things someone over the age of 21 should be capable of doing. I wouldn't have even bothered wasting my time asking questions here when I was literally surrounded by people who knew as much, if not more than me right there on campus, when I did my electrical tickets.

You need to leave this board. There is a distinct difference between "wat put in bote" and "So I'm planning on fitting out a [hull type] with [list of furniture and items] made from [materials], but I'm not sure how to waterproof [object] because I have never used it in a marine environment before, wat do?". We have no room for braindead fuckheads here, even less for dipshits like you who cannot tell the difference between the former type of poster and the latter, then encourage them anyway.

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/diy/ I'm trying to isolate a water leak on my property by shutting off just the house water like I have done with the irrigation system. I dug off the shut off valve near the slab, no crawl space no basement just a slab in North Texas. I see that the supply line is PE or PEX or something other than metal and it's grey. Looks to have a crimp fitting of some sort. The pipe is metal, not sure if cast iron or copper under the slab. The valve looks to be threaded on both ends. I need to go to the store to get a replacement but I don't know if there is something special on the PEX side of the valve? It looks crimped. Pic related.

I'd love to have a turn key valve like at the main shut off. Both my backflow preventer and this shut off have corroded badly yet the turn key works fine so I want a turn key god damnit.

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Have checked all the obvious solutions and used a stethoscope to locate to no avail. Turned off valves to washers, sinks, toilets, heaters, refrigerator, and sprinklers, meter leak gauge still spins. Shut off at the street, meter stops. Dug up where the sprinkler attached to the supply line, that joint is not wet. The joint at the house with the valve is not wet. Can't hear hissing or flowing water, no wet spots on walls, no green patches in yard, no muddy or sunken areas. I live by myself, haven't watered grass. Moved in 12/28, from 12/9 to 12/31 city says I used 6000 gallons and from 12/31 to 1/29 12000 gallons. I took a picture of the meter at 12AM and again at 9:30AM and showed a 90 gallon difference ~ 20oz minute, tiny. No good option for the leak to be. Inside the home you get to demolish shit then use insurance after I hit my deductible of $1900 and who knows what happens to my insurance rates, out in the yard and insurance won't cover it and the line goes under the driveway. I'm wondering if it is in the yard can I (or they) just attach a new line to the old one and pull it through, under the driveway, like you would a wire through a wall.

Pic related it's what 20oz/min looks like.

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If the fucking city would give me usage data without claiming "privacy laws" that would be great. The home was vacant when I viewed it in November. The seller would have known via 7000 gallon (at least) water bill. Not sure if suing will make financial sense. Everyone says to lawyer up but just the mere discussion of the topic with them will cost $200 probably.

Pic related. After digging around my backflow valve for the sprinkler and seeing where it taps into the supply line, I could see the supply line went at a diagonal as indicated by the shovel. It goes to the front of the home right beside the front door where the sewer clean out stick out of the ground. You can also see where the water meter box is. Supply line comes out of the box (right under the sidewalk) at a diagonal.

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Why does that pipe appear to have a tumor..?

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Valve so badly corroded it essentially turned into a rock. The backflow preventer was the same way. They have a valve before and after the actual backflow preventer device and both were corroded to the point that grabbing the valve handle broke it off. I had to use vice grips on the valve stem to close it. One of them was also rock-like. I tapped it with a screw driver handle and it crumbled with no resemblance of actually being a handle.

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That's insane. Wish I could help, thanks for the answer.

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So, my father is a dying alcoholic (I'd give him two years maybe?), and being raised on a farm has a habit of pissing in public in a particular corner outdoors. He's got some brain damage and literally can't change. I wish I was joking. He literally shits himself sometimes, which I have to clean.

Unfortunately a family has moved in, and their kids aren't too far from the piss corner when playing around. Fucking fantastic. Wow. This will not end well when their parents notice. Fortunately, he does not piss there when anybody is around.

Any good ways of cleaning up or covering that hobo piss smell? There's a wood fence which blocks visibility pretty well, but it's starting to mold and may have soaked up quite a bit of the piss rot. I need some kind of jerryrigged solution or treatment until he finally dies of a brain hemorrhage.

I can't do anything regarding him, just clean up after. Don't bother posting against that.
Life insurance inheritance is worth it, believe me.

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Just let him get caught and thrown in jail to die.

At least he might live his last days out there correctly medicated and not blind drunk.

So enabling him.

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Call adult protective services if you're unable to care for him, OP.
anyway, vinegar, maybe?

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>correctly medicated
>adult protective services

Suicide has been his goal for a decade. He's religiously restricted from blowing his brains out.

>Let him get caught

Not an option. What did I just fucking say.

Here's the long explanation why:

Over 100,000$ a year looking busy. I don't want his bitch wife after me. Life insurance pays out and she leaves me alone.

I cover his ass, he dies form natural causes like he wants, everybody benefits.

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Put out a pot for him to piss in. Empty and clean it regularly.

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Hey guys,

I have this tray thing, it was in my grandmothers house, shes dead since 2012 and was in her 80's.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of wood this is.

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I reckon it's Raintree

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semen server

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it's her dildo tray

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Nope, I already have her vintage vibrater.

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OP I think its tree wood.

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Help help me shitter is frozen wat do?

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janitors....time to take care of this meme

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Righty o mr fun

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not him, but in all fucking fairness, this exact same 'joke' werent any funnier the last 7 times it has been posted either.

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maybe he left bathroom window open?

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Picture is older than the Internet.

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My boss gave me his old air compressor but as you can see the plastic shroud over the motor basically disintegrated in transport. Just crumbled apart. Any ideas on diy replacements? I can't imagine those big ass capacitors are safe being exposed like that.

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Good to hear the caps should be fine. I was a bit worried the one time I ran it to check for leaks.

That's a not bad idea. Not the most elegant but easy at least. I could even screw it to the body of the compressor here.

Will I need to cut air vents into it or will it be ok just slipping it over the top?

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Forgot pic

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You'd want air holes in the bottom of the bucket so the fan can suck air in the front (bottom of the bucket) and channel it back passed the motor and the cylinder head. In order to keep wear low the head needs that air to keep cool.

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In africa they use plastic jerry cans to make enclosures for electric distribution boards

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>I can't imagine those big ass capacitors are safe being exposed like that.
simply don't touch them op. problem solved.

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Hi, i bought a pull up bar (pic related), and i want to instal the heavy bag like in the picture, but i dont want the straps/chains to get twisted.

So my question is if its suitable to connect it with a carabiner-swivel-carabiner?

I'm worried if the weight resistance will not be enough or if you can tell me another details i need to take into account, i will appreciate it.

*I will post more pictures

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use a bigger carabiner? - would avoid the twist. As would a sling strap - need to be short tho, longer, moire the bag swings. Problem with using a swivel, dont know if you actually want that to rotate, because, it maybe rotate bit more than you like. If you cant find bigger/heavy duty carabiner/swivel anywhere else local, try boat suppliers/chandlers, they'll have shitloads.

Prob. better asking >>>/fit/ as well, now i think about it.

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Is it really going to swivel all that much? It seems the straps are too short to twist around much, and the links won't swivel at all.

>> No.1135076


Well the swing is better for a boxing trainning since you work the bag and need to move like a real fight not to stay static.

So the swing its actually a good thing but i dont know the effect that type of links would give to the bag.

>> No.1135122

Our 4 ton hoist at work is basically a swivel and carabiner
It's just a matter of finding the right size. Look at McMaster Carr.
If they don't have it, you don't need it.

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anyone have experience driving e-paper/e-ink displays? can they be used without special driver boards? for example, if i have an AVR microcontroller and a bitmap in ROM, can i output that bitmap to the screen by sending the right signals to its pins?

pic related, some epaper displays come with just ribbon cables, others come mounted on driver circuitry boards (i'm interested in the former).

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Have a read of the datasheet. They are available online. It will tell you how to drive the display, and you can decide if your choice of microcontroller will suffice

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How do you guys clean further and rust? I'm cleaning an old pickaxe I got from my dad a while back. It was pure brown when I got it and I'm still having troubles getting in between. Have any tips?

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rainex, when its job is done, spray it with canola oil. Keep it oiled after each use. Won't rust again!

>> No.1135659

Sand blast it. Nice and easy if you have a friend who has one

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What is it with /diy/ and prettying up tools that are supposed to be used to beat, pierce, cut and dig that basically get their surfaces fucked up during use?

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>not being able to appreciate the aesthetics of a nicely patinad tool
wew lad

>> No.1135687

>Have any tips?
Oil it and leave it the fuck alone. Are you putting it in your shed or on your mantelpiece?

> having a bunch of tools that you treat as showpieces.
> being more worried about your tools being pretty than functional

wew lass.

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I am currently working in a silkscreen room, and am having issues with these parts, they are powder coated, so you get ones shot. Any thing will help.

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> I know what is causing the problem and know this will not help.
> I do not know what is causing the problem and do not know if this will help.

Choose one you moron. Also, how the fuck are you qualified to answer questions about silk screen when you are dropping ass backward posts like this and >>1134938?

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Because I thought no one up here would care about silk screen, so I just threw it together. Not thinking I would get an intelligent response.

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Replace the mask.
Push the jig down on it just right. If you push too hard it will curve up around the work, if it's not on enough it won't be in contact.
The parts coming off the line might be at different heights and fucking up calibration.

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Old thread >>1127298

Still new pasta, feel free to contribute.

>general info
Additive Manufacturing Technologies:3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Direct Digital Manufacturing, Gibson Rosen Stucker

>open source community
#RepRap @freenode

>buyfag buyers guide
Any cheap chinkshit kit

>basic 3d printing FAQs
https://opendesignengine.net/projects/vg3dp/wiki (lots of useful stuff)

>why do my prints look like shit, visual troubleshooting

>how to calibrate
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Wb0i0-Qvo [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>where do I get files to print?

>what programs do you make your own files with

>what kind of filament do I want
Begin with a roll of known brand PLA before moving to more demanding materials.

e3d and its clones


http://sintratec.com/ A SLS kit.

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non manifold edges. They can be a real bitch to fix. Your best bet is to find another model that you like.

>> No.1135526

thanks, damn i thought 3d warehouse was going to be a shortcut, but as in life, there are no shortcuts.

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>> No.1135715


Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahahaha peachy2.0 confirmed

>> No.1135742

So I put an e3d onto my maker select plus and now when I turn both the hotend and heated bed on the board reboots. I think I'm pulling too much power but not quite sure how to fix it.

I've got the e3d wired to the original hotend location on the ribbon cable breakout. Should I have run it directly to the board?

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What are some unconventional things you can use a stovetop and/or oven for? I am moving into an apartment and the rental agreement has the gas usage included in the monthly. The elec isn't so I'm trying to figure out what I can use my stove for instead of the wall socket.

Things I already thought of: A pot of boiling water (or making soup) would work as a humidifier, and I can pan, bake or flame-toast instead of a toaster, but there's got to be other things that I can do without burning my unit down.

P.S: What is the best way to keep the stove top free from getting nasty after cooking? Tinfoil on the parts I'm not using?

>> No.1134904

Better make sure that there isnt something hidden in your agreement for excessive use.
Also get a natural gas converter kit for a generator.

>> No.1134914

>Better make sure that there isnt something hidden in your agreement for excessive use.
I'll give it a check.
>Also get a natural gas converter kit for a generator.
I'd rather not fuck with the lines directly and I'm not on the ground floor, what is the explosion risk for this and do I need to have someone inspect it to make sure it's not fucked? I know you can use soapy water on gas lines to check for leaks.

I'm contemplating having a stirling engine on the countertop next to the burner to power a light while cooking or something but I don't know how feasible that would be.

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Just make sure you leave a window open or something. I lived in a freezing apartment with a broken radiaitor this past winter so i would turn the stove on for heat. Bad idea because although i was warm, the fumes from the stove are lethal. Ventilation is essential!

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Since i was born.

They'll notice excessive gas use fucky.

Be good.

>> No.1135346

Also yeah, tin foil all over that bitch anon. Even pop the top and put foil under the burners and lines in cas u get gross ass mice from your neighbors or make a mess. My 6 year old stove looks brand new. Covered in foil unless company comes over.

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"HOW." are you doing /diy? I've recently given up drinking and a few other vices and hobbies so that I can build a battle station. With my moderate construction knowledge the full room wrap around desk will be hand made. To make it somewhat unique while staying cost effective i would like to lay particle board for the top. Then to save on the clear reain some I would like to desolder and remove any and all parts from several conouter chips and glue them down. Then clear over the. For a hopefully flawless and smooth finish.

My question, assuming I don't care to save any of the parts, what is the best way to go about removing massive amounts of parts without damaging the look of the board?

Solder gun is painfully slow. Small pen torch charrs the boards.

I'm down to a heat gun or possibly and old oven if i can find one.

Any advice?

Pic... i'm not sure if related?

Also, generally cool things made from computer chips, battle station ideas, gear recommendations for a 5 boxxer wow setup with IS boxxer. Newbie mmorpg gear.

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>I've recently given up drinking
teach me how

>> No.1135641

So, neither is half the other shit on here...

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>> No.1135644

2 days of feeling sick and shaky and freezing cold sweats.

Then playing video games or any other time waster that keeps you from drinking.

All my friends drink so i drive to the bar and dd. Prople are less pushy when they try and stuff drinks in you and you say no cause youre driving.

After 15 years of chugging vodka and beer every day i gotta say, it's not easy tho.

After watching shameless on netflix i quit...

>> No.1135647

>great white elephant

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Is this electric motor would be proper to use for electric motorcycle project? It was dismounted from forklifter and weighs around 45 pounds.

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>> No.1134879


You'll need a forklifter in tow to carry the batteries.

>> No.1134898


It'll work, though it'll definitely be on the weak side. My electric bike is 1200W at peak and has a bit of pep to show for it (would have a lot more if it wasn't a hub motor), but it also weighs under 300lbs with me on it.



NOW we're talkin'.

>torque and top speed rather than range

Torque you get in spades, just because it's electric. What kind of motor is this, actually? I don't think it's parallel-wound, since there's no rating for the field coils, and I doubt it's AC, since there's no phasing information on it. Gotta be either series-wound or permanent magnet. If it's series, you may have to limit it quite a bit at low speed. It may actually start breaking things otherwise. And don't try and spin it up without a load; due to technical reasons, series-wound motors don't have a hard limit for top no-load speed and it would be easy to ruin it that way.

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend lead acid batteries. Not unless you can get them for free or close to it. There are just too many drawbacks (including higher long-term costs) to justify the initial savings over lithium.

Top speed will be determined entirely on your aerodynamic profile and actual power output. So, obviously, making the thing as aerodynamic as possible and using the beefiest motor/batteries you can will improve performance there. That being said, "gotta go fast" is where things start getting technical (can the wheels, frame, brakes, etc. handle it?) and dangerous (the "squared" term in e=mv^2 is a bitch). Try not to die. Or, at least, try not to take anyone else with you.

As an aside, not sure what's up with those nameplate ratings. The actual wattage you get from multiplying volts and amps doesn't even come close to the power rating. I'd expect it to either match or the rated power to be a little less than what V*A would indicate.

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You seem to be advanced in electronic stuff, could you give me your email that I could consult with you about my project. That would be nice because im new to electronic stuff but it's very intresting for me.

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Probably about twice as much eh? Damn son. I'd kill for some of these. I'd go with optima yellow rops and the top motor unless you are trying to enter a tractor pull.

That's over 10,000 watts. You'd need a serious amount of batteries and a bigass controller. The low voltage may not be much of a problem but i'm not sure. If u can get a controller for it then it would make one hell of a golf cart motor. Those gears are shallow so i'd keep the wheelieing to a minimum

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Kek. Sadly correct unless you are rich and have a million a123 cells

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Welcome to 4chan, enjoy the ban

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