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So apparently way back in the 80s the UN fisheries department finalized a design of pivoting engine(pic related) that allowed for the creation of inboard engine powered boats that can land on a beach without damaging the engine.


The thing is that the design requires an open engine well i.e. a big ass hole in the boat. Being that I have little understanding of boat construction beyond "Holes = bad" how does the UN make this work to the point where they feel comfortable teaching it to Indians and *not* having them die?

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This is exactly the same as a small swing keel sailboat, or a daggerboard. It's common.

It does lead to more chance of failure, and more complex and weaker construction.

Nowadays electric engines are 10 times smaller than equivalent gas engines, so pivoting them from the rear is easy and less complex.

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You put a water-tight collar around the output shaft that adapts a large hole down to the OD of the shaft. Like the boot that covers the output of a CV joint on a front-wheel-drive car.

Or you have the motor fixed and its shaft seal fixed and just put a universal joint underwater.

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Pic related.

>yesterday, 11PM, put denim jacket in with bleach and some water mix
>today, 2pm, see color change is too slow. Bought a whole bottle of bleach, poured it in the bucket
>it's now 4:20 PM and this is the result.

Am I doing something wrong, why is the color refusing to turn white? I've bleached my jeans pure white before within 3 hours.

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>I've bleached my jeans pure white before within 3 hours.

How long did they last after you destroyed them? If you want white clothing for whatever hipster reason, buy it white. I pressure wash houses with industrial strength bleach and if you get much on your clothing you will have a hole or a tear before long.

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>It's now 4:20PM

Huh huh huh...

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>If you want white clothing for whatever hipster reason, buy it white
I just like diy, and want to tie dye it. White denim jackets are rare and over priced. I get all my stuff thrifted and dyi the rest to save on money. That's how the poor become middle class and the rich get richer. Also those jeans never broke for me, the jeans already were heavily worn for years and after bleaching, they remained just fine.

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Well, still, if they were oily due to contact with machine oil, or sheep lanolin, or with scotch guard, that would mostly protect the cotton fibers.

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does anyone know what brackets were used here?

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no shit, there's no room for your legs and feet to go

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yeah but it looks appealing to autists

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psychopath setup

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Buds for sale available

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>does not look comfortable for your legs
tallboy looks more like a standing desk
i'm more interested in why he is taking sqrt of so many things

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What do you guys think about having a Gold chassis with black screen?

My current housing is fucked and my Camera doesn't work so I'm gonna replace stuff anyway

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None of those are my phone btw

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No shits one way or the other m8.
I've seen folks paint them.
But since you have to pry it open may as well replace the battery. No sense in fucking with that more than once.
Just ordered a replacement camera lens for my old HTC A9. Used these folks. https://www.parts4repair.com/
glass was cheap so I ordered two just in case I fucked up or the package got mangled. Gonna take the carrier turtle about a week to get it tho.

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Just had NBN internet put in (fibre to the street, coax through the house to the modem, wireless network for phones/tablets). Internet is great. The problem is the tv has started losing the signal on and off and fuzzing out. It's definitely caused by the NBN as when it's turned off, the problems with the tv go away.

How do I fix this? Moving the NBN cable away from the tv coax DID help quite a bit didn't fix it. My tv cable would be about 15 years old. Would it be worthwhile installing new tv coax cable in conduit in my ceiling? Or steel earthed corrugated conduit around the NBN cable? Not sure how to proceed.

Help me DIY, you're my only hope.

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Signal strength on that NBN run might be way too high. The coax won't emit if the connectors are done properly. It is usually the modem.
Installing new coax might help, but it's usually the connectors where noise is entering.
Another option is putting in a "coax grounding block" on the TV cable and running that to earth ground. I've used the copper ground from an outlet box and a ground-plug adapter.

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>watching the brainwashing box
ya dun goofed

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Stop watching TV and get a book

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> get a book

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these days the internet is probably a much more effective brainwashing uhh cloud

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So the elevator in my apartment building is pretty slow, I want to make a device that can call it for me. I don't want to mess with the insides because I don't wanna come off as a terrorist and I've never soldered before so it seems risky for a first attempt.
The programming part I can handle myself probably. I was thinking about a mechanism where I use a rubber band or similar, the device will release it on demand and I'll have to prime it again every time (though I'm not sure this is viable, the button requires some force to press). How should I go about this, hardware-wise, in the cheapest way possible? I want it to be connected to my WiFi network. What do I buy?
The floor is all mine so neighbors won't complain or anything.
>pic related

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The elevator door opens into a tiny hallway and my door is the only one in it, kind of awkward but better than dying
That's what I was thinking, my question was more about which microcontroller/servos I should buy (talking about the wall method)

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ESP8266 or wemos d1 mini (same thing, basically) can operate any servo, and they connect to your wifi, so you could write a very simple android app to push the elevator button.

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Any will do. You don't need much processing power, if you're an attention deficit take the arduino if you're gay, STM32 is the way, if you're complete autist mentally challenged literal retard, ESP is your friend.

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>cd tray ejects
>Money is inside
>40 floppy drives start working, together their sound works as a voice synthesiser
>"Keep the change, you filthy animal"

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Screw the go-karts, it is time to build a scaled up walking beam stirling engine of pic related. The original was steam but I love the extreme mechanical simplicity of this vehicle concept, first drawn in 1805.

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How the fuck do you turn that without a rudder?

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Anon I.....

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Post more pls

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I have also been interested in simple diy vehicles. I never considered a Stirling engine. I am a fan of wood gas

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Clutches per side maybe. Like a tank. Don't know

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Hi guys.
I have this 1 head ultrasonic fogger that I would like to run for 5 secs ON and 10 secs OFF. How would you go about this? I would also like to adjust the times. Hit me

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>I would also like to adjust the times

How often and by what means. Arduino and SSR with pushbuttons and 4x20 LCD is the cool way, but might be overkill if the pic you posted is what you have in mind. Or a 555 circuit with SSR would do it as well, with pots to set the on/off periods.

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cheap chink timed relay will do it. look for one with multifunction capability and two time settings.

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Seconding this. They're at most $30.
I've used this unit a bunch


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One of the reviewers sounds like he belongs here:

This timer has two built-in relays which i have wired one to a leaf blower and the other to a circular saw. I have set each of the wired equipment to run for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. I am generating these loud noises to deter squirrels and birds from my fruit trees in the summer and they absolutely work for me. It's been running for two weeks with no issues.

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Hi /diy/. Im looking for some tips on repairing old sheep shears. That is, a) refurbishing old leather grip, b) cleaning dust-choked mechanism and, c) removing rust. Thanks.

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Anybody anons ever make fine jewelry? Maybe like a wedding ring? I don't want to drop $40K on a jew ass tiffany ring when I can make one that would cost like $100K at that overpriced jewhole for like maybe $4-$5k. I wan't to spend my money on stuff that will actually benefit the future and not a brand name ring, but I also don't want a knock off so I wan't to learn a useful skill that I can please my loved ones while also not getting jewed.

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There’s some cool stuff on YouTube. You can also do a lot of stuff with 3D printing to make a mold and then casting with that which isn’t hard to do in your garage. https://youtu.be/m3t4DnMbCRY A good video on the hard way to do it.

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hitler did nothing wrong

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I have a really nice headset but having to charge it every day is annoying so I'm going to try to upgrade the battery.

Didn't see a current project's thread so, current project thread!

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And I now have battery voltage in the other cup.

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Tested current draw. Idle around 25ma and running 30-40's.

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Grabbed a small surface mount fuse off a donor board and a smaller connector for the battery. Battery has some kind of built in protection I don't trust.

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Good enough.

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Packing everything back up. Cells are within .3 volts. Should balance fine. This is a 140% increase in capacity. Can't wait to test it.

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Say I want to get the lead out of car batteries. How would I go about disposing of the acid afterwards?

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Haha have your girlfriend's son dig it

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I posted this.
This is some dumbshit pretending he posted what I did.

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Off the charging system, with vent caps removed and most of the acid already poured out, the biggest danger is some residual splashing. There will be no explosions or anything else worthy of glory or terror.

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It's real, but....
It's mostly kids eating paint chips (pica). Actual ingestion factored out, it isn't a "turn you into a retard" issue. There is evidence, however, that reducing/eliminating the massive burning of leaded fuel had some substantial positive impact. The shit ain't good for you, but it ain't plutonium either.

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>Why not pay a Mexican to do it
Same reason refried beans exist. Ever meet a Mexican that didn't fuck things up the first time around?

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Can you make your own Da Vinci Tank /diy/? Maybe one that is life sized? Would you modify it in some way to make it better?

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Can you fuck off to where you came from with this low effort thread?

Do something, faggot, otherwise leave.

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Well yeah you can and go as big as you want but it comes down to how much money and resources you have. I would interchange any parts that are in contact with anyone part that's moveing like the cogs with metal so they don't where out as quickly. There was a show out years ago where they build the tank and other inventions to see if they where possible, i recommend tying to find it just so get some ideas.

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Where can I buy components to make an IP camera?

Also, where can I find low-level projects like these where I'm actually working with microprocessors, boards and firmware as opposed to raspberry pi instructables nonsense? As a beginner engineer, I'm finding it difficult to find resources as to where to start and what I need and how to do all this stuff.

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pick a processor family. go to the manufacturer's website. read their product literature. read a datasheet. buy the dev tools (programmer and eval board). download an ide. write software.

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Buy a bunch of shit on ali express, atmega328p for 50 cents each, a usb avr programmer for another 5 bucks and bags of components for cheap.
It will take a month but it's dirt cheap.

>> No.1560541

A processor? Not a controller?

>> No.1560543

I think the MSP430 series of MCUs would be good for a beginner.

Get schematic/layout software like kicad (it's free) or similar; read product data sheets and import the component footprints into your kicad project; route the relevant connections based on what you want to process; use digikey or similar to buy a few of each component; prototype your schematic or ship it out to some assembly shop; fix any I2C/UART/SPI/CAN problems that you'll probably run into; repeat until you're satisfied.

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controllers are also processors but yes i did mean pick a microcontroller family

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We have all built small electric motors before, but does anyone have any tips for building a larger electric motor, perhaps one that can run a small vehicle? Any tips for building such a device?

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There are interesting 3D printed armatures and custom ESCs you can look into.
Printing a winding device at the same time is probably also a good idea.
You can get them fairly large so I'd go with that for something like a heavy lift drone before dropping thousands on commercial parts or heavy ass salvage.

>> No.1560791

we once build a series wound dc motor and my Boomer trade teacher unironically showed us a 3 Phase induction motor using a Monster Endergy Can as Squirrel cache

>> No.1560891

>Where do you obtain stock that is highly permeable and has been heat treated so that it is magnetically soft, and how do you create the slots?
You either buy the right alloy sheet or you can buy premade already laminated parts from China. With sheet you can just do a die press or cut it with something, then you varnish each layer or stick an insulating sheet in, it's similar to https://youtu.be/QGytW_C6hR8?t=297 If you need to resize the ID or OD slightly you can turn it on a lathe, if it's too big a difference then you've designed it wrong. Ime the bigger problem is in getting the permanent magnets in the rotor, dimensions of rare earth magnets can be pretty over the place as can the strength of the magnets. There also tends to be a lot of glue involved which again can cause the magnet to not have its face sitting at the exactly right distance from the centre. AND you're at risk of getting yourself pinched if you're not careful, which isn't pleasant.

You are right tho, it's hard to make an efficient motor. You can hit the efficiencies of most toy/Chinese motors with a little bit of care and if you wanted to go even more efficient you'd either have to up your tooling and metrology stuff a lot or use parts from an existing motor. This is probably better for most people, the barrier isn't really machining imo, it's design. In the west human beings used to build pretty well built electric motors by hand using 50s tooling, but to recognise what you need to make in order to make it easily manufacturable by hand is probably beyond most people.

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>With sheet you can just do a die press or cut it with something

If you have dies and presses that can make pic related then you have a lam factory. If you think it's realistic to cut hundreds of these to make a toy motor, then go for it.

And I've worked for motor manufacturers and they don't turn the slotted side on a lathe; you have to grind it. And if you think it's "designed wrong" if you want a close air gap, then you must be referring to junk motors.

>> No.1561373

No, I literally mean you can grind it on a lathe and if you have to do more than that you've seriously fucked up somewhere. You don't want to be clearing mm of material off the OD on one side. You can get an accurate centering and keep the thing round which you can't do so much grinding one side at a time. Again, the problems aren't going to originate from the stator if you're doing bldc or similar, it's much more likely the rotor because one of the permanent magnets is slightly proud for some reason. In that case you want the stator to be ground so that it's barely clearing the proudest permanent magnet. On that point, that's something that you can solve earlier on in design in handmade processes, so that it's less of a problem.

>And I've worked for motor manufacturers and they don't turn the slotted side on a lathe
Most of my motors are Chinese imports one way or another, there's a lot of variation in motor manufacturing in the west and some places are really great, others are terrible. If you have knowledge to pass that's great.

>If you think it's realistic to cut hundreds of these to make a toy motor, then go for it.
It's like 1ish hrs of work roughly when you've set everything up. It's not something to build a business plan around, but it's prefectly doable as a hobby in a garage with fairly basic tools if OP is that way inclined. Listen to a podcast and go zen or whatever. You'll have to treat it like meditation because you also have to build the thing afterwards and wind the coils, all of which are fairly repetitive, long and boring.

I wouldn't bother, personally, unless you feel you'll really learn something or you have some genius new design, or you need a totally bespoke motor and no other motor or motor like shell (so alternators or similar) fits.

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What is a no bullshit basic answer to how much a meme container should cost?

everywhere scam site i've looked at online is complete bullshit requiring digging to get to a price that seems way too much

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They are still cheap if you live at an end of the line port that gets in far more containers than it ships out. They try and sell them here, but there is not enough demand so every so often they are near free to anyone with the equipment to get them out of the yard.

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2.4k Aud 20" here

>> No.1560708

All depends on condition.
Here in FL, a 20' wind/weather safe dry box in decent condition, non-structural dents and a little rust here and there, maybe $1200 (delivered). A 40' one-trip unscratched shiny nice box, $4000.

>> No.1561369

>he's falling for the 'container house' meme
Why don't you not waste your time and instead buy a used travel trailer or motorhome and renovate it? You know, something that was originally intended for humans to live in, instead of something that was designed for cargo?
>b-b-but I want to bury it in my yard and have a fallout shelter (or somesuch shit)
That never works. Stop being dumb.

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My 3D printer is printing the bottom and the top layer so interleaved as shown in the photo. Has anyone had this problem or any idea of how to fix it? The filament does not stop at any time ...

Thank you!

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sorry, I´m new to /diy/

>> No.1560166

Where the fuck have you been posting? Individual threads get trolled out.

/3Dpg/ is probably the most active repeat thread on this board.

>> No.1560169

Just like you're helping so much right faggot?

>> No.1560171

I think your problem is that it's broken. I'd ask the 3dpg for more specifics, if you need them.

>> No.1560652

I am stating to think that the bed temperature and the distance/calibration of the bed-nozzle had something to do with this...

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Thread hymn.


Last thread:>>1548370

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC

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You take feather passes the teeth just like a saw blade.

>> No.1561317

>Are we seriously discussing using a woodworking bit to machine metal?

Ive used router bits as form tools, and it works ok

>> No.1561360

Ive always had a hard time inserts. I wouldnt mind a set like that though

>> No.1561392

finding inserts I mean, its hard to decode them and stuff

>> No.1561434

>island machining
>use it as an avoidance chain
What software we talkin about here?

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/diy/, lemme milk your supple minds..

I want to rig an apparatus that is able to both flash a strobe-light, and emit a loud sound (alternatively and in unison) each time a bait is touched.

The bait/camera setup already exists and is called a BRUV

The sound/light mechanism will need to be operational at around 20m of water, and should continue flashing/emitting sound for a period after the bait is touched.

Any fuckin ideas?

>> No.1560010

just build it. easy, arduino, pot it in clear epoxy so it's waterproof. no problem.
For the bump thing use a regular IMU. For the flash use a bright LED. For the sound use a piezo, though you'll have to get creative with a bubble inside the epoxy so the sound is coupled well enough to the air

>> No.1560013

thanks bud, whats an IMU?

I have soldered once or twice, i made a simple guitar pedal once but i'm not great.

I like your bubble idea, I reckon I can put a partially inflated balloon in there to create an epoxy bubble, then pop it after hardening.

any input appreciated! cheers!

>> No.1560018

if you're starting from nothing, you'll need to learn:

basic electronics
arduino programming
how epoxy potting works
an IMU is a gyro and accelarometer in a tiny cheap module that you can read with an arduino, used for detecting motion up to a few HZ (ish).

the point of the bubble is to just make a low density resonating cavity inside the plastic, it doesn't matter what you make it with, it could even just be a little styrofoam ball, actually that would probably be the easiest way to make it

>> No.1560022

ok all good, I have a mechatronics engineer best mate and will get him to help me with the electronics

how likely is this apparatus to be able to stand up to, oh i dont know, a wild shark attacking a bait on the end of an arm. Im going to need to put the motion sensing mechanism far away from any part accessible to a marine animal, obviously.

I am planning to deploy this thing for periods of about 3 hours max, so i dont think any anti-fouling is necessary. But i want it to be sturdy.

thanks again anon

>> No.1560024

Think about a shark attacking a plastic block, who knows. Those things are designed to eat squishy fish, so their teeth probably aren't very into chewing. I guess it could swallow the block whole.

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I'm fucking stupid
>Buy 1tb hdd internal
>Install it
>"It's not working, wtf"
>Search on YouTube to try to find a way to fix it
>Fuck it worse
>Power off PC and power on again

Fuck, it just pops up a error, the error 0xc0000007.

I have windows10 if ur asking and now it ask me to reinstall it and I have no shit to do

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>> No.1561030

Is this a second HDD? If so you may want to change the boot priority in the bios, bc it's probably trying to boot from the new one instead of your existing one.
If that isn't the case, and the HDD you're trying to boot actually was your original one, you may have deleted the master boot record. Google should be able to help fixing that.

also, >>>/g/

>> No.1561244

windows 7 needs oem media to read bios key, how does 10 work? any media uses the oem key? does it need to phone home activate?


>> No.1561248

>windows 7 needs oem media to read bios key, how does 10 work? any media uses the oem key? does it need to phone home activate?

If any device had windows 10 already installed and it was connected to the internet for any period of time reinstallation will be authenticated as legit.

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boot into win 10 recovery media (can be downloaded for free from micro$ofts website
command prompt
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
reboot, should fix it

>> No.1561382

>I'm fucking stupid
>I have windows10
Redundant OP is redundant.

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