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Why are button presses so expensive? I want to make my own buttons, but the machines are out of my price range. There are some for sale on eBay for $70-80, does anyone have any experience with these?

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Because good ones are made from tool steel and the plates are milled from tool steel. If you have a milling machine, go for it.

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Have you tried asking your parents to increase your allowance? Maybe mow some lawns to earn the extra cash.

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Really joe even with the wife and 3 kids?

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"Buttons". you should sell your E as powder people trust it more that way.

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>Why are button presses so expensive?
you get what you pay for

best compromise, buy a hand one, make a lever on a base to apply the force

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I dont hate furries just sick of people asking if i am one ><
Id like to base a cosplay off of a bird i really like, use the colors, patterns and form it has. Im having trouble deciding what genre of clothing to use for this endeavor. Be it Dressy, suit and tie, causal, punk, slutty, mythical, fairy like, im not sure which direction to go. Id like some ideas n opinions, i do intend to use feathers and possibly make a large cape-like set of wings but that depends what genre of fashion i use. The bird is either a cardinal, blue bird, or barn owl.

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There's a whole board for that.

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Leave your pet alone in peace please.

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What are the best books to learn Masonry on your own? I'd like to build nice brick buildings and Pyramids so only the best book are allowed to be posted in this thread.

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lurk moar faggit

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Building an Outdoor Bar . Combination of rustic wood and granite . With Stone lookalike pilards using traverntine . Share you ideas. Im sketching something for the dloor soon.

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Don't listen to this litteral faggot. One of the very few fucking great things about being an adult is you get to do wtf u want.

U want a mancave? Build you a mancave.

Or do like me and start shopping for land to dig.

>nb4 retard manlet digs his own grave.

Maybe, but i have been a miner for years and i know every aspect of wtf i am doing or know professionals that do for beer money. If i die in a cave-in it will be a fluke and due to bad scale ir negligence. Not ignorance.

Likely just digging trenches and burying the roof anyway as it is way cheaper.

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>Bunkerannon alert.

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Why so tripcunt though?

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Well, that was rthe inspiration. That and a bunker came up for sale locally. Nowhwere near bunkeranon scale and shitty location. Descided fuckit. This summer or before we buying land. Starting a house and im digging bights and weekends

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>not having an en filade cabinet
>not having AT MINIMUM a saloon
What are you, some kind of uncultured poor?

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Can you guys give me tips to kms by hanging? How long does it take to kill me? I did some research and it went from 5 to 30 minutes. Should I leave a note? Should I call the police before hanging myself?

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You should use a gun you faggot. Its fast an 100% safe.

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>fucking up gun statistics


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Try it fagg

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>Should I call the police
why so they can arrest you? fucking retard you should leave the door unlocked, ask someone reliable to come visit and discover you after a reasonable time, allow for them to come early.
but make it someone you don't like because a. its horrible b. you will have shat and pished yourself.

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How do you go about measuring the curve in wheel well? i'm trying to build this subwoofer box for my vehicle, but im stumped as to how you measure the curvature. thanks in advance!

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Template it out with cardboard first.
Trim until you get desired results.
Use that template to cut the MDF.

Get the right volume for the sub you're putting in. Adding poly-fill can help if you're on the smaller side.
Wood glue on all the joints.

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-Get a piece of poster board or cardboard
-Rough cut it to get it in the ballpark
-Temporarly attach it to the side of the vehicle
-Measure up (vertical) from the surfaces (including the flat,easy part) an equal amount all along the contour about every inch or so. A small block of wood or something about the right size, is a lot quicker and more accurate than using a tape.
-cut out curve (and flat) and use it for a template to mark the wood.

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He asked a quick question and got a quick answer.

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This. Poster board template /10. Almost always the best and easiest unless u wanna break out the fiberglass

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Just buy the insert, poorfag. It's a jeep xj, everything is already on eBay for ten dollars or less.

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So please forgive me. I've recently seen these things pop up, and I'm really interested in making something like this but fir the life of me cannot figure out how. I can only find tutorials on little jewelry things it similar. Can anyone instruct me on how to make something like this?

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There are a bunch of radial cracks in OP's logs so I doubt they bothered to stabilize the whole thing.

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>beautiful snakewood matched scales

>bastardized burl half ugly neon green plastic scales

I've never understood this.

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Gaudy BS = cash money for people who dont know any better.

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people go fucking nuts for burl. it doesn't make any sense.

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Burl is fantastic, I have several chunks of it in my garage that I'm planning on cutting and stabilizing with a CLEAR filler. My problem is when people ruin a nice piece of wood to make it 50 ugly plastic like in the picture.

I can already imagine that neon green chunk on the bottom being slapped on a $20 blank and sold for 200 as a zombie apocalypse knife.

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Hello there boys, i've done this dude but i dont know if i should continue on him and make it more HD looking or do you think it's a shit concept.
oh yeah, and any requests?
pick related its the dude with a timestamp

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the penis is a bit much tbqh

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I don't have set up nor have i taken any progress pictures but i'll do it with the next one

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ty man, i really appreciate it

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haha yeah, its happy tho

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>any requests
You know what to do.

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I want to make the mask from Zelda, Majoras Mask (Pic related) in wood. I don't have much experience with woodwork, but I don't think it will be a problem if I paint on the smaller details with a small brush.

I have a friend who works as a furniture carpenter, and she told me she could cut out the basic shape of the mask from a piece of wood for close to no cost at all. For this, she needs a proper drawing with measures she can use. After attempting something with GIMP, I realised it wouldn't work since my printer only prints A4 paper, and the mask needs at least A3. I settled on drawing it by hand. I got a compass tool and started with some basic shapes, but i can't seem to get the correct curves. Can anyone help me with this? It doesn't have to be exact, I can change the shape a bit by hand, but I need to have a correct basic shape, to get it as symmetrical as possible. Only a small tutorial on how to use the compass tool is necessary.

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print it on multiple pages

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The drawing having measures has nothing to do with being on A3 paper, unless it needs to be 1:1 scale?
Open it with a vector graphics software like inkscape, add a new layer on top and trance over the important lines. If you can't measure it (pretty sure you can in like every vector graphics program ever because that's what they are for essentially) directly you can work out the dimensions from coordinates and angles. Then just scale each measurement by whatever factor to give you the size you want/need

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Tried, but it's a bit wonky and doesn't result in what I prefer.

She told me it had to be 1:1.
Here is what I've drawn by hand.
I've turned up the contrast to make the lines easier to see. Is this completely unproportional? I think I will attack the spikes seperately.

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Nice. I dont have a printer and only 5-6/10 gimp. Sorry OP. And i'm not shilling but if u descide to dumo money into paint i know a guy. He makes a living and doesnt need the work but he is in magazines and shit so he would do a good job.

In any case good luck to u. Looks cool.

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I've got a bag of "ready mix mortar" that says all you have to do is add water to use.

It says use by December 2009. Is there any chance that it is still usable in 2017?

It's been kept dry and has the consistency of fine sand

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Sorry, guys. I've had old bags of mortar and plaster that looked perfectly fine, dry and not clumpy that wouldn't set because of low levels of humidity over years. You can't tell until you test mix some.

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Exactly. It's not fucking worth it in the slightest. If the bag expiration was like last year, yeah ok. But that bag's almost a decade past when the manufacturer thinks the shit might go bad. It's not a precious material, OP.

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What these said. Use it for patio ballast, decorative things or fence posts. Its probably fucked

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The reason that cement now carries a 'manufactured on' dated and a 'use by' date is because of the Chromium (VI) Directive (2003/53/EC).

This Directive (Law) was issued in order to minimise the risk of allergic dermatitis from the use of cement.

The 2 month period is due to the use of additives in the cement to reduce the production of chromium (VI) when the cement is mixed with water. These additives become less effective with time and it is considered that after 2 months it cannot be ensured that the chromium (VI) levels would be beow 2 parts per million.

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If it's hydrolyzed, it's worthless. Mortar & plaster will happilly absorb moisture slowly but surely, and very slowly, quite happily.

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Has anyone ever tried to use a chainsaw (basically replacing the chain to drive instead of cutting) to drive a bicyle or go-cart? What's to look out for if one want to try it?

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>Has anyone ever tried to use a chainsaw (basically replacing the chain to drive instead of cutting) to drive a bicyle or go-cart?

When I was a kid the McCulloch Pro Mac 10-10 was the engine of choice for go-karts.
(~10 hp)

I didn't get my choice so I settled for a 5 hp Briggs.

got two chainsaws?

homemade single engine with the handle still on the engine

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Sasquatch rode one in Tony Hawk. It's been done.

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Here's a youtube video of chainsaw bike, looks fun

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Hey /diy/, my sink's been broken for ages and I finally found the culprit, this bit here which is supposed to control the waterflow.

Hardware store wants to charge me 60 for new ones, but if I can get the name of the part I might be able to see if the manufacturer offers it cheaper through some searching.

I've checked extensively, the manufacturer has no label anywhere on the sink set.

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Yeah, that's the issue.

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thats american standard isn't it?

If you are cheap, you can turn those o-ring type gaskets over to put a new mating surface against the seats in the faucet, but make sure you wipe out the inside of the faucet part, stray shit can keep it from sealing clean.
If you don't have faucet grease, you can use hand soap. Don't use other greases, they can eat that rubber shit.

This is a temporary solution if it does work.

You might be able to buy that o-ring type washer/gasket by itself if you look around, but it's not likely.

The only "safe" nigger-rigged solution is putting graphite packing on the washer, just enough to form a new surface.

above all, be careful not to over tighten and fuck it up worse.

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also replace that actual o-ring.
take it to a hardware store to match it up

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If this is the type of cartridge it appears to be...
The white part in the center is ceramic.
There are two ceramic disks - one fixed, one movable.
The disks are perfectly flat and when in the proper position water can't flow between them.
If a bit of trash gets between them it causes a leak.
Take them apart and clean the surfaces, re-assemble and see if it still leaks.
The last time I purchased this type of cartridge they were $35 each.

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I replace these all the time as my day job, they're like 5 of my great british pounds, Look for quarter turn ceramic tap cartridges OP, they work a treat.

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As an architecture student, my wet dream is to own a laser cutter. Making models with parts cut by a laser is so enjoyable, fast, cheap in terms of materials, and fail proof. But 1K€ even for small, kickstarted projects, this I can't afford.

I still want one, so I spent the last few months wandering on the internet trying to gather as much informations I could off youtube, forums, reddit threads, etc. First thing I did was asking myself "what do u wanna cut bro?", and I answered "Dude, cardboards n shit" I think i now have a pretty clear understanding of how to build and operate a chassis with 2 axis. I already own (and learned the basics of) an arduino, on which I plan to mount an A4988, driving two NEMA 17 Steppers (57 oz/in). I have a lot of ideas for the design itself. But I got the feeling I need to get to the core of the problem first: how hard is it to make a laser cutter?

I have read somewhere that Laser Diodes, even properly focused will not cut anything more than thin paper, and are more suited for engraving. I read pretty much everywhere that CO2 laser tubes are the best options if you plan to cut something stronger.

But everytime I look at a CNC CO2 laser machines, I get terrible headaches. Considering we use a laser housed in a glasse tube with a CO2 tank and a vacuum pump, that shoots a deadly laser on 3 (at least) successives gold plated (for examples) mirrors, and then needs to be aligned to somewhat end up in a small lens to get focused, I see so many things that can end up going really bad if not fully mastered.

But I see a lot of DIY CNC machines that use those tubes without problems. Maybe i'm too anxious? Idk.

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>Tfw so close to quints
Y but those are small, and not diy

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Also, are proper linear bearings necessary for a DIY lasercutter? I found some that are long enough for my purposes for about $75 each (2000mm long), and I'm going to need four. Is it worth the money?

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i dont find the point of making one if you can buy it assembled, im sure it will be even more expensive to build a similar one, the laser tube and its power supply are like 200$ alone.
netherless, if you go for a diy one, it will absolutely recquire a complete casing, co2 laser are dangerous devices, don't be cheap, your retina is a precious thing

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i would said no, there is no cutting stress of the struture so i guess something like pic related would be enought
google "homemade bearing rail" there is a lot of examples

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Bro you can get prefabricated tubes that have mirrors aligned (or alignable on the fixture) and shit.
In fact the CO2 laser tube is the easy part. Having the means to focus it properly (you can't see CO2 lasers), and having to power it are more challenging

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So I got an old Atlas 912 as my first band saw. Previous owner sat on it for a number of years after acquiring it with the original intention of converting to to metal cutting but essentially did nothing.
I've had to take off a bit of rust. Here's the first shitty pic I took.

I'll post a few more updates if anyone cares.

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hey OP, paint it pink and call it "Dickcutter"(writen on the case) for the lulz

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So unrelated question. I picked up a shitty 3 wheel used bandsaw a while ago and have been struggling with getting the blade to track properly. took it apart, took the wheels off, took the table off and cleaned everything. Reapplied grease to the bushings of the wheels (yes, bushings, not bearings).
figured out that bushings are too worn, cleaning out the grime and putting in new grease removed what was keeping the bushing barely tight enough, now blade falls off the drive wheel even if I track it all the way back on the top. It's a Central Machinery (harbor freight) 12" 3 wheel, the green one.
I'm debating whether to salvage it for the motor and speed controller etc., whether to see if I can find brass bushings in the right size (as far as I can tell it's 13.5mm or 17/32" shafts), or get bearings in a close size and shim to fit.
Also whether I should even try to drill/press out and mount new bushings/bearings on the plastic wheels, or if I should just make plywood wheels a la mattias.

>> No.1166883

Three wheel bandsaws generally suck. Harbor Freight tools generally suck. I would salvage what you (motor, guides, etc) can and make a new 2 wheel band saw from scratch.

Or see if a decent one turns up on CL in your price range. I got an old Craftsman 2 wheel band saw from the 50's for $30 when I was starting out. It is only a 10 inch (IE super tiny) but it cuts well.

>> No.1166911

Honestly, I just did the same last weekend. well, somewhere between 80's and 2000's I'd guess. also a 10 inch, which is kind of nice in retrospect, because I'm coming off a shoulder injury and there's no way I would have been able to move the 14 inch that I was too late to buy at the same estate sale.
Was more like $80 though. Nothing in my area in my budget unless I'm willing to drive 2 hrs or settle for another 3 wheeler. Or an old B&D "drill powered" 7" bandsaw, although there's one of those listed with a motor permanently attached.
On the plus side it came with a half dozen extra blades. On the minus side apparently those were blades for the 14" because they're too big lol.
It just would have been nice to fix it enough to resell, and/or have one that was easy to move.

Motor is way underpowered for a big size 2 wheel... actually scratch that. It's a 3/4hp per the manual. I guess they got a great deal and it was cheaper to use a bigger motor to power through bushing friction than to use bearings.
Well, or it lies.
Any tips on affordable blades? 70.5" is apparently an unusual size :/

>> No.1166923

>It's a 3/4hp per the manual.
I have never seen a Harbor Freight motor that was anywhere near its rated horsepower. A friend of my has an old shop vac from that that claims to have a 5 horsepower motor and yet only pulls 8 amps on 110 volts. I guess they forgot the decimal or something.

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How would I go about making one
What equipment would I need, and materials to use.
I have never made anything in my life, so can u guys try to be as descriptivery as possible. Thax

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Why bothet when you are gonna restart this thread in 2 weeks again?

>> No.1166206

What? I'm new to this board. What's a sage, is there an archive on making a power rack.

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Any advise on what kind of pot and resistor is required to make this circuit dimmable?

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Shit forgot pin numbers

>> No.1166906

why not?

>> No.1167045

Because he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

>> No.1167061

So how about you correct him instead of being an even bigger faggot that all of them combined you argumentative cunt?

Oh, thats right, you have no fucking idea either, do you?

>> No.1167082

>no u

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Can anyone explain how it is possible to cram 8 pci-e lanes in x4 slot like in pic related ?
I just want to use active SM riser from this motherboard with regular motherboard (and x1 connector is actually power connector and its pinout is documenter) so to get two x8 pci-e slots off my x4 (or x8, whatever) slot on the motherboard. The riser's edge connector seems to be same as regular x4, so how this trick done ?

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DIY virgin | Auto window roller blind help. Hey all, needing help trying to modify my chain roller blind to an automatic remote controlled one using arduinos and a motor. In the planning process, but don't really know how much torque (don't know shit all) I'll be needing to get the blind back up from its weight. This is my first DIY project and trynna get this done on my own but dont want to buy a motor and have it not be strong enough.

>> No.1166078

OP/ Don't know much of anything related to what I'm doing, learning as I go

>> No.1166079

Shit at least give us a number, how heavy is the blind? No info, no advice, we are not your google assistant

>> No.1166099

Using a luggage weight from top center of blind extended , read about 2kg but with consideration of anything above the weight I'd say about 2.3kg needs to be lifted.

>> No.1166103

So try typing into google literally "what motor torque will lift 3 kg" and post results

>> No.1166121

Thanks for this, according to some calculations I'm looking for a motor with a rated torque of around 500-600mNm. This isn't far-fetched to you?

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What trades do you think will be most demanded for the next 15 - 20 years? Do you expect any particular new one to pop out in the near future?

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>> No.1166530

I am a millennial and I am apathetic to everything.

>> No.1166631

Then start a buisness and have a few blacks or spics work for you

>> No.1166825


Welding has been memed into oblivion. Every dumbass cut-up straight out of high school, wants to be a welder now.

Being a lineman is pretty cash, so long as you can deal with union work (and union non-work i.e. layoffs). T. Step-brother has been a lineman for 10 years, has more money than he knows what to do with, and a smoking hot wife.

>> No.1166829

Lineman work has some costs to remember. That big storm in the next state over or the bad hurricane means you might be packing yourself up and hauling ass down there to work 20 hours a day and sleep in a tent or shed with six other filthy linemen. The payoff is the triple-double-emergency-rate pay you will be getting.

>> No.1166832

This isn't a trade in the traditional sense, but I've found there to be a severe lack of people who can handle decent commercial art works.

I'm talking graphic design, but also tech. There's a huge gap right now between "art" designers and "tech" designers, and if you can find a way to fill that space, you'll be in work for a long time.

For example, I recently finished a large contract doing 3D projection mapping for a high end car manufacturer. That kind of thing hadn't been done a ton before, and the client was having a hell of a time finding somebody to do it.

If you were just a graphic designer, you couldn't handle the tech side of that, and if you were just a tech guy, you couldn't handle the art side of it.

I don't really know what to call this position, but I think there will be quite a bit of it going forward for people who are actually good at it.

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A short section where a man looks like fun jumping moves:


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