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Howdy /diy/, I'm putting together a design for a new box to house my humble 1/4" 20pc Stanley socket set and transplant it out if the factory retard-huge oversized blow-mold case into a more efficient model made of wood. I'm still considering making this a hybrid set, i.e. driver bits, maybe a caliper tray, etc. Any ideas or suggestions? This will be a simple clamshell box.

Estimated maximum OD of box: 11"x6"x2"

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I've got some Ardbeg that I just love the smell of. So I wanted to try to make a candle or eventually maybe some soap with that scent in the foreground.

But of course the whisky won't mix with the wax or the oil. So does anybody have any ideas on how to get that whisky scent into some oil?

Right now my best idea is to mix up some whisky and oil and let them sit for a bit to let the water and alcohol evaporate and hopefully leave the oil with that scent.

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I'd say some experimenting with liquid smoke and regular peat might render interesting results.

At any rate, if I were to proceed with yer plan, I'd check whether I like the smell of a glass of it left to stand for a couple of days. I personally am not at all keen on how a glass an unrinsed after indulging smokey, peatey Scotch smells - and I generally go for Ardbeg, Talisker or Caol Ila.

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Last time I opened a bottle of Ardbeg it stunk up half my house.

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I know someone makes it because the one bed head product for men is whisky scented...

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Yeah google it, several come up. Whiskey scented oil...

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Yeah, there's a lot of whiskey scented oil available, but most of that is bourbon scented I think, and of those very few even actually smell anything like bourbon.

I want specifically "sctoch whisky" scent, and to be even more specific I want Islay scent, which is most distinctive for the smoked peat smell.

In doing googling I did manage to find that there's a store in Scotland that sells soaps scented with different brands of whisky, which sounds good but they don't ship to America.

I'm wondering if they actually get whiskey cask's and let the oil sit in those and maybe smoke some peat. I think that would give the oil that distinctive scent, but that's obviously out of the question for me to do at home

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I made a punching bag but the stand sucks and it tips over every time I punch it. How should I go about making a better stand?
It's a five foot section of four inch pvc wrapped in six feet of carpet pad. There is a drain cap on the bottom of the pvc and I cut a hole in the middle of the bucket thing and slipped the bag through.

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>pvc frame

you'd be better off building it from 2x4s and deck screws. build a cube with some cross bracing, if the whole thing walks around, add a plywood floor so that your body weight holds it in place.

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how ungodly loud would this be? dont want the neighbors downstairs to be complaining

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>caring about neighbors

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why not just have the stand as a large disk or length of wood like ply so you're always standing on it, that way it cant tip over unless you step off it

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i dunno man i like to be a decent person
i dont mind if it makes noise i just dont want it to excessive. not only that, im still on the landlord's good side and id rather not change that
this was my other thought, bolt it to the drain cap thing ive got on it right now. itd be a little big though, id have to rearrange my shit and at this point id rather not

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I want to rewire this guitar I just got since the existing parts are rusted. I can't really read the pots or capacitor, but I know they are 250k, will any 250k pots works? The capacitor says 10-, can't read the last number, but I think 108 is a common one? The guitar is a Peavey T-15 by the way.

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It's getting cold around here and I figured why not use the fireplace for some heat this year. Haven't used the fireplace upstairs in about 10 years but the one downstairs was used a few times last year.

They're both connected the the same chimney so I have a few concerns about potential creosote, but the main question is going to be about pic related. Upstairs fireplace flue seems clean as it has almost never been used, but house settling has shown itself on the fire box and possibly the damper (pic related). Think fire clay and a hammer can fix the job? As you can see the damper has bowed a bit causing a draft and to the left there is spacing between the fire box and the wall about less than 1/8 of an inch wide. Used an old license plate border to show how it barely fits to give an idea of the gap.

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save your sanity, fit a stove and flue liner.

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What do I do about the bent damper? It's letting in one hell of a draft.

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This anon is wise

I'd fit a gas insert. I've had mine twenty years and others before that elsewhere.

Wood is awful for heat, smoke is nasty and bad for you, the labor is a huge hassle, and old fireplaces are usually shit like pic related.

If it were me I'd use a 6" angle grinder and thin kerf cutting discs to remove as much of the damper as practical to clear a gas fireplace and flue liner. Wear a clear face shield and gloves. I like foam ear plugs to keep out crumbs.

Be warned that gas is often not economic for heating (depends on local electricity prices) but it's wonderful during power outages. My gas insert is on one end of my home and my gas stove in the opposite end. When lines go down I'm comfy and cook indoors for heatful munching.

If you are in poverty etc then a wood stove and flue liner will get the job done. Stoves radiate heat nicely compared to a fireplace.

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Gotcha, I'll get on that then. For now, what do I do about the terrible draft from the damage damper?

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Light your own farts for warmth

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Is there any point in getting an analog oscilloscope in the current year or is it a waste of money? I know hipsters like to collect them. I'm able to get an old 20Mhz analog one for less than 50$ and was wondering whethere it's worth it or not for occasional use. Since i'd be looking mostly at digital signals perhaps a cheapo logic analyser is a better investment for the same cash?

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>Do get an analog scope, there's nothing better when you want to see what exactly is going on in your circuit.

True if it is a storage scope. Not always true otherwise.

>The C1-83 you have on the photo is bretty nice,

bretty? what are you, 12?

and yes I know it's a meme but it belongs on the children's boards.

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OP here, actually looking further into it both may be an option. Seems like there are extra-chinky analysers for like 7$ on ebay that use the Saleae software. From what i read they don't even have firmware - everything is loaded into the chip at runtime and there's a lot of open-source support for those as a result.


The analog scope i was looking at was an C1-118 which has some pretty good specs for its price. Says it goes up to 20Mhz instead of 5Mhz for the 83

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The general advice is to get an analog scope if you're working with analog video signals and stuff like that. An analog scope also has a simpler interface without menus (which is better IMO). The advantages of a digital scope are capturing, and they usually give you all the measurements about wavelength and stuff like that.

You can find analog scopes for cheap too. They are pretty abundant, but better ones in nice condition are getting pricey.

Both are useful and both have their place.

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Absolutely get one if you have none.

I got my first scope when I was like 10, it was 1 channel 5 mHz BW analog scope. It was awesome, that's what let me with moving forward with analog and even digital stuff.
Not having a scope is akin to be blind.

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Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of /diy/ are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

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Has anyone here built one of these pressurized van solar showers?
I started one with schedule 40 ABS but it seems so thick that it would insulate the water from the heat.
How hot do these get anyway?
Any info would be great

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Thanks guys.
I have been reading up and the prefab ones are made of aloominum because it conducts the heat better.
I am looking to see if all the unions and whatnot are available in schedule 30

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That does make a lot more sense. Paint it black though so you still get it absorbing the heat instead of reflecting it.

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Aluminum is way to expensive and hard to work with.
I will try to find thin wall abs

>> No.1281457

Post your guide, I want to put one on my garage.

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I do know poly pipe left in the sun will produce water hot enough to burn you.

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Hello /diy/

I need some help with my m88 style helmet replica. The problem I have is that the helmet is slowly moving or wiggling while I run. The inside is like the picture. Any ways of how I could make it fit better like additional straps maybe or diy padding?

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Forgot to add mine was an ACH

>> No.1280666

>m88 style helmet update

Ballistic Helmet Upgrade Kit for PASGT, LWH, & ACH Models by FPE

>> No.1280678

Foam blocks between strap and helmet.
(not the hard polystyrene foam) More like the insulation stuff. Cheap and replaceable because you can't wash it.

>> No.1281194

Welcome to PASGT. It sucks dicks, especially when you're getting shot at.

"ACH & MICH Helmet Pad Set Olive Drab 3/4" Replacement Suspension Padding + Velcro Discs" on amazon + "Ordinary Helmet General Suspension Lanyard with 4 Points Chin Strap with Bolts and Screws For Fast ACH MICH IBH Helmet Black"

As long as the holes are drilled properly, you can use these instead

>> No.1281246

I can't tell from your image, so I'm just going to throw this out there... It might help if your helmet has 4 attachment points for straps. It's sorta what I noticed with old and modern helmets.

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The leads lifted off the USB board. How to resolder the leads back to my USB and be usable again?

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You have a few options and they all are difficult.

1. gently scrape the coating off of that blue trace and solder a tiny wire to it and the connector.

2. solder directly to the chip lead

3. (easiest?) find a thru hole in that trace and stick your tiny wire through it. you might need to gently scrape it first if it has any sort of coating.

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fine wire, tinned.
Clean off the lacquer that covers the trace.
Flux. Tin the trace
Lay the wire down and solder it.

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best bet is to scrape if you have no experience with soldering smd. use a really sharp knife.

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Everyone here is generally right. Not to be a dick, but just to clear up a terminology issue, you broke the 'pad' on the pcb and it looks like also the 'lead' on the connector.

Not sure how you could gave done this with everyday wear and tear, but anyway, everyone is right. Use an xacto knife to scrape some of the green paint off of the traces near the broken pads, then apply a small amount of flux/solder to the freshly exposed copper. Next, prepaid a small piece of wire by melting a small amount of solder to the ends. Then solder the small wire between the solder on the trace and the solder on the leg, or lead, of the usb connector. Do this for each of the two broken connections.

You will need a fine point soldering iron, solder with a flux core in it, an xacto knife, and some wire around the 26awg to 30awg size. If you have the right kind of wire, you don't need a tool to strip the insulation from the ends, just use the heat from the soldering iron to melt the insulation and let it creep back a little bit, then hit it with a piece of solder to tin the wire. Adding solder to the ends of the wire first makes it a lot easier to solder the wire to the board.

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>not buying from alimeme
>buying scandisk shit instead
Take the opportunity to buy a new one my friend.

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Hello /diy/, /m/ here:

I want to make a spray booth so I can airbrush inside as it is getting too cold do to so outside.
Looking around I found a design that interests me (pic realted), however I had one question that hopefully someone could help with:

Basically I don't have the space to keep this assembled all the time. Is there any method of connecting all the parts of the frame together you think would be easy to reverse? maybe some sort of threaded post that I just screw a nut over to secure the base to the sides etc? I don't really know what my options are for something like this, but I just want to be able to take all the pieces apart and lay them flat for storage, then put them back together in a secure and quick fashion.

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Magnets, man.


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Here are the dimensions, do you really thing carving out a spot for the magnets and epoxying them in would be strong enough for something of this size?

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It doesnt need to be made of wood, think of the way tents are made

>> No.1280657

Threaded inserts are what you want.

>> No.1280685

Those look like they will do the trick, thanks anon.

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I've researched surround sound but run into dead ends. Every time.

I am a composer/musician and I want to get the live sound of many instruments playing in one crowded room instead of the many dubs of many empty rooms usual shit sound.

My end goal is to play individual audio files on individual speakers, but have them all synchronized. I can do 2 at a time with stereo. Surround sound systems can get me to 6 or 8 (5+1 or 7+1). I'm looking for at least 12 channels. How can I build such a system?

One avenue I thought of is to make a synchronizing trigger that can for example start multiple surround sound systems together to get me over the 10 channel threshold. Is that as simple just trying the play buttons together? Would I hit grounding issues in this case? My signal processing knowledge is still shit

Is there another way to build a unified system?

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Because you will keep posting anyways, you are a last word fag

>> No.1281164

Doesn't make sense.

>> No.1281166

Joke's on you, I'm posting from 13 phones.

>> No.1281237

What is a noise cancelling headphone?

Stop over complicating things.

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So I've got a bunch of what I think are old radio coils, some say repanco and some say maxi-q, any idea what these are worth and if it's worth putting on eBay?

>> No.1280629

do a search to try to buy some to see what they're worth

ask on vintage radio forums

>> No.1281146

That's literal HAM fap material.

Look for your local Ham/amateur radio club : old chaps there will be glad to get theur hand on your shit

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how do I into home security? any basic guides or recommendations?

two of my tires were slashed. neighbors too. feels bad man.

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Get some shipping containers in front of your house. It would secure your property by making criminals believe you're some crazy freak not worth messing around with.

>> No.1281156

Construct a mock security system with old pallets

>> No.1281289

make sure you paint the cameras with a shot of black so perps can't see it

>> No.1281294

did the other camera thread drop off the catalog already? i've been sporting a big ole hardon for a huge Synology NAS for a while now, but ain't sure if it'd even be fast enough for multiple use shit like serving video at 4K, etc.

>> No.1281330

Pointless. Todays cheap cams have red litt ir leds.. pain in the arse to 'hide'. Lol

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DIY cringe thread

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what's wrong with it?

>> No.1281387

Offcenter as fuck holy fuck that pic is pissing me off

>> No.1281389


ok, I see it now. He skipped two cuts.

Normal people would never notice or care.

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>> No.1281397

He clearly measured the cut on the short side instead of the long side, realised he'd fucked up, and carried on.

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How do you call this style of ceramic pottery? I mean the shape and the vase themselves.

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>> No.1280699

Wheel thrown pottery

>> No.1280741

Look like planters to me.

>> No.1280752

semen cups

>> No.1281138


>> No.1281143

Potter here. Those are wheel thrown bowls. I'd call the shape a tall, footed (or pedestal) bowl. Cant tell it the foot is turned or thrown. I can tell you they were thrown by a Westerner on an electric wheel spinning counter-clockwise. This potter is influenced by Japanese pots and is trying to throw loose, but doesn't quite understand that aesthetic. The meticulous foot and slow, careful pulls underneath an expressive shaping pull belie him. Still, very skilled. Probably 25-35 years old. I don't think there's a name for the style, but it's not uncommon. Sort of an Far East/West mutt. They're some kind of white stoneware. These ones are green (unfired). You can tell by the varying shades of dryness.

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What are some projects I can do using an Arduino?

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TL;DL: buy one and experiment until you know what you can do.
If you don't know by yourself then you haven't fucked with it enough. First learn how to do basic stuff, then try some of "top x projects for non-creative people" and after some time hopefully you can come up with something on your own. I myself bought Uno and Leonardo at first, tinkered with them, later I've realised some of my own ideas (one was to replace electronic in old russian toy, gun with ligt bulb and box with photoresistor, MCU and LEDs that flash when you light on photoresistor). Later I recommend you to buy AVR programmer (hello USBASP v2), some ATmega/ATtiny MCUs and try to port your previous project to "native" AVR, it will be cheaper than putting Arduino everywhere, smaller and take less energy.

>> No.1281283

>Later I recommend you to buy AVR programmer (hello USBASP v2)

I have always used USBTiny which is cool because you can write C program that can send and receive bytes via SPI to your AVR.

Do you know if this can be done with USBASP or is it strictly a programmer?

>> No.1281287

USBASP is programmer only. I use it because I got it for free and use Leonardo as serial to PC converter. There is someting called USBASPTTY, never tested it though.

>> No.1281288

>USBASP is programmer only.

that might be true, but I downloaded the firmware and there is a function USBASP_FUNC_TRANSMIT that seems to simply put a byte on the SPI bus, which might do what I want.

thanks for the reply.

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Build a temperature and humidity controlled chamber and dry cure delicious meats.

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How would you begin setting out tiling this? The tiles aren't quite tall enough for the back splash so will need a cut somewhere and the sockets are low, so choosing starting height is a balls.

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>> No.1280468


use smaller tiles, or else you gonna have a bitch of a time cutting bigger tiles to fit in all those tight places

>> No.1280489

You just choose a starting location where you don't have a tiny sliver of tile anywhere. Not hard to do but you do need to draw on the wall where the tiles will go to find where the tiles will lay at each of your edges and figure out where to place your starting tile so that in no direction do you have a little sliver somewhere at the edge. Keep your lines straight and draw marks for the tiles + grout in a grid pattern starting somewhere in the middle. You extend your grid out to all the edges (although you don't need to fill the entire thing in, just make it like a scrabble board) Once you see where the tile is on the edges you know how far up or down you have to move the entire grid in order to make it come out alright on the edges. Once you have that figured out, just place a center tile and start working your way out. Cut your tiles so that you leave a space for grout in between them and the cabinets that is the same width you're using everywhere.

>> No.1280793

>keep your lines straight
A good tool to do this with will be a chalk line.
Otherwise OP will probably end up trying to use a fat ruler and screwing it up

>> No.1280796

Man... someone really hates you.

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Guys you can get SSD like speeds with just regular cheap hard drives!

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How to make ammonia?

I need some ammonia solution so I can clean my stove top with it, it don't have to be highly consented since I don't want to kill myself with it and bleach. Any help?

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>> No.1280540

>you mean you can't even buy watered down sudsy ammonia
Yes and no. There are some cleaning products containing ammonia and some even advertise it on the front label, but they aren't very common. If the manufacturer wants something ammonia-like, they usually use various amines instead.

I'm not too sure where normal people could buy anhydrous ammonia here.

Sodium and potassium hydroxides are quite common in oven cleaning products.

>> No.1280609

Ammonia will still make it smell like piss

>> No.1280623
File: 92 KB, 206x358, cleaner_degreaser[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd use a non-toxic cleaner instead

this is what I usually use :-)

>> No.1280644

nigga you can spend a week pissing into a bale of hay to do ghetto chem, or you can buy a jug of ammonia for literally a dollar at your local Dollarama(tm)

>stove top
i use normal Sunlight(tm) soap for this, or maybe that Vim cleaner stuff if it's really bad. but very hot water and dish soap will usually suffice for baked on food

if its really not coming off, give it a good scrub and leave it wet and soapy for like an hour and come back. the gunk will have softened

be sure to use the hottest water your poor little hands can handle.

this, piss smells like it does because of the ammonia content, actually

its why cat piss is even worse. higher ammonia content. it even stains/corrodes things because of all the ammonia

>> No.1280668

Finally something 4chan is good at.

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What are the benefits of reading?

>> No.1280416

Learning. The fact you need to ask suggests you should read more. Now fuck off and shitpost elsewhere.

>> No.1280423

Contrary to popular belief learning is not always beneficial. The brain has limited information storage capacity, so learning has a cost of opportunity. Learning for the sake of learning can lead to an overloaded mind that has a harder time learning other things.

Like everything, knowledge and learning are tools, and should be used properly, not thrown at every problem.

>> No.1280430

> implying you would be reading books about 14th century pottery when you want to learn about metallurgy.
You are a special kind if retarded, aren't you anon. No wonder you struggle with the concept of books..

>> No.1280434

Like the Grand Old Duke of York, she had ten thousand men.

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