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tl;dr Motor not come apart. What do?
The other one had a bolt at the botton and I could lift the thingies right off. This one had an allen bolt in the center but removing it did nothing. Looks like it has a bent-topped pin thingy going through the off-center thingies. I want to use this to built a machine but I don't know how to expose the shaft.

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At the moment this is the only other picture I have. Any particular perspective that might help?
There are no heads on the outside and I was really just hoping to free the shaft without opening the motor.

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Also I'm kind of curious what would happen if I started it up as it currently is. If it's staying together without the bolt I was able to remove maybe some motion would jostle something else loose?

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cut off everything that isn't the motor shaft.

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You mean cut at the top of the big spinny thingy? Kinda makes sense since the shaft would be under it in the center. Any preferred tools? Or could I just go at it with a hacksaw?

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Hey guys so I'm having a problem with my laptop that I can't seem to figure out.I recently changed the bottom cover of my Alienware m9700 and after I did and put everything back my keyboard and CD drive started acting up.My keyboard won't type and my CD drive won't read.I was having problems even booting well the keyboard was attached,so I was wondering if anyone has ever come across this problem.If so how did you go about fixing it?

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Something isn't plugged in properly. Take it apart again and reassemble

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This or an error in reassembly is creating a short.
Anyway you'll need to take it apart and reassemble.

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Oh sounds like that will do the trick,but what if the reassembling it again doesn't work.What would be my next move then?

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>but what if the reassembling it again doesn't work
Why don't you try and see if that fixes your problem first?
Anyway, my next step would be trying to identify the fault.
Visual inspection first.
Then disconnect parts one by one to isolate the faulty part. Replace with known good part and see if the problem persists.
Troubleshooting PC hardware over the internet is really tedious so please try and see if the problem is fixed by carefully reasembling the laptop.

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Oh okay sounds good I will try to see if I have some time today to take it apart and reassemble it so I can get back to you guys.Thanks to everyone who replied I really appreciate

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easiest/cheapest way to install lock on bedroom door?

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Most bedroom doors have knobs with "privacy" locks on them that can be opened fromt he outside with a "key" that is really a small screwdriver. Is this what you seek? What do you have now? non-locking doorknob? no knob? no door? Do you want a keyed lock? Replace bedroom doorknob with exterior locking knob. At this point your lock is far stronger than your bedroom door, which is probably hollow. If you want good security from druggie housemates, replace door with steel-sheathed exterior door. Replace the frame with the one that came with the door. It should have steel reinforcement too. This is a lot of work from a first time DIYer. Put quality deadbolt on door, and suddenly you are the least desireable person to steal from, as long as the window isn't too easy to bash in.

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>If you want good security from druggie housemates
bingo. I almost got stabbed to death. guy had me cornered in my room.

3rd story so no worries about window.

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Get a bigger knife than he had. Bonus: if you kill him in self defense you get all his belongings because I doubt anyone will come clean out his shit after he dies.

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Something like this.

Should be cheap because locks like this are quite shit really.

Should be easy because really, all you need to do is screw the parts onto the door/frame. Might want to pre drill for the screws if you want to be really clever.

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Show me yours lads n laddies

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>jointer inside house and upstairs
u wot m8

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I'm cleaning mine up at the moment going through a move but if this thread is still up when I'm done I'll post mine

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Why the hole in the router table?

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I would if I thought you'd all abuse me over the miserable condition in which I generally leave it but you guys are too easygoing by half.

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Fuck you if you use this piece of shit. You're probably twice as useless as it anyways. The only kind of gimp wristed faggot that would choose this over a band saw or hand sanding. Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. Your forfathers have to watch down from whatever purgatory they've found themselves in and see YOU using a fucking SCROLL SAW. Pathetic

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I hope this is bait, because nobody this dumb would actually be on this board.

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That's not a scroll saw.
THAT'S a scroll saw.

Also, bandsaws (why you'd even bring sanders into this I'll never know) are for different things. Bandsaws are for cutting thick pieces of wood and for putting some curved cuts in wood. Scroll saws are made for fine detail cutting and very, very tight curves.

Examples like picture related can also be used as a die filer or mount jigsaw blades as they have an actual blade chuck and not just a slot for pinned blades.

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Nigga what.
The scroll saw was invented like 200 years ago, at least, and there's a lot of shit that would just be stupid and tedious to do by hand.
Use the right tool for the job.
Fucking hipsters, man. Band saws and scroll saws don't even have the same uses. What the fuck do sanders even have to do with anything?

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Try and cut the center out of a piece of wood without cutting the perimeter, using a bandsaw.

1/10 cause I replied

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The jackass next door needs a new spark plug on his mower and he won't change it. He spends hours cutting his lawn and it's sputtering and backfiring like crazy. I'm getting so sick of his shit

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I took off my old tub spout adapter to find this. I think I twisted it beyond repair. What do I do now?

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I'm so sorry anon. Your water is off right?

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This but go in from the back wall if you have access to it so you don't have to fuck up the tile.

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Called a plumber. I’m defeated tonight. They used the back wall as access and installed the new spout. Neighbor says she’ll “keep an eye” on her drywall for mold. Hopefully it dries and no mold forms.

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Part of diy can be knowing when your in over your head and the risk isn’t worth the reward...

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no bro....

fuck soldering that... he needs to ProPress it....

Heres what he shuld do...

Find a plumbing supply house in your area.

Fergusons, Pace, etc...

Call and ask if they will rent you a propress gun ...

Go there rent it with the fittings.. bring this picture...

You won't have to solder it and it is easy to use... .


Find a plumber doing a side job and pay him in beer to fix your mistake....

it's not that bad.... like the time my company flooded a level 1 trauma center in a busy hospital.... that's a problem..

now you live and learn.

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any questions that don't need their own thread, ask away.

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I want a compact impact drive I can use to break rusty hard to reach bolts on my car. I don't have an air compressor and I don't want to spend $300 on one.
I'd buy a corded electric impact driver but they are way too large and wouldnt fit on anything.
is there anything like a compact air impact that uses electric?

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>questions that don't need their own thread
You dumb cocksucker, why did you start a new thread? There's already one of these up: >>1610846

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hey /diy/, /fit/owg/ (olympic weightlifting general) here. I'd like to set up a lifting area in my backyard. I'm going to create waterproof cases for my weight plates and barbell, but I'm wondering: can I lift in the rain, or will it mess up the barbell's bearings (bearings are VERY important in /owg/). Would I be fine with just lubing them up after rain (or would WD40 then lube be a better idea?)?

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as long as they're sealed bearings you'll be fine

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is my house killing me?

>house is 300 years old
>parents are unfit to be parents and poor
>dont upgrade it at all
>windows are 300 years old
>windows are made of wood and scrape up and down to open and close wood on wood
>windows are covered in old chipping lead paint
>house is leaking all over it rains
>live in cold as fuck constant rainy and windy climate

am I fucked? every time the wind blows im paranoid its blowing lead or some shit all over my room or theres mold or some shit. I dont really see paint chips flying all over or a bunch of mold thats visible or anything but my health is shit and im worried im always tired

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The original guy a few years ago actually posted pictures, and there was actual mold on the window.
It turned into a nice long thread with lots of help.

Not sure how it suddenly started getting posted over and over though. Its not even enough to shock people, or bait people. I dont get it.

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Wait, its just a repost? Why would people try making this into a forced meme. Sounds dumb.

>> No.1631874

Except it does get real replies, every time it gets posted. And from the number of posters ITT, someone's samefagging, probably OP trying to get it going. Whatever. Have fun fake OP.

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This is actually more common than you'd think.
I also happen to be poor and live in a 300 year old house. To top it all off I have noticed I do feel pretty tired and the lead paint can't be helping my conditions.
Nudge nudge

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You mean wall candy?

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How do I remove this to install new tub spiut? What is it? What is it called?

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Lol. Oops.

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why is there thread tape on it

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2/10 bait.

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unscrew it

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It's the insert for a Delta brand tub spout.
The O ring is the seal inside the spout.
Get a Delta spout
Remove the new insert from the new spout
Swap the new O ring to the insert in your pic
Screw the new spout on and you're good to go.

Teflon tape or pipe dope is not needed for the spout to insert threads.

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Anyone wanna render a 1983 Honda CX650Custom into a tron looking cafe project?

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Not really no but thanks for asking

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>>1631809 thanks for your time xD

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I couldn't remember the directory, this app doesn't list boards.

>> No.1631833

You're welcome :)

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You mean like with a dustbin fairing and luminous paint?

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Tips to start blacksmithing. I've got a shitty railroad anvil, an old hammer and a makeshift brick forge in my backyard. Is that enough to get me started? what are some good references?

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joey van der steeg on youtube has a lot of nice blacksmithing videos / information. not so much tutorials exactly but he does show clearly what he's doing and explain why and talks about a lot of general blacksmithing information and history.

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your welcome.

>> No.1632480

Thanks, mates.
I'll post it tomorrow.

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You seem to have everything basic enough, I don't have much more than you and I forge semi often when time permits. I just got my hands on 125 railroad spikes for only $25. I made these two the other day and I am still a beginner really.

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Black Bear forge is awesome I watch alot of his videos, another good channel to watch is green beetle if you want to get into bladesmithing too

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I've noticed a lot of misinfo and hobby tier advice being bandied about here. Industry vet here. Need to plate plastics, glass or ceramics? Not sure if electroless Teflon Ni is right for you? Need to know how to set up tanks, heating, cooling, plumbing, rectifiers... Can't throw into that blind hole? Burning that high current density area? Need to know how to use thieves? Should I put hexavalent chromium on my cookware? What kind of waterway should I dump my spent chems in?

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Immersion or hard electroplated Au?

>> No.1631710

PPE, how to not get chromic ulcers, Ni itch, acid burns, cyanide poisoning, pulmonary edema, dead
HF handling...

>> No.1631723

Well, I'll be checking the thread.
Don't let those paint and powder-coat cunts slide this. Blasting their "ranchero" music all day.

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I want to make an aviary. the most common material is galvanized hardware cloth. this contains zinc which, when a bird bites it can cause adverse health effects.

can your knowledge help me in any way?

>> No.1631752

Stainless steel mesh. Anything else would just be... not worth it.

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I want to build a pool. Is doing it myself feasible? What kind of material is reasonable in price but also not gonna require expensive maintenance?

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A lot of Encino Man is digging and pouring a pool.

>> No.1631888

Kek, this anon knows what's up.

>> No.1631902

in ground:is Not a DIY project!

above ground kit
18 Round 52 Deep Mt. Loch Above Ground Pool Kit

From $824.00

so about $2,000

>> No.1631914

Came here to mention that if anon can dig a whole 500ft deep, I have faith that OP can dig a small backyard pool and mix some quickrete.

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>not diy
I saw them do it on king of the hill, looks doable. Dig a big hole, lay down a rebar mesh, add cement.

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Can someone here perhaps tell me what this is?
A friend of mine found it near an off the grid gold mining town in Canada.

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They look the scoops from a bucket dredge.

>> No.1631698

That's what it seems to be indeed, thanks!

>> No.1631794

Hey, yeah, can you erm, can you identify this thing for me? I've got photographs for you of it don't worry.

Right, right, now, here's the first one, as you can see I tried my best to capture as few "working surfaces" as possible, I also shot it from a low angle. Oh but don't worry, I followed that up with a slightly different shot of the same side, again taking care to avoid capturing anything that may actually make the picture useful as an identification device except on the off-chance that someone actually knows specifically what it is to begin with.
Is that good enough?

>> No.1631799

Yet someone gave me the correct info within 30 minutes, and you dig up this thread just to make an ass out of yourself.
Also, like I said in the OP, these are not my pictures. There were a bunch of pictures from a trip my friend went on, this was visible in 2 of them, and I wondered what it was.

>> No.1632069

>I wish I knew what that was but I don't.
>I wouldn't have known what it was if I saw it in person.
>It's the OP's fault for posting the only pictures he has of it.

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So I recently bought a screen printing kit specifically the small intermediate kit. I was wondering if there is a way to make a design from white to black basically the opposite.

Pic related: I want to make scott, ramona, and the other stuff that are white black, I tried to do it myself but everytime I do it they get messed up.

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Another example is this the joy divsion closer album. I want to make the photo come out like this. The design is black and the background is white. How do I replicate this on the scott pilgrim photo without messing up the characters?

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Whenever I try to do it the lose of quality kinda gets bad.

>> No.1631701

GIMP. Invert color palette.

>> No.1631715

Thank you so much! I'll post results asap

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How the hell do I install a fan in the bathroom when there's no existing fan or exhaust at all?

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Is there attic above? is it on an outside wall? what kind of roof? what kind of wall? is there a light in the ceiling? are you a complete fucking idiot?

>> No.1631745

Attic above, no windows, slanted roof so no wall acess, house is 160 years old

>> No.1631749

Also, not a complete idiot, just don't have the knowledge or experience to do much in the house. Lived in apartments until half a year ago, and my work experience has been pretty highly specific skillsets having nothing to do with construction or handyman shit (mailman, followed by work on nuc sub construction) . Im not exactly gonna cut a hole in the ceiling and let it "vent into the attic" or grab a saw and cut through a roof without knowing what the fuck I'm doing

>> No.1631757

>Also, not a complete idiot,

adding a bathroom vent that goes through the roof is not a trivial task for lots of people. and venting into the attic might be fine if you know what you are doing. Every attic I've ever been in was about 1000 degrees in the summer, but I'm not sure about pumping a lot of steam up there in the winter. I'm not sure you have to pay hundreds of dollars, but you might check with a pro to see if he can give you an estimate.

>> No.1631804

Vent into the soffit so you don't have to worry about leakage. Just a hole saw, 4" duct, and a vent cap is all you need. Did all three bathrooms at my house no problem, as long as you can access the attic above, you're laughing.

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Show and tell discussion on burls.

What is a burl? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl

Pic related was spoted yesterday. OP is a tard and didn't get any pics of leaves or have any idea wtf trees these are. Northeastern Oklahoma. Theres a forest of really tall and straight trees with very few low leaves and branches. Will post more pics of the area if i can see them. I was in a hurry and didn't have much time to photograph.

Is this a burl? There is a lot of moss around and it's rained a lot this year. Hopefully if it is then it isn't rotted.

>> No.1631696

not a burl, just some broken off grown over limbs. Can be interesting grain but almost always have large voids and punky/rotted wood.

>> No.1631895

Fuck. Thank you for sacing me the trouble of cutting it down then. Still might as well i guess. Mayne some anon wants pen blanks? I've done a lot more reserch and have friends keeping an eye out. I guess I'll check back with picks when we have successful slabs

>> No.1632064

Don't be a moron and cut down trees just because they might have good wood, learn what you are doing.

Everything you need to know is in that picture, you have multiple healed over limbs and visible rot, it is just crotch wood and you are going to have some good bark inclusions and some punky wood mixed in as well. The main trunk of the tree twists so it is useless for lumber, will never be stable. There is no cash value in that tree until it is standing dead and dry enough to burn, let it be.

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I met I guy who legit thought chipboard was Superior to plywood.

Discussions? Punishments for this behavior?
Leave suggestions.

>> No.1631525

Certain kinds are. That would be the treated flooring and laminate. It's so processed it's hardly wood anymore

>> No.1631567

Particle board is superior to both.

>> No.1631597

I suppose it's more uniform in shape and size, but it's complete lack of moisture resistance and awful sagging make it nearly useless. However from a fabrication stand point the uniformity makes it a dream to make repeated cuts.

I would absolutely use quality ply over chip board.

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My aunt has a wooden, steel backed security door. Her house used to be a bank, there are no low windows except one which is still quite high up and barred. Her daughter went out today and left the door unlocked for me to go in and put up some kitchen shelves. I go over, the door won't open. It definitely appears to be locked.

Now there's a huge steel bolt that goes across the inside. I think it's wiggled its way closed very slightly inside. Now nobody can get in, it doesn't matter if they have keys, the bolt is closed.

There is also a back door from the basement (I have the basement key, can get in fine) but it's padlocked on the inside. So no way to open from the basement side.

I need tips on how to break into a steel security door if we can't get it open. I've already been shouldering it pretty hard, won't budge at all. Or would it be easier to break through the basement door? Thanks in advance.

The door is like 100 years old btw, solid wood and 3mm plate on the whole back. The bolt is about half an inch thick. There isn't a window.

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fuck off nigger
get a job

>> No.1632349

oxy–acetylene torch, build a cat flap at the same time

>> No.1632488

Nice try Jamal.

>> No.1632489

I’m here now. Unlike Jamal, I work for a living.

>> No.1632499

General consensus

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