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Its been a while so here is an update on my shed I am building. My last post I think was about adding door frames and exterior sheathing. Since then we have been hit by day light savings...which sucks balls since I have less light to work with now. Its also gotten much colder (MN), and we even got snow which was a pretty large set back.

Here is a pic of my commercial hollow metal doors.

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Its what I did for a living until I had a little issue.

That's my ulna (with the plate) in the picture, my radius is actually what I broke initially. I had what's called ulnar impaction. When my radius broke and healed it got about 4mm shorter, which meant my ulna was grinding against the other bones in my wrist. They cut out 4mm and now it's healed and honestly feels amazing compared to before. It took almost a year after it broke to get the correction surgery.

You'll probably need a bobcat with a boom or similar though to lift the trusses unless you're particularly skilled at climbing walls with objects that are heavy.

For trusses in the 40 ft+ range you'd need 4 guys to do it conveniently, someone using the boom to lift it in, someone guiding it with a tether and a guy on either wall to catch it and get it set.
Smaller you can get away with 1 guy booming it and one guy on the wall pulling it in with a tether.

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excellent work anon OP, well done. interested in more updates thru finish...the barn roof has a great aesthetic ... pain in your arse but looks better than simple pitch and the storage area is more..

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Can I recommend Tyvek brand housewrap instead of everbilt? Everbilt will allow liquid water to pass through and tyvek will not. I'm a licensed contractor and it's all I use for that reason.

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Do your neighbors hate you for obstructing their sunlight?

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Ancient Lights Law isnt in effect in the United States.

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I bought a GSTORY monitor. The goal was to use my BatPower battery to run it while on a long flight. When I hook it up I made sure to match outputs and polarity (12v 5a). The screen just flickers. Any suggestions?

G-STORY 15.6 Inch UHD 4K IPS Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync/HDR/2160P/Type-C/HDMI/Built-in Speaker/Vesa Option(Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HF6TLPC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uBb7Db8TG2VSC

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Try a FagPower instead.
Probably it can't draw 5A from that piece of shit battery.
Also some transformers (what you liberal cunts call power bricks) are made not to work only with approved devices. Once I had a US Robotics modem and there was fucking literal DRM on the 9V power supply. They were doing something with pulse modulation or whatever the fuck so the modem only accepts their transformer,

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Try another source if 12V power, say a laptop power supply and check whether it also works.

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Using a meter I get a pretty consistent 5a off the battery. I bought it off ebay with a generic power supply and it works fine with that.

Sometimes ot doesnt flicker so maybe it's a cable.

Y u so mad, friend?

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Why is only one stein spilling?

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just bought the ECO snt2102 to get ready for the winter. i usually just shovel the old fashioned way but i decided i was tired of breaking my back. can't wait to try it out.

what does everyone else use?

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true but batteries have come a long way and if you care for them properly by keeping them indoors and not storing them at a full charge they can last a long time. i'm also getting the ego leaf blower to replace the 25+ year old gas leaf blower i inherited from my father. it's always run great but every time i use it i have to wash the clothes i was wearing and take a shower so i don't smell like exhaust. i can use one of the batteries that came with the now blower to power it.

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Fun fact: it never really gets above 90F here. Even the hottest days of the summer, you can find yourself some shade under a palm tree and relax in the ocean breeze and it’s perfect.

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90f with insane humidity = sweat your balls off. a city full of fake people to boot.

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With the ocean breeze, the humidity isn’t any worse than midwest summer. Living in the swamp is a little different than living on the Intercoastal though.

The fake people, I’ll give you that. It’s tons of New Yorkers and shit around me and they’re terrible, and Haitians are the dumbest group of people I have ever met, it’s like Pollacks mixed with Dindus.

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>Haitians are the dumbest group of people I have ever met
you mean the same people that are literally eating dirt in 2019? no way, i dont believe you.

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Hey gang. I just happened upon a writing desk that is circa 1890. It's pretty cool but clearly not in the greatest shape. Being newly married I would love to refinish this, stripping the old finish and varnish and giving it a shot of vitality. The only thing is I'm pretty much a wood working novice and scared I will damage something. If anyone could offer any tips, maybe their process about how they'd tackle this, or even resources that would help me I'd be really appreciative. My wife doesn't have much faith in me. Will post more pictures as requested.

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No need to strip off all of the finish.
I would start with a nice cleaning. I don't have enough space here to explain it all. Watch a professional work on actual antiques.


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Holy fuck, that's a great find op. I'm jealous.
I'd recommend what the other anon said. I know this is diy, and I shouldn't say this next bit, but... Something like that I would either
1. Pay someone who's a pro with a lot of experience to do it
2. Pay that same person to help you do it
3. Spend hours watching videos and try it on other stuff first
You'll never live with yourself if you go to strip it and ruin the wood

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That finish is shellac my dude. Either clean it thoroughly and apply more over it or buff it with some denatured alcohol on a steel wool, but don't strip it, especially with wood refinisher or stripping solution. Shellac doesn't cure like varnish, it just dries out and can be revived with the solvent part of the shellac solution (denatured alcohol).

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Thanks for the tips lads

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HELP. I took apart a small portion of a furnace pump and i cant put it together. Its a beckett a/Af series, pump part

I need an internal diagrahm of the pump and i cant find it.

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Write that in our lessons learned book and put it in the bin.

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My friends and I have been drawing up plans for the past few months on a homemade pontoon boat. The plan is to make two 8x4 ft sections (the dimensions of the truck beds well be using to transport) that we will secure together upon arrival of our launch site. Our main questions/concerns are 1. How many drums do we need to support the weight of the vessel/occupants 2. How to turn a bicycle into a water wheel for power 3.How to steer it besides having two people with oars sit on the sides of the bike. Any suggestions or similar plans appreciated

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>1. How many drums do we need to support the weight of the vessel/occupants
JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST. This is literally (literally) high-school physics. Is this the power of common core?

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Yes, but fully submerging is absolutely retarded like OP

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OP weighs 1100lbs.

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Here m8, have fun and post pics https://youtu.be/A4pmb2huzQg

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Personally, I would choose to have 6 barrels. 3 barrels, exactly end to end on either side. That way you have a catamaran and they're pretty stable and you have a higher factor for safety. For the bike thing, I'd say you're best building a metal frame that's attached to the boat and permanently attached to the bike too. You can pretty easily attach a water wheel for propulsion by just using the gears you have for the bike and buying a longer chain so you don't have to be half hanging off the back of the boat. For steering, I feel like it's possible to make a large rudder controlled by the handles on the bike and a system with cables but obviously that might break so you might just want the more standard rudder and a handle to turn it which is more simple and less likely to leave you stranded in the water. I would definitely keep a set of oars just in case the more intricate system goes to shit though.

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My mother has an old two story house that she doesn't live anymore that is just rotting away (no one lived in it for over 8 years. The house is one of the first few houses in the town from what I found in a book about the town. It has been added on over the years and the last add-on (from what I all know about the house) was the garage with a year written into the cement from the 1950s. The house is beyond repair and if it was to be fixed up it would cost too much. I'm thinking about ripping it down and salvage as much as I can. Mostly any good wood and windows. I'm looking on advice on how to go on with this project. What tools do I need besides a hammer and a saw? Also the house is in a small town that I don't need permits or any paper work to do almost anything. Also the house is still solid has fuck. This isn't a stick and plywood shack.

What I figured out so far and found out.
Get the power disconnected and power line removed.
Get the water turned off.
The house doesn't have a gas line or propane.
My brother ripped out all the copper and took stuff he wanted. He wanted to burn down the house.
Going to need a dumpster for tossing shit out. The house still has a lot of shit from my sister and mom.
Popcorn ceiling, what do I do to get rid of this shit.
After I get the house ripped down the basement will still be there. How do I deal with this? Knock the walls down and bury it?

Pic is not the house in question but the condition it is in.

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>My brother ripped out all the copper and took stuff he wanted
How much meth did he get for it?

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You’ll probably need a demolition permit.

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>my brother wanted to burn down the house. Yeah that is called arson, why not contact the local authorities, and ask if the fire dept. would want to practice on it. My local fire dept. has gotten rid of several old derelict abandoned homes this way.

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He wants it reduced to ash not fire damaged and extinguished.

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Hole in the roof. Foundation is made up of lime stone, cinder blocks, and bricks. Also a room in the basement was never completed its just a slope of dirt. Plumbing and electrical is a mix and match of all different types. Also can't sell the house due to it having another house that my mother lives in and a shed. We own a bit of land in the town. If I had the money I would fix the house up for myself because I really liked it and spent a good amount of my time growing up in it.

Town (well, its a village) in bum fuck nowhere Nebraska

Falling apart, but not moving such as uneven or bouncy floors, sticking windows or doors, bowed walls, etc.


Not in this town.

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DIY treadmill? Bad idea?

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what they said about the bike but if you must DIY something make a stationary bike holder. You wouldn't have to leave the house that way. You'll also find a million resources on google.

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I have never known a treadmill owner who actually fucking used the thing. These machines are expensive clothing racks to be picked up off the street and gutted for parts.

>> No.1730602

>picked up off the street and gutted for parts.
Hello, variable speed drill press/lathe/scroll saw motor.

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pay a gym membership and you good

>> No.1730722

$100 a week wouldn't buy you a gym membership in a Congolese prison.

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I want to build a large container with a deposit chute for putting things in, like this picture of a charity donation bin. I have no metalworking experience. Could I build something like this out of wood? The plan is to label it up as an electronics recycling bin, deploy it somewhere in town, and collect all the free electronics goodies people put into it. So it has to be pretty study to withstand being in a public place. Thanks for your help.

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Steal one from somewhere else and repaint it.

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if your goal is to salvage free electronics it won t be worth it trust me.
Some stores offer to take your electronics """to recycle them""" but they actually sell them to companies.

In a nutshell if you want free stuff look in the junkyard or ask someone who repairs computers

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Steal one

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I’m thinking about ripping the bath tub out of my tiny condo bathroom and making it a walk in shower instead. I never take baths and being 6 feet tall, I find the space a little narrow to comfortably take a shower in at the moment. Do you guys think it’s worth the money and time to do this project? I know it won’t add too much space in the shower but any little bit would be nice...

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>so to free it completely the tile and board have to be removed.
Or just cut the tub up in situ and remove the parts.

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Nah, don't. It's a huge mess and a bath tub can be used for other things, too. Like cleaning larger objects or dissolving bodies in acid.

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There is a well known secret in real estate, no tub no sale. You limit potential renters/buyers to 30yo "not seeing anyone at the moment" dude bro types or neets.

Any grill or wife will instantly veto any place without a tub.
t. grill

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same situation as OP here, but my wife is the one who wants the tub gone. maybe she's just weird though. she did marry me after all.

the bathroom she wants remodeled is the only one with a deep soaker tub with jets, and she wants it replaced with a shower stall.

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I am having the same thoughts as op, but my entire tub enclosure is one piece of fiberglass. As you can see the layout is atrocious. This is one of 3 baths so I am thinking of a tile shower stall instead. Ignore the light fixture...when it's mounted there's a steady drip sound like a water leak but there's no water anywhere.

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Say I had reliable access to assembled nuclear fuel rod bundles. The bundles look like pic related and contain partially enriched uranium. Could I build a nuclear reactor in my garage?

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candu use natural uranium, op claim enriched

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>mfw I was the only one in my troop that got the Nuclear Science merit badge
I put that fucker front row on my sash.

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Lmao totally, but why stop there? Why not build a interplanetary space ship powered with nuclear reactors to be the first to Mars? It'd probably cost you less, and since you're clearly so knowledgeable, it shouldn't be a problem at all and will pay off way sooner

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How much water could I draw from my municipality before they start asking questions? Naturally the electricity you generate would pay for the water bill, no?

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This. OP needs to tell us how activated his almonds are.

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Sup /diy/

I've started making desktop plant pots out of Portland cement.
What do you all recommend for a cement/concrete sealer?
I'd prefer a matte finish, but gloss is fine.
The stuff I'm finding online is all for larger scale projects (driveways, interior floors, etc) and I don't know if I should be using something different for smaller scale crafts.

Thanks in advance

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UGL Drylok, have it tinted any color.

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Great, thank you. Have you personally used this before? What kind of projects?

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Just bought an air quality monitor for my workshop.
Is it a good purchase or did I just throw away my money?

>> No.1730069

Is it chink shit? Does it only measure PM2.5?

>> No.1730076

apparently it measures formaldehyde too. fucking why?
yeah i'm sure this is a good replacement for a PID.

op and chinks are gay.

>> No.1730745

useful if you are cutting MDF or other fibreboards, I guess

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What happens when you blow your bong hit on it?

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i was banned for a bit there, don't know what happened and by sheer coincidence it was photo 404. mess not found.

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Now show me 6 month from now.

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said the moron who came from reddit.

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let me just hop in my time machine that I can now build in my clean workshop.
I have some bad news.

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Which is the most fashionable power tool brand? Should the likes of LV, gucci and burberry be getting into the power tool business?

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Nigga u gay?

its Dewalt btw

>> No.1730005

Hilti, hands down. If you come across contractors with Hilti, then damn. You stop and realize how cheap your contractor is.

It's roughly 2-3x the cost of top of the line Dewalt and Milwaukee.

I'm a union electrician, and most shops I know have converted to Milwaukee from Dewalt because of trade specific tools on a very good battery platform.

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>Nigga u gay?
I'm gay but not a nigga

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>Which is the most fashionable power tool brand?

FesTool for electrics, Knipex, Wera, Wiha for handtool and Hazet for God tier auto mechanic handtools..

>Hilti, hands down. If you come across contractors with Hilti, then damn.

Maybe in USA, in Europe, Hilti is a relatively common higher tier for drills and not that pricey.

>> No.1730077

We've switched exclusively to Milwaukee. Simple battery system, tools for everything that just work, and readily accessible for purchase, like, now.

Also, what kind of black magic are the Milwaukee Inkzall markers? They fucking write on anything and everything. Block? Yup. Sawdust covered pressure treated? Uh huh. Flat roofing membrane with 1/8"standing water? Did it yesterday. Dirty concrete? Mmmhmmm. Fuck Sharpie.

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need help figuring out what this is called

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sorry here is a better pic

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we call them perlin clamps

>> No.1730158

Ya this guy got it it’s a purlin clamp

>> No.1730277

pipe clamping device ?

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How can I make something like this? What material should I use? And how does it stay up? Could something like this support much weight? I want to have a monitor, printer, books, papers, a lamp, and an xbox sitting on it, probably more that I can’t think of.

Is such a thing feasible? Pic related was all I could find.

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You need wood backing behind the plywood.

>> No.1730783

>My parents would never let me do that

LOL. 40 year old basement virgin detected

>> No.1730793

>hanging cabinets
Are not counters, and don’t have to hold the weight that a counter does.

>> No.1730839

How much weight does a counter really hold?

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posted this on /g/ but this is definitely a better board for this

ive got a 90s digital wurlitzer organ that's got a busted power supply. wanted to know if any of you own similar models / have manuals for this thing. ive looked extensively online and the only posts about it are either dead threads from organforums or someone's mypianofriend's listing from 2014

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yeah i am an electrical engineer. the problem is that there's two burnt resistors and i have no idea what the values are. i would need to get that from the service manual

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>> No.1730174 [DELETED] 



>> No.1730283

I have a different model the bourds are big and clearly printed with everything clearly labeled. I k ow you can adapt a pc power supply to bi pass that massive 70s block power coveenter and etc x

>> No.1730285

All the circuit bourds are leveled clearly if you look closely x

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I've been looking for a nice flat machined surface to weld on as an upgrade from my crappy HF sheet metal folding table. Now I understand that a mill bed would be the ultimate in precision due to machinist autism and the T-slots open up all sorts of workholding possibilities but how does a vintage table saw top compare?

Pic is of a junked one on craigslist, the top looks like thicc ass machined iron and I'm thinking of picking this up then drilling holes in the top for clamps and such. See where I'm going with this? Should I go for it or just get a Certiflat?

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The main advantage of a cast iron table vs. built-up steel is stiffness, stability, and reliable flatness. It's good for fabrication, hammering, etc. where more flexible steel tables might allow something to flex out of tolerance, or bow over time itself. Acorn tables and similar are widely used in industry, where their ability to take decades (or more than a century on some tables) of abuse while remaining flat is important. If the surface needs to be some other material (e.g. stainless steel fabrication, where cast iron contamination would nucleate corrosion), a plate can be affixed to the top of the table. A production shop may CNC-cut plates to match the hole patterns of their tables, so accessories like through clamps or holdfasts remain fully positionable.

As for which to get, it depends on what you expect to use it for. If you have an accurate understanding of the costs and benefits of each, go with what meets you needs better.

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Here's the one I snagged off craigslist for $400.

3/4" top...

>> No.1730463

Fucking hell of a deal. I'm a little jelly.

>> No.1730789

Is it level?

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Yeah I saw it and texted him within a couple hours of him putting it on there. Some other guy was already in line but backed out (probably cause he had no practical way of hauling it.) By the time I got there he had at least 10 other people that had called about it. Also got a couple of those big lifting magnets for $20 a piece... They will be handy for setting up as stops on the table to jig things up for onesies and twosies...


I honestly haven't even checked to see how flat it is. I will probably add a couple of cross braces to the underside someday, and drill a grid pattern of holes in it for fixturing clamps... If it isn't quite flat I can probably get it squared back up.

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I have a fish tank set up for growing a garden tower that is 6' tall. I'm having trouble finding a light set up that works well, doesn't produce tons of heat, and won't turn my pad purple.

Are there LED set ups that cast white light but still cover all the wave lengths necessary for plant growth?

If not, what would you recommend? I was told to avoid fluorescent because it can leach nutrients from your skin, and this set up is in my kitchen, which is also my living room because small apartment.

>pic related is HID and what I'm leaning towards but am still on the fence about

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yeah the market s moving on to flat smasung-chipped boards that produce full spectrum sunlight-like light.

Look up Quantum Boards.

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LEDs are good for what they are, but they are waaaaaay overpriced for what you get. Get a 400W metal hallide or a 315W ceramic metal hallide. I've never had ceramic metal hallide before but I've heard nothing but good things from people I know who've used them. Pic related, check that spectrum. It's the closest thing to the sun you can get from artificial light and they are the least hot running HID lights in existence.

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I own nine ceramic metal halides. You don’t want one in your kitchen.

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That's a good point. I didnt see that part of the post. I wouldn't put any kind of HID lights in my kitchen either. LED or T5 would probably be better for that.

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Will do, thanks.


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