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I want to build a computer case

Spoonfeed me something, anything to help me begin my research.

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Personally i like finding old beige shit cases with a fucking turbo button and gutting them.

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FBI pls leave

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You don't want to build a computer case. You want to go home and rethink your life.

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I want to hook up a 12V LED strip so that when a contact is interrupted, it turns on. Thing is: I'm a noob and the internet's pretty uninformative regarding this particular topic.
What do I do?

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Look up "transistor not gate" on Google, it's relatively simple, you'd need few components to do this, just make sure they can handle the current you need

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or use a single SPDT relay

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or a NC switch.

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Not sure what the application is but you could salvage some door switches from old cars.
Or “limit switches”

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Now using a SPDT relay will work, but if you go the transistor route you will need 2 N-type transistors. One to act as the inverter, and the other to act as the power switching transistor, for which I'd use a MOSFET. Alternatively, you could just use a single power P-type MOSFET. Just make sure what does the switching, be it transistor or relay, can handle the current that the LED strip pulls. Either of the following will work, resistor values are approximate since they're just to limit current taken by the inverter/FET gate. NMOS transistors are much more common and probably what you'd have lying about, but the PMOS route is definitely a little nicer.

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I am developing new 4Chan space technology and wanted to see if anyone was interested. I do not live near a proper test sight so we may need to bring on board a few flight directors

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T. Abdul Al Pajeet

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Why are we sending a fish to space

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not because it is easy but because it is hard

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I just got a new toilet installed, that has a lower water level and has a bigger bowl, and flushes quicker, it's almost like the public toilets you see in public except for the tank and the handle.

The problem is no matter how I sit everytime I sit to take a shit, it always leaves a smear on the back of the toilet bowl, it gets qannoying scrubbing it off everytime I crap. I never had that problem with my previous toilet.

What can I do to resolve this problem? Is there a way to control the water levels inside the bowel of the toilet, not the tank mind you but the bowl.

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Someone shared a link once which showed what happened to a woman, probably from a South American country, who was standing on her toilet while cleaning or replace a bulb. It broke, also cut her leg open, and she died. There where photos. It was an absolute gory bloodbath.

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sit closer to the front of it

wait wtf so people actually do that? i always thought it was a meme

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>i always thought it was a meme
Kind of is. When multi-culti fags see third-wolders or primitives squatting to shit, it gives them warm fuzzy feelings about those humble, noble people and then they go on to insist that all westerners who sit on toilets are shitting wrong. This makes the third-world lover with feel even warmer and fuzzier for righteously criticizing his own culture.

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people seriously do this
the only people I know who did this was a few South American women

but even some Bulgarians squat. their toilets are a hole in the floor. but I imagine they sit if they are somewhere with our kind of tirlets

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>their toilets are a hole in the floor.
but that makes sense. i dont wall-sit on a tree to shit in the field. but why would you squat ON a toilet?

even if you think shitting seated is badwrongshit then why not squat with your feet on the floor, or lean very far forward while seated on the shitter

white americans are truly insane

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I did it myself.

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Looks awesone. Did you make it From scratch? Do you have any good tutorial ?

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I bought all the individual parts after choosing the ones I wanted and I put it together with a soldering iron and programmed it.

This page shows a breakdown of all the parts I used.


There are many guides I watched on youtube, here is an example of one that shows alot:


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Looks neat. Want to build one myself.

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One of my first flights with the Quad


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People use this image in a mocking way, but I unironically love it because it reminds me so strongly of my childhood.

It's like when you and your buddies have all turned 11 and your bikes feel too kiddie, so you all start building your own cobbled together mess, splicing in half remembered details about dream cars and duct taping the rest until you have something that will roll down the neighborhood hill, convincing the youngest kid in the group to steer it on the test drive. Sure, it falls apart at the foot of the hill and sure, you got in trouble for the badly skinned knees that your friend got in the crash, but you still have pride in your work because you're 11 and you know that next time, it'll be better.

What's your childhood experience with makeshift vehicles, /diy/?

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I thought it would be cool to take my mother's road bike and put the tiny wheel from my BMX bike on the front of it, leaving the huge 26-inch wheel on the back, so the whole frame was canted forward about 10 degrees. Hit the front brake and it flipped over. Turn a corner too hard and the whole front fork twisted inward and the whole thing fell over, throwing me on my ass again.

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We made go karts, rafts, forts, and tree houses regularly through the summers, they tended to not survive the winter or got scavenged by other kids for the own projects. But we did not mind, always could scrounge up some more materials for the next project or swipe them from the rival factions. Always had some sort of project in the works, they never quite became as magnificent as we planed but they always filled their need until our interests moved on to other projects. still amazed we never had any serious injuries, especially with some of those tree houses we made, suspect parents sometimes tore those down when we were not looking before gravity took over with us along with it.

How would rim brakes reach the tiny BMX rim, it would not even reach the tire. The sharp turn could flip you and fuck the fork, but the brakes do not add up.

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How did your buddy handle?

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I loved the fort wars the neighborhood kids had. There was an big neglected stretch of land backed up against my childhood neighborhood, and all of the friend groups got up to some Lord of the Flies type shit with our forts and "missions" and such. Good times.

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Yeah, I built it on the beach and paddled it with across the lake with my bro, distance 2 miles. Worked okay, the wood we used was waterlogged and was only barely able to float above the water's surface, so it was like paddling a barge. Not that we minded much, it was a perfect hot summer day. Boaters were coming around to say hi and make sure we weren't stranded.
Good times.

Oops lel
*rode around with a buddy

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So I head over to my local Pawn Shop and I'm looking over the Tools section. Out of all the Bundle tools out there, I see this $120 tool set with a detachable head on the drill. I think that's amazing, but I felt kind of skeptical because the other bundles from manufacturer called "Dewalt" selling for $200-$250.

I don't know about you guys, but if anything I'm sure what I just bought is a steal. They're complete idiots because this tool has much more capabilities than what they were selling next to it. However, I can't seem to find any of the resell value on eBay anywhere? I still like to know the value of these things beforehand and this was a steal so I couldn't research fast enough hoping noone else would take advantage of the opportunity. If anyone on /diy/ knows the value, will you let me know?

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Clearly says 5 stars on the body.

So 5/5!

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> "five star" no-name chinkshit brand
> cheapest shit in the shop
> cant find any info on it
> trying to convince himself he picked up a steal
> still can't work out why there is zero info on it

This is the saddest thread on /diy/ right now. Also OP, I have some high quality speakers you might be interested in buying, just step out here to my white van..

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>This is the saddest thread on /diy/ right now. Also OP, I have some high quality speakers you might be interested in buying, just step out here to my white van..

fucking 4chan, dunno if srs anymore

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>mfw watching that turtle

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>t. sadists torturing animals

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Any ideas for good home improvements to consider for a first time home buyer?

Looking at getting a house in the summer, getting the eem loan too and gonna blow that on windows and insulation.

I figure i can do led bulbs, caulking, and wrapping the pipes myself along with my buddy is a hvac journeyman so he'll help me do some stuff.

Any tips, tricks, advice, stories or experience to share?

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White wall units looks to be a ac/heater combo. Much like what you would find in a hotel room.

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Water catchment and a wood burning stove in a small adobe house makes perfect sense. You'd be surprised how cozy it is. If you run out of water then you'd want a well but hardly anyone runs out of water.

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Bank will not lend a mortgage and I can not afford it outright.

The banks require a well.. Solar is fine and the catchment is back-up but to be what the lender calls "conforming" a well will need to be dug and set up to plumb the building... I didn't notice the other source for heat in the wall if that's what it is... maybe just the well

how to get the seller to put in a well though... will a bank issue me a construction loan if the seller agrees to have it done then I buy it and convert to a regular mortgage? I'll have $50 k for a down payment.

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I fucked up let a family member help me redo my house. They sanded through some lead based primer on kitchen cabinets with an orbital. Probably 10 square feet. Dust all over with vents open in a forced air system running. How fucked am I? Will be wiping down all surfaces in the house but what else can I even do?

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meh, you are not a child, so fairly safe. Just have vents cleaned (good to do anyhow) and open all windows and full blast vents for a bit. Have window fans blow front to back and outside bedroom. 1 day easy cleanup.

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Too many shitpost threads, not enough OC. Everyone post shit you have made and rate others work. I'll start with this pair of nunchucks I made today, chopped an old broom handle up, sanded, sealed and fixed chain to handles.

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awesome. the video is an excellent demo for children or laymen. any links to actual details?

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What kind of details? About the sensors, electronics, mechanics or the controllers?

>> No.1318720


you're seriously autistic I take it.

the video will suffice for now. thanks.

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you're welcome

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> asks vague question
> questionee asks for more info on what you want details on
> call him an autist for daring to try and clarify what you the fuck you are on about

Yet he's the autist..?

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Getting comics graded is expensive as hell due to international shipping costs, I mostly just want them slabbed for protection reasons rather than the actual grading. What would be the best way to manufacture the slab myself?

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I was thinking of taking the mould of the inside and the vacuum forming around that, but I've no idea how well vacuum forming would work with 3mm plastic. Any other tips? I'm not fussed about starting costs as long as I can continuously make them, it will even out costs overtime

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I say 3mm, but on closer inspection it seems more like 2mm.

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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

There's no stupid questions, just stupid people.

Last thread >>1307512

Questioners, please namefag yourself to /q/ so that answerers can easily find your questions.

Please use a reputable search engine before asking any questions. Mainly, if your question can be answered with Google, then it shouldn't be here.

Thank You for your cooperation.

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Building codes vary greatly by area. What locality are you under?

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I live in montreal and rarely see tools. granted there isn't a lot of industry compared to high tech/software/service industry, but still, goddamn, even just a sewing machine is like 200 bucks used because no one wants to part with theirs and the few that do go free get mangled into "art"

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Suburban Kentucky.

I'll reading generally that single wall needs 6" of space, while double wall is fine as-is.

No clue which I have, but I threw some foam around the walls because why not?

Really can't imagine what'd it even insulate besides sound.

>> No.1318868

>would there be a noticeably large reduction in the amount of noise which filters through it?
If it's low-density foam it will be barely noticeable. Foam and egg cartons and gimmicky shit like that does not block sound.
Effective soundproofing needs sealing, decoupling, mass, and damping.
-mass: One professional on a soundproofing forum (don't remember which) recommended at least 8lbs per square foot for doors. Thus dense solid wood, or wood and a layer of MLV, or wood and a layer of lead sheet, or a heavy metal security door. The door jamb and hinges will need to be upgraded to handle the weight.
-sealing: Weather stripping can be used to seal air gaps like the crack under the door.
-damping: MLV sandwiched between two sheets of material, or a sandwich made with some other damping compound (e.g. green glue)
-decoupling: applies more to wall construction but still worth mentioning

tl;dr Foam won't work, get a better heavier door.

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Rats. Ah well. Thanks, anon.

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疲れた人に見てほしい。のんびりくらふと Minecraft 103

疲れた人に見てほしい。のんびりくらふと Minecraft 91

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Learn how not to bump a thread when commenting, please.

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Go fuck yourself faggot.


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>>Autistic Minecraft


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>I thought it said autistic xDDD

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i have a good ol predator 212 and i have a tiny turbo. i want to combine the two for no good reason. the only thing i cant find specific info on or figure out on my own is how to make the predator or other gx/clone carburetor work on a blow through setup. i dont want to do draw through because the turbo doesnt have the right bearings plus it could blow up the intake and turbo if it backfires, and i dont want to do a pressure box because it seems like a giant pain in the ass to seal with the fuel line and throttle and choke cable. ideally i would just do an efi conversion but i dont have $800 to blow on an ecotrons kit nor do i have the arduino skills to try and make my own ecu.

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I'm remodeling a house and I can't figure out wtf these are. There's one near the washer/dryer and one in the kitchen. Any ideas?

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I pryed the silver cover off of one and this is what's underneath

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That is a sewer cleanout. The metal cover thingy is just to make it look better.

>> No.1317898

Thank you!

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it's a wall titty

the house owner is probably into midgets or old women considering how high off the floor it is

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waste water line cleanout, the caps are to make it look pretty

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What are some good hooks to mount stuff to my rafters in my basement? I'm heading to the hardware store tomorrow.

I just want to mount a 75 lb punching bag, gymnast rings and some pull-up handles to my rafters. I want to be able to easily take down the punching bag when needed so I was thinking of a hook that could easily lift off.

Would mounting to one rafter be fine, or should I create a span between two or something? I also don't want to fuckup my floor.

i have a pretty short basement, maybe 6 and a half feet between the bottom of a rafter and the floor.

>> No.1317888

You want eye screws. The size depends on the load. Probably looking at 1/2" which has a 200lb working load. If you want to span more than one joist use a 2x4 and lag screws but nothing you've mentioned would require it. Your joists can quite easily handle a couple hundred pounds.

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Thanks, Ill ask for those!

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Loose doorknob
My door almost never shuts I've tried to tighten the screws on the knob, nothing really works. Any fixes or just buy a new door?

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Oh my.
Get a flathead screwdriver
Push and old both sides of the knob in place
Tighten set screw.
Please tell me you own a screwdriver
If this sounds like a challenge, then as your girlfriend to fix it.
Hmmm, now that I think about this
I guess if you
1 don’t know how to fix this
2 don’t own a screwdriver
The odds are you don’t have a girlfriend either.
Picture not related

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>some trivial piece of garbage from 1970 is broken
>how do I fix it?
/diy/ in a nutshell

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The post the knob is on shouldn't be exposed. Loosen the screw holding the knob on, and then press the knobs together so they slide towards the door. Then tighten the screw.

I have a doorknob that does this because it is 110 years old, so the post/shaft/whatever has gotten worn down so the screw barely holds onto it anymore.

>> No.1318025


That door knob is held on a seperate shaft with a set screw on both sides. The knob either slides freely on the shaft or the shaft is threaded and you have to turn the knob with the set screw loosened.

Yours looks threaded so loosen the set screw on one side so you can hold the other and twist the knob clockwise until it is snug and then tighten the set screw on the side.

>> No.1318026

Oh and if the knob or shaft are just old and fucked, you can buy replacement ones. They are called mortise locks and you can buy the whole thing or just the knobs.

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in theory, could you build a minor ziggurat by yourself with some money for land & effort- somewhere likely in Arizona and obviously built from the adobe brick you would bake on the land.

"minor" is key in that you could feasibly complete the project within a year and without much cost at all.

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In theory if my aunt had a benis she'd be my uncle. Got any more dumbfuck useless posts of shit YOU will NEVER build?

>> No.1317891

>somewhere likely in Arizona
this just in: Man dies attempting to build mud pyramid in the middle of the desert
More news at 11

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Post pics of your work fag

>> No.1317967

>in theory, could you build something if you had the time and resources
Only magicians can build ziggurats. You cannot.
>i'm bored and lonely and wanna just talk about ziggurats and stuff

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So, recently I saw an article about this, a "landship" made by a bunch of Dutch artists/students.

The whole idea is to travel all the way from the Netherlands to Greece, across Europe, in a journey lasting 10 years and starting in 2020. Judging from the above video, that's never gonna happen. Clearly, they were retarded in building what is essentially a giant, shitty wheelbarrow.

However, these retards were blessed by a spark of genius--a giant ship, moved by person power across the landscape, accompanied by beating drums and roving packs of its occupants/riders? Very kickass.

So, how would you build it better? What does your version of a Mad Max/Howl's Moving Castle bastard child look like?

>inb4 shipping containers and 2 tons of imitation crab meat
>inb4 "that's dumb"
Yeah, it's really stupid and it's never going to work. Now go make your own thread about it and leave us alone as we jerk off to how cool it is.

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File: 166 KB, 1000x524, luxury-custom-motorhome-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


they tried to reinvent the wheel
pun intended.

>> No.1318647

I'll agree to the no shipping containers. but if you expect me to spend 10 years crossing Europe WITHOUT my 2 tons of imitation crab meat, than you sir, can go to heck! HECK!

>> No.1318668

a giant walking robot elephant

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>> No.1318821

Here ya go.

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Any devices on the market that could be used to press a 3ds button over and over?

I asked here years ago and a solenoid was recommended, I tried looking into it but the stuff available was uni-directional and I just didn't have much luck trying to find something that would work.

Is there anything out there I could just makeshift for this purpose, or is there anything else I could try and ghetto rig?

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>> No.1318619

Mosfet and pulse generator.

Run the collector and drain across the buttons. Achieve 1khz or higher push rate. Shit will be very cash.

>> No.1318622

Hack it and use a program that inputs it automatically
Try asking >>>/vg/hbg

>> No.1318672 [DELETED] 

>Any devices on the market that could be used to press a 3ds button over and over?
Is it so hard you fucking retard to tell what's the purpose?

>> No.1318794

Lego technic set. I have done it before with a PS3 controller.

>> No.1318800

Oh! I know this! It's a play on everyone's favorite "how to I make a machine that will nudge something the size of a walnut through a tightly sized opening" thread! Good one, OP. You got us again! (It's a troll thread, guys.)

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Previous thread >>1301402

Got to spend a few hours on it today. It is a real pain walking away and trying to resume after so long... I have a few more tuba fours to throw in for the front door ramp, even though I'm not sure how I'm actually gonna do for the door. I think i have to make a metal frame. Then I'm ready to roof I think. I'll do a simple shed roof on both I think... Running out of steam on this project.

I put up one piece of siding and fucked up everything about it. I cut off the tab since it runs to a corner... But now the remaining tab is a "top" tab. So I have to slide the next pieces on that side under this one. Doh. Shouldn't be hard since I also failed to cut it to width and the joint isn't on a stud. Great.

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The foundation / floor is treated, but not the sill plates up. I finished the foundation a couple months ago so it has unfortunately weathered quite a bit, water sitting on the ply floor and whatnot for so long. Bummer!

I'm doing a lot of it as if it were a house. This is partly a harmless skill building exercise for the homestead... Learning a lot. But it seemed like the standard was anywhere you had an interruption of joists you had a header and jack studs. But....I don't know what I'm doing. I skipped the king studs in a few places today. Imagine it wouldn't pass inspection for a home but seems OK structurally in this application?


>> No.1318239

That shed is barely large enough to put that ladder in there, what in the possible fuck could you do with it other than hang some tools on one wall?

>> No.1318408

The long section is for a push mower, garden cart, and shovels/weed eater/etc. The short section is for fuel and solvents that are currently stored indoors.

>> No.1318625

But... when you finish, shed will be the indoors! Then you will need to build another shed!

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What if I don't put a door on that section?

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