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>Fashwave picks?
intrested in the genre after hearing Behemoth(remix) - pertubator, gost


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im looking to purchase a vacuum. there's an increasing amount of projects and things i want to do that require a vacuum pump. i want to create storage vessels for my alkali metals as well as degass water and make a sputtering plasma chamber. what would think is a good pump/brand and should i buy single or double stage

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*vacuum pumps

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I'm trying to build a cheapboard box for growing plants during winter. The problem is that i have little space, almost half of most people possibilities, so things like ventilation and light don't apply to my conditions. Unfortunately i can't figure out those things myself, i'm really bad with electronics. Size of the box is on the pic, could you guys help me pick power of leds and ventilators, or give me any tip about it? Thanks in advance and sorry for typos

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What are you trying to grow? Because you almost definitely don't need 'ventilators'. I've grown peppers, tomatoes and ornamentals on bookshelves with basic screw-in LED bulbs with the diffusers removed.

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Anon you are making the same mistakes I made when I started, you are wasting your time, I am sorry. Trying to grow things with such limitations will only frustate you.
Anyway if you are going to continue with this plan is for you to spend a few bucks and make yourself a hydroponics setup, there are plenty of videos that you can look up on youtube about it. You will need a grow light, not leds, they are not powerful enough and you don't really need ventilators for such a small setup.
I recommend that you only plant herbs because as you said you don't have the space, you won't be able to grow tomatoes or vegetables, maybe a few heads of lettuce but those are boring.
If you take interest in this I also recommend Aquaponics, with that space you could have a small little aquarium with a few fish. I enjoy it more than hydroponics.

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Now that I think about it microgreens might be perfect for you. Good luck OP.

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I want to drill some screws into this wall to hang something off of, but I'm afraid I might strike an electrical conduit. Is this a legtimate worry?
The wall is made out of concrete brick.

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It’s not likely , and conduit should be above or to the side of outlets ( so avoid that if you can ).
Worst case, drill your pilot hole, being alert for metal shavings.

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Just start drilling if the power cuts off then you know you hit a wire.

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I can't imagine there will be anything buried in the brick. How are the cables connected to that outlet, do they come in from the top or from the other side of the wall?

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remove cover plate and see conduit enters backbox, up/down, R/L, should give idea. but the screws you want to add shouldn't penetrate further than the face of block is thick.

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undo the the plug , and take the cover of the outlet,
look to see if the wires come up from the bottom , sides or thru the top
this will give a an indication of where the conduit would be.

most stone and block structures like yours have the electrical come up from the floor
and if there is a ceiling light , open that up and look at where the conduit is and that
will give a direction and approximate location of where the conduit is located.

hardly ever do they make electrical runs inside a block walls with complex curves and bends
because most of this done after the walls are set.
and you have a wood floor , I would guess that all the electrical are straight
and right angles to it , so where ever you see an outlet the ceilling lights are most likely
in the same conduit.

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What the fuck is this and why it doesn't lit except if I probe the led directly with multimeter in diode mode?

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Probably a MOSFET. Could also be a generic 3 pin LED controller. The part numbers on these small SMD parts are notoriously hard to look up

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visible on the photo.

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>those shitty cold solder joints
Is that OP's work or quality chinese manufacturing?

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Quality Chinese manufacturing, since I haven't even touched a hot soldering iron to the the board

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why are you touching anything with a cold soldering iron?
That’s just boring.

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Good morning frens,

Me and my dad would like to build a 2 car garage with a small apartment/living space on the second floor. We have a budget of roughly $20k for materials/specialized labor but we can do most of the labor ourselves. Where should I start looking? Are there any companies/builders that we should avoid?

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you. What do you think of buying kits vs plans and then materials?

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How much did the slab cost?

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if inside city/muni' boundrys you'll need an architect to seal plans to submit for permit approval, if outside of city you'll still need plans, either draw yourself or look for an architect, suggest you do the latter good luck OP post progress pics

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Slab js gonna run anywhere from 2-5k depending on if you do it yourself or not. Maybe even a bit more depending in where you're at.

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I'm not exactly sure where my dad's house is in relation to whether it's in a city or not (I have both a farm and a cul-de-sac within walking distance, it's weird but aesthetic) but thanks. I'll keep you lads updated when things start happening.

The slab should be on the lower end, my uncle is going to help out - he's done it before.

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Alternative Gcode Insertion Edition
Old thread: >>1965065
All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5

>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 12-8-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 (Pro), Anycubic Mega S
Under 500 USD: Qidi X-series, Creality CR-10, Anycubic Chiron
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3
Over 1000 USD: Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Markforged
SLA: Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars, Prusa SL1, Formlabs Form 3
Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own: https://reprap.org/wiki/

>Where can I get free things to print?

>What CAD software should I use?
Variants of professional programs such as Solidworks, Fusion360, Inventor and AutoCAD may be free depending on your profession, level of piracy and definition of ''free''.
Most anons use Fusion360, some /g/oobers prefer OpenSCAD or FreeCAD. If you want to do free-forming and modeling, Blender is your best bet.

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Go sink on a ship, tosser

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These have a 4.6mm major diameter, 3.8 minor, and a 5.7mm length, though I think it's good to give them some extra depth for plastic to push into and such.

It's actually as thin as I can make it, the bottom of the joystick needs that much clearance. See pic. Why boxy? I don't know, I was pretty happy with the sharp front curving back. I'm making this up as I go along.

I've got a padhacked ds4 I'm going to put in there.

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You smell quintesentially Achmed

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I use one regularly at work. They're very expensive and really annoying to level and align. But they fill their niche really well. Primarily printing ABS with HIP supports.

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Guys there is a fiber optic connector on my rented house on which the owner said is still live/working. May I ask what do I need to connect it on my TV or maybe internet? He said it's CATV and internet capable.

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And without knowing the manufacturer of the far end equipment buying a sfp gpon (assuming it's not bpon) element is worthless.

This whole thread is retarded

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I ask my neightbor and they said it's for cable TV. Will it work if I will just buy this thing?

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Look, tryhard, you clearly have never dealt with more than one ISP, SC connectors can be on single mode or multimode fiber, so that doesn't mean anything. Also, no one is talking about gpons/gbics small formfactor plugables. I'm talking about media converters like https://www.perle.com/products/media-converters/ethernet-to-fiber-media-converter.shtml.
Go back to >>>/g/ if you're going to be a useless neet.

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>its a page of people selling sfp boxes.

Let me know when you find someone making an sc-apc multimode fiber jumper. I'll be waiting.

>anon doesnt even know the green meant its apc not pc/upc and is trying to lecture

The medianconverters need to be matched to the standard on the other end too. Everyone makes different shit to different standards and different power levels. You cant just go buy some random shit and plug it in. You'll be there for a ye as r and $20k in debt

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that isn't how glass works
you just need a modem that supports it
and you get everything that is available on it
if you rent a modem , then that is how company controls it , sets its speed and what you can view . glass has everything right there
you just need something that allows you computer to talk to it ..
tor exit nodes where I am at are on glass, because the locals companies can't throttle it.
it costs , but it is incredible

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Brainlet here, can someone help me.

Is this push fit or solvent weld?


The specifications say "Push-Fit to Solvent Connection", so which is it?? I want solvent weld, because the push fit ones don't fit into standard 110mm soil pipe

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The wider end is 110mm is diameter. You'll have to measure the ID of your pipe or pipe fitting to know if it will fit or can be adhered properly with solvent cement.

>> No.1967251

As long a that part is PVC (which it is) and the outside diameter is the same (which it is) it can be welded with PVC cement to another PVC pipe of the same standard internal diameter. It's not rocket engineering.
There's a Q&A section below the product with literally the same question you posted.

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No there isn't

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>Push-Fit to Solvent Connection", so which is it?
it is exactly as it says. is it not clear?

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It's meant to be solvent welded to a properly-sized hole, hence "push fit solvent connection". As opposed to, say, surface mounted, which would have a flat flange on the bottom that is bonded over a hole in a flat surface.

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Can I use synthetic motor oil as cheap WD-40? People throw this stuff out all the time so I can get it for free. Was thinking of using it to rust-proof my locks and bicycle chain

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If only someone would put such oil filter in a car to catch all the particles!

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I'd imagine if some places if a vehicle takes 6.5quarts of oil for an oil change then they probably just throw out the extra half quart. Or if he works at a dealership maybe they let all the oil containers drip drain into a tote before throwing them out and you can end up with quite a bit of oil in that way too.

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WD-40 and motor oil (used or not) are completely different things with different uses. they are not interchangeable.

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Also, OP, putting motor oil in a lock or on a bicycle chain is just going to make it get nasty as fuck. Don't put WD-40 on your chain either. It will be an OK rust preventative, but it won't lubricate for shit, it'll pick up dirt, and it will smell terrible.

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here Gas stations usualy have a drip tray where people can put the oil containers after they filled it in their car.

my dad told me he used the contents of that drip tray for his 2 stroke moped, only works if you have a two stroke with oil injektion,

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My office is in the basement now, boys. You know what's not in the basement? Central heating.

How can I make a small, movable, removable partition for myself that will have decent airflow and heat retention from a space heater?

Is it just a matter of spreading blankets/heavy fabric across poles? Right now, the basement is unfinished with perhaps 12x12 feet of open space I need to reduce. I'd imagine I need to get it down to 8x8 or so, right?

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If it's unfinished just frame some walls and put in proper insulation. A thin partition won't insulate nearly as well. Also consider a radiant heater pointed at your desk

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I'd probably make canvas stage flats, because I used to help make those in highschool. Plenty of examples and tutorials online, but honestly once you look at the construction of a few, you know how to do it.

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Most based tool brand?

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>Milwaukee overpriced
>when Dewalt costs just as much if not more
Don't piss in my hands and tell me it's raining, bud. I agree that Milwaukee is overpriced, but the fuel M18 outclasses the Dewalt Max XR in every way, even the damned M12 Fuel is nearly as good.

To answer your question, OP, Milwaukee is great if you're an electrician. But if you're just a DYI guy you can go with whoever. Ridgid, Ryobi and Milwaukee share the same parts manufacturer, and Dewalt is owned by Black & Decker of all people.

Ridgid has an okay tool selection, but is easily beaten by Ryobi and Milwaukee when it comes to variety. Dewalt is comparable to Milwaukee overall when it comes to selection. People say Ridgid's warranty is what makes them great, but they often miss the fine print. "LIMITED Lifetime Warranty".

Makita is middle of the road in terms of quality, but they are easily overpriced and nearly as much as Milwaukee and Dewalt tools. I worked at Home Depot, not Lowe's, so I can't tell you anything about Lowe's specific power tool brands.

t. commercial electrician

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I'm a Makita man myself but what I like about Ryobi is it fits it niche and they make alot of tools that the big guys don't make

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Post boomer hands you old fat fuck

>> No.1967617

youre right to an extent.
a lot of factories make the same tools but with different quality tiers. if two brands look the same then you are paying extra for fit and finish, not and entirely different tool.

>> No.1967849

Milwaukee looks like a bottle of Coca Cola.
I fucking hate Am*r*cans.

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Fellers, how bad do you reckon it is for me to be inhaling/handling these substances every day at work?

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You really shouldn't be around any chemicals without at least reading the MSDS.
>I didnt feel safe even wearing n95 masks
No fucking shit, why would you?

>> No.1966928

>No fucking shit, why would you?
It was all they provided, even though the bossman always claimed you didnt need them.
I was the only one who even wore them, then again I was the only one who wore earplugs too.

>> No.1966944

The reality is chemical exposures at almost any workplace are never considered seriously. OSHA gets a hard on for anti slip mats and not earthquake proofing glass bottles on shelves but it's mostly a moronic bureaucracy. The only person who values your health is YOU.
Last job we worked with a chemical myeloablative with no respiratory protection. Older employee literally had aplastic anemia and no one cared, and these people were supposed "chemists".
Best thing you can do in your career is find a job that won't expose you to routine hazards and fuck you up, because I guarantee this won't be reflected in your paycheck. This includes even working around morons in general who drive forklifts, they are just nails in your coffin

>> No.1966948

>OSHA gets a hard on for anti slip mats and not earthquake proofing glass bottles on shelves but it's mostly a moronic bureaucracy.
Every OSHA regulation in place was written in the blood of other workers. The problem is, some shitty workplaces put lots of effort into loopholing every single regulation to where something is compliant but it defeats the purpose of the regulation.
This isnt a fault of OSHA, but a reality of shitty workplaces and shitty unsafe workers.

Ive done work for a lot of different shops and its always the same story.
On the other hand I was talking to a friend who is a helicopter mechanic, which they have their own governing body and strict regulations which everyone takes seriously. When people take it seriously, things work a lot better.

>The only person who values your health is YOU.
This is true, hubris and machismo is the downfall of many shopworkers.

>> No.1967665

>Toulene and Xylene are well known as causing brain lesions
oh okay cool so im fucked, been breathing these fumes for 2 years now, plus a variety of other chemicals and shit. I feel like i forget things more often now...rip

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Who are absolute experts of their craft and only have true and useful information. I only know of lock picking lawyer and this guy


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George (Barley and Hops) for distilling

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Casting things in clear epoxy has only one good source.


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I knew something looked off about this guy
He clearly has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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He probably has a cute gf.

>> No.1967851

idk anon, im guessing his sister will have fetal alcohol syndrome too.

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Any solution to a toilet that keeps running? The water in the tank keeps filling and going down the overflow pipe. Typically one would just adjust the float or fill valve and get it over with but this toilet in the apartment I just moved into does not have either of those things. What do?

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White twist knob on the left is the adjustment.

>> No.1967191

Reminded me of my old toilet, I miss that guy. Anyway I think the black type is the problem, does it move? It should be lower than the overflow pipe.

>> No.1967192

Black tube

>> No.1967208


>> No.1967237

If you go to a hardware store or even walmart, you can purchase a flapper and toilet valve kit that will allow you to replace the working mechanism of the toilet for about 12-15$.

It should take well under an hour and normally requires no tools other than maybe a pair of pliers. There's a lot of youtube videos showing exactly how to do this.

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My a/c and heat fan won't work, the thermostat is hooked up correctly, the ac and heat kick on when I turn it on, just no fan blowing the air through the vents. Checked the breakers and they're all good, what's the next step in diagnosing the problem?

>> No.1966873

Check the voltage at the fan. If it is correct, replace the fan. If not, follow the connection back, measuring voltage as you go. When you find the correct voltage, repair the open circuit.

>> No.1966924

motor in fan is toast

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Anything you want to know from how to get started to blending your own blend, just ask.

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l2 reading comprehension you dumb nigger.

>Instead of blaspheming god on your dirty disgusting vise
There's literally nothing wrong with smoking

>> No.1967564

Learn to cite sources or have an actual argument, my good man.

>> No.1967701

I've actually thought about making a fake brand of cigarettes for myself. That way I can look very cool and not poor at the same time.

I've lookee online for ways to get custom cigarette tubes and I can't find any. I want my own cool label on the tube, the pack I can buy blank and wrap in a sticker or something. The tubes are the only thing holding me back from doing this really. There are some cool tubes you can buy, but nothing close to having a brand label on them.

One day perhaps someone will see the potential and start offering it to people.

>> No.1967707

When the white man landed in the Americas they found natives smoking copious amounts of tobacco to get closer to their gods in rituals. Cancer was unknown to the natives.. nobody had ever had it.

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What a waste of trips

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First time CNC machine buyer here
Will I need a cooling system for this? If so, which do you reccomend? The ones listed here https://tormach.com/pcnc-440-entry-package.html are $400, anything cheaper? I intend to cut steel.

Also, where can I get cheap, quality tooling/equiptment for this? The stuff on Tormach's website seems pretty expensive.

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>> No.1966830

do not buy a new tormach, I bought one and used it for a couple years.

buy a used tormach or a used industrial machine.

>> No.1966832

you don't need the coolant setup, just get a fogbuster and a good (quiet) air compressor.

>> No.1966838

you can find used tormach listings on facebook

>> No.1966955

>Keep your speeds high and feeds low and hope for the best

but not too low. was cutting some 4140 on a HAAS with carbide and ran slower than suggested feeds and speeds and found I was melting the endmill and this dulled it out till the cut quality was getting worse.

>> No.1967578

so uh, what's going on with OP?

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I keep on cutting my skin with this thing. I'm thinking about putting something over it so it doesn't keep on cutting my skin. What are my options, /diy/?

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>> No.1967643

Is this fucker really worried about cutting his finger, all the while actively giving himself brain damage with whippits?

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>> No.1967748

He didn't ask for medical advice, he asked for metal advice. It's a victimless ""'crime""", leave good advice or GTFO.
OP, file that burr flat, then sand what's left as rounded as possible. Is it possible to disassemble it to really round those corners?

>> No.1967770

Your tirade really doesn't address what that anon was saying.
Nobody is worried about petty laws, he could be cutting himself while huffing the flex seal >>1967713 and it would be the same situation.
It's ironic, especially since he seems too retarded to break the edge on some cheap pot metal

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How do I fix the double click of my g502

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>> No.1967768

Deflect deflect deflect deflect.
Where are the links anon?

Repeatedly saying "nuh uh" and then not backing yourself up is not "btfoing" anyone.
It's trying to deflect and hand wave hoping the other person goes away, because you know you can't actually defend your position. I'm surprised the personal attacks haven't started yet as a different deflection tactic, but quite frankly you've put little to no effort into anything.

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Everyone on /g/ has gamershit mice too, and not because of the shitty logos on them.

>> No.1967773

yeah, and it's because it's got good sensors, not high dpi
now go >>>/g/

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