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have you guys figured out your expenses for driving?
always got to think hard about this

15 MPG with current fuel prices 2.50 a gallon
1 gallon for 15 miles 2.50/15=0.1666 (round up to 0.17)

$55 for 2 thousand miles gives me a healthy maintenance and tire budget
55/2000=0.0275 (round up to .03)

so I have $.20 a mile without including insurance or that this vehicle will ever need to be replaced
I get a good vehicle under 1 thousand $ that offers years of dependable service so adding $.02 is enough

$528 a year

so like $.22 a mile without insurance
with insurance more like $.34 a mile

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pic not mine but sometimes close to it
I actually have 3 trucks

and the DOT don't do shit to me
I know other places the whole state has the emissions testing and some places has to pass inspection

not here
rural Midwest we can literally drive anything without getting in trouble

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Choose a dollar amount / distance.

I do 53 cents to the kilometer.

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>I get a good vehicle under 1 thousand $ that offers years of dependable service
Good luck, maybe get another job instead. When it breaks down, and it will, can you afford to fix it ?

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>80s ford with an idi 6.9

You can MacGyver that shit until the cows come home if you have a bit if knowledge and ingenuity. Plus they're cheap to begin with and pretty much run on any cleanish oil

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I just use the fuel cost and double it to account for wear, tear, maintenance, operational and registration costs

Then my daily hours go on top of that.

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Security tag removal?
Bought this t-shirt weeks ago, didn't realize they didn't remove the security tag. Is there a way I could remove this? Bought it from sports direct. It seems easy to break open but I'm afraid. I can't really care about finding the receipt.

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Post picture of receipt Jamal

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It doesn't, a new shopping center opened up and two of the stores never remove the damn things.

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>little love hearts on print
roastie detected

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Spotted the thieving nigger. Kill yourself you subhuman waste of protein.

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Where my Operators at. What do you run? What do you Do? And we discuss how Bobcat is superior to Cat in the skid steer and mini excavator department.

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THAT IS FUNNY! Nearest guess we all agreed the haul road was 2 miles one 1. Made it 3 times and got bisted like a few hundret feet from the end after a down and back trip.

Not much to brag about sadlym. Once you get a feel for it just take the bucket off and raise the arms all of the way up. The natural balence and hydrostatic drive makes it a cakewalk. I did the math. Was going for 100 before quitting time. One of my ex co workers was an absolute snitching cocksucker tho.

Also, anyone here ever run a wheel loader that doesn't want to bludgeon the engineer who decided a steering wheel is a good idea?

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Done that with mud like 5 times. Fuckibg sucks ass. Running full bore just to try and keep warm viokently jearking joysticks and then hit a rock or something and get douched

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HA! i used to not give a fuck. Jobs are pkentiful when you are /fit, /young, and have a group of bros that make up fake businesses and references.

That same place with the forklifts i used to "borrow" always had a bunch of gaylords. Yes, they exist besides name calling. Who knew? Well, me and a few brow worked there. Me and 1 bro ran 1 machine in 12 hour shifts. Mutherfucker ran almost 3 years 24/7 with onky me and bro running it. Well, our other bro was supposed to help but he never did.

Well, one time he pissed me off, didn't help like always, and then had nerve enough to grab his coat and take a nap in a half empty gaylord on the 2nd floor.

I cut the wire to all of my lights and beepers and gently set a full pallet on top of his ass and then wire nutted my shit back together.

Taught his ass. He dug a hole in the back of it and spent 19 hours trying to get hold of someone that wouldn't snitch and could help him down.

I miss being a dumb ass kid. Phone bill and beer money was all that i had to worry about.

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Every swinging dick wants to run heavy equipment...In 40+ years Iv'e ran it all Bobcat, Cat, Takeuchi, Case, John Deere etc...from skids to trac ho's and every kind of loader in between. After about a day the fun is over, they suck. I'm much rather be in the ditch laying pipe

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Every swinging dick wants to run heavy equipment...In 40+ years Ive ran it all Bobcat, Cat, Takeuchi, Case, John Deere etc...from skids to trac ho's and every kind of loader in between. After about a day the fun is over, they suck. I'd much rather be in the ditch laying pipe

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How do I crack a combination bike lock? Pic related.

I've tried the method of going left to right, turning the numbers and pulling them apart after each turn to see if a gap appears. This actually works on the very first number, but for the last 3. After turning then pulling apart, they all have equal sized gaps no matter what the number is. So I can guess the first number but not the last 3.

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For fucks sake Jamal. Stop stealing!!!

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I aint gon help u steel no shit tyrone

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Is this a general thieving tools and techniques thread now?

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It is now. Whats a good quality lockpic set?

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Use this anon

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Anyone have "road base" in their yard?
I'm trying to figure out how easily grass could grow through it.
The ground before hand would be levelled and the grass removed, but the road base would be put directly onto the dirt.

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my driveway is covered in it, with a black plastic weed barrier buried about 4 or 6 inches down, it works pretty well. 95% grass and weed free, except where those encroach at the edges.

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>I'm trying to figure out how easily grass could grow through it.
Grass won't grow through it if there's no grass below it. It will however creep in from the sides slowly.

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I have put down about 160 tons over the past year and a half here. I don't really have any grass growing through it. I can tell you though that if any sort of weed seeds get on top of it they will sprout, but that easily fixable with some roundup.

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put down caseron to keep the grass from coming back

>> No.1370976

Put down a layer of contractors paper or carboard. Make sure to overlap the edges. This will suffocate the grass. If all you have over this is gravel if should be difficult for any new weeds to establish themselves.

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I posted this question in /o/ and nobody could help, and I tried /g/ but nobody bothered with a reply.

I'm looking to add an Arduino based keypad/codelock ignition system to my car, but I also want to keep the old key system in place as a backup incase the Arduino fails for some reason.

I've looked at the circuit diagram of the ignition system and it looks like an on/off switch, but I know it's not that simple, because the key system is supposed to use 2 switches, one for the electronics, such as the fuel pump and sensors and such, and the other for the starter motor.

I don't know much about cars, I can service it and change a tyre, that's about it. I'm a programmer by profession, used to be a welder (not a very good one at that).

Does anyone know if I can add an ignition system like that? If so, where should I be looking and what should I be looking out for?

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Don't forget that the car also has a mechanical lock that keeps the steering wheel from being turned without the key being in a certain position.

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Shit. I forgot about that.

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I totally re-wire agricultural motors sometimes

its going to be one hell of a wiring project
everything under the dash is all packed in there and tied up tight
newer vehicles got about 100 wires all wrapped together

your ignition system has to get power to a minimum of 2 things but I am assuming you have an electric fuel pump
1 power to ignition
2 starter
and fuel pump if you got an electric pump

getting power to the starter and ignition don't sound too hard but you should expect some issues and a severe lack of room to work

when I re-wire stuff I do it very simple and easy but it sounds like you aint gonna do that
I can get a piece of machinery or an old truck working in maybe an hour
I do 1 push button switch and 1 on/off switch
push button switch has wire from battery to switch and a wire from switch to starter solenoid
other switch is battery to switch and switch to ignition

and please remember and think about this
if both of your ignitions are wired together its very possible that if one don't work then they both wont work
sounds stupid to me I would never do it but whatever you want

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Alright, thanks for the advice man.

I'm going to try and wire it in a way that they don't interfere with each other, itbi can. It one is off whole the other is off, it shouldn't affect each other I think. But I'll play around with a spare system or get a scrapyard car with a motor that turns (doesn't necessarily have to start) and play around a bit

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Most owners of older cars retrofitted with a diy 'push to start' system just leave the key in the column so the steering wheel is unlocked, but not so that the electrical switches are closed.

Most cars key clusters operate three 'switches,' not two: Accessory, Engine power, and start. Pretty simple business to just throw a relay across each of those and control with an arduino. I 'deleted' the steering column key cluster in a 2005 Scion and just replaced it with two toggle switches (acc/engine) and a momentary (starter). I'd be surprised if your materia was any more complicated.

Good luck homie; be brave--any affordable cars made before 2013 are generally pretty simple, all things considered.

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Want to live off the grid. Would need money. What do I do? I don't mean I won't have a car, I could always commute to a job and shit, but that isn't preferable. Stocks might work, but for that one needs experience, communication, and money, and besides, something could always go wrong. Could I grow hipster shit or keep bees that make all-natural-duper-expensive honey and beeswax products? Or would I need interned for that? What do I do? fucking hate hipsters... think they're so cool... stealing culture...

>> No.1370575

So you think you might want to somehow kinda do something like a thing or maybe more like another way of a thing that is kinda similar to another thing and screw those other guys and you're not quite sure exactly how to thing and please take your hand and gently feed you directions on making your vague dream happen.

This is /diy/, not /spoonfeed/
Reformat your mental burp into a specific question.

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Mommy took away your ps4?

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>What do I do?
have marketable human capital developed. Use said capital to obtain a mutual agreement with a second entity which results in you obtaining some form of currency. Live below your means and (convert) and store your excess currency in a brokerage account.

If you're not a nigger, you should be able to retire after 2-5 years of work.
If you're not a nigger, you will instead work for 10 years.
If you're white, you will never retire and instead pass your wealth onto your non-nigger descendants.

>something could always go wrong
Long term 7% growth including recessions. This is a defacto US economic law. You can always just ensure that you have $250,000 in your non-brokerage account at each bank.

>What do I do?
Buy land, wall it off. Learn basic first aid and stitching.

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I'm seeing to become an electrician and I'm looking for some advice from people who are already electricians. One of the question I hear I'll be asked during the interview is "what do you think it is that electricians do?" Apparently people get this wrong a lot. Also, in the training center I went to, they have these old training books on display for decoration; I opened one up while I was waiting there and started reading through it. For the little that I read, it was very succinct and wasted no time; in the first few pages it explains volts, amps, ohms and coulombs. I'm wondering if I could get recommendations on any necessary/useful/similar reading I could do that would help me as a future electrician? Also, and this is perhaps the most important component of this post: what should I expect and prepare myself for during my education?

Any advice is appreciated. I'll take it all to heart as long as it's genuine.

>pic related is the book I was talking about

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This is OP. I should also probably add that IBEW is the union I'm joining, if that changes anything.

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Avoid domestic at all costs. Pick a thing git good at thing. Find a company that specialises in thing. Git real good at thing. Quit and become a consultant. Your time is worth whatever you think it is. If you are that good sombody will pay whatever you ask

>> No.1370688

"a person who installs and maintains electrical equipment"

>> No.1370690

Yeah, this is the answer that I assume most people give, and it comes off as ignorant and unprepared. It has to be more than that. I'm sure they're looking for an answer that communicates that you know what you're getting yourself into. I assume that a person who asks me this is looking for more than just a dictionary term. The idea that is begged from such a question is that electrical workers do more than just "installs and maintains electrical equipment". This could be an opportunity to hit them with some unexpected knowledge. Something that you only learn about the job once you've been working it for a few years.

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>One of the question I hear I'll be asked during the interview is "what do you think it is that electricians do?"

Deal with customers.

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how do you guys diy a budget, im at wits end here i cant figure out how to cut cost's

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There's your problem

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It is not MY business, I run the business. I make $25k/annually to be clear. I have two small trucks, and a summer car for better gas milage, and we switch one of the truck insurance policies to the car. Infrastructure is a lot more than just roads you know. I'm discussing things like efficienct public transportation, properly trained police personnel, better public schooling, and poverty assistance. All of the funding for all of these programs could have been achieved for the cost of that piss waste of money that was a missle strike in Syria just a few days ago. You're a fucking idiot to think I am trying to take money out of YOUR pocket, and not Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk, or any of those other tax dodgers taking in BILLIONS.

You don't fucking know me or my life. I worked overnights, full time while going to a private university. I have worked two jobs since getting out of college and even while working full time as a store manager, work for a foreclosure clean out service. Don't you ever tell someone else they don't work hard, because you don't know where they are from or what they have been through.

>> No.1371215

elon musk creates over 30k jobs (well paying jobs) in the us alone and you want to take more money out of his pocket. why wouldn't he move those jobs to India?
also you are fucking lazy, you think people owe you something you cry about working two jobs and making 25k a year yet the math don't add up
people on minimum wage make more then you and your apparently university educated in business none the less PS it doesn't count as working two jobs if you don't clock 20 hours a week
also again on the poor life choices you own 2 trucks and a car why exactly, vehicles belong to the middle class + and those who require one for work you don't fall in that category who told you that you deserve to live comfortably doing work designed for high school student

>> No.1371216

There aren't enough rich people to pay for large programs. The majority of taxes willl always be paid for by the 99%.

The problem is the inefficiency and the market disortion caused by government programs and regulations.

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Your housing budget is WAY too high.
Any lender that let you buy a house for that should be reported and investigated.
If you are renting you are stupid.
I make about half as much as you and I own a 2 bedroom 1 bath lot and a half for under $400 a month and pre-qualified qualified for $60k.
Cut your housing.
I hope you are a family of 4 because your food budget corresponds to that.

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What cable do I get for this? I'm trying to extend this and don't want to remove and re-solder. I need a male side on one end and a female on the other. Any tips? I've been googling and checking out Mouser but I can't tell if what I'm looking at is something I'm looking for

>> No.1370540

11 pin ribbon cable?

>> No.1370544

use digikey and search for ribbon cables,find the cable pitch/mfr and the mating connector should be listed

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I have a large space to work with
pic related is my design
it incorporates plenty of flat surface desk space for devices, laying out drwings and sketches, a small light table, a cutting mat, a drafting table, and a computer area with multiple monitors, an all in one printier within easy reach, a label printer, and a large format canon printer as well as shelves for books, catalogs, cameras and lenses that I use. its an odd shape but it is designed to have round edges and maximize usable surface area, also no drawers or obstructions underneath for maximum leg room

I'd like to see your grapich arts and desing table and spaces and feel free to critique mine, its getting built may post final build once installed

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Just feels like you're trying to reinvent the corner desk by making it more cramped and harder to use. I don't know your craft, so I can't comment on real life need/usage. But you're still going to have a weird amount of useless space in your drawn example. Why not a normal corner desk with a chair that has arm support?

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A surrounding desk can get you more table space without sacrificing your breathing and stretching room
I'm getting anxiety looking at your design trying to reach the shelves or just get from one station to another

>> No.1370887

>critique mine
Chairs takes up space... Are you a stool faggot?

>> No.1370901

- Lose the islands completely. Your idea of using a batstool is at best unsound; your back is going to be destroyed by the time you break for lunch, let alone a full work day. Design around using a good office chair.
- Your Canon (you call it a large format; I'm assuming it's a digital output device) probably wants (or will want) a dedicated space with a RIP somewhere else (maybe in another room). Even the quiet ones can give you ear fatigue after a bit.
- You are going to end up with somewhere in there you cannot sit, whether you like it or not; this will end up being dead room. Assume drawers will go somewhere.

>> No.1371053

good points
I am always leaning forward in my chair anyhow though,
the printer noise would be tiresome assuming I was printing all the time, print time on fine prints is a few hours, most likely I will be printing while I am away, all the cutouts are sized to fit me,

I may design a low back chair for lumbar support that can slide under the level of the table

also the cutouts in the island will allow 3rd party viewers a place to sit that is a good viewing distance for looking at video clips and artwork, monitors will be plenty large enough to view from a distance

prolly a large 35" -49" curved ultrawide,
my current 29" lg ultrawide
and a a large 4k monitor for pixel peeping in photoshop, switchable between portriat and landscape easily

Look I know this looks ridiculous
and it may be
but input is always welcome

not sure how I will implement drawers yet if at all

I do want usb, headphones, and charge ports built into the desktop

I have a laptop that will have a dedicated power cord that never leaves the desk, an ipad , a kindle, a smartphone, wacom tablet, two keyboards(one for premiere shortcuts, and one for normal use and PS shortcuts) and 2 mice(one for pc, one for laptop) , gopro, and two dslrs worth of charging and file sharing that will all have dedicated locations either on a the desk or above shelf.

prolly a s4-8 bay NAS for file sharing and storage

the PC and NAS will be the box in the corner behind a a glass panel with access in a a storage closet on the other side of the wall, it will be cool and clean there, I will run a n extension for power and reboot functions as well as extensions for usb, headphone, and other needed inputs to be hard mounting into the desk

maybe a do a an oil bath aquarium style build that is on display above everything in the corner? that would be cool

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How hard is it to make a business in machining.

If i bought a manual lathe or mill for my garage.What kind of parts could i make as a novice to make about $300 dollars a week.
Is this a pipe dream and just get a regular machining job before trying start a small business at home?

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You can re surface worn our motors that have blown head gaskets

>> No.1371370

My buddys dad did that. Got a small-ish high precision CNC mill and made up some example parts to show their quality. Brought them to IBM and undercut their current small-scale tiny part producer, started off with a couple contracts, then IBM started using them alot and gave them recommendations. Now he's got a big shop.

>> No.1371402

... I can't even right now...

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You want to make a catelog of available products, with good product photos which is a skill in itself, and then market it LIKE FUCK. You should only be making products you have orders for.

Look for what's selling just now and make the luxury high end handmade fair trade gluten free non binary products for that market.

A brand and logo will help.

People don't know what they want until you tell them. This is now a /biz/ thread

Good luck.

Final redit spacing.

>> No.1371447

No, he can't.

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>Post buckets
>Post bags
>Post current carry for job
>Post what your're working on
Also, bucket buddy is the way to go. If you deny you don't work hard.

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>> No.1371142

Hvac tech
Doing my third split system install tomorrow
Did my first yesterday

>> No.1371153

No we use Kline tool backpacks or Dewalt tool bags (for industrial at least)

>> No.1371182

I mean, most of the electricians I know use an assortment of offbrand shit that was cheap and reasonably well-made.

>> No.1371404

Veto is king

>> No.1371453

first day on the job?

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So I'm working on a project to make a tool I've designed from resin casting. I've decided on using UPE resin (smell not a problem, have fume Hood). However I'm worried about strenthgth in the handle; the tool is lot unlike a trowel but with foot long handle.

I've been told to look at fiberglass (UPE) resin, but what's the right one? Surely you can't just use boat resin in a silicone mold, can you?

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>> No.1370941

I gotta meet this kid. Fuck yall. Thats funny.

Should have him pose for even more memes

>> No.1370943

Just cast a nut in it and a bolt in the handle

>> No.1370962

Op if small cardboard tube u can just wrap it in some cloth and throw the bitch in there.

Or not even need a mold.

Might could just get some thin ass cotton string or thread. Wax the pvc, wrap fiberglass. Wrap string some to hold it. Roll in resin. Slather bondo on it, chuck it in a drill, and go to sandpaper town on it.

Or fuck the handle all together. Lowes has pincher grabber things with oistil grip handle you could mod

>> No.1370963

Gel coat male for sweet finish tho bruh

>> No.1371277

won't that significantly drive up the cost and time per unit?

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Building my own exoframe car & brought a Smart Fortwo to strip for parts.

The problem I have is that the front wheels of the car are vastly different to the back.

The wheels look like the cross section of pic related. Front wheels are the top, back are the bottom.
The centre line shows the line where the wheels can be connected to the car.

I plan on upgrading these wheels soon, and I wanted to know if typical wheels have the same distance between the outside and the boltable face. As I want them to be aligned when I upgrade them.

I hope this makes sense.

>tldr: are normal front & back car wheels typically identical internally?

>> No.1370378

Depends. Performance cars tend to have wider wider wheels at the back, while your everyday Toyota tercel will have the same upfront and in back for ease of tire rotation. Also the front and back could be different because of the geometry of the suspension, to make sure the wheel/tire doesn't interfere with the struts, body or suspension of the car. You can read more by googling "staggered wheel offset"

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Can you purchase a turbine and add a huge energy efficient fan to help move the turbine on slow days or everyday? Lets say the fan takes up 20kwh and the turbine produces 6,000,000 kwh annually, would it be inefficient? (The fan uses the power from the turbine.

>> No.1370295

You mean a perpetual motion machine? No.

>> No.1370300

google magnetic motor

>> No.1370321

Why not just put a huge flywheel on it? It is exactly the same thing only a shit load more efficient. Your flywheel will run down and out of stored energy very quickly.

>> No.1370799

Why not just go move near a river and put a micro hydro plant there?
and get energy 24/7

>> No.1371194

No, dude. They just store the excess energy using normal methods. That shit would waste so much energy.

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1370281 No.1370281 [Reply] [Original] [archived.moe]

How to make use of multiple powersources (dynamo) if they're active at different times with different power output but might be active all together too? I know connecting directly isn't a good Idea as it might even turn a dynamo into a motor.

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>> No.1370355

not if your mass point is variable

>> No.1370357


>> No.1370483

It does, that's what the BRs are there for.

>> No.1371257

Literally the bridge rectifiers.

Think about how an alternator in a car works and then put the rectifier bridge on the battery. Now what happens?

>> No.1371258

Meant for
Well i dunno who i meant

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1370237 No.1370237 [Reply] [Original] [archived.moe]

I have a busted old computer chair like pic related, the back rest falls of sometimes and it doesn't ascend and descend well anymore, sometimes it ascends on its own when getting up, is there a way to turn this into a extremely comfy costomized chair or should I just shell out £50 for a proper chair?

If the latter should I ask advice for chair reccomendations?

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>> No.1370749

If you get a new chair, and you have the extra room, keep this one and remove the backrest. Now your old chair is an ottoman.

>> No.1371087

Find old chair on the side of the road that has good shock.
Find a nice car seat.
Weld together.
Sitting on one now and its great.

>> No.1371114

get a standing desk
get a sitting desk
build your own chair

>> No.1371184

Buy another chair if your chair is pic related. That's $19.99 + tax at a Wal-Mart here. Your ass deserves better than what you're sitting on.

>> No.1371259

Recently bought an aeron chair. Great decision. Was used paid about 475 for it.

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1370231 No.1370231 [Reply] [Original] [archived.moe]

Been thinking of getting a theremin for quite a while now, but they cost a ton, so I did some searching and found this scheme from a Popular Electronics magazine from the 50s online. Its the nly scheme so far that I found that has a Volume control antenna. Any tips on if this might be possible to pull off?

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>> No.1370256

This place is based around theremins http://thereminworld.com/Forums/T/29231/my-new-year-gift-to-tw

>> No.1370257
File: 46 KB, 810x464, Thierrymin_v3_schem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably sounds like shit

>> No.1370259

>probably sounds like shit
maybe so, what are you proposing?

>> No.1370265


>> No.1370270

I've found someone that made a theremin using tubes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb0NVgEJi54. Kinda leaning on making it with transistors. time will tell

File: 92 KB, 1920x1536, 4A8EF765-3F9E-4984-98CE-2F99EE4B1E42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Subject says it all.

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>> No.1370569

Want to live off the grid. Would need money. What do I do? I don't mean I won't have a car, I could always commute to a job and shit, but that isn't preferable. Stocks might work, but for that one needs experience, communication, and money, and besides, something could always go wrong. Could I grow hipster shit or keep bees that make all-natural-duper-expensive honey and beeswax products? Or would I need interned for that? What do I do?

>> No.1371155
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Didnt think i needed to make a thread for this

TL DR: Will 100% silicone clear caulk fuck my paint on my motorcycle?

I have some rubber tank pads that came with shit adhesive, need to know what i can reapply them with that wont rek my paint.

>> No.1371168

Why aren't hemorrhoids called asteroids?

>> No.1371273

I found a camera with only 1 pin to video output, how can I use it?

>> No.1371289

Look into livestock. Cow-calf operation or dairy. I believe fish farms are quite efficient in output to input. Or you could buy your land and rent it out to farmers. Could put up some greenhouses and grow "tomatoes" or actual tomatoes. Or poultry. You can always add a hipster element to it. Like call the livestock "freerange" or "vaccine free" or whatever bs buzzword is going around.

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