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I'm doing a wood project that will have plants and people in direct contact with a wooden bedding, frame, and water run off. The water run off is recycled.

My issue is the wood splitting from the supplier. The wood is good other than a few cracks/splits in it. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of an excellent, waterproof sealant/adhesive that can fill the cracks, cure/harden to a natural or clear color, and then I will be painting over it with a shellac coat.

I originally thought I could seal the cracks with shellac, but it isn't working so well. Does anyone know if there is an edible glue that doesn't leach toxins into a water supply that can help seal cracks in wood?

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Paraffin wax.
Thick coats of wax. Preferably dip the wood in it. Once assembled go over the joints with a heat gun or lighter. The water should keep it cool enough to prevent the wax from melting in the sun.

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Why are you making something out of wood if you're going to spend 90% of your time fixing problems that could have been avoided by choosing a more appropriate material for the task?

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Would is a great product. 100% sustainable. Looks great. Potential customers will like it better than plastic or metal alternatives. And I just like working with wood better.

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

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Wood, sorry auto correct.

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Silicone (100% GE silicone I) will work. It's clear. You cannot paint over it though. Won't stick.

Little more spendy option is epoxy resin. You can buy aquarium safe epoxy like Pond Armor. This will be stronger and more durable than regular silicone.

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I want to make fatshark style goggles. Im having problems finding what screens they use for their more compact models. If you guys dont know the exact one maybe suggest an alternative. The point is that the screen can be viewed comfortably with roughly 1 inch from the eye.

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Let me change that to max 2 inches viewing distance.

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Any way to cast pic related without spending crazy bucks?

>what's the Best way to heat?
>which crucible to use?
>how to shield oxygen from fucking things up?

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Put a coating of pre-mixed bleach, white viniger and put a copper penny in to activate it

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No wait bad idea nvm

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Titanium is already highly reactive. It doesn't need anything to activate it. Nice b8.

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Only correct answer.

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You'd be a lot better off buying a piece of titanium and machining it into your final shape.

Though titanium is a meme unless you work in aerospace and maybe a few other niche uses. Expensive as hell and usually has a buy-to-fly ratio of 8:1.

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This is kinda halloween, kinda electronics, kinda rc car related. Trying to make a moving object, like a baby carriage, or tricycle by controlled by rc, and use the other rc car controls to move the demon baby

My idea is too take an rc car, or two if need be, take the electronics from the cars motor, and run it through a relay to control a larger, 12v motor instead.
My problem is going in reverse. I could double use a double pole, double throw, using the drive motor wires for forward, and the steering motor wires for reverse by having the polarity reversed on that one. Or just use single pole single throw for both

But is there a way to push the polarity reversal through a relay, thereby only using one relay and one set of inputs to contol the larger motor?

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The obvious solution would be to attach the engine directly to one of the axles somehow, but there doesn't seem to be any space for it. It might be possible if I lopped off one of the ends of the skateboard so it could stick up in the back, but that still leaves the problem of actually attaching it because the axles are rounded and kind of a strange shape. I also thought of making a flexible linkage out of those long snaking screwdrivers that turn inside the housing, if you've ever seen one of those. Would that be reliable enough to move a person?

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That's pretty easy. Actually, and 3hp is fucking overkill from hell, my treadmill motor is 3hp.
You could just put a switch to a battery mounted to the board, but that motor, and battery would make it a better moped than a skateboard

You'd also want to throttle that down too. By reducing the power to the battery to keep it under 70mph

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Just use a belt or chain to drive the axle you'd need fixed wheels. .. no bearings

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Actually the controls are no issue because I already have the actual RC car. I'm just going to use the servo to control the throttle with the handheld controller while I ride. My problem is the actual linkage between the motor and wheel

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3HP is waaaaay overkill for a motorized skateboard.

Yeah. Some warehouse in China was clearing out a load of shitty electric skateboards like a decade ago; I bought two since they were $40/ea after shipping and the motors/batteries alone were worth about that.

They only had 250W (1/3HP) motors, and they'd still go plenty fast for a skateboard. After some modifications, it ended up with about double that, and it got a little hairy to ride at that point.

Anyway...electric skateboards just mount the motor to the axle. Might be an issue with a nitro engine, IDK. Another option is to just have 3 wheels (my shitty Chinese ones did this). You can still turn without having the wheel itself pivot that way. Downside is worse handling, of course.

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I'm looking to get into welding, will be using it to build a few tables and racks and stuff as I'm also setting up a small shed workshop to hobbyist knife making. I'll also be using it to tack rebar to billets and other small things. Ave told me to get a stick/arc welder and I guess thats good? I've never welded before, and I don't feel like doing a course so I'll be learning off youtube, but might be able to find a friend to help me learn.

What should I buy, is this a good idea or is it noob bait?

Also what forum should I be asking these learner welder questions on?

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>inb4 that dude who always posts that wall of text saying to browse weldingweb and miller forums

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This. Tombstone is best stone.

Gonna be a frustrating clusterfuck for a few hours OP. Rod sticking to shit, not causeing an arc, melting shit.

Just dont get oissed and if u do take a break.

Cheap ass auto darkening hood is gods gift to welders

Like anything else it just takes practice to git gud.

Also, if you get to throwing down some beads and they look like shit you can find infographics or FAQ pics that are similar so u can adjust your welder or yourself

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>for a few hours
I still get mad as fuck because of stick sometimes.

I spent the whole week repairing cracked inconel and 1690 rods were either not breaking their flux or just stuck even with a light touch and high amps.
Came very close to breaking some of my tools by throwing them all over the place.

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>What should I buy, is this a good idea or is it noob bait?
That should work. It sounds like you're not going to be doing anything too demanding, and stick is much more forgiving of welder cheapness than other procedures. The duty cycle is rather light, but you may not even notice it if you never have to do longer welds. Something like the Tombstone the other anons mentioned would be better, and it would be much more durable, but it's larger and heavier, and is probably overkill for your needs.

>Also what forum should I be asking these learner welder questions on?
You can ask here, but the MIller forum would probably be better.

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Tombstones lincoln's aren't a thing here in australia. Lincoln don't sell them here new anymore and I have'nt seen any in a week of browsing gumtree.

I've changed my mind to this because of 3 year warranty instead of 18month. Plus more bigger more gooder right? https://www.ewelders.com.au/welding-machines/mma-arc-welders/razorweld-tig-mma-180-amp-dc-inverter-welder-4526.html

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I plan on making a mold of my ear and just my ear. Do I need this? I feel like if I want it to keep its shape I can just use a disposable cup.

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dont bullshit us. there are dick casting kits available at online sex shops. man up

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Use plaster of paris

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If you like chemical burns.

As for OP, I'd build up a wall of sulfur free clay around your ear, and pour mold making silicone over the ear. Be sure to wear an ear plug--could probably even make one out of silicone so it becomes a part of the mold.

If the mold is thick enough, you will not need any rigid supports.

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This. Plaster get hot as fuck and irritates my skin when its dry

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Also this. And if you are really adamant about it like me you will use the now copy of your dick to make a rigid copy from wax and cover it in porcelain, melt the wax out, and bronze cast you own dick like a real man.

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I have a shed with a concrete floor. When it rains for a long time the floor 'sweats' water. It comes up from within the concrete. For the most part, I just make sure everything is on bricks to protect it. I can't do that with the feet of my workbench though because I have to pound on it a lot when working and it slips off. What should I do to combat this? Seal the floor? Seal the wood? Cut the tops off some milk jugs and put them over the legs to protect them? Picture semi-related.

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Liquid water can't pass through concrete but water vapor will go through concrete. This is why basements are always damp and musty/moldy. You want basemen walls to be able to breath which is why people rarely seal their walls, but for a shed that's a different story. Seal that shit up.

It's also possible your concrete floor is cold enough for condensation to precipitate on the floor, like dew on a cold can of beer. This would only happen in certain geographic locations, and the only fix is to insulate your floor from the cold (not practical I'd think), increase ventilation, or use a dehumidifier.

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OP here.

The ground around the shed is flat and there isn't really anywhere for the water to go. There is no pooling against the shed itself, though. Just when it rains a lot and the ground stays wet for several days it happens. The shed itself is only 10 ft by 16 ft. It uses post and beam style construction and has concrete piers under the beams. Between the piers, it is just a concrete slab. No clue on the thickness. The shed is 80 years old but the concrete is still in one piece, though.

It is a shed. It is just wood beams, wood siding, and a metal roof. There is no insulation, weatherstripping any anything like that. The rain doesn't get in but that doesn't mean it is airtight by any means.

The piers don't sweat water. They are substantial and extend into the ground at least to prevent frost heave. So the beams are rock solid. The wood siding doesn't touch the concrete slab so it lasts pretty well.

I will look into sealing the floor. I don't know how well it will last due to the amount of traffic the shed gets. All sorts of stuff are driven and dragged out of it on the regular. Firewood, lawnmower, crates and such, etc.

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If the concrete is taking up water then an epoxy seal won't adhere to it once the slab is wet and the epoxy will pop up, proper drainage around the slab needs to be done first

The "best" method would be to tear it all up and do everything properly, but that's not really worthwhile for a shed, I would just get proper drainage around the shed to keep most of the water away from the slab

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Is there no polythene under the slab? Did you pour it?

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Did they have polyurethane liners back in the 30's?

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Hey there! /tg/-lurker here.

I am doing an RPG campaign with some friends and I want it to have a pixelated aesthetic about it.

Does anyone have some ideas about things I could use to make neat/nice miniatures?

I don't wanna use Perler-beads and I don't have a 3D printer.

I really wanna do something mildly-sturdy and small, so papercraft is less-than-ideal too.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Learn to whittle and carve.

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Coble anything u want together.

When satisfied get some 2 part silicone off amazon and youtube mold making.

Make mold of part.

Amazon ez-flow 60 2 part plastic

Mixture gets hot and only has a working time of like 1 minute so hurry but dont get it on u. Looks and pours like water.

Dries white and can paint it.

15 minute demold time.

There u go. Mock uo an army of the original model if u want.

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Anyone do this?

I've been helping a friend beekeeping and hes stored up wax for years. He's giving it all to me. I use gulf wax for making firestarters for camping, but i want to use the beewax for candles.
Should i buy a mold? Can i diy one? Any candlemaking tips?

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>take jews
>render fat
>add lye

simple senpai

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>Can i diy one?


get pvc
make plug for bottom out of wood
lube it up
use wax to stick wick to plug
insert plug
put wood piece into pipe
pour in wax
push out candle

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That's the final solution we were all searching for, thx anon.

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where do you buy your work clothes? most of my work clothes have been ruined by recent painting jobs, and winter is coming so i'll be needing a new wardrobe.

i used to just go and buy cheap walmart clothes and replace them all the time, but it's so much better to get some good brands and take care of them. this summer i got lazy and now everything has fucking paint on it, going to remedy that with my next batch of clothes.

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Carhartt wool boot socks are my go to winter sock shits toasty even if I'm wearing sneakers.

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With light use maybe, the sole is glued on so with heavy use by any source of heat they'll fall right apart

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>work clothes are ruined because they have paint on them
you sound like my mother

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Good answer.

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They have a pretty solid warranty, they're lineman climbing boots.

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SCENARIO: In the next ten years there is a global nuclear catastrophe. You know that it will happen some time in this time period, but you have no warning exactly when it will occur so you have to live at the ready during this extended period of time. How and where do your build your house to survive the coming apocalypse?

HARD MODE: You are just an average person with an average salary, and only possess the skills that you already do in real life. Furthermore, your house must be practical for living in, within range of your day job, and not just some autistic superbunker.

RESOURCES: http://oism.org/nwss/nwss.pdf

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Samesame. Chad gets new truck in hogh school.

I drive beat up shit.

Chad builds new house to match his truck.

I live in a fuckin crackhouse.

Chad worries day and night and has to be away from his lige on the road to pay bills.

I blow half my paycheckat the bar or on other dumb shit because why not.

Chad will die paying off his now dilapidated house and 19th new truck.

I will die a multimillionaire real estate mogul ramping the fuck out of ford raotors and tearing shit up because fuckit. If its budgeted for i throw it into fun. If not, i do cheao or free shit to oass the time until funds come uo or i make them happen.

Chad dives balls deep into work to make the american dream happen.

I already know its here and enjoy it.

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Some sad truths here anon.

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>rape a 13 y/o boy
Are you me?

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Paint a giant 10x16 foot portrait of Leon Trotsky on my roof so the alien vanguard knows who to save

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something like this, at the very least move somewhere in the country that wont be nuked

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(This question should be on /sci/, but that board is a joke and you guys have a lot of expertise on industrial/fabrication-related topics.)

Why does North Korea, or any state for that matter, necessarily need to carry out physical detonations to test their nuclear weapons anymore? Computers have been powerful enough for a while now to simulate bomb yields using finite element analysis; in fact China has been doing just that in recent years,

Wouldn't it be a lot easier and a lot less reckless for the North Korean regime to simply construct a supercomputer on which to develop its weapons, versus alarming the world by constructing and detonating physical devices?

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I own two of those, but neither run currently. Fucking things are work horses when they do run though.

>> No.1248724

That PTO makes me nervous just looking at it.

>> No.1248743

Yeah in fact that's how and why finite element analysis was developed, to help develop the H-bomb.

Really blows my mind we were able to do this with some of the first electronic computers.

Ok, no back to business. Even with the best supercomputers in the world we can't simulate everything. In fact we are very limited in what we can simulate. In addition there are important engineering things that need to be tested.

for instance, a big part of making a bomb is setting off a bunch of explosives at as close to the same time as possible. You do that and stuff goes boom! You don't and the core gets ejected to one side and it fizzles.

Nukes, or at least the american ones are complex systems with lots of weird electronics(fucking vacuum tubes for the blow up all at once part) and even fucking weird moving parts.

You might be able to simulate these all in a computer, but you can still run into dumb issues. Oh the bomb didn't boom because Ted didn't tell nancy about moving one of the detonators 1 cm to the left so one of the wires was slightly longer and the delay fucked shit up.

You know why the F-35 is costing a fuck ton? Cause of people like ted and nancy. When they get around to testing the plane they find some big issue and have to completely rebuild things.

QA is another issue. Sure you can build each individual part of the bomb, but can you make them reliably? Sometimes it's easier to test the whole damn bomb rather than every little bit.

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Better question, why does North Korea detonate all their bombs below ground? They didn't sign the atmospheric test ban treaty to my knowledge and it would be cool to possibly capture a test in HD somehow.

I'd like to see a few regular airbursts and one or two high altitude tests.

>> No.1248984

>why does North Korea detonate all their bombs below ground?

Because it's hard for them to find a suitable location where they don't risk the plume drifting over into China. The one thing they really, really, do not want to do is piss of China. That's why the latest sabre rattling is about an explosion in the Pacific ocean: it's a logistical nightmare for them, so the stakes have to be high to make it worth the trouble.

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I'm down with this room. I can't find a comfier solution for the furniture and the available space, but i cant deal with the problem of hearing my family peeing behind my head when im in the bed.
If I move the bed to where the bookshelf is, then I have to move it somewhere else but there is not enough room for it.
If I replace both bed and desk, then I cant reach the window easily and when in my computer I have to close the curtains and blinds due to light reflecting in my screen and family peeking through window.
I tried every other possible combinations but Im not sure there would be a better one cause this room is too small and badly designed holy fuck.
Any ideas welcomed.

>> No.1248081

Put the bed underneath the window, put the desk where the bed was.

>> No.1248086

yup - having to close curtains when using the computer be the least evil here, best furthest away from bog while sleeping, or attempting to. You dont have many other options, this, or a hammock.

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boi, I agree this would be a good idea if only the light wouldnt reflect in my computer screen and I have to live in darkness

>> No.1248104

Maybe i do this, ok
But then ive trouble deciding if replacing the tall closet and drawer with the bookshelf would also be a good idea?

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whats the best way to find an apprenticeship for carpentry? pls help
also i dont have a car

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Ask carpenters if they need an apprentice

>> No.1248142

there are guys who literally go around town looking for people working and asking if they need an extra pair of hands for the day. these guys eventually find a jobsite that needs one.

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Go back to school

>> No.1248416

I used to do this over the summer. It's motivating for school.

>> No.1248419


Contact the Carpenters union if there's any on your town.

I'm currently waiting for my interview next Friday, most likely I will get in since I just finished a pre-apprenticeship, which I recommend you to do if you have zero experience.

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How would I go about diagnosing the problem with this ancient Toro Moist O Matic sprinkler system? I can't find any info about it online and we have no owners manual for it

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>> No.1248061

Ok I'll clean around the valves tomorrow, dig out excess dirt and muck. This sounds like the start of a huge project. Will this thread stay live for a while so I can keep asking questions? I know this board is slow but I'm not sure how slow

>> No.1248064

This will be here for months, lol.

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Awesome! So I'll be able to post updates however slow. Any recommendations on how to clean this box out further?

>> No.1248070

Keep digging. You want to see that entire valve that's in the ground. Look at the pic above, make it look like that. You in Cali?

>> No.1248076


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Idea how to get icloud id from ilocked phone?

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>> No.1247905

Police stations have tools there to obtain this information. Just take it there and explain how you got it and I'm sure they'll help you ;^)

>> No.1248246

give it back Jamal

no we don't want him either

>> No.1248248

Just get a Hakko McSoddering machine and insert the tip into your butthole, that will automatically replace all the icloud magic chips and the mmc. Piece of cake faggot.

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File: 1.09 MB, 1263x1060, stolen_iphone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1248525

>steal a phone that respect your freedom

Lost my shit right there.

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Hi dudes, i got this but clone, can you provide me link with new but simple sources for printer? I need 6 endstops 4 stepsticks, like classic i guess.
But wait, i want to use it in sla type printer, where i do not need heating and testing temperatures. I got marlin sources, but there are LCD stuff and some other i dont need, maybe later i will try with lcd. In win manager its visible as Arduino Mega 256 (COM26). I got one printer old reprap with some old board without ramps shield yet, but i have no idea what binary it was burned with. How do I compile? With arduino i guess? I was never using it i was only programing some simple stuff on xmega and mega and programing via Atmel studio 6.1.
Can you help?

>> No.1247797

Op here i see it is visible and reading fuses in atmel studio 6.1, with avrisp mkII So basicaly i need just bin or sources that works with AS6.1

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So I was extremely pissed about a month ago and I managed to do this to the wall in my apartment. Lease is up in 7 days and I need to fix it
before then. I'm not very good with any kind of carpenter projects. Help me out? It's a wood panel wall it's not made out of actual wooden boards the material seems pretty cheap.

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The patch is going to be ugly and obvious either way; may as well use the easiest tools to do it.

It's probably been painted over a million times, too; it's not like he's losing the fancy nice wood look or anything

>> No.1248031

Yes but a sheet of paneling nailed on top would be the easiest and best coverup fix, painted off white of course.

>> No.1248139

>nailed on top
too obvious. OP clearly isn't interested in preserving the integrity of the wall to be able to hang shit on it or whatever, he just wants his deposit back.

A patch on top would be the best solution normally, but it won't get his deposit back. The landlord will ask "Why is there a fucking sheet nailed to the wall? WHAT DID YOU DO!? NO DEPOSIT FOR YOU" and then OP is out a month's rent.

A plaster patch is shitty, but the landlord probably won't notice it. New tenants can still drive a little nail into it if they wanna hang stuff. It won't support a hung bookcase or some shit, but I doubt the rest of the wall would either.

>> No.1248218 [DELETED] 

this only dont remove the bad piece just go over it with some liquid nail then use white caulk around the edge...done

>> No.1248220

this only dont remove the bad piece just go over it with a new piece using some liquid nail then use white caulk around the edge...done

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I'm fat as fuck and want to lose weight quick. I was reading up on liposuction and I think I can pull it off.
>I've got a damn good shop vac. It should have no problem sucking up fat.
>Fish antibiotics are cheap, over the counter, and work just as good as the normal.
>There are plenty of youtube videos of the procedure.
>My buddy is willing to help out and drive me to the hospital if something goes bad.

Anyone ever done /diy/ surgery before? Got some tips?

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>> No.1248380

I bet his feet are nice and smooth now.

>> No.1248390

Ladies and gentleman the 2017 Darwin Award goes too.. OP!!! WOOOO congratulations you're retarded! At least donate your body to science so they can study your tiny brain.

>> No.1248397


... well now i want to buy a used treadmill and convert it in to a giant belt sander.

>> No.1248432

I think actual liposuction is 50 bucks, man

but liposuction literally removes fat cells. LITERALLY REMOVES them. Fat cells grow and shrink as you gain or lose weight. Removing them makes your fat distribute somewhere else, making any weight gain really funky looking or even dangerous

>> No.1248462

Get your fat arse onto a zero carb ketogenic diet. You'll lose massive amounts of fat fairly quickly while being able to eat all the cheese and bacon you want.

If you want to shift the weight even quicker you'll need to fast. Look into Dr. Jason Fung he has a lot of good material for fasting.

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>> No.1248796

>I was just in a class where 1/4 people can't count to 25.
Workplace demographics always baffle me. Everyone complains that they're surrounded by retards who can't read, write, or count, and yet it's always people who can write decently or seem to otherwise be on the ball who complain they can't hold a job.

What gives? Why do employers retain so many useless retards but chew up and spit out anyone who can use a screwdriver without chiseling their finger off?

>> No.1248804

What gives? Why do Jews retain so many useless niggers but chew up and spit out anyone who is smart enough to understand basic politics.

>> No.1248806

most HR departments are filled with WASPy white women

>> No.1248853

>I work in IT so I'm actually a white collar professional like doctors and lawyers so I don't need no union or professional association, my job is completely safe and I'm gonna be rich like Zuck one day

>> No.1248958

There's no difference between two guys working 60 hours a week or four guys working 40 except they are going to have less accidents.

Or there shouldn't be but payroll taxes and hiring firing procedures are a nightmare.

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