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so I've been looking on amazon for light bulbs and was wondering about the difference in United States and other paces. I see some bulbs as 120v and others as 85-265V. Does the bulb just use what is sent to it? Should I avoid 85-265V for any reason and only use 120v rated bulbs? I live in the United States.

Also if a bulb is rated 4 watts, how can the Voltage range vary since Watts = Volts * Amps. Thats .03 amps on 120 but .071 on 256v does the bulb just draw the amps it needs from the line?

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if your voltage falls within range it will work. Just like a laptop overseas.

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sup /diy/
any lampworkers around? I just got started as in I got my crate of stuff yesterday.
anyone use paragon kilns? how do I park it at say 1000f so I can garage stuff while I work. do I just do two ramp holds? I kind of get how it works I can get it to go up to temp then hold for the annealing. tldr how to park kiln

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first thing I ever made out of glass

I started trying to make a pipe which youtube makes it look way easier then I said fuck it marbles

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also it fell off my first ever cold seal and bounced around on the floor.
>make first ever cold seal
>going great smoothing the other side
>gust of cold wind blows in cold seal cracks
>chase down ball of red hot glass with my wire grabbers

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no one ever

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So, I'm curious if is possible to make a gun from nothing and if it's possible how.

My limitations are I live in a country where having a gun is illegal, so I want a way to build one with materials I can buy legally, or make ilegally from materials than are legal in itself

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1. learn to read

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It's definitely possible, but it depends on how basic you want to make it.

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To be able to hurt someone painfully, not necessarily able to kill someone, so pretty basic I think

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I want to build a small greenhouse/crown of in front of my window. I plan on using a wooden broomhandle that I'd saw into pieces to make a frame and a old plastic storage box(0.5m x 1m roughly 30cm deep) as the box for the soil. And simple kitchen foil for the cover and a small growled I got from the lab to supplement daylight. Anyone have experience with something like this? I have a saw,electric drill. Hammer tongs and basic tools. As well as some of those metal cornerframe things you use to put.up some shelves that I intend to use to make the frame. Otherwise clueless as to how I would do this

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Would putting up a glass wall along the pillars and blocking in that big area on the right clash with the retro setting of this room?

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It feels like you upgraded from the trailer park and wanted to keep the memory of your experience there alive, so you skinned a bunch of RVs and placed them on your ceiling as a keepsake.
I bet if you stripped the paint from those pillars you'd get something that looks real nice.

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Why so much hate? I like old buildings.

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Unless you want to make a hallway, don't bother with walling/glassing up the pillars. It just constricts / shrinks the room.

Remove some pillars, because they break up the open space of the room. That is what I would do. Obviously you can't just remove them, so you'll probably need outside help on this to reinforce what they are supporting. And the ceiling is ugly as >>1770286
said. Everything else is ok.

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Why so much hate for the ceiling?

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normal wavy ceilings don't call attention to themselves because they're featureless so they don't cast shadows on itself.
yours looks like bleached farmland.

As a matter of aesthetics, if you are going for an obvious pattern--stick with the pattern. if you are not going for a pattern, don't follow a pattern.

your ceiling follows a pattern, it deviates from that pattern by being ridiculously wavy and casting shadows on itself, so it's objectively ugly.

You might not like it, but pic related is what peak performance looks like.

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I'd like to buy this merch duffle bag, but I read that it's very thin and rips easily. Typical expensive low quality merch.
Here's my question
>Would spraying the inside of the bag with a coating of black liquid rubber strengthen it?
If not, what else could I do? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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Buy two of them and stuff one inside the other to double up the thickness.

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Looked around and found a high quality duffel bag that's even cheaper.
I'd still love to put the logo on it
>How do I put a logo on a duffel bag?
>What materials do I use?

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You could always try cutting out a stencil and taping it to the bag and then painting it with some kind of rubbery paint... maybe plastidip? Or hell even an acrylic paint from the arts and crafts store in a color you like. They probably sell some that are made for fabrics.

Also in regards to your original question, I saw a video a few days ago of a guy that coated the inside of a brown paper bag with Durabak bedliner and then he let it cure and filled it with water. The bag was water tight and stayed that way until all the water evaporated out over several months time... I've used the Durabak on a vehicle before, and it is decently tough, but fades in the sun. I guess if it were just inside the duffel bag it wouldn't matter much if it faded.

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pretty sure there's some rubber paint you can just paint dircectly onto there through a stencil that would look and feel nice. don't know much about that though

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those dumb motherfuckers deserve to go under for that walking dead game they came up with.

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I want to go into vacuum sputtering deposition. The end goal is to deposit Rare-earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) material onto a think metal stripe. It may be to early to ask for advice but still, if anyone had an encounter with such a toy It would have been awesome to hear some experiences. Thanks

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I found out about that REBCO 2nd gen HTSs have enormous critical field strength from MIT presentation of ARC/SPARC reactors
Here's a news article about record breaking magnets that use it

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so it appears they figured out how to create the required atomic structure

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The record breaking performance is achieved at liquid helium temps. How are you planning to cool this? Do you have any cryogenic experience? Improperly handled cryogenics are very dangerous, not just from cold burns or asphyxiation, but unless you are careful you can freeze up your vessel trapping boiling cryogen in a sealed volume which will result in an explosion

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>The record breaking performance is achieved at liquid helium temps
The article was a reply to:
>>To my knowledge high temp superconductors only have a high critical current density if they are single crystal
>How are you planning to cool this?
I don't think I'll ever need anything more than LN2
>Do you have any cryogenic experience?
Only from the things I saw other people do and what I've read on the internet. I'm not going to rush it
>Improperly handled cryogenics are very dangerous, not just from cold burns or asphyxiation, but unless you are careful you can freeze up your vessel trapping boiling cryogen in a sealed volume which will result in an explosion
Sounds like someone did exactly that, The only thing I can say to that is: I usually too careful I can sprint pretty fast

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>The record breaking performance is achieved at liquid helium temps
The article was a reply to: >>"To my knowledge high temp superconductors only have a high critical current density if they are single crystal"
>How are you planning to cool this?
I don't think I'll ever need anything more than LN2 to get to the field strength I'll ever need
>Do you have any cryogenic experience?
Only from the things I saw other people do online and what I've read on the internet. I'm not going to rush it
>Improperly handled cryogenics are very dangerous, not just from cold burns or asphyxiation, but unless you are careful you can freeze up your vessel trapping boiling cryogen in a sealed volume which will result in an explosion
Sounds like someone did exactly that, The only thing I can say to that is: I'm usually too careful and I can sprint pretty fast

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Does anyone have any experience selling a house without a realtor? I recently built my first spec home and threw the listing up on Zillow, Craigslist, etc but didn't get any bites or even nibbles.

So in December I had a realtor list and we started having a lot of showings, but no bites. So in desperation the last 3 showings I actually went myself and talked to the buyers and got 3 offers (1 from each).

So basically the realtors didn't do anything but still earned $10,000 from my work. Is there some way to avoid this in the future?

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my realtor was such a dumb bitch that when she measured my house she fucked it up didnt tell me and then listed my house as 15,000 sq ft.

when I asked her about it she said no I assure you thats correct. my house is 2,500 square ft. The pictures she took were garbage she used a cell phone. She listed it as a cozy cottage instead of a house in a neighborhood.

I fired her. I put a for sale by owner sign in my yard and advertised on craigslist and put out ads in the local paper and flyers at the local library and mall and grocery stores. The best thing I did was leave flyers at hotels in the area, I figured people looking for a house might be staying in a hotel, the buyers got my flyer from the hotel. It sold in 5 months.

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I've noticed a trend recently of faggots taking close up photos of stupid shit like door knobs. That's how you know it's all bullshit.

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That kind of stuff is getting shaky now that NAR has banned pocket listings. Doesn't matter for a person who isn't a member, but since most MLS providers require it, good luck.

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Shit, meant to reply to >>1770209

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I managed to get the realtor for 4.5%. But that's still 10k.
About the only thing she did good was the pictures, but that was only after I made her retake them because the first set was so bad.

I just feel like there has to be an alternative. I've seen some places that say they'll list them on MLS for $1k, but haven't tried it yet.

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So I'm a college student and I was drunk one day this weekend and broke a table in my friends house. It snapped clear down the middle and looks like it was made out of plywood that was painted/stained. I'm trying to fix or replace it so it doesnt run me $300.

Its name is "Signature Design by Ashley - Ferlin Circular Occasional Table Set - Includes Table & 2 End Tables, Dark Brown" but I can only find the set of 3 not just the 35.75" W x 35.75" D x 18.25" H one that I broke. I was wondering if any of you could give me some tips on putting this back together. I can upload pics of the actual broken table when I go over there tomorrow.

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friend right? buy a new replacement and apologize regardless of how much it costs you... you broke it.. stand up

>> No.1770155

pay the fine
its the easier way

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This. The shitty "fix" you're going to do will just reassure your friend that you're, in fact, an asshole.

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Hello, what is the best way to make a, simply electrically driven cloud chamber?
I want a cloud chamber I can simply hook up and keep topped off with alcohol, and view radioactive traces.
Anyone here have any designs?

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A load of peltiers.


His is a bit crap, but you get the idea. Anything else is going to involve a refrigeration system, which instantly yeets your "simple" requirement out the window.

>> No.1770389

Peltiers aren't THAT complicated, but it's probably more complicated than OP was gunning for.

I've found this dude to do a great job of explaining...pretty much anything (he is also not ugly)
There's a whole series on using Peltiers to build a solid state refrigerator.

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>crazy science teacher grampa
he's a fucking cool guy.
>also not ugly
I hope i'm as enigmatic as he is when i'm his age.

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Aren't peltiers stupid inefficient?
Without a method of removing heat from the hot side with fans/radiator he's just going to make the box even hotter than doing nothing.

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Hey /diy, trying to get in the sparkyboi field and am wondering whats the easiest way to get certified/job.
Pic related is for an electrical systems technology associates at the local community college. Do I have to do all that to make it? Or would i be fine with just getting a few related certifications. How do i join the trade school meme.

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>International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
>Allied Builders Commission
>Local Open Shops

I find that many of the Vocational class rooms often cost money and prepare you only to be bottom rung sparky often making anywhere from you regional minimal wages which could change from federal to what ever is stock entry level job. I started at this point and frankly im gonna burn out before I see anything in a form of a decent wage. I was doing full services for 11 a hr. the electrican is charging about from 1600(friend cost) to 320 for a single 100 amp upgrade. In my area thats about 400 in material, 200 in paperwork related to the job, my labor often less than 100 for the day. The remainder is gonna be complete profit for the JM/Master.

You will realize also often the local shops will not help or aid you in getting certified/licensed because it cuts into their bottom line. I have been in the field for 5 years. I regret not going union. In my state you need 7.5 years of verified working hours because you can even take the Journeyman exam. You also have to consider how the laws in most states work as well. It has been turned into a nightmare. I have seen guys with in two years understood more than 20 year vets and they burnt out just trying to get to a living wage.

Its pretty bleak for most people shelf life is 5 years before people move on with their lives. Its a dying trade frankly...once innovations from other sectors begin to build pressure other tradesman from other trades will attempt to work into electrical as it will be one of the last holdouts. I am sure you can image what I mean.

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>320 for a single 100 amp upgrade.
$3,200 for a single 100 amp upgrade

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What precision tooling does /diy/ use?

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It was like a year ago when I saw the video, I think I forgot what the actual fraction was because it worked out to .0012" or something tiny like that. Realized after I posted that I was a decimal over like the other number.

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Anon that's just 12/1000

>> No.1770945

I hope you mean 1/128 because while still an oddball unit it's not so eye-twitchy.
But yeah, in the right conditions you can eyeball that. Especially when comparing one edge to another or seeing how centered something is within a short distance. Your eyes are very good at directly comparing two relative distances.

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>Your eyes are very good at directly comparing two relative distances.


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>Anon that's just 12/1000
No it's not.

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What’s the best way to keep a shitty old trailer warm in the winter?

Pic related

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oil radiator heater
30 bucks at tractor supply

will heat the FUCK out of any space

>> No.1770348

this, but make sure you have a power source that can supply 1500 watts

>> No.1770385 [DELETED] 

i've got power to supply 1500 watts to your moms ass.

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i know this is impractical in a trailer

but before people even got the idea of burning wood in a metal box they had masonry heaters.
you load quite a lot of wood in there and burn it fast and clean with lots of air. the bricks get 2000°F hot on the inside outside stays around 140°F for 12 Hours.
>Tfw all modern "wood Stoves" are Coal Stoves with a few airflow modification. JUNK

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My fireplace insert works similar to that. Once you have it going for a while it will heat up the entire mantle, the concrete wall it is mounted in, and even the tile/concrete floor probably 6-8 feet away will get nice and toasty. Then when the fire dies out it radiates that nice warmth out over a decent span of time.

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With Spring being around i want to construct my first hoophouse/polytunnel. Watched many yt videos but haven't seen any constructed the way i would like,see picture.
1) It would have a wooden frame as a base which is standard.
2) Rebars to keep polytubes in their place. They would be either side of the wooden frame in the ground,not sure about it still. Again standard thing.
3) Poly would be fixed on the tubes by steel clips see picture: https://www.gazdabolt.hu/203673-large_default/femklipsz-30mm-1.jpg.
As the standard U-channel with wiggle wire doesn't seem to be available here in Hungary at least i can't seem to find it.
4) I want 2 windows at both side as you can see on the picture. My question is: How would i go about putting the windows itself together from the pvc tubes and how could i fix it there so it can function as a window. So far i could only come up with a solution of 2 screws in the main tube frame and the horizontal tube of the window could roll between these screws. However this way there would a gap between the arched tubes.
5) How should i make the door?

Seen in many videos that the sides/frames on the sides are made of wood which i might be able to do if it's cheap enough. So yeah main thing i want is the two windows as can be seen.
I don't think a simple rectangle window within a wooden frame would be enough for proper air movement since it will be really hot here in the summer.
Steel frame/cattle panel would be too expensive here so that's out of question.
Any suggestions are welcome.

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Whole thing would be around 2m high max.Door would be smaller around 1.5m,window would be around 50cm. My drawing might be misleading though.
I want to attach the "main" poly to the tubes without damaging it. On the sides though i could use a stapler gun to attach the poly to the window frame.

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>a hoop house is made of corrugated steel

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y o u
a r e
a c t u a l l y
u n i r o n i c a l l y
r e t a r d e d
f o r
c a l l i n g
i t
" h o o p h o u s e"
M r .
A l a b a m a

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>europoors seething

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>being both this wrong and this angry

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Anyone have the knowledge to make some of this polymer?


>> No.1769791

find the paper, read the materials and methods, give up because no chemical suppliers will ship to your house.

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I want to do bodyweight exercises at home. All my ceilings and walls are made out of thin drywall. All the doors are in the corner of the room. My father won't allow me to buy a pull up bar to use in my door way because he thinks I will rip out the wall and damage the house irreparably, and honestly I think he's right.

So I thought about using the ceiling instead. There's probably a bunch of wood beams going over the drywall that I cannot see right? So if I were to somehow find where they were and which direction they were running in, I could drill in a pull up bar or gym rings. If I get some sort of metal support that is screwed in over several of these hidden wooden beams, then surely it couldn't fail, right?

My father is also heavily against the idea, saying it would cause the beams to warp and bend. I don't know enough about construction and materials to really say if he is wrong or not. It seems most people are able to install their pull up bars just fine, but then again they probably have concrete or brick instead of thin drywall.

How do I know if I can install a pull up bar / gym rings in my ceiling safely? How would I go about doing it?

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I've been using a doorframe-mounted pull-up bar for at least 10 years. The same one, in fact, and I've used it in at least 4 apartments and 2 homes. It's not going to damage anything, the worst thing it does is leave marks on the doorframe. You can just paint over those.

>> No.1770323


>> No.1770324

If you can get in your roof space it’s easy, otherwise it too much work to be worthwhile.

If you can get in roof you should run a metal bar or fence post across four joists and then attach it to that.

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Hey fuckwhit, you life in your dad's house. You want to do this shit, either get your dad on board or get your own house.

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anon, buy this https://www.homedepot.com/p/C-H-Hanson-Magnetic-Stud-Finder-03040/202563186?mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA-71700000034127224-58700003933021546-92700049573927173&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0pqRwuTh5wIViJyzCh04iQdMEAQYAyABEgKHKvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

its a stud finder, and works by locating the screws used to attach the drywall to the ceiling joists. there will be some rows of one screw, and some rows of two screws,where two boards attach to one beam. you'll be able to figure out where they are and what direction they run.

i dont know how much you weigh, but one large anchor into a 2x6 joist could easily hold your weight. distribute it over two and they likely wont even deflect at all.

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So there is this type of hexapod robot that works on 3 motors, commonly rc servos. Is there a term for it as it seems to be built again and again, always with the same operating principle. I'll post some example pics.
Note that the goal of this thread is not to discuss the effectiveness of such a design, but simply to find a term for it

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File: 23 KB, 447x332, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Autism: the thread. You were an ass in the other thread where you asked, and now a thread has died. The answer to your question is in your title. That's what it is called. If there is some obscure academic term for that particular motion of the legs, it's probably buried in some theoretical robotics paper somewhere. You didn't see it in your search for images, and I didn't see it when I honestly tried to find you an answer. On the off chance that just any term will satisfy you, I'll offer some to choose from:
>The jiggle walker
>The lift in the middle mechanism
>Three motors one bug
>The drunk Hillary
>Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
>Electric Pence: No longer gay edition
And yes, since you didn't ask, I am having a bad day. Not because of you in particular, but because of assholes and dumbasses in general. Fuck everyone who isn't me or mine. Yes, this is misanthropy: the post.

>> No.1769834

>three motors one bug
not op, but you made me giggle.
god bless, anon.

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why, anon, just why

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Hey, I"m going to refurbish an old monitor. In pic related, you can see it has some shallow gashes and scrapes on the front. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to fix this cosmetic damage?

I was thinking of filling it with some kind of epoxy resin like green stuff or milliput and trying to paint over it with a suitably mixed beige color paint. I think this will work, but I wonder if there's a better way.

Beige plastic cases were once very common for many PCs and their components, so I imagine fixing case scratches could be something many people wanted to fix, and therefore, perhaps there is already a good solution in existence.

>> No.1769721

If you want it to look more like the original plastic, lightly sand it with a fine grit sand paper until the scratches are reduced.

You can look up some of 8-but guys restorations on youtube. He tries a few different types of techniques depending upon the severity.

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Thanks bro, I'll check him out. I had a look around on YouTube and I came across this: https://www.hobbytown.com/deluxe-materials-perfect-plastic-putty-40ml-dlmbd44/p249436.

This guy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W77FEAtfv0I) was using it to repair plastic cases for car components, but I imagine it would work really well for repairing deep scratches in my computer monitor. It even has a similar color to the monitor's case, so I may even get by without painting over it.

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Want to save money when you buy your next house? Since I love you all I'm going to tell you how to avoid spending unnecessary money using a Realtor to find your house.

1. Pick your target market. Find an actual area where you want to buy your home. You'll need about 300 home addresses, owner names and mailing addresses. The more the better, but it gets more expensive the more you have. In my own real estate business my mailings cost about 70 cents per home (get more into this later).

2. Take a good picture of yourself and your family. Older home owners love helping younger families so if you can add a picture of you and your 'young family' in your mailing piece it will really increase the chances of you getting a response.

3. Create the actual letter. The main message should be about what you're doing but focus on the benefit to the seller. "Hi me and my family are new to the area and we'd really love to own a home in x neighborhood. We'd like to purchase a home in the next x months. If you have thought about selling please contact us. We are already preapproved for a mortgage so we wont have any financing issues. You can pick your closing date and you wont have to do any showings or repairs that are standard when listing with a Realtor. We'd love to speak to you!

4. Put the image of yourself on the actual letter. You can just use word and copy paste. **don't forget to put your actual contact information on the letter. Pick a highly visible envelope. Don't go with standard white. Go to walmart and get a yellow or canvas colored.

5. Send these letters once every 30-45 days to the same addresses until you find the right home. You WILL start getting calls right away so be prepared.

6. If you need help with the actual contracts just google your specific state contracts. They are really easy to figure out most of the time.

AMA. I have years of real estate marketing experience. Save yourself the money of working with a Realtor!

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Oh thanks. Do you have a better strategy to buy a home yourself at a discount?

>> No.1769865

Nice. You saved yourself some good $$

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I read the other day some rich guy was talking about young people and zillow. That we are using zillow as a fantasy trip because we can never afford the houses.

>> No.1769868

Unless you live in California or some parts of New York you can afford a home with the right strategy. 1. Live under your means until you save some money. 2. Buy the home off market from someone you know or the strategy I listed. People are just a bunch of nihilist pussies and are too scared to actually do anything that takes a little effort and risk.

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u could always get a house for 30 grand

>oh god no this guy again.


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hey anons i need a little help, i'm currently working on a portfolio to try and get into a architecture course, and i need some ideas on what to do
I already got tech drawings, CAD prints and some photos for it so far as a basis

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if you're into videogames, fire up Unreal 4 or even just Hammer and make some buildings/spaces/environments, use OBS to record you walking around in them in-game, upload that to youtube and put the links in your application. Make sure you play with lighting and talk about the use of light to change the feeling of a space, that gets those architecture dweebs' little dicks hard. Maybe even do something with VR -- find out if the program you're applying to has a VR lab and give them something they could load up in there.

t. engineer who lived with an architecture student

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Can someone translate this meme for me?

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