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I want to buy some land and build my own house in Alaska. I have lived here 10 years and decided this place is my fit.

I am in between doing a butt and pass type log home or an a-frame. Boomer friends of mine tell me to do traditional home with dutch gable but it sounds gay and non inviting. Looking at land trying to buy about 5 acres. My foundation is probably gonna be stilts (concrete filled tubes with adjustable u-brackets for frost heaves) with enough room below to walk around and put tools and /out/ gear.

Advice on building myself? Are A-frames really cost effective?
Pic related is what i would like. Huge reasons are heating, snowload, and it seems inheritly easier to add to the side or front/back of an aframe compared with other construction.

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30% of the kit price is often about right on most of these .

If the site is hard to get to, you might have problems taking delivery.

You might be able to haul it in on a smaller vehicle in batches.

You might use better quality materials, which will raise the cost.

Take a building contractor to lunch and pick his brain for what works best in your area.

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put it in a hole in the ground that way you can heat it and cool it for less

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>put it in a hole in the ground that way you can heat it and cool it for less

True, and this has been known for ages. Other than the water-proofing challenge, a buried or semi-buried home is awesome year round. The drawback is that if you spend $500,000 on a house most people want their wealth to be visible from the street.

Is Captcha broken, like in a good way? I don't think I've had to solve one all day.

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>Is Captcha broken, like in a good way? I don't think I've had to solve one all day.
You're probably still logged in on a Google account.
(Gmail, Voice, YouTube, Hangouts, etc.)

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OP here, thanks for all of the advice! Anyone know where I can score some plans online that isnt mother earth news or the avrame website? Tried archive but no dice. Trying to get plans/ supplies list to see what the cost would be vs. Cabin kit. Was looking at kodiak steel homes but i dont feel like making a profile just for a basic price quote, also delivery from Arkansas is gonna be super lame.

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I want to make an underground tornado shelter out of old shipping pallets. Anyone done this? Tips?

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This can actually be done if you pile the wood together in faggots (say 8-10 boards forming a swastica) and then make an A frame ceiling. However you're going to need a LOT of wood; it'd take at least 119 48" boards to cover a single 48x24x96 space. As most pallets only have about 12 boards each at best, just to dig a well big enough to stand in you need 10 pallets. This doesn't include painting and you're certainly not putting other things like wiring or plumbing on them anyway because they are all load bearing.

However, this is also incredibly stupid compared to using 3x4s for studs and 2x4s for your joists and rafters. In this case you'd only need 12 boards for a 48x24x96 space.

Also: be sure to add some sort of ventilation lest you gas yourself on your gas nailer.

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Actually they're using dildos to remake the tower

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The wood will rot if you have any significant ground water. Treated wood or Cedar will have better longevity.

Concrete and steel. Or if you have freeze thaw cycles and your structure is in the frost line, i suggest steel fiber reinforced concrete.

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no, you need shipping containers

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I forgot that you need a second container filled with dirt on top of your bunkers, as one container by itself couldn't withstand the pressure of the dirt on it

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Hey /diy/ i need some ideas for a wood pipe that can sneak into college. I have acces to a woodshop and plenty of tools. Recommendations on designs or ideas are appreciated

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Global rule 1, Global rule 2.
Please leave.

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Use an empty can instead

Which one is the underage one? I think that too.

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Alright /diy/ I need a lithium ion wizard here.
I've pulled a bunch of 18650s from some dead laptop batteries and I want to try making a battery pack.
Two batteries had skid marks on the control board but the cells were all charged, so I susped that the FETs shat themselves while the cells are all fine. The third one had two dead cells (in parallel).

I'm having a couple of issues though. I'm using an IMAX B6 mini charger to charge them and most of the cells don't seem to want to charge above 4.05-4.1V, and they seem to drop back around 0.05V after a day or so. They don't seem to be losing any more charge after that.
Is this normal for worn cells?

Secondly, I tried discharging two cells (they're still soldered in parallel from when they were in the pack) that were at 4.03V to check the remaining capacity.
>discharge at 1A (so 0.5A each)
>it stops at 96mAh
>"well that was shit"
>check the voltage, it still reads 3.87V
>try discharging at 0.5A
>it stops after another 250mAh, the voltage during discharge was around 3.3-3.4V when I checked (at the start)

So I go off to do something else, come back and check the voltage on these two cells, and it reads 3.8V again. I thought it was just a floating voltage, so I tried shorting them with my multimeter to see if they had any juice left, and promptly burned my finger. They briefly pulled >25A before I disconnected the cable.
Now they're discharging at 0.3A, they've delivered about 100mAh and the cell voltage is stable at 3.51V.

So what the actual fuck is going on here? I thought they had a very high ESR which was limiting my maximum discharge current, but how can that be if they can still pull 25A when shorted?
I don't have much experience with lithium batteries at all so I need someone to hand hold me here for a second.

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Is your little balancer-discharger thing working correctly?

Also be careful building packs with all of those different cells. Test them and make sure you use ones that are real close in capacity and charge because lots of balancing systems don’t tolerate wildly different cells and you can burn the place down or fry a bunch of cells.

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protip: don't make battery packs out of cells that don't match

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>Is your little balancer-discharger thing working correctly?
As far as I can tell it is; the only issue it has is it reads slightly lower than the actual cell voltage. Probably due to wire resistance.

Also yeah I know the capacity has to be close, that's why I'm trying to understand why my discharge tests are all jacked up.
The discharge at 0.3A ended up giving me another 350mAh of capacity for a total of (roughly) 750, and this time the cells seem to be actually discharged.
Pretty shit considering they're two cells rated 2200 each - they seem to have lost over 80% capacity. I'll probably end up using these for my new "3000 lumen" 18650-powered flashlight that's on the way from China.

Now I'm testing one from another pack, let's see how it goes.

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>it reads slightly lower
derp, meant to say slightly higher.

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>it stops after another 250mAh, the voltage during discharge was around 3.3-3.4V when I checked (at the start)

Sounds like your hunch is right and the cells have high internal resistance. This also explains the charging behavior. 25A is the rated peak current of a new cell - If you short out a new heavy duty samsung, it will easily push 100A. Sorry OP but the cells are probably trash.

To verify: Measure the voltage with a multimeter during the discharge process. If it really drops more than 0.5V at 500mA, they're ruined.
See if you can find a date code on the cells. It's very cryptic, but for the name brand cells there are tools online to figure it out. If they're over 5 years, get rid of them

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Im a poor fag and have been sleeping on the floor for five years as i cant justify spending money on anything, Also i just hate mattress.

I was wondering if anyone here had made a futon bed and what skills I need to get it done. It seems pretty easy but I’m more so looking for anyone with experience doing this so I can think about any potential hurtles before they happen and get it correct the first time.

>my plan
>Buy some cotton batting
>get it four inches thick
>knot the cotton together with thread
>stuff the cotton into a sheet.

So basically a gigantic power with the exception of knotting the cotton in together so it doesn’t separate or bunch up.

Will this work? Any tips?

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Dumping some pics of systems I’ve built

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but not wrong.

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But you are wrong. I never claimed to own the shop. I just posted pictures for the garage/workshop thread

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what a shitty fucking thread
op is a faggot who likely has autism
I suggest OP kills himself
fuck you all

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t. drunkposting 40-something

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So boys, those of you in the trade - what made you become a skilled worker?

Do you regret gaining a trade?

Is it paying off?

I left a high paying office job to get back on the tools and become a tradesman again and haven't been happier.

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I fist got knife at age of 5 and started to carving what ever kids of that age make and eventually and after learning the hard way what not to do with knife and how to patch my self after cut, i started to build medieval weapons like trebuchet and crossbow. After testing this crossbow on out long hallway thinking it wont fly far with rubber band bow i found out that it was pretty effective as bolt went trough the drywall in end of the hallway and only the dresser behind the wall prevented it from punching trough the whole wall.
Panic ensues, i fix it with wood glue and white paper peaces and mom didnt find out about it until i actually asked if she really didnt notice my shady fix.
Mix of hilarity and rage ensues, witch after i decided that house is pretty much the most expensive thing one can own as average joe, everyone needs house to live in, so i better learn to fix my fuck ups and upsies, rather than paying someone else to do it. I was right, it has saved me lots of money and actually saved my health as i right after stepping in noticed rental house i was looking to move in was full of toxic mold and i would not known this with out my trade training.

Also got me to get lost of tools over the years so i can do anything from carpentry to some metal work with ease thanks to skill.
I cant do the job due health issues anymore, but as general skill its hella useful and i can do it still in some extent, just cant work amounts that any boss would see reasonable, so with out hurry and boss yelling to be faster i can do it for my self and friends.

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I'm the same age, and probably going in the same direction.
What trade are you in ?

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>>1599250 was for >>1598435

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I'm a plumbing and gas engineer in London mate, used to be a fashion buyer in the city for a large retail company because I saw money over everything

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Jacob Riccardi was born on 03/08/2006. Jake is 12 years old. He goes to Bohemia Manor Middle School in Chesapeake City, MD. Jake lives in Cecilton with both of his parents. He is also homosexual. His email is [email protected]

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did you get beat up by a twelve year old again OP

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no comment

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Is this structural, or suicide?

I'm making a bolt together portable A frame hoist
Dont worry about sheer forces, I'll brace it depending on where I use it so it doesnt fall over

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It is the better way. The only better way is two shipping containers and place beam in between.
Or three shipping containers and use container as the beam.

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Congrats for delivering, glad it worked out for you!

>> No.1599196

>Why is there a shipping container involved now? Was the situation not bad enough?
>Im fukin scared bros i'm out

Scared? Fuck that, OC Rekt thread coming up!

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I have a 1st Gen mr2. I used the harbor freight low profile jack and normal jack stands. I have a stool to stand of for working from the top.

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Yes' but I need to drop the trans on mine in under 3 hours so I can go drinking later the friday night.
Ideally in 2 hours.

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I did this printer but the holder stick too well to vessell, What do i use as insulating non stick mat??

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Also is there better tha cura yet obvious to use slicer for gcodes software??

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I work in a resturant and occasionally do handywork. Im trying to replace the blade on this can opener but im having trouble getting this screw out. I know for a fact that its stripped, but i also think its "gunked" on there with grease or something. I tried wd40 and several other things but i cant get it loose. Any suggestions?

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i dont know but its worth a shot at this point

>> No.1598638

oh god its you again

>> No.1598684

Impact screwdriver, you're welcome.

>> No.1598685

>i dont know but its worth a shot at this point

NO it is not.

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They arent left handed
Gtfo larper

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How would I go about drilling a perfectly centred hole through a M16 bolt with my drill press? I have seen ultimate handyman's video about putting the bolt and nut in the chuck, and then putting the chuck in the vice. Problem is, my chuck is 13mm, so that's out of the question. Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure I understand either. carpenter 158 is case hardened and pretty hard so you probably want to use a carbide center drill to start. you would be even better off if you can spotface with a carbide endmill and then center drill. I don't really know why you would want to drill a hole in one though unless you were trying to use an oversize extractor pin or something.

>> No.1599134

Acctually a pretty good solution.

Do this process;
-attach a piece of scrap wood to the metal drill press table, drill a hole in the wood sized the to bolt.
-Bolt the bolt through the hole centered
-Center drill the bolt
-Drill the bolt a little small, use ALOT of fluid and keep things cool
-Ream the hole

You can skip the ream and just use the proper sized drill bit if you don't have the right sized ream. Honestly though a lathe of bigger drill press is the way to go.

>> No.1599146

i was actually also trying to drill press a bolt the other day, the fucking bit kept bending whenever it touched the bolt
i grinded a V into it, clamped and center punched that, it sorta worked but didn't end up coming out looking all that nice

sticking it in a 2x4 seems like a good way to stop the bit from deflecting, i might try this tomorrow just to see how well it would have worked

>> No.1599345

Bolts can be hard. You will need something like a carbide bit. If the bit bends, you are pushing too hard.

Drill bits are usually not self starting. So they will slide around on a flat surface until they bite. And if that isn't where you wanted the hole, too bad. This is why you need to center punch or use a centering bit.

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you don't

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Track someone's social media down based only on First Name, Sex, age range, and city of residence. I know there are ways to do it, and I figure if I could do it, people could do it to me as well.

>> No.1598195

stop stealing identities, jamal

>> No.1598196

What you just said is so easy to do that if you cant figure out on your own, youre too retarded to be trusted with such information.

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Look what I made /diy/

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i dont know what that greentext is there

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>Her dick fits inside a toilet roll tube

Wow, I'm so sorry for your lots

>> No.1598187

Yeah, feminine penises are always more petite

>> No.1598245

I'm curious to see this thing in motion.

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Didn't bother with the 'Rules Post' on the front page.
>- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.

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Anybody here have experience with Seabees? What kind of stuff did you do? I was a marine rifleman and I know seabees built all the posts we stood watch in.

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>> No.1598483

something like that. like another poster said, the Seabees are fuckin' weird.

just... some of the shit you do and see. you get stories that people will straight up not believe.

>> No.1598522

You know how the military is full of drunks, dropouts, and people the no other options?
You know how the construction industry is full of drunks, dropouts and people with no other options?
Put the two together, but don't add them, multiply them.
Now you have Seabees.

I did four years because I was too poor to afford college but too rich to get grants. There was no way in hell I was gonna put myself $60k in the hole for a degree so I signed up and used the GI Bill to go to college when I go out. VA Loans also let me get a house at a decent rate with no money down.

Would I do it again? Fuck no. I joined the wrong branch. Air Force all the way. Same pay, same benefits, way easier job, not get shot at by Haji the goat fucker while in Dumbfuckistan. Don't go into construction, it will ruin you physically and it is very feast or famine once out of the military. Do whatever job you can get in the military with the shortest enlistment term and largest signing bonus. One and done, go to college, get a real job, and try to use the preferential highering bonus to get a job for the State or Federal Government. Bam, set for life.

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im already in construction, just as a "civilian"

>> No.1598576

You're a little too old to fit in with lower enlisted, and you'll miss out on a lot of the more retarded shit Seabees get up to.
So what would you be joining for? A career? Sounds kinda insufferable to get bossed around by kids a decade younger than you till you rise to e6 and *maybe* have some peers in their 30's. Would take maybe a decade for you to do unless you've got hot shit work ethic and some great people skills. At that point you'd be in your 40's, and you'd be pretty ancient compared to peers. Sounds like a shit plan. I'd advise against it, but you do you, bro.

>> No.1599205

My friend was in the Seabees in the 60's. He learned to do concrete work and tile.

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This on old genuine fuel pump or new chinese fuel pump?

>> No.1598111

Yo what naw?

>> No.1598116

It looks nothing like no fuel pump I ever did see. What's it from?

>> No.1598139

Looks like the actuator from your moms vibrator

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I plan building a nice place for my kids on my lawn.
I have some ideas :
> two sliders
> two swings
> a fireman's pole
> a ladder

Anyone have nice and reliable website I could land my eyes on ?

>> No.1598388

Looked into one of these for my kids. A lot of people give them away for cheap provided you can pick them up. For transportation you could take it apart and nigger-rig it back together or just pick up the slide and swings

>> No.1598494

Kids have no interest in this shit anymore

>> No.1598507

>My kids have no interest in this shit anymore.

Ftfy. My kids however, 7 and 4, love this shit. Good on you OP. Go for it.

>> No.1598603

u aint got kids, do ya?

>> No.1598614

this post is giving me the creeps


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Are you tired of being constantly berated by protesters, pelting you with images of dead fetuses? Sick of meddling with those painful coat hangers? You dont want to be that wretched wench with 20 kids torturing you, and who wants to be so poor you have to live in the trailer behind the maitnence shed of the trailer park!
Well do I have a solution for you!
Introducing the ¡vac-u-vag 5000!
With over 4500 psi's of raw unadulterated sucking power. There's never a term too much for you. With 240 volts driving you're impellars inside of a state of the art carbon fiber vortex housing. You can be assured you can obliterate any pesky life invading you're overies!
So, don't let a broken condom keep you from stripping your way through college.
And Remember, there's never a term too small for.................... the vac-u-vag

>> No.1598083

You need a wet+dry vacuum, the one in your pic can't handle liquids

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>moved to new area
>water is extremely hard
>jew landlord refuses to install a water softener
>not permitted to modify the water pipes at all.

Are there any ways to correct hard water without installing a full size water softener? My clothes, car, and skin are all getting wrecked

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>> No.1598954

A’s a HSFY student I can confirm that that is not how bones or teeth operate.
In fact, prolonged calcium exposure can be harmful.
And the calcium buildup on your car may very likely be oxidising away the metal.
You are either poor bait, or really need to read a book.
But the unfiltered water may not be helping with that.

>> No.1598983

Are you posting from Flint?

>> No.1599315

Nice. This is what happens to your arteries with a shitty diet and calcium build-up.

>> No.1599318

This sounds like one of those "I'm not the problem, it's everyone else" kind of problems. You know you have every right in the world to move to a different area, right? Or even buy your own house and put in a water softener...

>> No.1599338

Hes the same typea guy to have stayed in pripyat after the chernobyl incident

> well theres always been radiation around us so I dont get why you have to be a pussy

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