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So I've just got a job managing a bar in Myanmar, but the whole place is a mess and I wondered if anyone could weigh in on a few things.

A. it's a rooftop bar on the seventh floor exposed to the wind from 3 sides and monsoon season is almost here. torrential rain and high winds. We have a sturdy metal awning but it doesn't extend far enough out from the building. we put a plastic cover on it- but the wind just picked it up line a sail and it's on the neighbors roof

B. all our electricals have Asian domestic grade INTERNAL fittings. live wires everywhere, light-bulbs that get full of water.

C. we get daily power outages that cause my ice to melt into a solid half ton block we can't even get out of the freezer. could I partition it in some was so that when it melts we can at least take it out in pieces to smash?

D. decoration ideas? we might go with old nets and ships lights/ buoy lights for the roof because they are all waterproof.
We might clad our uprights in bamboo, but I'm not sure what to weatherproof it with since the grain of split bamboo will be exposed. we've got great woven bamboo mats that we can use as table covers or even to hide the underside of the plastic cover for the roof. hardwoods here arent cheap but they are a fraction of the cost of elsewhere

Free beer for anyone who drops into Yangon when we're up and running

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