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Water, id love some vodka but I’m broke

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>guilt free

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I know this is just the laziest bait post you can make and it's been reposted a million times but still. LOOK. Even in this shitty joint webm you can see the burger angrybrithishman is holding at the top has a fucking INCH OF MEAT IN EVERY DIRECTION DEPARTING FROM THE BUN. It's literally hanging out from every direction it doesn't fucking fit. You have to eat just solid bites of meat before even reaching the fucking bun.

It's a fucking abomination. Inevitably someone will post "Well the waitress said they ran out of extra large buns."

That's the dumbest fucking excuse on the planet. A restaurant running out of something is just a sign of poor management already. But JESUS CHRIST, what sort of chef outside of a fucking McDonalds wouldn't just re-portion it. It's GROUND BEEF. Why in God's name would you not make a burger appropriate for the bun you know you don't have any of ? It's insane.

I'm a fat fucking idiot who can't cook to save his life but seeing someone who owns a restaurant be so incompetent makes me question everything. Even as a moron I could do better.

God I hate everything.

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you will never convince anyone of anything by calling names. just saying man. good luck in life.

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You dumb piece of shit stop replying, just report and move on

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Some bees are cute, but I'm quite allergic, so I wind up running away from all bees like a terrified child.

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forgot my image

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>wanting cake with the probability of a chandelier gashing your head

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>stop drinking for 8 weeks
>last night buy my usual amount of booze
>drink most of it
>wake up today feeling like shit
>buy more alcohol after work today
Am I retarded

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You know whats a special kind of hell? A bad couple.

>buy a house
>gf's married friends need a place to stay
>they dont want to live with their parents any more
>offer them a room for 500$
>they bicker fucking constantly
>he gets henpecked into oblivion, everything he is doing while cooking is wrong
>"You cut the pieces too big!" "Those are too small!" "You need to cut those the other way!" "ITS GONNA BURN!"
>she constantly shits on him for being a vegetarian
>use my aeropress funnel to put gas into her car
>uses metal utensils while cooking in my expensive sauce pan. had to fight with them to get them to stop and use the silicone utensil.
>buy limes for my recipe, and for mixed drinks later
>"Oh, our recipe called for lime but I didn't buy any at the store, we never manage to use a whole one, and don't cook with it often, we used yours sorry"
>all of my wat and rage

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Is it worth it to give myself tapeworms on purpose so I can eat like a pig every day without getting fat?

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Be literally dirt poor, uneducated, starving, sick, hopeless and exposed to all of humanity's worst on a daily basis then come back and tell me what you wouldn't eat

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Ha, ha! Time for alcohol!

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It's not a silhouette but this should be the new OP image.

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If I have wasp dreams tonight I will find you and I will be your personal wasp

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