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>Adds salt to fries
>Proceeds to add mayo on the fries

Why are people like this? Mayo adds enough flavor to fries. Why does people fail for the salt meme so much?

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>1300 calories ain't gonna do it
I'm 6'3" 182 lbs and this is about my daily calorie intake you fat piece of shit.

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Have you heard of the Dunning–Kruger effect?

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>get a (You)
>buddhurd xD
>haha no arguments
>another internet argument won!
welcome newfriend

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>hey guys anon here with your weekly dominos® tip! order less dough from us for the same price. it's just like in brooklyn! yummy yummy! :^)

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>season to taste

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>eating in your car
Do Americans regularly do this?

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>taking pictures at grocery stores

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Another lying meme. I overseason my food to hell and back.

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>seared on a slab of himalayan rock salt

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>live in vancouver
>only restaurants are rat infested chinese and smelly indian

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>thinly veiled furry thread

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>restaurant closing at 10pm
>arrive at 9:40pm and order a meal
>all the staff have an attitude and everyone's pissed off

What the fuck is wrong with these entitled cunts? Change your closing hours if you don't like it or otherwise just quit your job you lazy asshole.

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I just happened to have ground lamb on hand. I wasn't going for perfect authenticity. I was going for deliciousness. It has curry powder in the crust, it just doesn't have a ton of turmeric added or yellow food dye to make it neon yellow.

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>not eating a proper breakfast

Why do manchidren do this?

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>themed parties
>they're actually bug catcher parties where negholes are pozzed

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>this didn't end in a car crash

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>a skeleton with skin slapped on it

Imagine that.

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>he skips breakfast
>he thinks coffee and cigarette is a breakfast

How do we stop the manchild epidemic that's affecting young men? How do we get them to grow up?

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omg 200 avocados a day holy shit that is so many!

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>season to taste

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>not eating breakfast

How do fix manchildren who skip the most important meal of the day? And how do we fix the edgelord manchildren who think coffee and a cigarette is a breakfast when really it's just them trying to act cool and compensate because they have no personality?

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>being this normie

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are you literally 12 or 13 years old? i know its supposed to be ironic but i honestly cant fathom men into their 20's sitting at a computer, typing this shit, posting it, having a chuckle to themselves. it gives me the fear to be honest

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