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how do prepare flay minion

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Let it rest to room temp. Generous amount of salt on both sides, bit of pepper on both sides.

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Spice it, Hot pan 2_5 minutes in side, flip. Same

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Surely this is trolling.

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Prepare my anus

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cook it to well done to make sure you don't get any parasites or food poisoning

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just say Wala at it and it will sear itself to a perfect medium-rare

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spray the shit out of it with cooking spray, boil it in salt water and garnish with ketchip and ranch

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>coat one side with fresh cracked pepper and crushed beef stock cubes
>pan nice and hot with a lot of butter
>sear uncoated side, add chopped shallots
>flip to other side
>add worcestershire, then cognac and flombay it
>take steak out
>add demi glace, beef stock, or water to pan sauce
>add cream and parsley
>wala, steak awe pooave

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>>9979655 (OP)
>coat one side with fresh cracked pepper and crushed beef stock cubes
>pan nice and hot with a lot of butter
>sear uncoated side, add chopped shallots
>flip to other side
>add worcestershire, then some cone yac and flombay it
>take steak out
>add demi gloss, beef stock, or water to pan sauce
>add cream and parsley
>wala, steak awe pooave

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My sister orders filet mignon well done every single time we go out for this exact reason. I tell her if she's going to get it well done just save 20 dollars and get a fucking sirloin but she never listens.

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fillet mignon is one of the few cuts that will not be extremely tough well done. sirloin on the other hand is shit regardless of temp. If I were forced to eat well done steak I'd go with fillet.

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More like 45 seconds a side unless you like toast.

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That's incorrect.

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you don't like toast?

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>flay minion

The absolute state of anglos.

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Dice it up, make a stew.

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You little devil, you.

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Here you go, Flay minion

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I'd say let that bitch marinate in buttermilk for a good 4 hours
Heat the grill up nigga. And turn that fucking stovetop up to over 9000
Sear the shit out of that bitch for a good minute on each side
Grab some aluminum foil and a bunch of your choice of veggies
Wrap it all up and throw it on the grill
pair with a nice baked potater and red wine if you're looking to fuck, white wine if you're looking to get fucked

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You don't salt and pepper until it's finished. Everyone knows this.

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Really? How can you be so sure?

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marinate it in soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, salt, pepper.
cook on high heat 15 minutes per side
cover with catsup

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it is trolling. and don't call me shirley

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This. I had some friends over to grill out and I decided to be extra and do filet mignon. This lanky fucker dumped a bunch of that ready mix Montreal steak seasoning on it. Ruined everything.

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sous vide

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No you salt meat early like the night before.

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I've gotten into this. It brings out the proteins or whatever helping the meat to get a much better crust.

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Touche (too lazy to figure out the correct accent mark in SwiftKey, apologies).

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Nothing to see here, bait thread, move along.

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stick it in a cold pot with about 1/2 inch water, slowly bring it up to a slight simmer, then use an immersion blender to puree it a bit. serve over rice

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Deep fry it

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it is not though. aside from the room temp (you could do it sous vide) he is correct. crust crust crust

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You sound like fat people trying to fight scientific evidence
Salt and pepper just falls off the fucking meat if you go flipping it
At least salt and pepper it shortly before pulling it off the fucking heat source
Salt and pepper has an actual taste, and unless you're preserving the meat, don't salt or pepper it until yo know the salt and pepper will stay on the damn thing, or you know how to utilize oil as an adhesive agent

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>salt doesn't dissolve
You salt the night before.

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I don't know. I figured if this was truly a bait thread the OP would have a picture of those meat glued filets you get in individually wrapped vacu packs for 5 bucks.

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No you don't. And dissolution was not what I was implying.
You can salt before, there are certain benefits, yes.
But you salt and pepper after cooking every time for the salt and pepper's actual flavor to come out AND accentuate the meat's taste and aromas.

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>No you don't.
Yes you season the night before. And you finish with wet salts like maldon/fleur de sel.

I can cite herold mcgee and Thomas keller who recommend doing this.

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Salt itself doesn't have a flavor, but is instead a flavor enhancer. It does have texture, though, if that's what you're going for. The pepper does have flavor and many chefs are coming around to the idea of peppering after cooking due to the possibility of it burning in the pan or on a grill.

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Next time, be more specific then.
My point was, in my example, not to salt in a marinade (which should be heavily aromatic herbs, if any) and salt after cooking, as with pepper as generic iodized salt and black peppercorns have little-to-no aromatic qualities and serve little to no function in preparing meat.
Setting up an argument for failure is the equivalent to you preparing a different argument since the beginning. It's a fallacy, and next to time you wanna play that game you can go fuck yourself.

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You salt meat the night before, that is what I said.
You're just retarded and can't read.

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Fuck off fatass

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>flay minion
idc if this is a troll. You’re retarded

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Not an argument

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Salting before is a waste of salt.
Prove me wrong.

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what is the literacy rate of your shithole?

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consider yourself proven wrong.

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wtf is this from and who gives a shit?
taste is subjective Anon, you and your tendy childhood should know this better than anyone

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>wtf is this from and who gives a shit?
It's you being proven wrong.

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Who the fuck do you think you're arguing with? Until you can prove me wrong personally, with examples (timestamps), then you can go get salmonella poisoning. As a matter of taste, over preservation of supplies, salting in a marinade is a waste of salt and pepper.
It's the oil that soaks in all the spices, liquids, and herbs you add to a marinade. And without an oil and/or vinegar, marinading with salt and pepper only is a waste. You salt and pepper when the bitch is cooking, or after it has finished cooking. Just like how you add squeezes of lemon or lime to a dish afterwards.

Period. There is no argument. Spoiler alert, no one wins this argument, kid. Internet arguments are like the special olympics, no one wins. Even though I've come in first place. Because, salting and peppering after cooking would actually bring out the taste of salt and pepper with compliments to the buttery meat. Why in the fucking hell would ever salt and pepper before cooking the steak? WHY? What fucking purpose is there. In your own damn words. Type it out. Tell me, with your own personal experience, how salting and peppering as a marinade is better than salting and peppering the steak after it's finished cooking. Then go and tell me why every restaurant in the world salts and peppers their meats AFTER it's finished cooking.

I'll wait.

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Oh, when someone says salt you think marinade. Gotcha, now I know why you are so incoherent.

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You can't; that's why. You're a fucking faggot. And that's why you're wrong, and will always be wrong. You think a few pages of someone's beliefs towards what is right and wrong in cooking and taste is the high seat of all that is tasteful and correct in the kitchen, with regards to all manners of cooking and preparation.

Next time I want a book to tell me what is right over personal experience, I'll avoid fucking your mother in the ass because the bible and a million others' told me so.
Get the fuck out of here bitch. You wanna learn to cook? Try it sometime.

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>be wrong
>get btfo by food scientists and one of the most respected chefs ever
>double down on your wrongness

>> No.9980911

>You can't; that's why.
Nobody gives a shit how you cook grand slam breakfasts served to drunks.

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Bring it. You think pretending to be right makes you right? Get on my level.

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>let's just make up rules as we go along
>we win!

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>If I change the argument, then I'll have won something, at least!

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You're the idiot that misreads salting with marinade

>> No.9980949

hahaha okay, kid, whatever you say
it's not like I won anything, you made damn sure of that

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Go ahead and tell me then, what benefits lie with salting and peppering the steak either during the marinade, or after marinading but before cooking it.
Then tell me how different the benefits would be with you salting and peppering the steak after it's finished cooking, as opposed to salting and peppering before.

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If you salt before then the salt goes deeper into the meat. I'll let kenji tell you...
As for after, people like salty crunch; that is why maldon sea salts are great to sprinkle on steak right before cutting into it.

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Salt does not soak into the meat. This is a Jewish marketing scheme set to sell salt. Kosher salt? Coincidence?

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give me the source on this lewd image please

>> No.9981134

Pumpkin Sinclair Alexis

>> No.9981147

>Salt does not soak into the meat.
The fuck you on about? You've never heard of dry brining?

>> No.9981163

The salt pulls water out of the meat, salt dissolves in this water, meat reabsorbs salty water

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anon I...

>> No.9981209

Then what's the point of adding pepper.
Unless you sear the meat, that salty soaked meat would be pointless. But not if you just add salt after it's finished cooking.

>> No.9981228

you must be getting some really shitty sirloin if that's the case

>> No.9981258

That's not how osmosis works, dildo.

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the cheapest sirloin I've had is prime grade from costco. Tried 50 day aged sirloin from a steak house in seattle and it was still tough. ribeye from the same place was amazing. never had good sirloin except ground up for meatballs...

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>meathead goldwyn
>use kosher salt
Yeah okay.

>> No.9981308

Goldwyn isn't jewish, poltard.

>> No.9981321

>Jewish: Americanization of a like-sounding Ashkenazic surname.
Literally the first google result.

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it's anglo. Literally the first definition.

>> No.9981336

Read the second sentence and then sit down little boy.

>> No.9981346

Read the first sentence and goback2pol.
Fuck you don't even know which names are jewish or not.

>> No.9981351

Just give it up, we all know who is responsible for this post.

>> No.9981359

A Jew would know a Jewish name, wouldn’t they?

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You don't know how to cook, go back to /mlp/ or whatever other degenerate board you came from.

>> No.9981376

I agree. Some people might like it but I've never had one that I thought was anything but mediocre.

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is this anon saying you can't pickle meat because salt won't penetrate?

>> No.9981573

it is 100% incorrect and you ruin the steak by doing that.

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>salt water marinade

>> No.9982255

Yes. If you stick around long enough you'll notice that there is a merry prankster on /ck/ who likes to post single questions in mangled English.

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well there's your fuckin problem right there mate

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holy shit that entire piece of land is a floating mass of dirt that needs to stop existing.

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nah eat a dick cunt

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>Replies in Anglo

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Put in in salted water on a rolling boil. Take it out after 1 minute and immediately put in a plastic bag full of black pepper and seal air-tight. Leave it on a counter/room temp for 2 hours to ferment, then remove excess seasoning and broil each side for 30 seconds. Serve with some pureed tomato relish reduction.

>> No.9982310

The nutritional content is identical to sirloin or rump

It's all fucking bullshit

>> No.9982342

Goddamn I miss Leslie Nielsen.

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sure buddy, keep eating sirloin

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>thinking the only quality that defines food is ita nutritional content

>> No.9983059

shut up dyel

>> No.9983468

I am not gonna lie. I want to run that through a bacon slicer and make some amazing sandwich steaks.

I am not gonna lie. That looks like fatty puke central.
You can keep that m8.

>> No.9983480

>Seasoning food

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>not understanding marbling
eat your ramen and watch your anime, faggot

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On dit filet mignon, fils de pute va.

>> No.9983713

You are now the biggest newfag ever.

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You're a fucking retard.

>> No.9984216

wa la

>> No.9984360

You are so unfathomably stupid to think salt applied the night before will "fall off". A process called "dry brining" where you salt the meat hours ahead to overnight is a common industry practice. The moisture in the meat will dissolve the salt creating a brine that is then osmotically absorbed into the meat.

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