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>All jack related images gifs and webms
Also does anyone have that name of the chef show he was on?

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do you have to?

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I just started coming here recently, anyone wanna redpill me on jack? I've seen some webms, but are they cherry picked, or is he constantly taking the piss?

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I used to think he was just fucking around but he just really sucks at everything cooking related that he tries

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No, he's a real life idiot.

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I actually have one
I hope this is it

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Why does he never turn the heat on? Grill, stovetop, hot plate, or whatever. He never turns it on until later.

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Not sure if this is a jack webm or something else, let's see.

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56% American but 100% absolute retard

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Thanks for making a thread and not spamming webm

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the conception of a non-newtonian marinade is still one of the best moments in culinary history

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he's /jack/ing it in heaven now

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Was that the podcast thing we're he talks about almost choking his son to death and how enthused he would be to genocide Palestinians?

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2bh tho, I would be happy to, too

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Does Jack have any professional qualifications or did he learn to cook watching food network?

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The way he eats fucking triggers me so hard

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>did he learn to cook

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You know what triggers me the most? The way he fucking stirs when he put in ingredients for a sauce. This is just infuriating. It's retarded.

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I honestly don't understand how he can be as bad as he is. A lot of the dishes he ruins are almost impossible to fuck up.

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Is it just me or is that grid iron upside down? If you look at the horizontal bars they are slightly more raised than the vertical ones and that's what's causing the sheet to lay unevenly and the egg to slide off. I just feel like it shouldn't be like that.

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Jack is a fucking talentless mongrel. He fucks everything up he touches. He always has the heat too low when he cooks, he mixes with forks, he ruins food on the regular and always says it's perfect and juicy.

He has enough loyal followers that he hauls in about $4,000 a month by being a complete retard.

So, in the end, he wins.

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I don't think anyone believes he can actually cook. It's more of a perverse fascination with watching something horrible like a house fire or ritual suicide.

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We need at least one ja/ck/ thread a year to remind us of our roots. The myth, the legend, the man who shaped us to who we are today.

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post more juicy webms

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His early years we forgave him of his faggotry, but ten years on and he still does the same dumb shit is unexcusable.

I wish his wife would be the fuck out of him next time he makes her be on camera.

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>I don't think anyone believes he can actually cook
Do you think he knows?

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No, he's clearly mentally ill.

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I hate this fatfuck so much

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>wastes all the batter
>dumps it in lukewarm oil

Jack, I...

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Can we get this guy put away in an institute for the criminally insane, is that something you can make an anonymous tip about? He's clearly a danger to himself and others.

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This is new. Any more fresh ja/ck/ webms?

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No, it's old, from August last year.

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New to me. Got more?

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take a look at this smug face, he's so proud of this shit dish

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Juicy chicken. Look at the juice just gushing out. It's so juicy you guys. It's amazing.

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why is all his cutlery so irritating/ knives that are just the outline of the knife missing the entire steel , forks with hollow handles.... fuckkkkkk

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How has he not contracted salmonella yet is beyond me

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Ja/ck/ grills his ribs on high heat. That's all you need to know

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He's told his viewers multiple times to let chicken come to room temp prior to cooking. Then he undercooks it.

He has enough money so I'm flabbergasted why he doesn't buy a thermapen. Hell, I figure someone would've sent him a thermometer by now.

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Even if they did he wouldn't use it.

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he's like a real life Homer, no one can figure out how someone so dumb could afford a house, a grill and a family

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notice that this fuckin'neanderthal let the sticker on the apple...

yup: he only cares about useless gadgets

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he left the fucking sticker, holy shit

at this point I really wonder if he is just not messing with us

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his stupid fucking ring triggers me more than anything else. I can't even watch webm's without getting angry and generally stop as soon it becomes clear that it is him.

I intend to never hear his voice.

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his tacky ring, his fat sausage fingers, his squinty eyes, his disgusting beard (he can't even eat properly >>9977948), his revolting clumsiness etc.

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His reflexes are so slow. His brain is obviously damaged; you can see it trying to process what's happening.

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why did he get the apron with the picture on it made up?

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>be fat
>make youtube videos
>"oh he must know a lot about food"
>become quasi youtube star

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Yeah and the corner screw holes should also be on the bottom. So its no just you. Ja/ck/ just does things his own way.

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don't participate if you don't like it
i love jacks fuck ups

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no he's pretty much special class material

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i've never listened to the audio on this one but i bet it's darksydephil-level
oh wow
i was using spatulas

i mean just let it heat up for a second

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This thread left me in fucking tears from laughter. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. God bless this fat unskilled piece of shit.

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He had so much time to save it the heat wasn't even on

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I love how he just pushes the bowl even further away

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>be the fuck out of him

aggressive existence

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What the fuck happened here?

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This and the grill egg are easily the best if the Jack webms.

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I refuse to watch Jack videos on principle, but he probably fucked up a recipe for some kind of Asian chicken.
It probably called for coating the chicken in cornstarch, then battering it.
He probably put the corn starch in the batter.

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What's wrong with mixing with forks?

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Go back to /fit/.

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No really, I bake and cook on a regular basis and use a fork when I don't need to actually aerate something. What's the big deal?

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A while does it better and aerates properly. A good metal whisk is cheap. Don't be like Jack.

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I'm certain he has fetal alcohol syndrome.

Someone screenshot this thread and send it to him.

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>aerates properly

Well yes, and I use a balloon whisk when I need to. But why dirty up a whisk if you just need to quickly whisk some eggs or mix dry ingredients?

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Stfu Jack

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kek but can you give me one good reason not to use a fork in those situations?

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is Ja/ck/ a closet gay?
he does seem to like collecting gadgets for the kitchen...

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A fork doesn't thoroughly mix or blend. Now fuck off.

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Maybe for large quantities but a little bowl of flour and salt is well mixed with a fork if you don't whisk it like a dummy.

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is he a manlet?