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Why are Starbucks employees always so combative and rude to people?

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theyre trained to never lose. at the corporate hq training facility in des moines. 9 week course. only top 20% graduate. theyre told to never accept defeat and never come in 2nd place.

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>12k people subscribed
I hope he bought those subs

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glorified fast food employees

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>The God of Cringe

Fuck, he got me.

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The guy in the vídeo is a faggot, I don't use the word subhuman lightly, but he truly is subhuman.

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I feel terrible for the poor workers. Imagine trying to work your menial job and this fucking sweaty crosseyed homonculous waddles in, his fat sweaty body leaving permanent grease stains on the floor walls and counter top. He flops his fatty appendage towards them and utters something that may be construed as words to a retarded caveman. Imagine having to service that.

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Why shoot the video like a selfie the entire time?

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His videographer was sick that day, the sound guy was on vacation, MAU was getting plugged by tyrone, and the lighting grip was defrosting his freezer.

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>the god of cringe

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Why does every male Starbucks barista have to talk in that stereotypical flaming fag voice? Even if they don't look gay they have that fucking dumb tone of voice. Is it a requirement to work there?

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Thanks for clearing that up anon. Good looking out.

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You have to be a faggot to work there.

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Yes. Heterosexual men don't apply to work at Starbucks.

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Don't give this faggot views

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Is there an archive site for youtube videos? Similar to the archive sites for news websites?

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No I've been subscribed to Joel on YouTube for over a year now before he made H3 H3 famous

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Who was in the wrong here?
On the one hand he needed a refill on his drink but he was filming them and on the other hand that lady was super rude and disrespectful to him before she got his caramel mochattio.

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Making YouTube videos is his career, depriving him of views is basically stealing money out of his wallet desu.

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You could tell within a split-second he's just trying to be a dick. Yeah they're running a business, but at least give the people that work there some level of respect.

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They are no way in the wrong. She wasn't rude she was asking a legitimate question and could tell the guy was being a cunt.

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The customer is always right, don't like it? Don't go into customer service.
Starbucks employees are the scum of the Earth, they don't deserve one iota of respect from anyone. She was a rude cunt for no reason, it's not like the drink was coming out of her paycheck.

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She was a cunt when she asked it in a snide manner and refused to hand the drink back to him in the manner he wanted her too.
If I was her manager I would've written her up for that.

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>it's not like the drink was coming out of her paycheck.
I'd never hire you

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Because you'll never own a business or hold down a real job.

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he looks like that painfully unfunny comedian that talks about weed all the time and never inhales.

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Inhaling is bad for you. Nothing wrong with that.

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Because they serve people who haven't had their daily dose of the devil's beverage yet all day. These people that they have to serve are both drug addicts and stupid enough to pay $5 every day for a cup of shitty coffee. Their lives are hell.

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This is self aware cringe. The total opposite of cringe.

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not this mother fucker again. Stay on r9k with your autistic youtube channel spam.

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Lol a starbux thread.. More proof this board is infested with normies. Ive never even been inside a starbucks in my entire life.

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Starbucks is suuuuuuuuper good tho. I go every day and get a venti horchata almondmilk frap with extra extra whip and caramel on top. It might be for normies but it's soooo good lol I love it, I would literally die without my Starbucks

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I have been noticing male waiters acting a little gay and flirty recently too, I guess that gets them bug tips from certain people

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>coffeecunt expects to be treated like a person

lmao you should be glad I didn't leave a bag of concrete lying around for you to pick up

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Heh, you must be one if those "certain people"

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>imagine if one day you were at your job
>and you actually had to do it

huh, guess I'm not the only one who read 1001 millenial horror stories.

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Why doesn't the scanner thing x-ray her boobies

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Damn dude you're so awesome
I bet you "don't even remember the last time you checked Facebook" and "don't even know what Netlflix is chuckle."
I bet you also eat only "locally sourced organic produce" which probably includes the local Starbucks barista's dick

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I don't tip so I'm not

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>being this hurt

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all of the male waiters at the restaurant i worked at were openly gay

the straight guys worked at the bar

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This is incredibly annoying but hilarious at the same time

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Imagine getting home from your dead end minimum wage service job and continuing to complain about your customers in your spare time on the internet.
It's like you never even left work, you're at home, and you're still in work mode.
All those faggot baristas who complain about being forced to make a slightly more complex limited time meme drink puzzle me to no end.
This is your job, it's what you're being paid to do. Go work somewhere else if you don't want to make purple mango abominations for $9.00 an hour.

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Oh the horror!

I have to say though, going down with the ship in a failing company is a ride. One day everything is normal and then day by day things start getting more and more fucked up until you're working in bizarro world.

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Didn't watch the video. Refuse to watch the video. That guy looks like an absolute cunt.

I rarely have issues with service workers being combative or rude. The trick is to not be a cunt. Everyone is going to be combative if you start off being a dickhead to them.

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I worked as a cashier at a grocery store that went out of business. I honestly turned into a psychopathic monster the last few days because I just didn't give a fuck. A few customers almost tried to fight me, but I guess they decided it wasn't worth it. It's not like I was gonna get fired or anything and it was a great stress relief to abuse all the vultures that were used to getting their way.

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>failing company
Are you retarded? Starbucks is one of the biggest companies on Earth.

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Can you not read?

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How bad could it possibly get?
Why would you even get emotionally attached to a dead end job? Stress relief? What the fuck?
I've worked retail and fast food and it's just a fucking job.

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I was losing my source of income. I didn't know whether I'd be able to find another job soon enough to pay for rent. I didn't want to be on unemployment benefits.
After a couple days of old women bitching at me because everything in the store was only 50% off and dumb fucks asking me if EVERYTHING in the store was on sale despite there being signs at every isle stating that yes, everything was discounted, it wore on my nerves. There's only so many times you can hear "oh, im so sad to hear you're closing I shopped here all the time" before you say "huh, I've never seen you in here, what amazing luck"

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>i live alone
>i have no savings
>i moved out without any semblance of financial security
>i have no marketable skills so i'm forced to work unskilled labor that any monkey can do
it's like you live only to suffer

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No, the customer is not always right. The customer is very often completely wrong, and the idea that they cannot be wrong is one of the reasons customer service is so hard.

Customers aren't entitled to anything they want whenever they want it. They should have reasonable expectations and be able to comprehend the realities of running a buisness. Sometimes you have to wait for a table. Sometimes the restaurant runs out of ingredients. You don't deserve compensation for everything.

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>Everyone is going to be combative if you start off being a dickhead to them.

as someone who was a barista for 7 years. this is correct.
just because you are the customer, doesnt mean you have the right to treat the employee like trash because you feel like they have to be nice to you no matter what.
never understood why people to this day still follow the whole "the customer is always right" saying. you know thats a bunch of bullshit.

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Customers follow it to get their way, and weak managers follow it because they are too afraid of losing buisness. Even though the worst customers are usually cheap bastards anyway.

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>their lives are he'll.

By their own choice.

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I know a girl who works at Starbucks, by choice, instead of as a fully trained chef like she used to be and this is all she fucking does everytime I see her. She's turned into the most miserable sjw obese cunt ive ever met since she quit her sous chef job in the best restaurant in town a couple years ago and went full time at cuckbucks. It's like she gave up on life and just projects that hate onto everyone around her and all her customers and never lets it go even when work is over.

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If I was the franchise owner I'd fire you for writing her up you gormless cunt

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>barista for 7 years
Customers have every right to treat you any way they want. You are a failure as a person and you should be thanking each and every one of them for giving a fat, retarded, skilless woman like you a menial job.

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I have never had any problems at Starbucks. I've been to locations all over the world too. In Hong Kong the dude at McDonald's couldn't understand the word cheeseburger but the Starbucks people understood my complicated drink order I quickly rattle off every time.

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You are all retarded and watch so much "reality television" that you cant recognize bad acting.
That entire encounter was staged. The barista is an aquaintance and he paid for that drink.

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>Everything is a conspiracy! Fox news told me so!

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That goes both ways. If I'm getting paid a shit wage to do demanding work how much do you think I care about the prospect of losing my job? I usually provide good service regardless but occasionally when someone comes up to me and acts like a complete cunt I'll give then subpar service. I don't work as a barista, I am a cashier in a grocery store. Most days I wish they would fucking fire me so I could go on to do something else instead. It would probably pay even less though so I hold onto that $12 an hour as long as I can.

Older folks that work at my store are on old contracts and make better money. They are usually happier people that provide better service. The store is constantly trying to buy them out and get them to retire but they refuse. When all the boomer fucks die off it's going to be hilarious watching everything take a massive dip. I've seen what newer stores in the chain look like and it's pretty sad.

With all this said I don't plan on living in the US in the future. The fucked up social order is going to bring huge problems that people like you are too dumb to see coming. I don't want to raise my kids in that kind of environment.

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Wow, I'm going to be honest I'm not going to read the deluded ramblings of such a huge loser. I'm glad I touched a nerve though, sweetie. The customer is king, the customer is always right. Anyone who works at Starbucks for 7 years in any capacity other than regional manager or higher is inherently wrong.

>> No.9967486

>he thinks saying sweetie in a condescending way is the height of hilarity

Okay dad back to Facebook. But really though most of my customers are great people and I go out of my way to help them save money because fuck my cheap employer. If you're a turd in life's punch bowl I'll find a way to make everything take an extra five minutes though. Time is money and yours is worthless to me.

>> No.9967497

A janitor has more self- respect than any loser working in fast food for 7 years, honey. I already know you are passive aggressive to customers that make you do your job, pumpkin. Making them wait an extra 5 minutes is the most power you've ever had or ever will have in your life, sugar.

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Such edge. I don't work in fast food but no disrespect to anyone who does. Especially if they don't suck at their job. At the end of the day money is money, if that's enough for you cool, not gonna judge.

Even though I'm working a shitty job myself I saved enough up to take six months off. That's what I'm doing right now. I have plans to retire before I'm 40 too. I'd probably be as angry as you are if I was paying off a car or a mortgage and some guy sitting on the beach was laughing at me.

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i'm pretty sure this guy is shilling his videos here, every couple of months a thread like this gets posted.

>> No.9967546

You're not fooling anybody, dumliing. I believe you are on a """break""" because you're unemployable, babycakes. It's unladylike of you to project your anger there, princess, between OP's video and your first post I've been laughing for a solid 30 minutes. My house is paid off, my car is paid off, I'm in a healthy, stable relationship, all because I actually got a useful degree instead of being a skilless list working in fast food for almost a decade, sweetie-pie. Thanks for the hearty laugh.

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Congrats bro. Don't cry to me when she takes half.

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>"he" has never heard of a pre-nup
>you on the left
>me on the right
Nobody cries to you except yourself. I think its safe to call you a bitter, kissless, handholdless, eyecontactless permavirgin now.

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Yeah this fucker added me on fb just because I had h3 liked. His real name is Joel Glazer,

>> No.9967586

Those get thrown out all the time.
Divorce lawyers entire bread and butter is sucking the man dry for everything they can get, plus, it's very easy to insinuate that the prenup was signed under duress.

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>I had h3 liked
How many soy-based foods do you consume everyday?

>> No.9967593

Only in states where """""men""""" work at Starbucks for 7 years as a career.

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This dude's channel of the video originally presented on this thread isn't even all that successful! Holy shit what a sad bastard to be so desperate on his totally un-funny act that people obviously cannot stand. I highly doubt his material is even advertiser friendly. I would bet he only makes $500 bucks off that channel. And trust me guys I would know. He's only like 3.5 million views total but the amount of videos he has it somewhat high. A channel with about 14 times his would make on average $4-7 grand per month with regular releases. So he probably makes about $2-500 per month off his. That is kinda sad.

>> No.9967626

My apologies for my somewhat poor grammar, but one more thing too. What else does this guy do every day? I wonder if he even has a regular job. With how little he makes off his channel I would assume if not working he most likely collects food stamps and quite possibly disability. Man... I am somehow for some weird reason fascinated by people like that.

>> No.9967690

When you were partying, I studied the bagel. When you were having premarital sex, I mastered the footlong. While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, I cultivated sandwich toasting. And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for a meatball sub on honey oat, hold the cheese

>> No.9967756

You're in a stable relationship with a well off career and you're bragging about it on 4chan? Where oh where did your life go so wrong

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>bug tips

>> No.9967772

Not every anon is a bitter lonely poorfag like you. There is nothing wrong with using and liking 4chan you dumb redditor.

>> No.9967776

Yeah but why brag to a bunch of Mongolian basket weavers?

>> No.9967777

I want even bragging, he made an assumption and i simply corrected him.

>> No.9967780

A better answer, because it makes permavirgins like you angry.

>> No.9967793

Way to project, senpai
I'm not the starbucks fag and I'm engaged ;^)

>> No.9967800

This is how the rest of the world sees all Americans, by the way.

>> No.9967856

I know you're not and I'm very happy for you and your boyfriend.

>> No.9967861

Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.9967888

You say that mockingly but you are correct and thank you. Now you call me a filthy degenerate right?

>> No.9967903

Why do you fags always victimize yourselves so much?

>> No.9967950

Not really playing victim. This is 4chan I just figured you would be the type to do that. My bad then

>> No.9967952

He would have

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>not looking at people when you talk to them
Are all Americans like that ?

>> No.9968110

I bet I'm thinner than you :^)

>> No.9968113

>someone looking at their phone while talking to you
Yes, a lot of people are like that, sadly.

>> No.9968127

You're right but he did it for me.

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>> No.9968396

why are they so obsessed? kek

>> No.9968428


The people who follow it are taking it out of context. "The customer is always right" refers specifically to people who are ACTUALLY SPENDING MONEY and about improving customer satisfaction over the long term. Some dick trying to get a free drink isn't right.

>> No.9968443

Imagine being this huttburt. Didn't read lol

>> No.9968448

I remember him from a few years back. These videos were 100% serious but now he's tried "rebranding" his videos as cringe. He's just a dumb asshole. Imagine if Martin Shkreli was poor but still a smug pompous dick.

>> No.9968455

>he thinks Europe has a flag

>> No.9968462

Unfortunately a lot of my fellow countrymen don’t know the difference between the EU and Europe.
We call them flyovers.

>> No.9968515

doesn't know
doesn't care

>> No.9968532

>Asking someone to turn around to grab their free drink when they're recording you and being a cunt is rude
I refuse to believe you actually think she's in the wrong. Stop being a contrarian faggot.

>> No.9968539

>caring enough to post a reply
Shot yourself in the foot there, retard.

>> No.9968709

>being this wrong on both accounts
Who hurt you and why do have a need to feel powerful against a stranger?

>> No.9968721

must be real popular with pedophiles surprised I'd never heard of it before

>> No.9968727

>The customer is always right
I worked at fucking Whole Foods and they never even said that. My current company specifically says in training "No, the customer is not always right, but they are always your customer."

Where did that saying start? I have never worked at a single company that actually says it.

>> No.9968747

The customer is never right, ever.

>> No.9968758

Does it make me a conspiracy theorist if I believe that most conspiracy theories were pushed or at least perpetuated by the government in an effort to split resistance and make them seem crazy?

>> No.9968826

Why would it be popular with pedophiles? Enlighten the naive pls.

>> No.9968830


Its an old as fuck saying that has been completely misconstrued after god knows how long.

>> No.9968835


No it makes you right.

>> No.9968840

uh, no. If you are in a service industry, you are being paid to serve. In your role as a servant, the customer is ALWAYS right. Your job is literally to make the customer happy

>> No.9968842

A lot of pedos just prefer soft core dancing shit that girls put on youtube themselves since it's consensual. (And at least questionably legal like jr idol gravure vids) Youtube takes them down most of the time, so if hooktube gets them before they do, that's what I meant.

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I've been to Starbucks numerous times and the employees have never been anything but polite and pleasant.

If you have negative interactions with employees every time you go to one, then you're probably the asshole.

>> No.9969210

I'm clapping, bro. Post of the year 2018 my dude!

>> No.9969274


You are an idiot. Your job is to make the customer happy up until they become abusive at which point you kick them the fuck out of the store.

>> No.9969289

You are not paid to judge when you think a customer is being abusive. That is your managers job servant.

>> No.9970424

One day i had to shut down there drive thru so I could set up my crane to fly upntheir new ac and heating unit because they didn’t come off the parking spots like we told them to do and they threw a bitch fit and got their corporate offices involved, bunch of cunts

>> No.9970774

A properly trained employee definitely has the judgement to determine the best way to serve a customer, including denying service.

If retail and food service employees actually were trained properly, gave a shit about their jobs, and weren't threatened by managers who abuse ignorance of labor law shit would be so much easier.

>> No.9971322

>Anon said from behind his glowing computer screen, the only source of light in his mother's basement.
Has mommy made your tendies yet?

>> No.9971451

The customer in the video was being a dick and trying to egg the employee on. I don't see your point at all.

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File: 830 KB, 719x535, JUST FUCK MY LIFE UP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as someone who was a barista for 7 years. this is correct.

>> No.9972484

I don't ever go to starbucks. I just wanted a large iced coffee with 2 shots of espresso and for my brother. The manager came to the window and tried to teach me the proper way to order whatever it's supposed to be, had me repeat it back multiple times, but there's really no reason I should have to learn their made up language.

>> No.9972661

Not everything is that black and white. I hate people like you.

>> No.9972677

I hope you didn't make that edit, because it is fucking awful.

>> No.9972713

What's wrong with it?

>> No.9972724

I worked as a manager for a few Targets that had Starbucks inside. It was always women throwing tantrums over petty bullshit. Sometimes if the opening barista was sick or had a flat tire it wouldn’t be open and they’d go ballistic. Imagine being addicted to overpriced shitty coffee.

>> No.9972857

Is the guy in video how average american looks like and behaves? Becasue that's disgusting human "being".

>> No.9972862

people at starbucks are usually nice as fuck. there was one time though at an airport starbucks, probably the only time i can remember any kind of customer service person being unecessarily rude

>me and my gf get some coffee when we get off the plane
>ask for very simple coffee/iced coffee, both of us nice because we're both retail workers
>girl refused to speak, make eye contact, or otherwise move the order along in a normal way. wouldn't even confirm that she heard or comprehended the order. walked away as i was finishing my sentence

i said out loud "what the fuck?" when that happened. i understand having a bad day but it seemed like she was intentionally trying to piss us off.

>> No.9972904

>the customer is always right
I don't even work retail or food but I still find that sentiment retarded. Sure, a worker should try and cater to your needs but that doesn't give you free reign to be an ass to people. Only faggots with superiority complexes go out of their way to make things difficult for employees.

>> No.9972909

Holy shit the Customer is never right.
That statement was only true until the Boomers abused the fuck out of it.
If we still did business that way we would be perma fucked on budgets cause Boomers will bitch about every thing and want a refund for literally EVERYTHING.

>> No.9972923

Are you fucking new here?

>> No.9972925

Their international quality control is insane and I too noticed a similar thing in GuanZhou China.

>> No.9972942

They have never been rude to me, but numerous times they are too busy fucking around talking to each other to take my order.

>> No.9972949

If they didn't accept the word "Large" they were improperly trained.
I only worked Fast Food in high school but part of our training was learning the naming conventions for sizes from multiple restaurants.

>> No.9973199

>the customer is always right
That's just an old Sears motto. People who throw it around like it's official law might as well be asking why a Michelin Star restaraunt doesn't let you 'Have it Your Way (tm)'

>> No.9973222
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>all these minimum wagers getting buttflustered over "customer is always right"
It is fine to push back in a real job when the customer demands something nonsensical. Like if you design bridges and your customer wants the bridge to be made out of glass and have struts that explode in a crosswind, sure, tell them no.

But if you're a starbucks "coffee artist" and someone insists that a cappuccino has whipped cream, you give them the god damm whipped cream, and you apologize for screwing up their drink.

Don't like it? Go work in the stock room at a grocery store, where you don't have to deal with the public.

>> No.9973635

can you get more american than this?
>asks for more because he wasn't satisfied
>barista can't deny him because muh customer is always right
>eats it like a literal pig with a smug smile

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File: 1.16 MB, 1379x739, 16622daee6dc56bc15fffc4401d578e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to starbucks
>find random cashier
>"you look gay af"
>shoot cashier
>get away with murder because the customer is always right

el goblino....

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>thinks he's useful

>> No.9974076

Self aware or not; he's acting like this for the attention and... approval?... of strangers.
He's one of the most pathetic people in the world.
If I were standing in line behind someone doing that I'd follow him outside and do what the cashier wishes she could have done. Shit on Starbucks as a corporation all you want but their employees are just people trying to pay their rent. What an utter piece of shit.

>> No.9974085

I'd wager this kind of behaviour doesn't happen as often as it does in 'murica though.

>> No.9974090

>person who done this: the reply

>> No.9974138

Fucking retard

>> No.9974159

Do you have to apply to work at target to work in a target starbucks?

>> No.9976064
File: 256 KB, 2000x1199, loganpaul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love the "i will do anything for viewers" generation its amazing

>> No.9976082

entitled liberal 'intellectuals'

>> No.9976112

lol, the balls that homo has are pretty substantial

>> No.9976285

dude is based

>> No.9976838

Oh shit we gotta internet tough guy here.

>> No.9977534


Yes. The people who you see working at Starbucks inside stores are Target team members. We do hire a lot of people who worked at Starbucks stores though. Starbucks are franchised through Target and you see a corporate stooge every few months who checks up on things. The current stooge is a cunt who throws a fit if something is an inch out of place. Her visits are torture.

>> No.9977576

i hate this retard

>> No.9977583


>> No.9978165
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>tfw fag flirts with me
feelsgoodman. I may try it out since i've have no luck with girls who i crave.

>> No.9978184

>someone on the job flirts with you
>think they're doing it for any reason other than your money

If you want to get fucked by a dude just go to a gay bar

>> No.9978345

He got them all from /r9k/ and /pol/

>> No.9978351

Just because they're job is to serve you, doesn't mean you have a ticket to be a fucking turbo autist and try to make their job as hard as possible

>> No.9978354

So who wants to bet that this guy is an incel?

>> No.9978382

Dude, that guy is better looking than 99.99% of 4chan.

>> No.9978402

152% sure they spat in his coffe

>> No.9978420

What a disgusting piece of shit. That face is REALLY punchable

>> No.9978428

He also looks better than 99.99% of gorillas.
He still looks like a fat, undesirable piece of shit

>> No.9978435

Anorexic detected.

>> No.9978442

t. fatass

>> No.9978449

Yeah ok, make sure your limbs don't break

>> No.9978485
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>> No.9978492

Faggots like you are a pain not only to baristas but to other costumers, it pisses me off when i see other people abusing workers when i'm trying to eat/drink.

>> No.9978495

hurt his ego

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