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For me, it's Valentina extra hot, the superior hot sauce

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>imported from mexico
>costs 80 cents

I literally can't mail a letter to mexico for 80 cents.

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I like this stuff. Not all that hot but has a great consistency and isn't all vinegar

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holy shit! my buddy just introduced me to this shit and left a bottle at my house after we made tacos. I have been LOVING it.

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Its good but its no tapatio

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Yucateco Red

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Enjoy burning your tastebuds off, ruining your digestive system, and having an awful time in the bathroom

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And then there's this asshole

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all wrong opinions.
Valentina extra picante is the best taste AND value in supermarket hot sauces

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Agreed this is the best sauce. Cheap tasty spicy not too vinegar-y. I still buy Louisiana hot sauce for dirty rice and catfish and anything Cajun but if I’m eating Mexican it’s Valentina.

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i'd get that checked out

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I bought a bottle of this and what the fuck it's the most savagely hot shit I've ever had. I checked the ingredients and apparently it's just habanero and "natural pepper flavoring", but I've got a shitload of other habanero sauces that don't even come close to being this hot. I've even got a moruga scorpion sauce that I have to use way more of before it approaches its heat. What the fuck is this evil poison? How did they turn a humble habanero into the devil's diarrhea? Did they put capsaicin extract in it and not label it as such so they don't deter people?

I fuckin love it tho

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get on my level pussies

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Melinda's Habanero


Valentina Muy Picante

are the only two hot sauces worth stocking. Anything else is a shit
> inb4 muh yucateco sugar syrup

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>muh yucateco sugar syrup

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what's wrong with habanero, bitchtits

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Would you like some chili flavour with your syrup sir?

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Nothing, it's fruity fiery deliciousness but the flavour is too strong for tendyboy over here

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Just bought this. Looking for a habanero sauce with less vinegar.

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tastes like butthole

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how do you know what butthole tastes like lmao

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Cayenne at least is good for digestion and blood flow.

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A little bit of cayenne is really good in black coffee too.

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This shit is very tasty.

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anyone try this from trader joes? reminds me of taco bell sacue or something and has ZERO sodium!

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El Yucateco Mayan Sauce, Valentina Extra Hot, Yucatan Sunshine, Tabasco Habanero. Cholula garlic

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Is that Michael Jackson?

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this stuff shouldn't even be called hot sauce
fucking Frank's is hotter than this

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You need to start these threads with a sit tier rather than god level sauce so everyone unifys against the thread instead of having it full of plebs and they opinions

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>Did they put capsaicin extract in it and not label it as such so they don't deter people?
I'm pretty sure most of these hot sauces do this nowadays. I love obscenely hot stuff but it's a shame that they go out of their way to avoid saying they use capsaicin extract. Makes finding a plain habanero sauce more difficult than it should be. I don't have a problem with extract sauces but it's hard to know what you're getting sometimes.

I usually don't like yucateco but the kutbil-ik-de is actually great.

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Either selective pollination or "natural pepper flavoring" is habenero extract

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give this one a try, it's delicious.

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If I want something spicy I just add two scotch bonnets and some salt and vinegar instead of sauce then also something like valentina tapitio or chulula. For flavor

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For me it's chopping up pickled peppers and using them as a spread

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It's popular.

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I love their habanero sauce. The chili pepper sauce is a bit too sweet for me.

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you guys seriously need to stop or this shit will be 8 bucks a bottle

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Cool it, Chef John.

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Perhaps, but it tastes good.

Too fucking expensive though.

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>dismissing chef john's sagely cayenne wisdom

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Does the pickling make it less hot like it tends to do to jalapenos?

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what the fuck is wrong with your body? go see a doctor

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>not stocking Tabasco

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mm-mmm I sho does love spiced vinegar

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A sauce that mild gives you dugeative problems? I would seriously consider getting that looked into, you probably have IBS.

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>types like a nigger
>taste like a nigger

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Have tasted butthole? If it's clean it doesn't have much of a flavor. Just kinda musky and earthy. It has nothing in common with the bright, fruity flavors of habanero peppers, even when you don't consider the heat.

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>hurr what r sarcasm
christ you're dense

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>le i was only pretending même
with every post your IQ drops a standard deviation

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What peppers should I start growing to make a hot sauce from? I don't go in for anything to crazy, but I dig some of the less crazy habenero sauces. I'm wanting to grow something less readily available in stores if that helps

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>trying to save face because you were too retarded to identify obvious sarcasm
I bet you eat paste for breakfast

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>doesn't eat paste

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>realy guys i wz only prentending!!

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Does that mean the same thing In America as in Scotland?

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Dunno never had an actual fresh pod. I assume the brine steals some of the spice since it gets spicy too. These little devils are still hot as fuck though

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Kind of hard to describe, but tabasco tastes so crisp and fresh. It's very vinegary, but there's something else going on.

All other hot sauces taste stale in comparison.

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yeah with his signature long braided ponytail

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naaah, man. El Tapatío or El Yucateco are way better. Less vinegarish.

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that shit is delicious! not spicy at all, but goddamn I love it

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right? i cannot believe it's still that cheap. when dicks on the internet make it a thing it will change to $2.40 a bottle or more.

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>I love their habanero sauce
I got that one too
so far I've used it in my mumbo sauce and in this asian dressing

wish they would sell a bottle the size of franks or bigger

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>not tapatio
on another note, I really like these hot sauces because they manage to be spicy and flavorful without going overboard with the spiciness at the expense of the flavor, such as a certain brand which will not be named here.

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>such as a certain brand which will not be named here
could you please name for a pleb?

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Pain 100%

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might as well post some ketchup, weak as that shit is

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Question for 'Muricans or people who tried Hot Ones hot sauces. Which one should I get if I want something really hot, but also something that has a nice flavor? People on the show and outside it generally recommend Blair's, so I wanna hear you thoughts on it.

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The mad dog they had on the show tastes metallic but mad dog gold is the best sauce I've ever had.
The last dab is good but only on things where you'd normally put mustard such as sandwiches. I'm not that familiar with all the sauces they've featured but I know they have dirty dicks on there and it's not that hot but is delicious, most of their low-end sauces are.

If you're looking to get into very hot sauces, for me the best advice is that if there's a sauce with no pepper extract it will probably taste awesome, sauces with it are hit or miss. Don't let extract turn you off because sometimes you can't really tell it's in there

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this shit sucks and is overpriced

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Okay, thanks for the comprehensive post. Gonna keep it in mind next time I order something form the internet.

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tj's has shit tier hot sauce. Except for their habanero but that shit is too hot for casual use desu

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7/10 balanced
7/10 for green pepper, the rest taste like nothing
4/10 needs salt to make it taste like anything at all
9/10 I prefer crushing fresh peppers but in a pinch this is de way
0/10 this is purely chemicals

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extra hot just tastes like tapatios, more hot isn't more better

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>not making your own hot sauce
not gonna make it

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this isnt hot sauce tho

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This might sound like heresy but combine this with cholula chili lime and you have the greatest hot sauce ever made.

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I've tried all the valentina's, all eyucults, all the Tapatios, all the Cholulas, and this tops them all in flavor.
You guys are acting like a bunch of hot sauce hipsters. Stop it!

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Chipotle is gross though

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way too artificial tasting. i can't believe there was a huge fad of it thats come and gone already.

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only one worth buying unless you can be bothered to make your own

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I first learned about this on /ck/ and bought some. Pretty god and cheap. Tell my food snob buddy about. It's fantastic!

/ck/, why you so crazy?

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I bought this for the first time when I was looking for tapatio but couldn't find it and I honestly think I may have a new favorite hot sauce. good and spicy, but super flavorful as well.

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Fucking white people ruin things as much as niggers

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Where do I get this for cheap? Or chili sauces in general.

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fuck chipotle

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whats the best vinigger sauce

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I love it too but you can’t just have one kind of hot sauce at home. I also have franks red hot, bufalo brand jalapeño sauce, la guera salsa macha, jalapeños in vinegar with carrots, etc.

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Never tried this. What kind of pepper? What it taste like

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Red savina pepper. Never tried it though.

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Hot sauces are the fedoras of the culinary world.

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let us laugh at this pussy bitch boi

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just bought this a few weeks ago- i got the 'beware comatose level heat' bottle. but mmm it's some tasty stuff. I need to find a new mango habanero sauce that isn't overpowering

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You're correct OP

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Blair's Mega Death is the one I use when meeting people who boast about their heroic chilli abilities.

I use it sparingly to add extra heat to other sauces and dishes, had a new coworker once ask to try a teaspoon full. Ten minutes later he wished he were dead.

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Just picked up some of this. Pretty good.

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I'm actually very sad that I reached peak pepper performance. I ordered some reapers and absolutely love eating them, enough heat to burn but not too bad and I look like a hero when people try to taste or eat one. They burst in tears and shit and have like panic attacks and I'm able to have no reaction.

What's sad is that there's really no going up from there and the stomach pains from eating reaper pods are not at all worth it. Seriously if that pain hit and you did not know what caused it you would 100 percent go to the emergency room. That said I swear I think mad dog 357 hold) gold edition burns hotter thsn reaper pods and doesn't give you the demon hot pepper baby

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Why are they so much better than Tabasco, bros?

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>one drop does it

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Name one hot sauce where one drop is enough.

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Blair's ultra death.

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>the last dab

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they're entirely different kinds of peppers and flavors?

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oh. you know.

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This isn't true I apply it as liberally as mustard to my sandwich

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fuck off namefag

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Have you even eaten the last dab or did you just believe the marketing?

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For me, it's Dave's Insanity.

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Nice, gonna grab it to fuck with my friends a bit.

How did you build up your tolerance towards hot sauces/peppers/whatever? You just eat a lot of 'em during a certain span of time or what?

>> No.9977969

Yeah I just put hot sauce on my food every day and seek hotter when I get a chance

>> No.9977976

Cool, gonna try to do the same.

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Tabasco sauce uses tabasco peppers.

Louisiana and Crystal use cayenne peppers.

Louisiana hot sauce is my favorite simply because I personally prefer the taste of cayenne peppers to tabasco peppers.

Skip the crystal sauce, though. It is like a watered-down version of the Louisiana hot sauce.

>> No.9979142

That's just the legal warning for non-Louisiana and non-Texas residents.

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>Skip the crystal sauce

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It doesn’t have sugar in it. Or corn syrup.

>> No.9979661

I'd that Swedish on the bottle?

>> No.9980980

looks like arabian or whatever

>> No.9981324

nah just confirmed with my buddy it's Swedish

>> No.9981344

t. retard

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I put this bourbon hot sauce all over my plate and it tastes as if someone vomited after a night of drinking jim beam and then made a hot sauce out of it

smells like it too

I don't wanna waste the food but fuck I really messed up

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i want you, dear reader, to picture yourself in this man's shoes
pretend, for a moment, that you were actually this incapable of understanding the joke
"what a horrible existence that must be" you might imagine, secretly comforted by the notion that this thought experiment is purely rhetorical


sleep tight, dear reader, if you can

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>i make really long gay posts and watch anime

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>i don't watch movement-enabled oriental art flakes