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The one time /ck/ was right, this is a great hot sauce

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where 2 cop

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I got it from amazon, but theres a store locator on their website

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but I go to stores

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the 3 pack is fire. all those flavors are good

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That's why I said there is a store locator on their website

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Its the best hot sauce I've had yet. PNW here. Waited for a thread about this.

My restaurant has a great beer cheese soup and a chili, the two combined with aardvark is amazing. Literally the "I put that shit on everything" sauce.

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>over 200 miles

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It's great but it goes really fast and its $7 a bottle.

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>From Portland, Oregon

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hurr durr I hate oregon hipsters. Mind telling us why?

so apprently this thread is about PNW aardvark enthusiasts. Find another thread to shit on.

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Did I strike a nerve aardvark shill? I'm all for small businesses but you need to take out an ad like everyone else instead of trying to shill your swill here, sweetie.

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>you need to take out an ad like everyone else instead of trying to shill your swill here

No, OP needs to delete this thread right fucking now before tastelets like you hear about it and hype the shit out of it like you did with sriracha.

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not a shill, just found out about it a month ago and have been eating it nonstop. Was excited that there were other PNW people here. Im more annoyed you just shut the thread out with a simple picture criticizing my hometown. Let us folk discuss shit we like I guess is what Im saying. Have a great day.

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>the 3 pack is fire
What did she mean by this?

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>Weak as hell
>Overly sweet
No thanks

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who gives a shit? sriracha is a common sauce one brand has the chokehold on it. And their neighbors hate them for it because they choke on the production fumes. Aardvark should be so lucky to be as popular. I wish them the best.

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>Not muh hipster faggot meme sauce, anything but that!

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>secret aardvark
>hipster faggot meme sauce

Take your frank's red hot and leave.

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Actually you wouldn't know my favorite hot sauce, I doubt you've ever even heard of it. It's not Frank's red hot but now that you mention it aardvark sauce tastes exactly like Frank's red hot mixed with mayonnaise and a cartoon animal on the packaging to appeal to your manchild sensibilities.

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I loooooove this sauce! I don't usually eat spicy food cus I'm a wimp but I barely taste the spiciness in this hot sauce. Their mascot is soooo cyoot too
It's only $10 a bottle here so count me lucky :)

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I always carry a bottle of Secret Aardvark in my purse.

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>t. Kamala Harris pandering to NW hipsters

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I like this hot sauce too. Not great for everything, but stuff like chili and assorted Mexican food, it's pretty good.

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Why are you so mad about this, its a popular hot sauce. Did you get raped by an aardvark or something? Are you mad they don't sell it at walmart?

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What did she mean by this?

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stupid hipster faggot fucks "oh muh spice xD i saw this on the youtube hot ones reddit lol!"
if you use anything other than tabasco you're a tryhard hipster faggot fuck

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This but unironically.

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But tobasco tastes awful and it isn’t very hot...

>> No.9953442

there was no implication it was all the same person

they were responding to three separate people with the same question

youre dumb as shit

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Pretty sure tobasco is hotter than SA. Sorry you live in flyover land where everything you can get is what's available at Walmart.

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You're* talking about yourself in third person again, sweetie pie.

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What did xe mean by this?

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boring dork

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Awww sugar, you didn't have to waste 2 minutes HTML editing the thread for your """""""""""""""screenshot""""""""""""""".

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Hey Lynn

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You are a sad strange little man

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Popular things are bad anon. And if you like them it means you're a shill. Try to keep up.

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But Tabasco tastes like shit and isn't even hot.

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Yeah you sound like you're from Oregon alright faggot

I bet you use plebbit too

>> No.9953773

I'm from Portland and this sauce is really good, def one of my favorites

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just fuck me up with postage

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It's worth it.

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possibly but paying over $40 for a for a single hot sauce isn't gonna happen

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It would be justified, though. It's worth it.

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>You are a strange sad little man.

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Go shill your shitty spicy mayo somewhere else Scott (((Moritz))).

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Is that MtF or FtM?

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>Yum yum yummy! I love my soy-based spicy mayo enough to drink it!

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And the Hammer&Sickle is photoshopped.

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>hurr durr
I was with you before that point, it only proves the NW needs to be the first state to be nuked by north korea. Nothing will be lost because none of you work, you just panhandle.

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There's no soy in it at all you obsessed retard

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Soy is in the Portland water supply that Scott uses to make the sauce. It's why you like it so much.

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I don't understand why anyone from portland would be on 4chan when there is an entire website where it is against their code of conduct to have an original thought?

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Tell me where he touched you, theres got to be a reason you're whining this much

>> No.9954128

He touched my heart by ripping off retarded hipster faggots. Scott is based.

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err, was* based.

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yes he is BASED! a tip of the fedora, fellow r/the_donald kekistan XD

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>yes he is BASED! a tip of the fedora, fellow r/the_donald kekistan XD
Well said my fellow pede!

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I hope you don't live in Portland because you're going to get the shit beaten out of you if you going around saying this shit.

>> No.9954240

>implying anybody living in Portland could beat up another adult

>> No.9954254

Walk down Main Street in a MAGA hat and see what happens, you loser.

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Im excited about an Aardvark thread as much as I would be seeing a Casiopea or Boredoms thread on /mu/

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>t. pic related

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I got this sauce and I was underwhelmed. It ended up being more BBQish than Breakfastish and Mexicanish, which I prefer. It seemed to shine most on Pizza and Fishsticks and Tendies. The last con I give it is that it's bottle is kinda fucked up as it's not easy to shake out of the spout and you need hulk hands to squeeze it out.

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Have a bunch of numales stare at me then go whine on plebbit?

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Richard Spencer, the spokesman of the alt-right, confronted by an SJW jew woman at the gym and hides behind the skirts of a black female security guard. Yeah, you guys are some tough fucks, for sure,lol!

>Fair said in her online post that after she called Spencer a neo-Nazi, Spencer asked for a trainer — a black woman — to help get him out of the confrontation.

“Seriously? This superior race of a white man needed the help of a female African American? What kind of martial race member is he?” Fair wrote in her post.


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Thanks for proving his point, plebbitor.

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My account got permanently banned because I tried to buy a petite realdoll.

>> No.9954344

>be white
>don't fight at any slight
>instead appeal to an authority personnel for help
>doesn't care about the race of said personnel
yeah this spencer guy is a huge problem. i think we should hang him like we did niggers back 60 years ago

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pnw liberals are the least intimidating people on the planet, it's cute seeing you soyboys try to act tough running around with your bandana's and foam nerf swords KEK!!!

>> No.9954449

>butthurt portlander got his own thread derailed because he can't take bantz

Guess that sauce isn't that good after all

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More like some autistic sperg kept the thread alive crying about hipsters

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You're the only one crying desu.

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>want to get the green v energy drink here
>5 bucks a 250 ml can, not including postage

>> No.9956809

I do too (I'm not a girl, I'm from PNW)

>> No.9956837

Its pretty average desu

>> No.9958758


It's an 8 hour drive from where I live to Portland, yet the shipping cost of ordering a single bottle is still twice the price of the bottle itself. It's good shit, but I go through it so quickly that there's no way to justify paying that much.

>> No.9958766


>Pizza and Fishsticks and Tendies

Yeah, nobody gives a shit about your opinion of food.

>> No.9958771

You got one thing right, it is indeed shit. They make it more expensive than it really is to make because they know retarded soygoys will shell out any price for their meme mayo-based """"""""hot sauces"""""""".

>> No.9958776

To be fair he's right though, if it's not good on the Big 3 then it's objectively garbage.

>> No.9958783


>so much anger, frustration, and ignorance in such a short post

>> No.9958788

Looked on Amazon UK, 'currently unavailable'!!
Every fucking time :(

>> No.9958797


Even in the States you can usually only find it through their one distributor, and the shipping cost is a bitch.

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>improperly using meme quotes to project your feelings onto others

>> No.9958817

It's fucking disgusting amerimutt slop. You're falling for a meme, bruv. Trust me you're not missing out on anything. It's literally mostly mayonnaise, it tastes like Frank's Red Hot mixed with mayonnaise.

>> No.9958828

That's just Scott's business model, because he knew that he could swindle gullible yuppies by selling them 3/4ths mayo and 1/4 actual hot sauce for shipping + the convenience fee.

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>It's literally mostly mayonnaise

Why are you so angry?

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Hey this fucking retard is still in the thread, point to where it says mayo or eggs in the ingredients. I know you got ass raped by the chad who invented this sauce so you're seething in rage whenever you see this logo HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.9958859

i got it in a redditgifts exchange, it was awesome. I can't buy it here and I am too cheapass to pay for shipping

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>2 virgins posting the ingredients list at the same time

He marketed it as vegan so he left it out of the ingredients list.
Actually Scott died in 2009 as he lived. Having pancreatic cancer.

Does me mocking your meme sauce really bother you this much? Lmao

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Portland here. Secret Aardvark is merely an okay taco sauce, but there are far better hot sauces manufactured around here. For example, Crazy Juice and Hot Mama Habanero.

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This is the average Secret Aardvark shill.
An unabashed redditor.

>> No.9958873

This. I run a hot sauce specialty store and Crazy Juice and Mama Habanero actually tastes like hot sauce instead of watered down habanero tabasco sauce.

>> No.9958876

You're the one going on an autistic hissy fit responding to every post. You have some kind of bizarre grudge against this sauce, it's sad dude seriously

>> No.9958885

Like you're doing right now and have been for the entire thread?
I wasn't even the one who bumped it like 3 times you faggots are just too easy to rile up. Seriously what kind of mincing queer gets this worked up over his choice of hot sauce on an Azerbaijani cross-stitching forum? Just saying it had mayo in it was enough to piss you off.

>> No.9958916

>Seriously what kind of mincing queer gets this worked up over his choice of hot sauce on an Azerbaijani cross-stitching forum?

Yea ask yourself that question, and stop pretending you're not the only one posting your retarded rage against this hot sauce, no one else is that sad. But thanks for continually bumping my thread

>> No.9958934

One would think that the PNW was populated entirely by women judging by your whiny posts. I could care less about your meme sauce I'm sure it tastes fine, but your tears are much more delicious. It could be any sauce honestly as long as you nu-male Portlandfags are willing to whiteknight for it.
You're welcome by the way, I'm glad you made this thread because I've been laughing at every post and loving every laugh.

>> No.9958947

OP here, I carry 2 in my purse with me at all times just in case I go somewhere fancy like Applebee's.

>> No.9958972

Nice projection and delusion there, no ones falling for it

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>so much anger, frustration and ignorance in one short post
Is it the 'vark sauce that's causing your butthurt or is it just me?

>> No.9958994

Now you're just quoting what this guy >>9958783 said to you

You've embarrassed yourself so much itt already I can't even reply to you anymore

>> No.9958995
File: 2.98 MB, 720x408, when someone says Secret Aardvark Habanero sauce is yucky.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn't live up to the hype. Not very hot as far as hot sauces go, and overly sweet. I know that this sauce certainly has it's fans, but I would pick up Tears of the Sun way before I even thought of ordering another bottle of this trash.

>> No.9959008

I said it both times, sweetie. I'm sorry that you are this invested in a hot sauce brand. I'll be more respectful of your candy sauce in the future.

>> No.9959027

I'm a fan of hot sauces and this one is not good. No flavor, no heat. It's very runny and it smells 'off'. I thought I just got a bad batch the first time so I gave it another shot and it was just as gross as the first one. I know I'll get a lot of hate for saying this but Adoboloco Habanero sauce is a much better sauce for half the price. If you're in the market for a sweet habanero sauce pass on this one and give Adoboloco a chance if you haven't already.

>> No.9959037


>It's very runny

Last time you said it was mayo based. Your shitposting is literally 12 year old tier.

>> No.9959044

I'm sorry but I'm not the guy who said it had mayo in it.
This was my first post >>9951217 I saw the thread again and I thought I should expand on my criticism. I'm trying to be constructive instead of just shitposting for the sake of it like most of the people in this thread seem to do.

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File: 681 KB, 2100x1537, Aardvark-manchild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying mayo can't be runny
That's why Scott added the extra water and white wine vinegar to it. So that it gives Portlanders the texture of cum they so richly desire.

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File: 63 KB, 940x470, s3-news-tmp-90538-tabascobeardpinny--2x1--940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better than that garbage hipster tabasco sauce

>> No.9959075

tobasco puts the "negar" in vinegar

>> No.9959081

>kosher salt
>herbs and spices
So it's basically just spicy ketchup...

>> No.9959090


That's not the ingredient list though, dum dum.

>> No.9959106

>tomatoes, tomatoes and tomato juice
>citric acid (wtf?)
>vinegar, more vinegar
>salt, more salt
>(((modified))) food starch
So it's even worse than spicy ketchup....

>> No.9959111

>>citric acid (wtf?)

brainlet doesn't know what citric acid is kek

>> No.9959143
File: 81 KB, 645x729, 1515399252743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes I do. Did you know if you mix that "organic" acid with bleach it makes mustard gas? And you want to eat it? You are a mega brainlet.
>pic related, it's you

>> No.9959154

Yea you're not supposed to eat bleach retard. Citric acid is naturally found in citrus

>> No.9959172

And ricin is naturally found in castor beans.
And digoxin is naturally found in foxglove.
And furanocoumarin is naturally found in giant hogweed.

Are you going to eat any of that? I sure hope so.

>> No.9959194

Nasty, I hated Arrdvark. Shit was almost bitter tasting

>> No.9959204

Bullshit story, nothing that is legally being offered on amazon will get you banned for purchasing it from amazon. You just wanted to sound like some contrarian grandpa who goes to brick & mortar exclusively but realized only retards don't use amazon and couldn't think of a decent way to backtrack.

>> No.9959207


First it was mayo based, then it was runny, then it was ketchup, and now it's bitter. I don't care that I'm replying to a troll, as long as more people are exposed to SA and they expand their distribution to my state I'll be happy.

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>MFW i live in portland and can buy this at the store down the street.

>> No.9959217

You know what I hate? Angry little pissant trolls like you that come into a thread and obsessively hate on a sauce just because it makes you feel insecure that something is popular. Go ahead, let it all out now, I can't believe how angry this sauce makes you to where you come in here and shit up the thread all day. Does it make you feel better to bash something that most people love? Do you feel superior? Go ahead and tell us what sauces you like so we can make fun of you some more. You are the biggest embarrassment on /ck/ I've seen in a long time.
First you say it's not hot, then you say it's just mayo, then you say it's runny then you say it's like ketchup and now it's 'bitter' whatever the hell that is supposed to me. If you don't like it then just fuck off instead of getting angry over a hot sauce like an insipid child.

>> No.9959221

You don't think emailing them wouldn't be more effective?

Portland is a shithole, its just the sequel to Williamsburg but with more bike lanes and overpriced coffeeshops.

>> No.9959229

I didn't fucking like Aardvark, faggot. I thought Blaire's was better just on taste alone. Aardvark has some nasty one-note flavor that overpowers anything you put it on. It tastes like some child put everything in their mom's spice cabinet in a bowl and mixed it up.

>> No.9959249

>great hot sauce
Its a sauce that is hot...not a hot sauce. Its decent but not amazing and is itself so flavorful that it gets in in the way of some dishes. For instance...the use of sugar and thyme for me makes it disgusting on pizza, tacos, and hot dogs. I could see someone putting this on their nuggies. Its almost a chutney.

A good hot sauce will have it own flavor profile but it shouldnt be so prominent as to overwhelm whatever its on. Typically you want a balance of 3-5 of theses characteristics to make a good sauce - salty sour sweet spicy smoky... without a bunch of crap to get in the way.

Oh...its also very cheaply made with dry ingredients and plastic bottles

>> No.9959251


>just the sequel to Williamsburg

Portland was cool long before williamsburg was gentrified by hipsters.

>t. reedie

>> No.9959504

is Aardvark >/our hotsauce/

>> No.9959744

This is why I like Firehouse Subs. They have like 50 hot sauces to choose from. Normally I wouldnt even think to put hot sauce on a sub but because its there I'm trying everything

>> No.9959751

Today anon learns what a joke is.

>> No.9959759


>comparing what's available in pdx to a fast food chain


>> No.9959844

Firehouse Subs has a much better selection catered to hotsaucephiles. They hired a team of hot sauce aficionados to taste and compare thousands of hot sauces. Their selection is the best of the best and to say that pdx of all things is better is just absurd. You've probably never even been to Firehouse Subs you sad pathetic little boy.

>> No.9960228

for the record who said this
is not me who said this

I really hate lack of ids on every board but pol. This is one of the saltiest threads on ck.. I mean I thought pol was shit posting..

>> No.9960625
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drink up my turts

>> No.9961224

>typing out the quote
>typing it out incorrectly

>> No.9961279 [DELETED] 

Retarded cuck I hope you get hit by a train so I can piss on your grave

>> No.9961287
File: 226 KB, 834x818, 3F6C039D-A32F-4E3E-A754-591C823DDED3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit kill yourself newfag

>> No.9961310

redpill me on this thread, /ck/

>> No.9961325

If you make fun of a gross hot sauce with a cartoon animal on the label you will trigger most of /ck/.

>> No.9961372
File: 78 KB, 816x670, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.42.44 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based batali likes it

>> No.9961379

That virtue signaling sexual-assaulting tip thief would like 'racha and 'vark: the ultimate nu-male """"""""hot""""""""" sauces

>> No.9961397

Is the Combo 3-pack worth it? I generally like variety, but sometimes they end up being garbage so you end up using one and having the other two linger around for years on end.

>> No.9961410

If you hate spiciness and love runny, sugary bland sauces it's right up your alley.
If you're seriously asking this you need to realize you've been tricked.

>> No.9961417

What's your favorite hot sauce?

>> No.9961419

No dude... just no. It's all garbage.

>> No.9961428

For me it's Sedona's Old West, the best habanero hot sauce with a real kick.

>> No.9961436

No I said hot sauce not some hipster faggot trash made in an oil barrel

>> No.9961454

Cholula chili garlic 4 lyfe senpai

>> No.9961455

Lol seems like I touched a nerve when I criticized Secret Aardvark's children sauces. Sedona's Old West is a real hot sauce, Aardvark is neither hot nor a real sauce in the real sense of the word.

>> No.9961476

I've never had aardvark, but that sedona thing isn't even googleable. Your hipster boyfriend probably lubes up his cock with that "hot sauce" before shoving it in your ass. You like the authentic real burn and knowing its your twos secret sauce is hard to find makes you feel hip and special

>> No.9961503

Uh huh, you're the same butthurt PNWfag that has been incessantly whiteknighting for it. I'm sure you'll never find a real sauce like Sedona's Old West because it's actually spicy and flavorful.

>> No.9961507

How could I white knight something I never tried? I just came in this thread moron, I just hate hipster faggot hilary supporters like you

>> No.9961514

Just because you use the insults you are called doesn't make you blend in soygoy.

>> No.9961561

I like the sauce a lot and I have no complaints about making a thread about it, but I get the feeling that you don't belong on 4chan. Your skin is too thin and your post reeks of normie.

>> No.9962066

Meh. Been here at least 9 years, or whenever Genmay and ytmnd were at its peak. I just never post, and guess I wont anymore.
I'll offer my criticism of aardvark. It makes everything taste the same. Tried it on chili, mac, sandwiches and tacos and it all taste like aardvark sauce and nothing else. Overpowering, but I like the flavor so its not really a bad thing.

>> No.9962096

>He marketed it as vegan so he left it out of the ingredients list.
Now you're making shit up. Eggs are one of the 8 foods the FDA requires to be listed as allergens. Not listing eggs would be taking a huge risk.

>> No.9962556

is there another sauce on amazon worth getting? I want to order this stuff but need that free shipping

>> No.9962625
File: 169 KB, 1024x777, el yucateco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blow that red vinegar out your ass.

Also, if it aint El Yucateco, it aint shit

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>> No.9962950


>> No.9962953

You should post more often

>> No.9962958
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>> No.9962987

>I get the feeling that you don't belong on 4chan.
I get the feeling that your elitist NEETisms are not /ck/. Are you a recent migrant?

>> No.9962993

In truth we need more posters who aren't just pointlessly cunty. I tend to assume people who are just posting image macros and memeing all the time are newer users. Maybe I'm wrong. But I've found that people who have been on these sites for years actually tend to be the more civil ones.

>> No.9963151

I'm going to buy this shit just to piss off you soyboys

>> No.9963236

That’ll show em

>> No.9963302
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>t. post-2012 reddit tourist

>> No.9963305

(You) are on the wrong website. That's the only real issue here.

>> No.9963452

this is what I was trying to say. Thanks

>> No.9964591

I've been a regular on this site since 2008. Sorry fags. Not everyone is into your edgy sekrit club mentality.

>> No.9964622

Whenever people post some image macro like this about Reddit I just assume that nobody has ever loved them and nobody ever will. It must suck to know that there are people in your safe space who have careers and relationships, but regardless, the notion that everyone here should be a regressive degenerate is pretty stupid. The deal is you don't flip out about normies all the time outside of your containment boards and we won't blog about our social lives.

>> No.9964706

>I've been lying on 4chan for 3 whole years.
Yeah, you're definitely on the wrong website.

>> No.9964800

You're probably like 18 huh? I've been a regular here since I was underage. That puts it at 10 years. My how the time flies, no? You shouldn't be so surprised. This site has been around for a while.

Is one supposed to "graduate" from 4chan when they get a public-facing job and learn how to talk to people? What a strange concept.

>> No.9964808

Only newfags feel the need to "prove" how long they've been on this shithole.

>> No.9964837

t. newfag

>> No.9964846

Wasn't a fan of Aardvark. It was too sweet there is tons of sugar

>> No.9964848

the 3 pack is flames

>> No.9964871

>t. newfag
Thank you proving my point by misusing the regards meme and calling yourself a newfag.

>> No.9964878

That's why manchildren love it so much. It's 1/4th sugar and there's a cartoon aardvark on the label.

>> No.9964891

There is not a lot of sugar in this compared to other hot sauces, maybe you don't like tomatoes

>> No.9964910

That wasn't me and t. isn't a meme. They were calling you a newfag.

>> No.9964950

>t. newfag

>> No.9965001

What a stupid insult or troll attempt or whatever you call it. Fact is I've been here ten years. It's not something to brag about, it's just a matter-of-fact rebuttal to all this (recent) "le plebbit" etc, memeing. This site has always been a place for people who don't necessarily fit in for one reason or another, but this "fuck normies REEE" shit is a stupid newfag trend also. It's an anonymous imageboard. If you aren't here to talk about food, then fuck off. This is the true purpose of /ck/.

>> No.9965011

Sorry I don't read newfag rants, sweetie. But your wrong.

>> No.9965014

Not a fan of Aardvark. It was not sweet there was not enough sugar

>> No.9965051

Try Secret Aardvark Garlic Black Bean if you want some extra sweetness. No other black bean sauce on the market is as sweet as it.

>> No.9965079
File: 41 KB, 950x534, (You).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not him but are you really this insecure about being called a Redditor by shitposters? You sure as hell don't sound like an anon who has been on 4chan for a decade. He's just responding with low-effort shitposts and you're typing out paragraphs of butthurt. Where are you talking about food in your posts exactly? And you're complaining about people posting pictures on an imageboard while offering nothing in return except responding to shitposters and making the board and website worse off for it. If you actually cared about the quality of /ck/ you wouldn't be responding to any of it in the first place. You need to fuck off just as much as he does, pic very related it's (You).

>> No.9965593

Because hipsters and left wing socialist extremists are fucking idiots and are ruining the west coast. Dumb fuck.

>> No.9965759

How dare people want to stop subsidizing leftwing socialist states!

Let me guess you still buy Californian wine or swedish vodka?

>> No.9967322

that works. I just wanted an explanation why you write off a entire city because of generalizations

>> No.9967344

I bet I would love it as a mustard alternative but I don't have the room in my fridge for it at the moment.

>> No.9967352

It's basically just sweetened mild liquid mayo. Nothing like mustard at all.

>> No.9967376

No its not. Have you even tried the stuff??? Maybe you dont know what mayo is.

>> No.9967382

Mayonnaise is just 'vark sauce without the herbs, spices, jalopeño, and extra water.

>> No.9967396

Anon is 'eople without the retardation.

>> No.9967400

Thank you my friend. I'm glad you agree.

>> No.9967402
File: 132 KB, 400x345, do-not-think-it-means1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9967404

Nice reddit9gag meme

>> No.9967429

I'm convinced that this board is made up entirely of shills.

First you faggots shilled for Andy Capp's and Voodoo chips, which were shit. Next, shin ramyun black and red, which were lackluster, some garbage King Oscar sardines, and now this shit

fuck off. i know better hot sauces and instant ramen, and you fuckwits have probably never heard of them.

>> No.9967439

I'm glad you don't people.

>> No.9967440

Well said!
Honestly just looking at the label should be a huge red flag for anyone with even a modicum of testosterone in their body.

>> No.9967446
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>I broke him

>> No.9967450

You're mayonnaise.

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