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Who /gintonic/ here?

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Not sure about the dorito in the class

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oh you silly goose you :^)

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Hendricks and Fever Tree are my go-to combination, but pic related is my favorite gin so far.

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Which Fever Tree you use with it?

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Their elderflower tonic is fucking amazing with Hendricks, but their standard variety of tonic water is the only easy one to find in my area, so usually that.

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Favorite garnishes?

I've been using halved strawberries. They taste pretty good after soaking up the gin too.

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I always have Gordons and Vintage on hand. If I feel fancy I'll buy fever tree and some random craft gin.

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Blackberries, man.

A dash of elderberry syrup is also heavenly.

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gin drinkers are all sociopathic

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what if you drink everything?

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Excellent choice

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>not using longdrink glasses

pretentious fucks, they are everywhere

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Botanist is the best gin, but I bought this Canadian bottle last. Too fruity.

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Drinking gin in a longdrink glass just doesn't feel right.

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Gin and tonics are served in a highball glass you fruity faggots.

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Gin is properly served in a china teacup, or at a push, a tin cup will do.

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Just bought some fifty pound gin. Very classic juniper, nothing too spicy or herbal, just very very well made.

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Ari Winston Smith?

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My ex girlfriend used to be a severe alcoholic, All she drank was gin and tonic.

She crashed her car drunk and died (never found out if it was intentionally or not). An now whenever I smell gin and tonic on someones breath I get the feels really bad.

I fucking miss that woman

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their elderflower tonic is pretty good, with everything and also by itself really
sadly it was out of stock at the local supermarket so tomorrow I'll let you know how lemon tonic works with 47.3% tanqueray

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This might be a controversial opinion, but even as someone who loves gin and loves trying new ones, I don't think it's worth paying some of the exorbitant prices of ultra premium gins. Here in the UK, there are so many great ones you can buy for under £30 and I don't think spending above that gets you the kind of difference that you would with something like a whiskey or fine wine.

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who here /napue gin tonic/

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Agreed. I love trying new gins but the only time I've felt a $40+ price tag was worth it was Navy Strength Plymouth.

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To be honest i don't even mind the low tier gins. Usually go for gordons if it isnt a special occasion, or some even corner shop stuff. Pop it in the freezer and wait for it to get slushy.

Also add some angostura bitters to your gin and tonics. Really delicious.

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Just bought a bottle of this stuff. Anyone else ever had it?

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I actually think the problem has got worse recently. The explosion of interest in gin has been great in a lot of ways but the market here in the UK is way too saturated now. There are definitely plenty of interesting new gins out there but since it's a comparatively easy spirit to make, everyone's getting in on it and there's a lot of mediocre ones out there being sold for far more than their worth.

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I prefer neat, usually. Favorite "priced reasonably enough to buy regularly" gin is St. George Botanivore.

Though I have been doing G&T with Uncle Botanical Val's gin. It's like a skittles drink in the best way possible. Good neat too, but it really plays off the tonic beautifully

You're in for a treat!

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Yeah, saw loads of meme gin gift sets out shopping this Christmas. Lots of weird flavored ones too. It's nice splashing out on something decent, but sometime you just want to pissed on g&ts and don't really care 'complex botanical flavours'.

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Anyone tried this?

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Yeah it's quite cheap and actually rather nice - it's certainly distinctive.

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Threw up for an hour straight after drinking too much cheap gin once. I can't even stand the smell of it anymore.

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I feel ya bro, since my 18th birthday party i feel sick even smelling it. Pity, I always liked it...

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has anybody tried an aged gin?
was it any good?

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Basically this but it is very drinkable. The spiced element isn't as pronounced as I'd hoped but good with tonic

If you can the Hortus gin's are solid and very cheap for what they are

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A lot of the newer 'craft' distilleries make shit because they want to 'innovate' or some piss. The only more expensive gins that are worth it are some of the older ones like Monkey 47, T10 or Gin Mare bar few exceptions

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Bought this and fifty pound gin from Amazon. Watch the sales. You can get top stuff for £18-£20 a bottle.

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I've had a few cask aged gins and yes, I'd say they're definitely worth trying. Not necessarily something I'd have regularly but they definitely add an interesting dimension

I've seen ophir at waitrose for £19 quite a few times. I've also seen Bloom there for £19 there which is a ridiculous bargain imo.

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>I thought that was a goldfish at first.

Goldfish drinks actually WERE a thing in the late 90's in some of the trashier establishments. Couldn't get away with it nowadays. Not that I'd ever want to eat a putrid carp.

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>Goldfish drinks actually WERE a thing in the late 90's in some of the trashier establishments
I think you dreamt that anon

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What's your go to cheap gin my lads?

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I hate gin on its own but I fuck with gin and tonics heavy.

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Greenall's. Not remarkable, but surprisingly drinkable.

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Agreed, some of them are a fucking scam. I can understand £30+ for a whisky that has been aged 15 years for example but gin simply does not require that and there is no justification for the price. We have it pretty good here with gin prices though, even the £10 stuff from Aldi is very good. I always stock up on Ophir when it goes down to £18 a bottle, that stuff is incredible with fever tree.

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How do you guys get into the herbal juniper taste? I love a vodka soda anytime but gin and tonic is a real mood.

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I never had any form of alcohol that I honestly thought tasted bad until I tried gin. I don’t understand the appeal at all, it tastes like how turpentine smells. What am I missing?

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I mix it with tonic water, never reeally tried it on its own. Normally a beer and whisky drinker but I find a G&T is a really nice drink when you are in the mood for one. Nice and refreshing and I like the dry taste. Might just not be your thing, I feel the same about rum and tequila.

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Just finished a bottle of pic related. My favourite gin, really citrusy and a little sweet. Amazing with an Indian Tonic and a slice of clementine

Not long cracked open a bottle of Whitley Neill gin. Tasty dry gin, really nice with Fevertree Elderflower tonic and a slice of lime

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I have tried them together, and then I tried each seperately to see which was the one making my drink taste so bad. I found I didn’t like either because to me the gin tasted like turpentine and the tonic tasted like cough medicine. Personally I love tequila and rum though.

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Gordon's, and I'll second Greenall's

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Plymouth or Gordon's.

Pic is good value too.

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local is always best

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If you’re talking under £20, supermarkets own gins are a good bet. TESCO Finest Aromatic Gin is tasty.

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I'm an amerimutt my friend.

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5 euros
Also Castelgy and Gillmans

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Aldi Oliver Cromwell gin. 10 quid and it is very, very good.

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Highly recommend blood orange juice/garnish for G&Ts

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for me it's castelgy, or beefeater if I'm feeling a bit less cheap
if only I could find this in Italy, oh boy I can't imagine how much I'd drink

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Bombay Saphire

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I'm sorry for your loss, man.

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