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>wings are totally sub par
>Service is always shit
>Prices are garbage
>Non wing food is also crap
Why the fuck do people clamor over this shitty excuse of a chain?
Also shitty food chain thread.

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>but I get to watch the game on mute!

They usually have a good selection of beers on tap around here but that’s about it. The prices are pretty obscene.

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>hurrr I'm too retarded to know how shit works
Accessibility. They're everywhere, they're marketed as casual, the have booze, wings and football. It's the magic formula for the lowest common denominator American male and whatever piece of ass he drags in there with him.

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Agreed on all points. Went there once. Never returned.

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Christ you sound like a woman.
The place is alright. In terms of a sports bar that specializes in wings, you aren’t going to find better. They are far from having the best food though. I personally like the hottest wings from Wings N Things.

For Fucks sake though, you don’t go to BWW for a nice dining experience. You go to get smashed on chicken and beer with some friends, and maybe enjoy a football game. Or golf, if you’re a faggot.

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Getting assblasted because your epic man cave sports joint is outted for being trash.

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The only thing I liked about going to that place is getting to whoop other faggot customers in poker while I wait for subpar food.

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Because their wings are cheap on both Tuesdays and Thursdays maybe, I don't know. I know what you mean about service, BWW is the only place I've ever had service so bad I tipped $0.01. We had to wait 30 minutes between being seated and the waitress being by to take our order, and she didn't once come by to refill water or anything.

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The flavors they have for the wings are alright. That's really all they have going for them.

I once ordered takeout on their website. I set a specific time for pick-up, like an hour after I ordered. I went in at pick-up time and it turned out that they hadn't even started my fucking order. I don't remember why but I think they mixed it up or some shit. Anyway I sat on the bench in their lobby waiting 35 fucking minutes (i timed it) after my pick-up time to actually get my order. And they didn't even give me a discount like any half competent management scheme would. So that was the last time I ever went to that particular restaurant.

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everytime I go here
I see salt and vinegar
and my eye widen
and then I eat those poor excuses of salt and vinegar dust on a breadball with chicken at the center.
and my hopes are dashed like a spartan baby with down syndrome

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>service so bad I tipped

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It’s obvious your reading comprehension is lacking. Continue shitposting though.

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Wings and Rings are better.

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>shitty food chain thread


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>beers on tap

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I understand what is being said. It's just that by acting like a condescending dick you're not going to sway my opinion.
Your dumbass sports bar sucks and most people agree. No amount of "accessibility" is going to help them when people finally get sick of their shit.

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A bunch of news stories are being published about how millennials are killing the chain restaurant business because they don't go to places like this.

But they don't factor in bad food and bad prices.

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>shitty food chain thread

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>Muh wings
>Muh sports
>Muh beer

I don't hate B-dubz. I just only ever go if someone invites me to go with them. Beer selection is usually good at the one in my town so I always have that much to be hype for.

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OP fucking hates Applebee's too.

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develop some taste buds

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Because wild wings is amazing and has a really close name to this shithole

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welcome to chili's

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Some people live in places where chains are the only options, so chains are what they know. Their expectations of dining out are based entirely on chains. Then there are people who have other options but don't care enough to weigh them because fuck it, the chain is the known quantity. These kinds of people are eating at BWW.
Millennials grew up with celebrity chefs, cooking competition shows, people writing restaurant reviews on site like Yelp and the prevailing ethos that how you source your ingredients (local, in season, maybe organic) matters, because that's what all the chefs are talking about. So they don't want food that comes premade and is just reheated in the microwave. They want food made from fresh ingredients, and they'll go to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to buy ingredients to make it themselves if they have to. And when they're feeling lazy why would they drop their dough going out for prefab food when they can find places offering better for about the same price on their smartphones in seconds? A lot of them don't even bother with McDonald's because for the price of a meal there they can get tastier food from their favorite taco truck.

Boomers and Gen-X'ers were willing to ignore mediocre food as long as it was consistent, the price was right and it was convenient. Hardly a surprise, given how their mothers cooked, using prefab ingredients from the supermarket. Millennials have higher standards and less money to spend, so they're pickier about food quality. And they're willing to sacrifice some convenience to get it - they'd rather eat something good from a truck, in a food hall or at a shabby place without table service than pay the same price to eat something that came out of a microwave at a chain place.

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As a millennial I can attest to the absolute accuracy of this. Fortunately my mother was always big into home cooked food and likes to challenge herself in the kitchen as well so it rubbed off on OP too. It's typically cheaper and always tastes better.

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One of my favorite places to hang out at

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Crazy accurate.

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FUCK boston pizza

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it's expensive and you always get more flats than drums with your wing order, though our waitress gave me her phone number and we have sex alot

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I actually know like 5 dudes who have had wives they met working at BWW.
All of which subsequently ended up divorcing but still.

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You're right, having almost constant access to all the world's information keeps you extremely well informed. If want something i can find out how to get or make it, and i never want applebees.

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>Tfw a culinary resurgence is on the rise with access to the complete index of world food culture at our hands
>Tfw boomers have to watch their empire of boring prefab food crumble

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thanks for this

i've had a hard time explaining to boomer parents why millennials are killing applebees and why it's deserved

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Hooters > BWW

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>Tfw boomers have to watch their empire of boring prefab food crumble
As a Gen-X'er all I can say is good riddance. I haven't eaten at a sit down chain restaurant in well over a decade, and even back in the days when I might hit one when traveling I never walked out thinking, "That was good." It was always the taste of compromise and sadness for way more money than I should have spent. Worst one I remember was Ruby Tuesday's. I'm gonna smile the day they go under. I may make fun or Millennials for being a little too eager to shell out extra for organic and too easily taken in by dishes designed to look good on instagram, but I'll trust your taste in food any day over the Boomers. They ate a lot of awful shit.

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It's a bar for people that don't go to bars.

Shitty chains? Applebee's tops that list but they make their cash by usually being the only place open until 2am in relatively isolated cities with population of 30 to 50 thousand, so they're not going anywhere.

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I think it caters to people who don't want to go to real bars, especially in bumfuck surburban areas where no actual casual bars excise

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All wings places are a scam.

>> No.9906952

>I understand what is being said

apparently not

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Eh, I prefer WingStop over BWW. The only wings that BWW does better over WingStop are their Parmesan Garlic wings.

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hooters is ok as long as you get the wings nekkid, not breaded

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my wife doesn't know about the girl from BWW and I always shower after before I go come home from "the gym"

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(( a s s b l a s t e d ))
Eat your shitty wings, Boomer.

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Its sad that the best place in my area that has the best wings is this bowling alley. Beef o brady is dry as fuck, BWW jew'd on wing size portions now, Hooters and Winghouse is eh or subpar.

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If this place served beer it would be legit af

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Boneless Thursday

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The cheese curds and mozzy sticks are literally the best food I ever had you shut your whore mouth. 2 days a week its half off

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hooter girls are fucking crazy and slutty. i used to hang with some shit and shady friends before my sperg shit got worse and fell completely out of the loop. one dude hooked up with a slut that worked there and she moved in. got to know her pretty good and she was nice, gave hugs adjusted her tits and stuck her ass out when i was around. she probably felt sorry because i was a sperg compared to the rest. one night friend had a party at the apartment and she got me taking all sorts of shots with her. friends goes out for a smoke while im with her in the kitchen. she gets real close to me and rubbing her tits against me. i just go for it and make out with her and take a tit out and suck it while rubbing her pussy. she rubs my dick and i whip it out and shes giving it a few good sucks and i get her pants halfway down and pump her from behind for like 10 seconds with my hand grabbing her tit. she even told me to hurry. i bust on the cabnets and get resituated as friends come back in. best peice off ass i ever gotten. apparently she had her friends over alot for other parties but im never invited much or at all anymore, friends are shit flakes anyway.

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are you in indiana?

>> No.9908814

Because they have 8092039032 televisions so you and your BROS can watch SPORTS and be obnoxious, and then afterwards go and drink more at your place with your girlfriend.

Fucking normalfags

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thursday b1g1 free wings. get 24 wings and a drink for 10 bucks

>> No.9909636

Wings are at restaurants are a rip off in general. They're easy to make at home and cheap as shit.

>> No.9909668

>The cheese curds and mozzy sticks are literally the best food I ever had
you poor thing

>> No.9909669

Does anyone else get irrationally angry when some dweeb ass bright eyed normalfag calls it "b-dubs" also that place is absolute garbage

>> No.9909695

Good post

>> No.9909709

>preferring drums

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Golf is the alpha sport. Football is for women who want to act like they're cool while wearing a jersey.

>> No.9909738

everyone i knew used that name ironically. there's something funny about using a fake-cool name to refer to a fake-cool place that serves chicken wings to 40 year olds.

>> No.9909741

you described it perfectly.
the one near where I am is always 100% empty but for some fucking reason persists in its existence. I have no idea why.

>> No.9909744

big and true

>> No.9909747

their appetizers aren't terrible, entrees are all trash though

>> No.9909775

>>9904914 What kind of hell valley do you live in where there's not a better sports bar than buffalo wild wings? Normally that would be the butt of the flyover joke but you're saying that's the place to be where you live? Do you spend most of your time on an oil rig or something?

>> No.9909783

>(i timed it)
please relax

>> No.9909804

>i bust on the cabinets and then friends come back in
Definitely real. Your friends just act normal as there are jizz stains and a nut odor in the room?

>> No.9909814

someone please preserve this

>> No.9910006

I'm still pissed off that they decided to replace their grills with fucking ovens. At least their crispy chicken is still good.

>> No.9910033

If you tip $0.00 they think you're a non-tipper and bitch and moan about you to all their friends. If you tip $0.01 there's at least a chance they'll realize they fucked up.

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>100% of the customers who aren't me are black
>service is so bad I'm starting to think its a conspiracy against the black people who eat here
yet I still come back

>> No.9910074

quit being a fucking nazi
life will move a little more smoothly for you

>> No.9910080

what? I'm accusing the service team of being racists. I guess I explained it poorly.

>> No.9910099

He's right, fag

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God, those women aren't even attractive. Hooters is doomed in 2018.

>> No.9910144

>go to a place literally named after wings
>get non wings
you order chicken tenders at steakhouses too huh?

>> No.9910348

In America, giving a one cent tip is more insulting than nothing at all.

>> No.9910354

You still have one cent currency in America? Isn't that a bit cumbersome for what it's worth anymore?

>> No.9910370

I've been there a couple times when it was the only thing around. The wings aren't bad. But the burger was AWFUL. I've heard from some friends that went there a lot that it has gone quite downhill over the years. I guess the wings used to be a lot meatier and beer prices weren't so bad back in the hayday.

>> No.9910396

yes, but the government still makes them even though minting them costs more than the face value of the coin

>> No.9910651

Roomate's boyfriend took her there. Not her boyfriend anymore.

>> No.9910657

Your mom is a faggot..

>> No.9910659



It's literally a meme

>> No.9910683

We only keep it surround for tipping bad service industry employees,

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>> No.9910840

they used to be really good back in the early 2010's. Then things started going bad around 2014

>> No.9910862

Everything at Chilis is too fucking salty. Even the brocolli tastes saltier then fucking potato chips, what the fuck is wrong with them?

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Retard. No it wouldn’t. The food fucking blows and so do you for being an easily entertained Neanderthal

>> No.9910864

Well said anon, this post sums things up nicely

>> No.9910873

I'm fine with hating on wild wings and all but every post in this thread is pretty much-

Get over yourselves please.

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>best peice off ass I ever gotten
>friends walk back inside cum all over the cabinets and don’t question anything
Ya, definitely real. I’m saving this for copy and paste though

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Fuck off nigger lover

>> No.9910884

It used to be better, as franchises age standards to start to slip as management takes hits popularity for granted and starts hiring bottom of the barrel wageslaves to save a few bucks.

>> No.9911584

They always got UFC

>> No.9911624

As much as I hate this place, I can't get out of there without dropping $40 at minimum.

How do I stop this? It's like the only place my friends want to eat at.

>> No.9911637

force your friends to stop having shit taste

>> No.9911723

No fuck u

>> No.9911738

OP has been routinely dragged here by co-workers. After giving up on the abysmal wings he sought greener pastures with their sandwich menu only to be let down yet again.

>> No.9911776

No gun sign = no patronage

>> No.9911783

high five

>> No.9911858

rly? id fuck the shit out of the one in the middle. she got slut and fake titties written all over her.

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File: 36 KB, 636x720, 22228450_1701843039878967_1732444953030528952_n.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying a sign is going to keep out mass shooters
>Implying the only people who could stop a mass shooting should be kept out
>Eurocuck logic in general

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This post made me sad
There is no such thing as a faithful marriage

>> No.9912028

We live in a society that has abandoned God, what do you expect?

>> No.9913190

you sound like a fag

>> No.9913278

Because adults can take their kids there. That's it seriously go to any fucking BWW and see how many adults are there just so they can drink and let their kids run around

>> No.9913290

>muh action movie fantasies
Get real.

>> No.9913592

the beer selection is shit at every one I've been to. but I guess I don't drink dad beer so I'm outta luck there.

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>there are people out there right now who have never been to The Tilted Kilt
>you've never experienced Zella sticks served by a complete whore
>you can order a glass of bourbon and have a raging erection throughout your meal

Incredible. Dining and being served by scantily clad women is incredible. You can get a dynamic erection and it's seems as a compliment.

The Tilted Kilt is the spot for alphas like me. Kill yourself betas

>> No.9913750

lol, we got one in Alaska
it sucked and went out of business within a year

>> No.9913755

and here's the kicker, dudes get back from their two weeks on the north slope desperate and horny and blow all their money at sinrock and bush company and koots, a place like tilted kilt should NOT have gone under that quickly

>> No.9913785

I'll gladly take them over your immigrant fueled back alley rape fantasies, europoor.
Sorry I'm not as enriched as you are.

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Get rid of your friends.

>> No.9913851

their texas cheese fries are p good and their fajitas aren't too bad although i could get them way better at any tex-mex joint for half the price
Pretty much complete shit other then that though

>> No.9913900

Oh hell yeah nigga, it's time to jack off.

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File: 119 KB, 1280x640, Denny's_logo.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there actually people out there aren't elderly or homeless that actually go out of their way for Denny's?

>> No.9913970

Black joints are where you want to go for chicken.
Wing Stop and Popeyes >>>>>>>>>> BDubz and KFC

>> No.9913974

drunk folks after the bar closes

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You don't go to Denny's, you just happen to end up there. If you look closely you'll find that Denny's restaurants don't actually have doors. This is difficult, as actually attempting to focus on one usually causes headache and blurred vision. Denny's restaurants are best viewed through your peripheral vision. Picture this -

>4:00 in the morning
>drunk, wandering around searching for a place to eat with your mates
>throwing around ideas
>next thing you know you're in a Denny's
>the minutes leading up to this are a blur, you don't question it
>you're being served a thoroughly underwhelming meal, the bacon appears uncooked
>but wait, were you served? How and when did the food get here?
>did you even order?
>the kitchen appears to be empty, but noises emerge from within
>you nervously glance around at the other diners, they're facing away from you or reading newspapers, their faces aren't visible
>your meal is finished, you feel full but can't recall having eaten
>the bill arrives, you pay, you're still quite drunk and feeling very tired
>you rest your eyes for a moment and when they open you're in bed the next morning with a raging hangover and a pocketful of complimentary mints

>> No.9914036

What has god done for us? Nothing.

>> No.9914043

OP is actually not a faggot. This chain is utter trash, as are the people who think it's any good.

This guy on the other hand inhales cock

>> No.9914120

>yes, but the government still makes them even though minting them costs more than the face value of the coin

Fake news that stat is only true if they still made the penny out of pure copper, which they don't. They use a zinc core and an outer shell of copper which is less than a cent to make per penny.

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