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your dole dippers, /ck/

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thanks wait are you a penguin

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you make my day, ty anon :)

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Don't mind if I do

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>white penguin having to serve literal monkeys like a slave

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He obviously takes pride in his job

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where do you get that from? He walks up to them, gives a sorrow look and mutters "your dole dippers, madam" before closing his eyes and waiting for them to take the damn things. It seemed more like he wanted them to blow his fucking brains out.

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OP made this thread last week and he's samefagging it with the same posts.

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Oh surprise surprise the autist can't read body language

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Are those things actually tasty?

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they are literally just banana sliced dipped in a not-actually-real chocolate-based coating
you can make the same at home

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that actually sounds good.
I think I'll make some tommorow.

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I'd fuck those monkeys

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Your Dole Dippers, retard.

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people on the dole should be dipped in the worst toilet in Scotland

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Definitely getting some racist vibes from this

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>ew don’t come into my safe space
Fuck off nigger lover

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the profit margins on that are insane

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I come to /ck/ just for these threads, thank you OP. And this isn't even sarcasm.

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I'm quite sure that poster doesn't actually care if Dole is using monkeys to represent black people, but rather just finds it funny.

That said, animeposters who throw around the word "nigger" are not welcome in blue boards and you've been reported for violating global rule 2.

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Not him, but why are you biased against racists? Seems pretty small minded and hateful to me. That is narc faggot behavior.

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No worries racist bro... I also reported him for using the brown word in quotes in his post too.

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Omg what a wacky reversal hahahaha

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Kill yourself nigger I hope you die in a house fire

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reminds me of the monkeys from the donkey country show from the 90s

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Get that dog-treat out of my face.
I've tried one of those before; thats not real chocolate and thats not real fruit either, who the fuck are you fooling?

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Normalfag pls

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i call it a "dole dipper" when i:
>make my gf eat laxatives
>when she's done shitting her brains out but before she wipes, penetrate her filthy asshole
>freeze the sheath of fresh liquid shit on my cock with liquid nitrogen


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I bet you're the kind of person that forced that wonderful, wholesome family restaurant chain, "Sambos" to close down because they used "little black sambo" as their identifier. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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and yet Cracker Barrel remains open.

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surprisingly fuckable madames

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