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Is it just a meme?

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Animal style fries are revolting.

Animal style burger is bretty good and shakes are fantastic.

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You can't go wrong with it and it's God- tier drunk food.

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Asking about memes is the surest way to identify yourself as an uncreative teenager in desperate need of an identity.

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Everything is a meme to you.

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Steak and shake is way better for less dosh

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I'm heading to one near Dallas and I gotta say it's pretty good if kept simple.
Monkey fries and burger are fucking atrocious though, sodium levels shouldn't be this possible.

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>le god tier meme xD
Fucking kill yourself and stop being so cringe

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Not that good

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im in college thanks

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Stick that iPhone way up your ass and stop posting

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In n out is for tasteless normies

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Shake and steak is more expensive here

Wow so edgy and cool, you’re really fitting in little buddy

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are there any girls on /ck/

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It's a fast food chain. It is fine. It's burgers and fries, you have an idea of what this will taste like, and it will not shock you. It's usually a better burger than you'd get from McDonalds or BK, but not as good as one you could make at home. If you are expecting something radically different from burgers you've had before, then yes, I suppose you've been memed. It's a fucking burger. This thread is dumb

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There are 18 and 19 year olds in college

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in-n-out is better than mcdonalds, but not as good as burger king.

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What im trying to say is both of you fags suck and this thread is garbage :D

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>not as good as burger king
BK is ass

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I wasn't saying burger king was actually good. I'm just saying it's better than in-n-out.

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Why are they so cool.

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17 year olds, even. Earlier in the year some of my classmates were still fucking 17 if you can believe it.

Makes me feel like a brainlet since I am just starting college at 22...

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Awful fries

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No, its really a burger. U might want to educate yourself on the definition of meme, u stupid faggot

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those fries look disgusting. is that thousand island?

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I assume it's something you love if you grew up with it. I love it because I grew up in southern California. I have eaten White Castle and other location based fast food chains and don't see the appeal but probably because I don't associate it with my childhood

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In n out is unironically fat people food. You can get 1500 cal for cheap so they love it.

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Better late than never.

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I intentionally booked a flight with a 6 hours layover in LA instead of direct just so I could quickly grab some In & Out and try them.

I was so disappointed when customs and immigration took forever to process all the people that arrived, so I was not able to eat anything. I was worried that the TSA would also be painfully slow so I wanted to proceed to my gate asap. The In & Out is close to the airport but its would have taken me at least 1 hour to go, eat and return.

One of these days I will try them.

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>mfw these plebs think they have better taste than Anthony Bourdain

>"It's the only fast food chain I actually like"

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It's pretty normal for people to start college later, too, and has no real relation to intelligence.

>> No.9880468

Is "Animal Style" spreading throughout culture?

>> No.9880486

well there is certainly correlation, the vast majority of smart people start college immediately after high school

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Yeah, if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or are willing to accumulate crippling debt that they'll spend 20 years scrimping to pay off. Others join the military (aka zionist and corporate petroleum defense force) for a few years so they can have their college paid for.

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I heard he loves kayefcee mac&chiese

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How the fuck did it take alnost 6 hours to process

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The fries are not good at all, they are like cardboard strips. The hamburgers are fine.

The people who think in-n-out really good are either people from out of state who bought the hype, or stoner-surfer dudes who love the image of California.

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It took about 2.5 hours to deplane (787 dreamliner) and go through customs because there were a lot of people from other flights too. By the time I had checked in for my next flight I had about 3 hours left, which would have been enough, but I kinda got lost in the airport. And I didn't want to risk walking outside and then not making in time for my next flight due to TSA stuff.

These were international flights.

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it's been a while since I had some but In-N-Out was basically the ideal fastfood joint. Hyper delicious juicy hot exploding hamburger for underprice, fast service, wrapped tightly in paper ready to be shoved down your mouth, off a small no-idiocy menu.

Like, if I've already made the decision to get fast food and eat a burger, that's what I want.

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mwuahhah politicians shoving their faces full of food is my fetish

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Fuck off queer.

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It's mostly califags wanting to feel special, I moved out to AZ where we have em. they are OKAY, but not by any means as great as they are talked up to be

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Double Double with onion is pretty good. The frys are trash.

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Its decent and cheap, thats about it.

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How new can one person get.

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Lol. Is that really Judson Lamm-Wittike? ROTF?

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It's not a "meme", it's just good food. Are you in middle school?

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Way more expensive than inn-and-out here.

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it's not a meme, it's just mediocre compared to what you probably expect of it. It's not bad but it's not particularly good either desu it's EXTREMELY over hyped.

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No. They're that good. Good luck getting a flyoverfag to admit it though.

>> No.9884521

The thing is, flyovers may not admit it, but that pic would give them an erection and they'd start involuntarily drooling.

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Tastes like plastic. Better to eat Whataburger which is god-tier.

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>Tastes like plastic. Better to eat Whataburger which is god-tier.

I wonder who could be behind this post?

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The flying Dutchman on a bed of well done frippy fries topped with a generous heaping of the special sauce garnishes with tiny peppers and fancy catsup. Of course salt and pepper were also boosted.

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Starting college at 22, either because you were in the service, or you decided to work to save up some money first is a common thing around here. So is starting at 20, because you did two years of junior college first.

You'll probably get more out of it, since you should be more disciplined at 20 or 22 than you were at 18, aside from any extra you got beat in to you in the military.

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Imagine being so obsessed with cucks and black dicks that when you run out of pepes you surf the weirdest parts reddit looking for stuff to screencap

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Fuck off idiot

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>>Complains about a meme saying
>>Le le le le le le le le

>> No.9885725

I think my post was nice.

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the way it's talked up is the meme that is only outshadowed by kobe beef in japan.

For the price it's an OKAY sandwhich, the fries are better than the stuff you will get at most places... until they go cold in the 5 minutes you spend eating them. People from california will get so offended if you say anything negative about it though

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Alex, I'll take Faggots for $100.

>> No.9885821

It's great for its price

Otherwise yes, it's a huge meme

>> No.9885823

It's a tasty burger. I recommend it with the chopped chilis

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>People from california will get so offended if you say anything negative about it though

This so much.
>visit friends in california
>finally have in-n-out
>super excited for the hype
>get the meme-ist of order
>eat it
>friend ragging saying I probably loved it
>"It was okay, not that great. does a burger fix but I wouldn't go too far out of my way for it"
>looks at me like I spit on his mother

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Yeah, it would be definitely beneficial for an intelligent 18 yo to join the army for 4 years even if they despise the notion of being a stooge for zionist corporate fascists because they'll ace the ASVAB entrance exam and have their choice of MOS - signals intelligence, software development, etc. They won't end up being an 80 IQ cannon fodder 11B or something, lol. And they learn discipline skills that put them way ahead of a high school graduate given his first taste of freedom.

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Whataburger at least has a decent variety on the menu, instead of a circle of queers that customizes their order the same calling it a 'secret' menu

>> No.9886586

They forgot to put the meat in my burger once

>> No.9886733

Steak and shake is shit

>> No.9887768

everyone in ca knows its a meme. we advertise it so that no one goes to tommy's, the real burger joint

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Stake 'n' Constipate

>> No.9887896

>Lele Lele about the le le
Am a big fan if in out tho. Best burger for your buck in my opinion . and it is smooth and tight just like the pussy I don't get.

Never know if I should get grilled onions tho?

>> No.9887902

I have pretty low standards, but that looks like two piles of feces.

>> No.9887914

Did you just fuck around and get a triple double? But for real that is actually what I get there

>> No.9887953

thats a burger from tommys.
idk what they put in the chili, but i dont care

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>the Reddit banner
Cucks and their wives are fucking disgusting

>> No.9888056

>he thinks college means maturity
teenager confirmed.

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Seriously, why won't the change them?

Basically every other fast food joint has better fries than they do. It's fucking stupid when everything else there is so good.

>> No.9892451

Nice link.

>> No.9892463

The burgers are indeed good.
The fries are a complete joke and some of the worst I've ever had.

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It's fine but if there's a five guys anywhere nearby just get that

>> No.9893031

Culver's is the best. Prove me wrong.

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LAcuck here.

Animal Style fries are definitely a meme in my opinion. I don't get the appeal, but people like it because "it's different". As for the animal style burger, I think it's pretty good and usually what I order when I go to In-N-Out. Grilled Onions, Pickles, and their Thousand Islands-type sauce, and they also cook the patty in mustard, but I am too pleb to be able to taste the difference between that and a regular patty, so I mostly do it for the pickles and grilled onions. Just tell them to add chopped chilies, and you have a pretty decent burger. In-N-Out is pretty good, but I imagine it's definitely overrated by normalfags, so it's a pretty easy target to hate. However, Los Angeles and Californian industries in general are very easy to hate.

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This isn't reddit you nancy, stop typing like a backroom boy or I'll bomb your mailbox.

>> No.9893171

t. Acting like I'm in L.A. Not to be famous, it sucks here, lol! I'm just here because of the property costs! The weather sucks, so much pollution! Fuck celebrity cukture, guys!

>> No.9893177

Animal fries are a meme, just get a cheeseburger and regular fries well done and call it a day.

>> No.9893183

The "le drunk food XDDD" meme is a trillion times worse.

>> No.9893188

This is extremely specific, so I'm guessing you're talking about a version of yourself from the past.

>> No.9893193

Im going to stab you in the windpipe and make you apply pressure as I dial 911 and leave you in a dilemma of life, help, or death. Will getting help risk your life? Tune in next time.

>> No.9893198

Your Reddit style of posting is worse.
You've got to go back you fucking idiot/cuckold.
Just go, be silent and fuck off back there you absolute faggot.
Don't reply, your defense is worth nothing here, go and find your safe space, faggot.

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Bourdain is a style over substance faggot that only likes them because they're trendy. And for what it's worth I like their animal style burger.

>> No.9893213

>style over substance
Try the reverse you fucking idiot.

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Nope, dumbfuck.

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Shake Shack>In n Out

>> No.9893280

Not everyone born and raised in Los Angeles naturally likes it here or what Los Angeles is most appealing to most people. Naturally most people hate California and Los Angeles on this website so you're never honestly going to get a good answer from this thread anyway. Perhaps I didn't need to state I was from Los Angeles in my post, but I was trying to show that I'm not some foreigner who's eaten their only once. But I guess your shitty post will suffice, not that mine are any better. Just more words stringed attached to them.

>> No.9893294

Face it Whataburger is for mentally handicapped mouthbreathers in texas and florida. It was founded by Mr. Burgerstein from New york.

>> No.9893310

>4chan hates a popular thing

This thread again? In n Out is fucking based and you're a bitter faggot if you can't admit it.

>> No.9893312

I hate california as a whole and I thought In-N-Out had a good burger. Granted it IS pretty over rated, and the animal fries weren't particularly great, but the burger was still tasty at a good price.

>> No.9893338


Freddy’s, Smash, 5 guys, Steak and Shake are all better.

>> No.9893360

The most disappointing fast food experience I've had so far. Burgers were middle of the road, but I couldn't believe how bland and stale the fries tasted. I stood there and watched them cut the potatoes and everything.

>> No.9893365

Agreed. It's good taste and affordability I think are definitely primary factors in its popularity. It may not be the best burger around, but if someone is coming to California for the first time, I would consider it essential to go their at least once, since it's such an iconic restaurant on the west coast. But beyond that, I am sure you can find a better burger.

>> No.9893385

Yes but at least we're not known for our salmonella

>> No.9893393


You bet

>> No.9893407

I graduated top 30% of my class >95% attendance, took robotics and advance math classes. Im 23, not in college. I can't afford it because the economy is so bad and any decent job that would help pay is not too keen on hiring someone with a degree (like the companies looking for a young workers but requires 35+ years of experience). And I couldn't get involved in anything that would have paid for college because aside from the fact I was raised by a single parent with 6 other siblings, I had chores I had to be responsible for and for making sure homework was done. I made dinner when my mom worked late got my siblings fed washed and in bed all before I even turned 15. And to top it off I never learned to drive because we couldn't afford insurance. Smart kids in poor families seem to fall under radars like yours.

>> No.9893536

Better than most fast food joints I've been to, with prices that aren't too high. Not worth ranting and raving about. I'd say five guys is better, but you pay twice the price and they're stingier with the cheese. Haven't tried anything but the burgers, so the fries could be ass.

>> No.9893866

Fucking this.

>> No.9893883


go to community college on pell grants. anyone can get them. do good and get a scholarship.

>> No.9894146

This is the ultimate fast food. What makes it real good is how consistent it is. The meat could be a bit bigger, but thats my only complaint. Theres a reason every time you go there, the car lines go out into the street or there is a line almost touching the door inside. Its quality, its affordable, it has a sharp clean conservative imagine, and the employees are friendly and trained well.

>> No.9894179

Jack in the cracks beef is odd

>> No.9894219

it's not the best burger ever, but it's the best in it's price range in California. the fries kind of suck though

>> No.9894275

Midwesterner who moved to california last year here

>burgers are good and relatively well-priced
>animal style is the way to go
>fries are utter dogshit
Is it overrated? yes. there are lines down the block of almost every in n out every day during lunch time. its not THAT good. its fast food.

Now back in the good ol' midwest
thats a good burger.

>> No.9894370

does anyone actually like this kind of mexican food, wheres its just 1 shitty ingredient in a tiny ass faggot corn tortilla? any mean with that amount of rice is guaranteed bullshit. no wonder you eat it on a paper tray

>> No.9894410

yeah its a meme, fries are almost never cooked, the microwavable burgers form 7-11 are way better than this

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