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Name ONE drink better than 4loko, YOU CAN'T

4loko The Official Drink of /ck/

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Stop sperging

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No, im loco for loko

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>ONE drink better

>Charlie Sheen eating fucked up taco bell and washing it down with prune juice mixed alcohol
>gets high and winds up getting gigabeast fucked up the ass multiple packs of niggers
>he then takes an endless fiery, liquid spray semen shit into a glass
Like fucking magic. Infinitely better than 4loko.

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4 cans of the blue one and my liquid shit the next day was blue. never again

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4loko is what imagined the inside of a battery tasted like when i was a kid. so, rancid and metallic.

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GOD TIER: strawberry lemonade
OK TIER: sour apple, gold
SHIT TIER: every single other flavor

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Last time I drank one of these I woke up with the worst headache of my entire life. I didn't even feel hungover or sick, just a terrible pounding headache. I'm too old for that shit, I can't drink them anymore.
I used to like the watermelon flavor best.

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God tier : fruit punch, black cherry, and grape

OK tier : strawberry lemonade

Shit tier: the rest

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Try a real drink

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this MF dont know nothing about them GOLD SLUGGS nibba

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green, actually. blue food coloring makes our shit green.

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sometimes getting older is ok.

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I remember the original 4loko. Damn those got me drunk fast. Lol at all of the faggots that had heartattacks.

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I enjoy bisexual porn, preferably MMF

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pussy ass nigger

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that's 24 locos right there

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That's a good way to describe any "energy drink" desu.
I was so mad when my workplace started stocking Monster energy drinks in place of Starbucks doubleshots. It didn't even make sense from an economic standpoint, they were constantly selling out back when they had the Starbucks drinks and now they've had the same unpicked Monster cans sitting there for the past three months. Maybe the guy who supplies the vending machines didn't want to have to make so many trips or something.

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>Lol at all of the faggots that had heartattacks.
Do people unironically believe they're immune to heart attacks because of how tough they are?
I'm going to call this the Charlie Sheen fallacy. He thought he was tough and immune to health problems too and then he got HIV.

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>nu-four loko

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>anything other than shit

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this shit sucks, its malt liquor (shit) with like 60grams of sugar in it (shit) along with a canned taste (shit) and a ton of other artificial bull(shit) in it. that's four shits. 4x shittiness.

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I read that 3 times. Still have no idea what you posted.

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A-anon, can you read English?

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