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The FUCK can i's eat dat wone fuck up muh grill y'fillme?

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shit is made of diamonds you can eat straight up bones now

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slim penis

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Purple drank and xanax

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>doesn't understand the difference between hardness and brittleness

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Why does his hair look like shoelaces/twizzlers? Is he William Wonka?

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Nigger, they ARE hard. Durability is what you're getting at, which is something else. This is some hilarious shit. You're both wrong.

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>thinks I was implying diamonds aren't hard

neck yourself tbhf

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>memeing this hard to fit in
it’s time for you to go back, newfaggot

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No need to be upset cause you're retarded

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>implying they are even the same category anon was getting at
>oh, wait, no, I'm not retarded, I swear on me mum
Cease your faggotry. I don't have the retard meme arsenal to keep this going for long.

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Sir we have a strict dress code here, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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nigga you raciss

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My new bitch yellow
She blow my dick like a cello

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but cello is a string instrument....

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>I thought Squidward played the cello. He don't. That's a flute.

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bagels and the salmon with some capers on a square pl8?

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Stop having cereal for teeth, for starters.

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Diamonds are literally the hardest metal known to man.

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They’re a fluid you dumb dingus

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