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Any /dishbitches/ here?
If so share stories. Don't worry boys, I'm sure we'll get promoted to try cooks one day.

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Dish was always the comfiest station when I worked in a restaurant. I kept begging my manager to "demote" me from cashier to dish all the time but she said I was too """friendly""" to work in dish

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It's a pretty great job. Sit around during fuck all during the slow days. Nights fly by when it's busy. Plus waitress ass. Pay isn't bad either for such an easy job.

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Dishdog is the shit when you're sick of the bullshit and stress of cooking. Sometimes you just want get high as fuck, turn on your own music in the pit, and zen out shoving racks into a box and pulling them back out. If you can keep the line stocked and rotate the hot dishes to the bottom without getting in the way of the cooks, you'll be alright.

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Too often at my previous job, the dish bitch would be too fucking drunk and/or high to keep up, so I would have to jump back there and help and explain to frustrated customers that there is going to be a longer wait. This is why you shouldn't hire mentally handicapped people.

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6 hour shift starts in 20 mins and I still haven't gotten out of bed

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It's pretty great when you get a good rhythm going. The other dish guys at my job were awful at it, which was pretty good because all the other staff loved me by comparison.

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>6 hour shift

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I worked a while for a hospital's food service back when I was in school (did dishes at the end of each shift, but also put together meals on trays that would go by on a conveyor belt).
It wasn't the worst job I've ever had, but I'm glad I don't still make money that way.

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It's all about having your rhythm. If you can look and see a shit-ton of dirty silverware and glasses, servers and bar are gonna need those soon. If it's all plates, kitchen is running short. As long as you can prioritize, you can high as fuck and the staff will still love you.

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Still love the dish pit

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>only 6 hours
Damn that sucks man. My shifts were 10am to around 11pm most nights.

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Why would you actually want to be a cook?

Dishwasher -> barback because the regular dude is out sick or quits -> bartender is the ideal path.

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The fry cook thing was a joke. I've been trying to move up to bartending during the day. I think the owner is going to let me soon.

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Ill never be a try cook

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12pm to 3am here, just about to start. Bartending is ass sometimes

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I've been both and I preferred being a dishwasher by far.
Once you git gud at it it's comfy as hell while being a cook is always a fucking rush.

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work fast food and you're the "cook" and dish bitch

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That post may have came out as being sarcastic. When I said the 6 hours sucked I mean only getting 6 hours as opposed to a full shift was bad.

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>drink chav cider
>put all the dishes in the rack
>spray with boiling hot water
>shitpost on 4chan some
happy days, unironically the best job I've had

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Do people actually have a hard time getting a bartender job?
I ended up working as a bartender on weekends at a bar nearby my real work for a couple months with no experience just because I was there so often that they offered me the job. 99% of it was just being a cashier for bottled beer. Like if you ever worked at a supermarket, it's like that minus having to know any produce codes. Then 1% of the time some asshole orders a fancy mixed drink and you have to try to refer to your drink mixing guide and pour some different component liquids into a glass based on simple ratios.

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This sounds exactly like my friends situation.

Your name start with an M?

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Also don't depend on the bussers or the bartender to remember the bar tubs every thing was all set and done and the bartenders drop buy with a shit ton of dishes. That the first and last time I let that happen.

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What he described is the experience of the overwhelming majority of bartenders in the first world. I doubt it's specific enough to identify your friend.

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>Your name start with an M?
It does not. This was also seven years ago. I didn't work for them very long (didn't need the extra income in the first place and only went along with it for the novelty of the experience, which was quickly outweighed by the annoyance of feeling obligated to show up and bartend instead of staying in and relaxing on the weekends).

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My first job was at a little Asian restaurant.
It was weird being the only white guy there.
The managers were either serious or had a stick up their asses, but the cooks and the Sushi chef were cool dudes.
I was hired as a busboy, but they had me doing everything that wasn't taking an order or cooking.
Dish bitch, window washer, sweep and mop the floors, serve drinks, wash windows.
After three months, they fired me and hired a cute redheaded girl, which was bullshit but I didn't hold against them too much.

After a few weeks, they'd start calling me in the evenings to wash dishes, once they'd gotten one of those boxes.

If they'd gotten their alcohol license sooner, they might still be in business, which is a pity because those Louisiana Rolls were fucking awesome.

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Not really a hard time. I haven't been begging my boss for it or anything. I've just asked a couple times if I can work the bar during the day sometime. I like getting out of my dishbitch corner and talking to the customers.

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>be dishbitch at rural restaurant in east San Diego
>only time restaurant gets busy is during the weekends
>I’ll help cook out during rush hour
>he lets me deep fry random shit, as long as I don’t cross contaminate fryers
>started off by making onion rings
>got boring fast
>started wrapping jalepeno and Serrano peppers in bacon, dipping them in buttermilk and flour, then deep frying them
>at one point, restaurant owner accused me of stealing/ abusing food privelages
>he was proven wrong, as rest of crew vouched for me
>I end up giving the owner money I didn’t owe him, just to get him off my back
>he apologized later, but by then it was too late
>fuck that, now I’m pissed
>our restaurant is famous for the smoked ribs
>owner takes great pride in them
>I sneak a full rack from the back
>buttermilk and flour them
>deep fry
>cook is speechless
>he keeps a stash of liquor behind the flour bucket, so he won’t tell on me if I don’t tell on him
>after they are deep fried I slather them in bbq sauce
>buttermilk and flour again
>double dip in the fryer
>cook goes outside for a cigarette
>he want some nothing to do with it
>I go outside and offer him a piece
>he’s genuinely impressed now
>tells rest of staff about it
>now it’s a secret menu item
>owner still has no idea, he’d throw a bitch fit

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I did it at a steakhouse where the cooks didnt always make me a dinner meal as promised, i would also bring my chefs knife and jacket like a tryhard but they had no real intention of letting me prep ever because it was so busy.

I ended up no showing one day and quit like that. Really fucked them over. I went on to cook at another place.

I remember how the entitled servers couldnt learn to stack dishes or hrow their tsble aprons in the laundry bin and made a mess. I also had to vacuum the dining room after service while servers sat and chatted at a table.

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I don't get it, why would the cook be speechless and the owner would throw a bitch fit over you making fried ribs? Is that a bad thing to do to food or something?

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serving is 10000x's harder than washing dishes. kek. i've done both and no one in the back should bitch

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They probably wouldn't bitch if you FoH cunts didn't make five times as much money as them.

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I don't mind them complaining in general. Everyone complains, I just hate the servers who constantly complain about shit they knew they would have to do when they applied for the job.

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Yeah I know it's not a lot of hours, it's just a weekend job at a cafe. Most I've ever worked was 9.5 hours at McDonalds back when I was 15. Not that long either- they avoid giving 10 hours because Australian law makes them give 1 break every 5 hours.
Also just got let off 2 hours early, pretty sweet.

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Can F-f-f-friday Night /dishbitches/ be a weekly thread? Dishbitch discord?

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how do I fuck the waitresses

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By becoming a waiter and acting like a douche

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>tfw did expo for 6 months
>had to take shit from both FoH and BoH

least I didn't have to deal with customers

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Don't. If you want to serve food to animals, work at a kennel.

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Confidence pal. Waitresses are pretty low on the societal totem pole. Their standards aren't that high.

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I liked being a dish washer, I pretty much was always on point... The petty 25yr high grads didn't like it but I didnt mind bantering even though they threw a lot of shit and often had disrespect

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spotted the dish bish

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>waitresses' standards aren't high
Wanna know how I know you've never worked in a restaurant before

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not currently a dishbitch but used to be. sort of. story:

>late high school, looking for job
>new latin street food place opens
>desperate for workers
>get interviewed same day i walk in, hired
>first shift saturday
>get there and get trained, work my ass off
>owner really likes me, cooks me free food for my break
>start to enjoy being a dish slave
5 hours later
>working hard, good relationship with coworkers
>all of a sudden
>some unshowered emo looking bitch walks in stinking of cigarette
>owner gets angry and starts shouting at her for "not showing up to her shift"
>the kitchen is fully staffed
>they have a big drawn out fight closely resembling recently broken up lovers
>find out she was previous dishwasher
>"you were our only dishwasher but you didnt show up!
>"i can show up im here now"
>owner kicks me out and pays what hours i worked in cash
>tells her she is re-hired to take my job

walked out with two sad $20 bills. owner tried to call me two months later asking me to come back and get hired again, but i wasnt planning on being his pathetic rebound dishbitch again

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>do people actually have a hard time geting bartender job
New york city.

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Bussers make below minimum wage often. Dont group them with the servers

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I'm from the eastern shore of Maryland. No one's standards are high here.

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Bussers are honorary back of the house.

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>got in a fight with the other expo and walked out.
I should have stayed on prep.

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Only if they're cool, otherwise they're just as bad as servers.

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>Don't worry boys, I'm sure we'll get promoted to try cooks one day
Happened to me, I started washing dishes at 16, did it when I started college in the cafeteria then got promoted to line cook. When I graduated I worked as a head cook in a few greasy spoons before leaving the industry.

Best advice to get out of the dish pit? keep your era clean (like a food line) and always offer to do prep work for the other cooks when its between service. If you can take direction and speak english they will probably bump you up.

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Yeah some bus kids can be assholes. Most of the ones I've worked with were good though.

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Rough shit bro

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Basicly this. Be an attractive waiter and walk around like your dick's too big for standard pants sizes.

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Press [F] to pay respects

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I am a line chef and have fucked two waitresses at the place where I work.
I was the first broad's rebound of the breakup with her bf, so that was easy.
The second girl was easy as well, I just stuck around after hours, had some wine (free, I might add) and made some "sweet talk".

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Except they make so much less. When i was a busser i easily made 1/5th of what the servers did

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>and walk around like your dick's too big for standard pants sizes

this is about 90% of game

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yes but I was still making more than any cook, for a much easier job.

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>5 hours later
>working hard, good relationship with coworkers
What about the montage of you earning the respect of your coworkers? You were there for half a shift, fucknuts.

>> No.9877067

I think he just meant he was getting along with everyone.

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>got hired for 15 an hour at a really high end place
>their dishpit is built for a third the load they were pumping through
>had the thing running non-stop, filled as much as I could
>barely managed to get through the first half of the week
>Friday rolls around
>fucking dishes piled to the ceiling, piled all around the floor
>owner gets pissy
>fires me via email after my shift
Apparently they don't keep dishwashers very long. They either quit or get fired, and I can see why people quit.

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He's not cooking it for the customers he's cooking it for himself costing the owner money. My old boss would have heart attack and a stroke at the same time if he found out I stole my body weights worth of food from him

>> No.9877887

Our dish pit was also way to small for the size of our restaurant. I was pretty good at keeping it caught up but if I wasn't there apparently shit piled up all day long.

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I bet you cry about minimum wage too you fucking millennial bitch.

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Cook was speechless at the food being fried. He’s really picky about what gets fried in which grease basket, so as not to cross contaminate. Normally, we don’t deep fey anything pork related, so he didn’t know what to make of it.

The owner, as most restaurant owners are, is completely obsessed with finances and food management. He’d throw a fit if too many fries were being sent out with the burgers. He had accused me a few different times before of “stealing”, only for the manager and other crew members to prove him wrong. I figured if I wasn’t being accused of it anyways, I might as well make the best of the situation.

I straight up battered and deep fried a hamburger once. I didn’t eat it though. We left it underneath the heat lamps to fuck with the server.

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That's legitimately awesome but it's true that you were stealing food.

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>bussers make more than cooks
No. I bussed for a while when i was trying to be a server. Its basically legal slavery

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NO. I mean, yeah, technically, at the end, but not when he was accusing me of it. If I was helping the fry cook, we were allowed to make extra fries or a burger or something for ourselves. The first time he accused me of stealing was when I paid the manager for breakfast to take home with me after early prep shift. Owner saw me making my own food and started screaming that I was robbing him, not knowing I had permission. He was a 70-something year old guy, I don’t blame him. It was a rural town near the Mexicans border, so we had a lot of tweakers and Mexicans that kept him on his toes.

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>work as dishbitch for 2 years
>bust my ass and get known as the only nonlazy gringo
>leave at end of September because I cant wash dishes my whole life
>still get called in atleast twice a month because new guys can't handle the work and quit or get fired
>was suppose to work tomorrow Christmas eve open till close
>owner texts me telling me I should stay home tomorrow and spend it with my family
>also tells me to stop by at some point because there is a Christmas card for me
>know its will have a $100+ bonus

God the owners are so nice, I hate the fact I had to leave for the most part.

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> First job had me working as a dishwasher
> Had one other person there to help out since sometimes there was too much to deal with efficiently
> Lady who was obviously on retard spectrum

Not enough be debilitating, but enough that she couldn't read social cues and didn't know when to shut the hell up. I was stuck with her constantly talking to me and asking me shit when I was just trying to do my damn job, sometimes it was nice to have the company but other times it just got so grating I actually had to be mean to her and ask her to stop talking to me.

I could work as a dishwasher again since it's easy work but I don't think I could go through being stuck with someone like that again.

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not exactly a dishbitch but i did everything including dishes so fuck it
>smoothie stand at beach side carnival
>really fucking hot one day
>really fucking crowded
>call managers from little store phone for some help
>help shows up
>says shes been working here for many months
>completely incompetent and bitchy to boot
>blames all her mistakes on me
>makes tons of orders I had already finished
>I tell her to ask which orders i've made before making one
>gets really pissed
>splashes smoothie she was about to blend all over my pants and the floor and leaves
>have to deal with the rest of the crowd alone in a tiny stand in 85 degree weather with sticky pants and floors
management just gave her a slap on the wrist because she was in the family who ran the business
I later get fired for being late 3 times over 2 months
fuck those guys

>> No.9879180

6 weeks in.

>FoH complains all the fucking time
>Either feel alone while surrounded by people, or try to establish yourself in the banter
>Sometimes you just get backed up for a while;
>Nothing you can do when bar brings a full bucket, cooks throw 30 pans at you, glasses AND silverware instantly fill up from 2 tables

When I'm wiping down the machine as the night ends, I really do feel like the guy who cleans up the loads.

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old pic but here is my dishpig station. Comfy as fuck blasting eurobeat and eating unserved food before its dumped.

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Handwash only?

>> No.9879288

use to do those hours but now my restraunts not as busy my shifts have slowly sunk to 3.5 hours which is good cause im studying but bad for my pocket

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I spent 6 years working at maccas while I studied and now I have a reasonably good office job in the New Zealand tax department I spend most of my days wishing I was back doing the dishes.

>> No.9879499

>apply for a dishwasher
>asked if I have any experience with industrial dishwasher
>I don't
How do I into this?

>> No.9879505

>doing the dishes
wash-up was just for the breakfast shit where I worked, and it was 1 hour max otherwise the managers would get pissed
how did it work at your place?

>> No.9879547

I used to close, which could take between 4-6 hours depending on the day. So the first half of your shift you'll do whatever, then generally whoever was the fastest got to do wash up since it's what usually held up close.

>> No.9879557

Ah, gotcha. I worked at one that didn't close. It contracted a couple of pajeets to clean most stuff at around 5am. They weren't very thorough with the equipment but I'm not even sure if they were making minimum wage.

>> No.9879569

does anyone over the age of 20 actually wash dishes?
seems like a job you grow out of

>> No.9879599

Indians abuse their own men so bad, it's sad. They pay people in cash so that the owner doesn't have to pay taxes. I hope you report these to IRS, it not only stops illegal immigrant abuse, but it's better for everyone else.

>> No.9879670

Had a dishwasher get fired for telling a 16yo host she was distracting him because she looks like a pornstar. Still laughing about that shit today and its been over a month.

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I worked in a very popular san deigo bar for 2 years. I was the best god damn dishwasher that establishment had ever seen. i wish i could do as well in other things as i did this fucking job
>start as dish washer
>ended as line cook washing dishes
>hired one summer, its a 3 person job
>started by myself, 1 person doing a 3 person job
>it was hard, but I figured out a way to make it work
>I didn't just make it work, I excelled, I rearranged the whole dish pit and back dish storage making the area into a one man assembly line.
>like a fucking autist i learn to time the sound of the order ticker and relatively how long it takes for food to be made, eaten and back on the bus tray and in my dish pit.
>is the order ticket going off a lot? expect a surge of dishes in 10 mins or so
>slow ticker?20-30 mins, mabey an hour if the bussers are lazy
>half the time i was also bussing because the servers were lazy dumb blondes and chads
>i could solo a busy football weekend and almost make it without overtime.
>they eventually hire another guy months later, hes a braindead nigger who listens to 4 hour long rap songs about mac and cheese, no really.
>i get promoted to prep cook. did some cooking school like a retard, I'm ok at being prep.
>the nigger is, well a nigger and cant do it, they never hired a #2 to help him.
>he gets fired and i get moved back to dishes "temporarily"
>they don't bother hiring anyone else for dish pit for the next year its just me.
>they cant hire someone else, they can move me to prep or cook, but they cant find anyone else who can do it, if I'm working dishes, another guy there is actually more of a determent then a help.
>so I'm now a cook acting as a one man dish washer for a 3 person job
>shortly before i move on, they do hire a new guy.
>they are giving him hell because i raised the bar too damn high and they are too lazy to hire another 2 people.

>> No.9880000 [DELETED] 

Handwash only for the cooks pots and evertging goes through an industrial dish washer.

>> No.9880089

I only washed The Cooks pots and utensils in my dishpit. The rest of dishes and other things are run through an industrial dishwasher.

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>tfw switched from line cook to dishwasher boi

listening to music and eating scraps like a dog feelsgoodman

>> No.9880258

What a good pet you're doing! Bosses could have hired two more people but thanks to you they saved that money and gave you à good dicking along the way
Good job!

>> No.9880645

Not exactly the same but I'm the designated dish bitch of the night shift at McDicks. I have to come in every day and reclean and reorganize almost everything on the shelf because our morning person is a braindead retard that for some reason is still allowed to do dishes.
It's a comfy job tho, just get to chill and listen to whatever album I'm feeling that day.

>> No.9881489

A dishwasher Jack poster...

>> No.9881585

Hotel Banquet Steward is one of the best dish gigs. There's a lot of dishes to do but they always come in predictable waves. Big hotels usually pay better, too.

>> No.9881673

t. NEET living at home

>> No.9882921

I drink too much and I don't have enough hours/time to work a regular-time job

How easy is it to land a dishwashing position? Will it be comfy? What sort of restaurant/culture/area/etc. will be comfy? What are the hours like, can I work at night?

>> No.9883047

i’m 27 and wash dishes

>> No.9883093

Looks like an og?

>> No.9883115

Being a cook is easy as hell though.
I don't think I've ever been stressed over it except when I have to make a fucking novelty food item because the customer is allergic to living.

>> No.9883126

When you're in college you're options are kind of limited.

>> No.9883496

not him, but i was a busser once at a place where the servers shared tips with us (don't think it's common practice, but idk.) i never told any of the guys in the back how much i made, but i was earning more than half of them. also put in fewer hours

>> No.9883506

just watch some videos of how to operate one and tell the person you're interviewing with that you are familiar with the operation and can demonstrate. they aren't hard to figure out

>> No.9883524

the jobs are easy to get. it'll be comfy if you're fast enough to keep ahead of the work and pretty shitty if you're cleaning even a bit slower than the dishes are piling up. no way to tell you about the culture because it all depends on the dishpit set up, how often you're in contact with boh and foh, the various personalities, etc. i worked at one place where the small dishpit was right in the kitchen proper so i was constantly joking around with the cooks and eventually started helping them with prep, making small orders, and shit like that. at another place i was in a much larger restaurant with multiple dishwashers in our own room and we stayed too busy for me to hang out in the kitchen, but luckily i was able to listen to music via earbuds and zone out through a shift. at the small place i worked from 3 or 4pm until about midnight and at the other place it was most often 11am until 10pm, but only a few days a week and often with mandatory hours long breaks in between lunch and dinner.

>> No.9883548

Bro it isn't difficult to scrape and stack a plate and if you really don't have that little time you can't handle your section, stop being a cunt.

>> No.9883625

They have a rack and I think it is just out of frame to the right

>> No.9883628

>Those floors
Good man

>> No.9883635

is there a lower-status occupation than "dishwasher"? maybe ditch digger?

>> No.9883673

I'm in the military and it was my turn to be kitchen duty today. I washed many a dish. I got.to be everybody's bitch boywbi gets them food too. In fact the girls are about to start pouring in for lunch. My feet hurt. How do you guys do this all day. I wanna blow my brains out.

Also all the ladies in the the kitchen are Ethiopian and have a strange mark on their foreheads

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Wrong, I have a master, I live in a loft and I work in the movie industry.
Free not to believe me kiddo

>> No.9883904

want to know how i know you're dying alone?

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This information is false

>> No.9884479

Started at dish. Sous now...still love dish. You can just get stoned and do dishes. Easy as fuck a little gross but whatever.

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>tfw you have the comfiest job in the world and nobody suspects it
>everyone calls you a hard worker but you're really just getting stoned and stacking dishes
>always end after cook so i can stuff my face in the fridge when my shift ends

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stinky boy is the best position in any restaurant as long as ur paid desu

>> No.9885064


>> No.9885083
File: 22 KB, 540x303, 7b0454e09ce25e69db8a97bcf274c5ae5ce16288d744d4aa2ed170b2f9db5326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>enjoy a nice breakfast, get to work with peanut butter smeared pants and a snug hoodie
>get to your job a hour late or early, depends if want more dough or time
>never wash yourself or your clothes either because nobody gives a shit
>do the bare minimum to get the kitchen going and hide a lot of dishes for the next shift guy
>stole a chair from the FoH to sit on my arse while I "work"
>eat food from the fridge all the time
>take 5 to 10 minute pauses every 15 minutes
>get back home and sleep, dreaming about comfy dishes and leftovers
where are my dishboys at
nobody dare fire me, let alone know i exist
i could just not show up and get another job in a flash
best job ever

>> No.9885205
File: 66 KB, 340x320, illust_55076304_20171216_000503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw the dish washers at work just blast classic rock all day and eat free food from the kitchen

>> No.9885208

Dish bitches can't handle the line, either because drugs, laziness, or language barriers.

That's literally 100% of my experience, except that my first job was dish back when I was 12.

>> No.9885217

>getting paid minimum wage under the table to have my back hurt all weekend long
i did it for 4 years in high school and I'm glad it's over

>> No.9885370

>cant handle the line
perhaps we're just too smart to handle it
the extra work isnt worth the slight salary increase

>> No.9885379
File: 269 KB, 567x960, 1428593497933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stinkybois are what habben when u give neet a job

>> No.9885489

Looks more impressive on a resume though if you ever want to leave foodservice.

>> No.9885504

Washing dishes in college is a great student job.
>shift starts after class
>out early enough to study/party
>no work study bullshit
>raid the walk ins for cheap eats (dishwashers are often the last out of the kitchen)

>> No.9885670

The guys do their job well it's just that they are good they have a ton of free time and it makes me mad jelly

>> No.9886426
File: 31 KB, 500x492, teary.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw customers sit right outside a permanently opened doorway from my dish station so I can't play my own music
>all I get is the sound of pajeet blasting his hindi tunes from the kitchen

>> No.9886446
File: 126 KB, 210x339, 1496831765308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw never worked an entry level job
>will never know what it's like to work in a low stress atmosphere where I can fuck up and it won't matter
>will never get to make friends with down to earth people struggling to get by
>will never be able to go to work without at least a buttoned shirt if not a suit and tie

>> No.9886463

all you faggots working in nice, tidy restaurants...

>> No.9886492

non-food service anon here, wtf does "FoH" mean?

>> No.9886601

Front of house, which is all the customer-facing staff, servers, bartenders, hosts etc

>> No.9886606

where did your life go so wrong that you wash dishes at 27?

>> No.9886859

Damn you don't even get Mexican music. I'm sorry pal. If it makes you feel better. The ventilation in my dishpit is so bad that it's too humid to keep any electronics near it. So I can't listen to my shit either.

>> No.9886886

How to get a job as dish washer?

>> No.9886894
File: 1.93 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20171225_125555742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay comfy lads

>> No.9886917

im 18 and have done unpaid work experience but all these fucking places want like at least 1-2 years kitchenhand experience. fucking annoying

>> No.9886922

just walk in and shake the manager's hand

keep your head up high, be confident

>> No.9886925


entry level food place like Panera, Chipotle, Chilis, etc.

>> No.9886932

I'll probably go to Golden corral or someshit,
I'll probably hit up a couple restaurants to see if they need a dishwasher. I have no experience tho

>> No.9886962

>im 18
fucking loser

>> No.9887039


>I have no experience tho

yeah thats why i said entry level. golden corral is a good start. just submit a few applications to diff places and see what you can get.

>> No.9887073
File: 708 KB, 768x926, WilliamHMacyTIFFSept2012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be host
>bimbo waitress with 10lbs of makeup on every day acts like a total cunt 90% of the time
>decide to seat her all the black and mexican parties one night
>she loses it and throws a huge fit at me telling me she doesn't want to serve niggers
>manager catches the racist tirade
>she gets off with a verbal warning
>keep seating her mexicans and blacks for a few weeks when we are on the schedule together
>she is clearly still frustrated
>tries to politely ask me to stop seating her blacks and mexicans
>tell her to give me $100 and I'll stop
>she says she is going to tell the manager that I asked for a bribe
>tell her to go ahead and do it since she has been caught making up shit before and my reputation was squeaky clean
>she reluctantly agrees and goes to the post to count me $100
>comes back and throws the money at me
>big black family walks in
>"How long is the wait for a party of 13 plus 3 high chairs"?

Long story short she flipped out at me and demanded I give her her money back and even told the manager about it and demanded that they search all of my stuff. I played it cool and she got sent home for her shift since it was only lunch and it wasn't very busy. She then made an even bigger scene and got a final paycheck the next time she returned to work. I wasn't there but I heard she started screaming then cried in the parking lot and tried to get back in but the manager threatened to call the cops if she didn't leave immediately.

>> No.9887081

Oh yeah, when I got home and counted the money it was only $81. I wasn't surprised at all.

>> No.9887102

fake it till you make it

>> No.9887109

>needing experience for a dishwashing job

All you need is a strong back and an IQ above 40.

>> No.9887117

Typical /bimbowaitress/ seen enough of them that, that story seems familiar somehow.
I hate finding good waiters/waitresses/servers is so difficult

>> No.9887118

>don't excel or take pride in the work that you do
>t. nigger

>> No.9887131
File: 65 KB, 700x347, jhtma6xqwkbtqpouf4va.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good news friend

>> No.9887142



You wut now?

>> No.9887156
File: 85 KB, 216x178, 1425520932431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw lied about family issues and quit my dishwashing job due to stress from just about everything
i made a horrible mistake bros, do you think they'd take me back? they were such nice people and it was so easy

>> No.9887180

>Be me
>Dish cuck for a chain restaurant
>Smells like shit, there's water and scum everywhere and the guy who comes in before me never cleans up his station
>Always envy the cooks and cashier's who had comfy jobs where they never handle filth and they get to work slowly and call me up whenever they want me to clean their equipment and take back the dirty equipment to the sink
>Because I made the mistake of applying as a dish washer I have to work as one for at least 6 months before I can change positions
>One day I decide to actually clean up the kitchen a bit more
>I dry up the standing water under the dirty dish shelves with the mop and I pick up the trash laying around and remove some of the stains and crud on the side of the sink and on the hose
>Everything looks legitimately better and the sink actually shines
>Later that week the guy who washes before me gets fired for accidently stepping on and injuring a small child while he was bussing on the main floor
>He is replaced by this high school kid who they ask me to train and I tell him that it is restaurant code to make sure his work area is clean at the end of every shift
>By doing this and cleaning at the end of my own shift, we are able to maintain a cycle of cleanliness
>I am now working in a moderately clean kitchen
>I even bring in a spray bottle of air freshener that I leave out on the shelf for the kid, that we spray into fan to take off most of the smel
>Winter rolls around
>Just about every single person working in the kitchen, at the register, or anywhere on the main floor is freezing because a customer either walks in or out the front door every thirty seconds, exposing them to freezing winds, and my coworkers are too 56% to figure out how to put on a jacket
>Ovens are located in the back of the kitchen, while the preparation stations are located at the front so can only derive warm from them at quick intervals when you have to cook something, and return to you freezing station

>> No.9887191

>Meanwhile, the sink area is an extremely small corridor/room with three sinks, two of which are filled with boiling soapy water that steams off
>I blast massive amounts of air freshener into the fan and basically hot box in this warm comfy sauna while the normal fags up front are freezing their asses off
We started from the bottom, now we here
We started from the bottom, now the whole team, fucking here. Dish duty is great

>> No.9887193

I’m not sure where you’re going with this but please continue.

>> No.9887201
File: 117 KB, 1024x752, 1489292400868m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw too autistic to work in retail or any sort of restaurant

>> No.9887206

>>tell him that it is restaurant code to make sure his work area is clean at the end of every shift
How is that not restaurant code, don't they have health and safety standards in burgerland or something?

Boss gets pissy at me for even leaving small bits of grime, food, water, etc on the dirties bench when my shift is finished, god forbid if I left trash lying around lol

>> No.9887217


Most BoH is usually on the spectrum, especially dishpigs, who can mostly just keep to themselves and go about their business.

>> No.9887222

Dishbros are the bottom of the structure but that also means the rest of the structure requires our co-operation.

Keep your ears open to pickup those chef secret ingredients and your mouth shut.

>> No.9887224

>family issues and quit my dishwashing job due to stress from just about everything
Yeah. If you stated you had to leave for family issues you can fix it again. It never hurts to ask. If the job itself is stressful mention the family issues so you can limit your days and hours so you can stay mentally sound my man, gl.

>> No.9887229

>spaghetti my way through job interview
>somehow get job, they were kinda desperate for BoH staff
>owner realises im a social retard and almost never gives me FoH work
>hide in my smelly bitchpit most of the shift avoiding coworkers
...not sure whether it's a good or a bad feel, at least it's a job I guess

>> No.9887248

Yeah sounds like I would only be eligible for dishpig if I wanted to work restaurant back in the day

>> No.9887255


Working the line isn't terrible, aside being a lot of work and stress for very little pay. Everyone just kind of assumes that cooks are some kind of weirdo, and you're usually so busy that there isn't time for awkward socializing.

>> No.9887306

Thank you so much, ill call them after christmas break, uts been like a mon5h but they probalby havent hired a new dishwash since then. You gsve me the confidence to csll them again, thank you so much, maybe ill invest in a boombox or something and play eurobeat for all my pals cooki h shit. Man i wish i wasnt such a failure and managed to fuck bit hes all the time but im some elliot rodgef tier fuckup who just sitz around playing video games, buying garbage and just fucking wasting the knowledge i have, fucking godamn im a fuckup. Im such a loser ill never get laid and have a child,i just want to be loved, my fsmily just putz up with me becausr im their reletive, i fucking hate it. Im sorry.

>> No.9887458
File: 294 KB, 656x654, yvazf0ednwsz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>too dumb to be cashier
>too autistic to be waiter
>born right in time to operate dishpit
feel gud desu

>> No.9887460

give her tip senpai

>> No.9887572


Work the line. That's where you'll spend the most time talking to the waitresses, and if you just do your job you'll make them money, so they'll be into you even if you're cold as fuck to them, as you should be. Most waitresses are fucking sluts; they can be good people, but they're usually sluts.

>> No.9888107

Walk in and ask.

>> No.9888145

Ask what tho?

>> No.9888255

This is what I usually do, I don't really like to do an online application. Only if I really need to

>> No.9888267

>preparation station
For some reason this made me think you work in a kitchen in the Gilded Age.

>> No.9888274

base of the pyramid friend

>> No.9888305

I work at a Peter Piper Pizza. We give fancy names to mundane things to help workers forget that we work at a fucking Peter Piper Pizza

>> No.9888309

Not in Arizona man. Some of our cooks don't even wash their hands after going to the restroom, and my manager has adult autism as well as the store owner. I'm not even making this shit up, it's like I'm watching fucking television, but I'm not. That's what gets really fucking scary.

>> No.9888321

In Dallas?

>> No.9888327


>> No.9888337

working either will actually cure your autism in some ways

there's no better way to learn humility as an adult IMO than to work a high pace service job. literelly everyone fucks up now and then. as long as you don't make it a habit almost all fuck ups will be forgiven by your coworkers.

>> No.9888829


>> No.9888867

>"Hi are you looking to hire some extra help?"
It's pretty easy pal.

>> No.9888921


Some people take their bartending gig really seriously and pretend it's a hard job

>> No.9888933


Posts like this give me a glimpse into how underachieving many people in low end food service are when a fucking dishwasher is complaining about having to vacuum or that servers didn't stack plates to his specifications.

>> No.9888977


>t. never stepped foot in boh or even thought about how a restaurant functions, yet still going to comment about shit i'm completely ignorant about

>> No.9888992


>Be me
>Work as dish bitch.
>Wash a lot of dishes.

>> No.9889003


He's a dishwasher, anyone complaining about having to perform essential job duties as a dishwasher is worthy of contempt.

>> No.9889013


He was complaining about the entitled servers who don't do shit except complain about their fucking tips and end up making more than the people doing the real work. And you stack plates the same way at any restaurant, not "to his specifications"; many servers are just literally retarded.

>> No.9889082

>huhuhuhu he's complaining about having to do other people's jobs for them what a loser
>t. cuck

>> No.9889144


Just throw on your Brooks Brothers™ suit, march right up to the manager, look him dead straight in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and demand a job.

It really is as easy as that, anon.

>> No.9889156

She wasn't even the worst I've encountered desu, I only told the story because the way she got fired was entertaining. I've been in food service for nearly 20 years and have so many stories, most of which are about the bar tho. Getting canned stories are usually good tho because emotions run high.

>> No.9889252

>walk in dressed in a tactical outfit with full body armor and your right to open carry AR-15 with bumpstock, and offer your hand with a firm handshake
>y-you're hired, mmk?

>> No.9889702


>dishwasher is complaining about having to vacuum

One of two things are going on here.

A.) For some god awful reason there is carpet in the kitchen

B.) the F.O.H staff are being lazy a fucking cunts

When I worked dish I met a few entitled cunts like you. They would tell me to do some of there closing jobs and I would say fuck off and get the F.O.H manager back here. The manager would tell them it's there job. Stop being a lazy piece of shit and do your job.

>> No.9889773

It's not like everyone glamorizes it in here or how everyone is "buddy-buddy" like in movies. If you are in the US at least it is like 99% getting yelled at by landwhales all day for even the most minor of screw ups
t. worked at several fast food jobs and at the chicken counter at a grocery store

>> No.9889782
File: 101 KB, 736x633, 1c6514c9db1c020e891bb6d7ffdd4ccd--the-little-mermaid-little-mermaids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought we were going to be friends...

>> No.9889795

When I worked at my burger king I would literally eat about 15-30 bucks worth of food while on whopper station

>> No.9890201

nice fake story you fucking faggot redditor

>> No.9890394
File: 49 KB, 736x550, 9535230c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey bitches. OP here. I didn't expect anywhere near this many replies. Here's a link to the /DishBitch/ discord if any of you guys are interested.

>> No.9890434

>dish at barbecue restaurant
>Rule says full hands in full hands out
>Hardly ever have to take things off the drying rack
>Play whatever I want on speaker
>machine washes everything for me
>waiters help me close when they get out early
Comfy job

>> No.9890459

What is discord?

>> No.9890560

>hotel stewarding
i bounced from banquet steward to cafe steward to solo steakhouse steward at the other end of the property. i'm the only person that works that pit but the schedule is set and predictable. open Tues-Sat, closed Sun&Mon, dinner service only, early in on Tues to prep. same crew day in, day out. word from the chef is i'm taking the next open hot line spot (i can also work garmo but that cook's not leaving any time soon).

>> No.9890581

lol that is one comfy pic. I used to do dishes all the time. I mean it’s an awful job but it beats cooking any day of the week. It was pretty comfy to just stand there and get your own rhythm going while listening to music all night. At the end of the night I’d steal the leftover food from the kitchen lol. I had a good system down until one of the goodie two shoes white boy told on me. Wasn’t even a manager. Fucking bitch. He was just jealous of me. Like that pic implies.

>> No.9891479

Fuck off

>> No.9892172

>dem gloves
Envy, I had to make do with household cleaning lady gloves, even those I busted two pairs a day at least. They wanted to push those small one-use gloves that come in cartons of 100 on me, but hell naw. Those barely lasted a session of peeling taters or onion, much less 50°C water, 80°C dishes and ALL KIIIINDSSSS of agressive solvents.

>> No.9892191

>using gloves period
soy boy

>> No.9892387

What are the gloves for?

>> No.9892467
File: 47 KB, 632x852, 1501654976406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How hard and fasted paced is dish washing in a restaurant? Im honestly thinking about applying for a job for one. You guys make it seem nice and not as bad

>> No.9892480
File: 22 KB, 405x405, rVbqK6M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends on the place. If the dishpit is under-equipped for the task, you're going to get stressed out fast. If you aren't physically active, expect the first few weeks to absolutely destroy your body. The biggest obstacle is the smell of certain things, but you'll probably get used to it fairly quick. Expect Friday nights to hurt.

>> No.9892519

She wanted your dick.

>> No.9892540
File: 1.34 MB, 400x203, 1513865410755.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there anything more irritating than when some fucker dumps a whole plate of food and sauces into your fresh cleaning water? It's like they don't realize to scrape the big shit off. Don't really feel like having a half eaten soggy burger breaking apart and floating around the top while I'm cleaning other dishes. Even worse, we had to install grates on the drains because people were doing this clogging the sink up.

After some asshole kept dumping his plates full of half eaten food in the sanitizer (trying to help but being a fuckup) I told everyone not to try to "help" me.

>> No.9892594

Depends entirely on the size and popularity of the restaurant.
I dished at a 100 seat casino buffet and it was a never ending sisyphean nightmare.
I also dished at a 40 seat Cafe and tea room and it was the chillest job I've ever had.

>> No.9892597

>servers didn't stack plates to his specifications.
stacking plates is a server/SA duty. i don't know where you're from but where i work our porcelain says 'Bernardaud' on the bottom side, which is french for 'if you make these into a $3000 leaning-tower-of-platesa, you're gonna get shitcanned'.
fuckin' tip gulls can't do the shape game? fuck off back to ponderosa you absolute philistine.

>> No.9892612

Gloves protect you agaisnt cuts, HCV and general infections and are comfier in almost every ways, it makes dishwashing feel like a breeze
They also give you a better grip, allowing you to be much faster and avoid breaking stuff
Sorry if you hate being comfy m8

>> No.9892752

Bruh they were like 20 bucks. was your boss that cheap?
Prevents you from feeling scorching hot water,prevents pots from scratching you,keeping hands dry, and protect me from the chemicals from drying out my skin since it ate through a layer of my skin.
Hopsitals and nursing homes is where its at tottaly predictable waves of dishes and free food out the ass.

>> No.9892909

>tip gulls
adding this to my lexicon, thanks anon

>> No.9892929

what a fucking faggot

>> No.9892975

There's a 50-something guy at ours, this hard as fuck scot with stab scars everywhere. Complete cunt too.

>> No.9893216

This one shortgirl laid hands on my arm and I felt like bending her over and slapping her ass until it was raw, then plunging dickfirst right into that ass while her stressed eyes look back at me with lust. Fuck, restaurants are a pressure cooker for sexual encounters.

>> No.9893236

So wrong.

>> No.9893378

Damn your restaurant must use some harsh shit. The biggest problem I have had was my hands getting a little dry. I eventually just got used to the hot water though.

>> No.9893383
File: 66 KB, 1024x1024, 1513112636656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The beer thread has a discord. I thought it might be fun. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.9893389

on top of location it obviously depends on the hours/days as well
i work at a cafe and weekends are often a neverending line of a dishes, cups, cutlery, etc. for at least 3 hours
but weekdays I'll just be standing around casually cleaning up some baking equipment, and probably be sent home 4 hours early

>> No.9893395

It's more tedious than hard. Some people like myself get stressed when they see a lot of dishes piling up. But as long as you stay organized it's pretty easy.

>> No.9893410

>9-5 dishbitch
>get to make myself a big sandwich on break
Still miss that job.

>> No.9893621
File: 1.78 MB, 400x225, 1512018873113.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work in a union hospital shits comfy as a job just shit hours. I use industial strengyh soap and sanitizer.

>> No.9893855
File: 131 KB, 433x224, continuing the tradition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work at bakery
>be night baker
>fairly mellow except holidays
>we have two dish bitches but usually only see them right when I arrive
>occasionally throw some pastry their way and on decent terms with both of them
>well dressed ex-convict who's girlfriend works FoH but flirts constantly
>stereotypical vaping grognard with Asperger's who swears a lot
>ex-convict is super fucking lazy and doesn't clean the mixing bowls right
>grognard actually works really hard and even covers when he isn't scheduled

>they both really hate each-other
>constant shit talking back and forth
>almost get into a straight up brawl after after about 3 months
>hear through the grapevine someone is getting fired
>entire night crew hopes it's the ex-convict because legit doesn't do his job
>the grognard gets fired because owner doesn't want to lose ex-convict's FoH girlfriend
>ex-convict becomes even more lazy because there isn't anyone to contrast his work to anymore

Always appreciate your dish bitch because it could always be much worse...

>> No.9893984

found the nigger with no work ethic or pride

>> No.9893987

>all this but still can't speak proper English

>> No.9894198

pic looked like a chokolate cake with cream filling but it was even better!

>> No.9894757
File: 13 KB, 202x184, 1482012946733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

glad i could be of service to ya, homie.
feel free to call the pastry cooks 'sugar monkeys' while you're at it.
>sugar monkeys
>sugar monkey enclosure/habitat
>alpha sugar monkey

>> No.9894937

Should i become a dishwasher?

I haven't worked in 6 years because tfw PTSD and chronic pain from being shot. I can't hold a job that requires speaking to people or not being drunk and stoned.

How much does it usually pay in northern U.S.?

Any perks?

How do you keep your hands from drying out? I wash my hands 5x a day and they are dry as fuck. Even with lotion

>> No.9894955

Get comfy dishwashing gloves
Being on drug is a plus actually since the work is very much like meditation
You don't have to speak to anyone, just listen to the chef and do what he tells you

>> No.9894984

>worked as a dishbitch for a dine-in pizza place for a while
>occasionally take deliveries when drivers were too busy but was rare
>got in one accident but a guy rear-ended me, never had to deliver after that
>always busted ass on dishes
>managed to swing it so I always got opening shift from 10-4pm
>closing dishbitch was lazy would always leave me all the closing stuff to do, but was fast enough to get it all done an hour before we even opened

shit was comfy. Didn't have to wash a lot of dishes during opening too, usually during lunch from 12:00-1:00 is when it got busy

>> No.9895365

Apply a thick as fuck coating of the "working hands" cream and put thin cotton gloves over your hands when you sleep. shits like magic.

>> No.9895373

thems fighting words, on my first smoke break i would confront the fucker out back
Take control of your dishpit man
IF you do well and keep pace they may respect you
but if they dont respect you
do something about it

>> No.9895800

Different anon, but I'm quitting my high paying managerial job to become a dog groomer because I'm miserable and would rather be happy than rich. To a lot of people, work/life balance is the most important aspect of a job. That's actually why I gave up on my childhood dream of becoming a toy maker in Japan. I could never be happy keeping up with the japs work ethic

>> No.9895840

Different anon. Is it possible to be overdressed? Should I toss on my suit just to be safe, or will that just make me look like a rube and I should go with a sweater? Haven't tried getting a new job in 3 years now so I'm a bit out of practice.

>> No.9895885

>dishpig 4 years ago at shitty Applebee's
>got drunk every Friday/Saturday night on the job
>free meals
>got to fuck a waitress
I only miss free food, getting drunk on the job and no one giving a fuck, and easy pussy. Would rather be homeless than work as a dishwasher again though.

>> No.9895892

>asking for $100
>not a blowjob instead
Gay. Bimbo thots give the best blowies

>> No.9895918


lol the dishie wants to fuck top tier talent. how cute.

become a waiter

>> No.9896148


>> No.9896183

>He lives in a place where they don't have poor Haitian immigrants do menial labor and they literally call them porters

lmao is this what being flyover is actually like? Being fucking happy as a fucking dishwasher?

>> No.9896187

>carrying plates back and forth
As if. Anyone who took public speaking in fucking 9th grade could be a waiter.

>> No.9896189

I hated dishes, there's so many easier jobs at fast food places. I didn't mind lunch shift, that was 3 hours of twiddling my thumbs, it was closing that made me drink myself to sleep.

That and never having enough drying room on the rack, ever, there was never enough room to dry everything, it was like tetris shit mane.

I never broke a dish in my 4 months being a dish bitch.

>> No.9896196

I was happy back when I used to. It was a good job.

>> No.9896207

If its that easy why aren't you working at a 5 star restaurant.

>> No.9896252
File: 5 KB, 100x100, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


thats why they hire 2 dishwashers at my restaurant. when it gets super slow they still have them working. when it gets busy they both work in synchrony and get everything done on time

>no stress looking for new dishwashers
>not having to fire anybody
>shit gets done all the time
>dishes dont pile up

>> No.9896329
File: 174 KB, 1000x750, o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is why they have 2 dishwashers at my restaurant. they dont over excel, but get shit done. no need to hire any more man power because 2 dishwashers is just the right amount. when things get super busy they get it all done.
the last restaurant I worked in they only had one guy working the dishwasher and the manager complained why shit didnt get done on time. the retard only hired one person for a high volume restaurant. As a line cook I would hop on at night and wash dishes with the guy until we were done and got some extra hours without the manager knowing

restaurants need to hire 2 people more often. 1 fucking person is not enough. thats why people fucking quit or end up getting fired and managers go on a goose chase to get new people.

>> No.9896487

east coast fucking faggot new yorker detected

>> No.9896501


I get total silence and I love it. the beaners arent allowed to play their music because the managers tell them the customers might hear it. you dont need music all the time. it become brain numbing

>> No.9896547

this is basically me down to every point at my job.

>> No.9896582

How could yall like dish duty at all? I got dish duty a ton during my pizza delivery days and I hated it.

>> No.9896597
File: 38 KB, 662x712, 1514488688107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw working as a dishbitch on mothers day during a power outage

>> No.9896754

Show up and don't be visibly intoxicated. If they need the help, you're hired. If not, you aren't.

>> No.9896756

Many of us are in training or education to be something else. There's nothing wrong with being happy (if not necessarily satisfied) with what you're doing in life.

>> No.9896822

My sister is a recruiter. She was sitting across from me so I asked her for you.

She says no. Even getting a job washing dishes, you show up in a suit its a good thing. A sweater would probably do, but, it's not much harder to dress up and it shows you really care about the job.

>> No.9896998

this literally never happens at the food industry

>> No.9897061

I've seen several places sink because someone hired or promoted their wife/girlfriend/relative to a management position.

I've also seen jackasses from the east coast fuck up businesses because they think bending their best employees over the barrel gets more out of them, while ignoring the drones. New York City should be a prison colony.

>> No.9897472

It can be depending on where you work and what kinds of drinks your bar makes.

>> No.9897625

buttmad good ol' southern boy detected
t. good ol' southern boy

>> No.9897686

This. Best part of my day is when my fellow cook's phone dies.

>> No.9897710

>top tier talent
loving all my laughs

>> No.9897795

ex dishbitch here
>working at a high class resturant
>owner always drones on about who the place was founded 100+whocares years ago
>only dishwasher for the dinning gear , a second guy upstairs does the kitchen equipment
>the place can seat 60+ tops shit downstairs gets brutal on weekends
>upstairs dishwasher mostly on smokebreaks, if the resturant is open for 6 hours he basically works 3
>dishes pile up on a friday
>guy spends 20 minutes on a "smokebreak"
>ask him if he can help out , dishes literally piling skyhigh
>half an hour later guy goes out for another *smoke*
>owner comes around "hey , have you seen xyz?"
>"hes out in the back i think"
>stoner is gone the next weekend
>got to go upstairs, but go down to help the new guy when shit gets real

>> No.9897807

>it becomes brain numbing
that's the point you fucking mongoloid

>> No.9897976

>look everyone! i used the 4chan word!

>> No.9898201


i meant talent in the sense that they're the hottest a restaurant has to offer. dummys. they're all brain dead, of course.

>> No.9898838

feels good to be a busser

>> No.9898856
File: 33 KB, 564x528, 1511291616023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get interview for dishbitch at pei wei
>Show up 8 minutes late to interview because I'm a lazy sack of shit and it's a shit job so who cares
>Hiring bitch actually cares about his 15 dollar an hour job lol, not impressed by my lateness, doesn't even interview me
>Call later apologize and say I actually am a good worker, he agrees to interview me again
>Don't go to second interview

>> No.9899136

This post makes you sound like a real winner, you're a real winner.

>> No.9899144

nowhere in that post did I say nigger, cuck, or soyboy

>> No.9899192

Only because you're all three. Nice dubs btw

>> No.9899200

fuck you

>> No.9899270

People probably hate you because you make greasy messy shit slop with quality ingredients you don't own.

>> No.9899313

Sorry, but for all you know everyone there might have really liked her and she might have dished circles around your ass.

>> No.9899358

Pro tip people to interview or work as dish bitches generally aren't winners...

>> No.9899491

people who are gainfully employed vs. people who don't show up to interviews. hmm...

>> No.9899712

guys I want to apply as a dish washer part time any advice on getting hired what to wear etc?

>> No.9900662

They're literally defending washing dishes in a restaurant as a quality of a winner lol.

I can go buy an old used lawn mower for a hundred bucks off Craigslist and mow a few Lawns one day a week in suburbia and make more money than a dish bitch does.

Interviewing or working if you're a dish bitch you're a loser.

>> No.9900712

Why do dishbitches have such a high turnover? Why can't the industry figure this one out and keep people?

>> No.9900724

Turnover is really only an issue if the cost of training a new employee is high. That's why a manager or a chef will usually get paid higher and get raises when they ask for them where as someone who basically wipes a dish then puts it in machine is not that expensive to replace.

>> No.9902645


For some reason industry threads are always full of trolls whose biggest restaurant experience is going through a fast food drive through. Almost all servers are entitled cunts, because they aren't looking to move up in the profession and just want to make as much money as possible without really contributing anything, knowing they can find another server job within the week if they get fired.

>> No.9902687
File: 17 KB, 460x282, peobt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw busser and have tried for months to get server job
>tfw people always ask me why i work as a busser since i speak english
>tfw ive applied at 100+ restaurants and nobody will hire me as a server
>tfw poverty

>> No.9903249

Hey stinky dish bitches. Go back to cleaning those dirty dishes you stinky dish boys.

>> No.9903255

I'd argue with you but we do smell fucking terrible.

>> No.9903302

It doesn't matter. Wear something casual. You're applying for a dish job they don't give a shit what you look like as long as you're not disgusting.

>> No.9903360

so is it true if you don't rinse off the dishes with water after they went in the disinfecting tub youll get everyone sick? a kitchen worker told me that as a secret weapon. I want to believe

>> No.9903467
File: 3.64 MB, 3024x4032, 15145986542401765877431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who here is /dishbitching/ right now?

>> No.9903784

Servers cost a restaurant less than a dishbitch... The only reason you can't get a serving position is because there's something seriously flawed with your social skills. Reach Out and get help.

I managed to restaurant for a little while it cost us $12 an hour to hire a dish bitch. It cost us approximately $3 an hour to hire a waiter. The only reason I wouldn't put you on my staff for $3 an hour its if you had a serious issue with your hygiene or social skills.

>> No.9903927

My life in 12 hours after a two week vacation
>t-thanks for the reminder a-anon

>> No.9903982

I worked dishpit for a chain steakhouse and boy they were such faggots. It was one of the worst jobs ever
>most days worked alone with a massive pile of shit to do while opening has already begun and by the time I've done I have a mountain of plates and sauce cups to clean
>have to come in an hour early if I want to leave on time
>other days work with one other person who's almost usually some lazy nigger who fucks off randomly at times to grab a smoke and some steak and leaves me to dry and I can't complain
>eventually get laid off cause restaurant closes to move to a major mall space
Fuck them honestly, is dish usually like this with you all or do you at least get a reasonable workload?

>> No.9904093

Dish is pretty comfy at my restaurant.
>Small so never get too many extra dishes
>Waiters all actually do their jobs
>Free German food every night
>BOH are all quiet, chill dudes.
>Decent pay
Only complaint is that the dishpit is where the waiters pick up their orders. It can get real crowded in there sometimes, and they will block where I put the small plates.

>> No.9904138
File: 1.51 MB, 425x481, 1513073388609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I got fired so my boss could hire his daughter to the position
>heard they went out of business a couple months later

>> No.9904202
File: 488 KB, 1920x1200, SCRUBS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>will never know what it's like to work in a low stress atmosphere where I can fuck up and it won't matter

If you can fuck up in a job and it doesn't matter then it's not a job and you're not gonna get paid for it. Well at least not for long.

>will never get to make friends with down to earth people struggling to get by

Oh Anon. You fell for a meme.

>will never be able to go to work without at least a buttoned shirt if not a suit and tie

It's really cool when you pick up your hardcore work clothes from the hardware store at the companys expense but after having waded through crap for a while and with soars on your hip because your pants are really heavy with all the tools you're carrying it gets pretty old. And I imagine it is the same with most other professions. The only exception is nursing/medicine. Scrubs are just comfy af.

>> No.9904234

>Give dish bro a handy every once in a while
>He prioritizes cleaning my shit over the line cooks stuff
Feels great

>> No.9904243

Took me like three minutes you weren't talking about a bdsm relationship. It's called a masters you fuckbucket.

>> No.9904344

>get fired for telling a 16yo host she was distracting him because she looks like a pornstar
People are so fucking uptight these days, jfc.

>35 years ago
>friend works as cook in chain steak restaurant
>waitress at the pass shelf asks "do you have sour cream?"
>he answers "I don't know, I've never tried it"

he got bitched at but you never would get fired for shit like that back in the day

>> No.9904425

People with work ethics are in high demand these days because most millenials have work ethics like niggers.

>Wrong, I have a master,

Who's a good boy? Whooo's a good boy? Well it sure as shit ain't you.

>> No.9904459


I've been on the same boat for years. I'm always a busser or a dishwasher trying to become a waiter/server

>> No.9904470
File: 202 KB, 333x355, 1514524437367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

managers on 4chan? everybody abandon ship

>> No.9904558

>be host at ihop
>whenever it's busy I just wander around bussing tables while less autistic hosts man the front
>solid 7/10 server thanks me whenever I bus her tables
>noticed I was leaving at the end of my shift with my food and tried to see if I could sit down at a table to eat since it wasn't busy
There's gotta be something going on. Even though I just give her passing autistic mhms and no problems she still thanks me.
Are some people just nice?

>> No.9904599

>do you have sour cream?
>I dont know, Ive never tried it.
why would he get bitched at for that? is there some sort of innuendo flying over my head there or something?

>> No.9904604

>People are so fucking uptight these days

It was probably either that or the restaurant get sued by some family over a dishbitch skeezing on their jailbait daughter.

>> No.9904632

Well ya see pal, he may have been referring to the cream which resides in his testicles.

>> No.9904973

this but unironically 5 days ago

>> No.9904994

>be clearly intelligent enough to post on 4chan
>work a minimum wage job

I never got this. T. Medschool

>> No.9905094

It's a 1:1000 ratio of smart people to fucking morons on 4chan, most people are huffing paint or are wannabe Chanology attendants when they tell you the site is for smart people I lump myself as one of the fucking morons

>> No.9905149

Your spoiler tag makes your post convincing.

>> No.9905179

>Australian law makes them give 1 break every 5 hours.

What fucking magical cafe do you work at? I just came off a 10 hour shift with no breaks. Old restaurant I worked at only had a 10 min break for lunch, no 1 hour break.

>> No.9907028

Forgot to mention i live in nyc so any server open call will have 40+ people attending. Its not like i live in nebraska

>> No.9907198
File: 14 KB, 359x272, 1424808504346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the guy who always smoked crack in the bathroom has gotten his shit together and only does it at home now

>> No.9907938
File: 12 KB, 400x400, ZF2jCXR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw getting laid off from my dish job. Thanks obongo

>> No.9908197

Over the summer cooked breakfast in the am and dishes at night 530 to 1030ish. Money was good but the lack of sleep drove me to near insanity.

>> No.9908267
File: 467 KB, 996x1920, Snapchat-2017497638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate my station
Inb4 phoneposter

>> No.9908295
File: 30 KB, 1000x802, 1510843638947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's slow so I am helping the headchef make desserts for tomorrow

>> No.9908817

Shoes4crews is shit.
Has anyone had any of their products last more than 60 days?

>> No.9909303

Where does your silverware go? We had an old yellow plastic tub that they went in. Some machine jizzed out some blue stuff that was supposed to break down the food and then we filled it the rest of the way with water. Oh, how many a time it overflowed.

>> No.9909457

this looks exactly like my kitchen


>> No.9909472
File: 12 KB, 225x225, 1493752984155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah they have.Have you tried Their steel toe rubber boots? They are super comf but mine dont last long since I'm clumsy and trip alot.

I only handled cooks pots and Cooking utensils. My kitchen also had the blue shit and people get it overflowed all the time.

>> No.9909477

Make sure to put some Jews in there for us too, anon.

>> No.9909500
File: 487 KB, 111x188, 020.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinks posting on a Taiwanese cat wrestling forum makes someone intelligent
Get a load of this dumbass.

>> No.9909532

This has been the best /ck/ thread i've seen in a long time. Not a dishbitch or anything, just enjoying reading your stories. It reminds me of the movie Waiting.

Hope this becomes a recurring thing.

>> No.9909551

Thanks anon. I'm happy to see how many people can relate to what most would consider a pretty shit job.

>> No.9909557

it's not impossible but it's unlikely. Depends on the chemicals you're using and how much.

>> No.9909624


This. I literally sit around humming to myself/listening to youtube playlists and not having to deal with the asshole customers. /dishbitch/ is best place to be on any shift.

>> No.9909780

toasting in epic bread

>> No.9911020
File: 65 KB, 1200x675, DEMSbZoVYAA4n_M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that guy who's always wasted in the kitchen got his shit together and now is only moderately drunk at all times.

>> No.9911499

jeez, was 2000s photoshop rough or what

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