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Do Americans really eat this?

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High fructose corn syrup?

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yes, its just sugar, quit being so obsessed

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Yeah, usually not directly or (to my knowledge) in home cooking, but as an ingredient in processed foods.

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Do Italians really not have different words for lime and lemon?

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by the gallon

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Holy Fuck, Creamed Semen

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OP here
Do Americans really eat processed food?

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Are americans so poor that they can't afford sugar cane?

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Nah, not poverty, greed and gluttony.

After all if you can have three times the serving with twice the sweetness for half the price, fuck all other considerations.

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It is just corn syrup with some of its glucose converted to fructose with yeast and a couple enzymes (same ones we use to break down complex sugars in our bodies). It came about as a cheap replacement to honey for soft drinks about a century ago if my memory serves. It has the same glucose/fructose ratio as honey so tastes just as sweet, but it lacks all the odds and ends which are in honey and is made up of monosaccharides instead of being a disaccharide of glucose and fructose, which in the case of a high acid environment such as a soft drink it is the same since the acids would break honey down into monosaccharides anyways.

In the end they are both just fine in moderation, as with any sugar.

The study on HFCS being bad for you is rather impressive, it was funded by the Sugar Producers of America (think that is their name), it compared people who drink a six pack of soda a day to people that consumed almost no refined sugar. Sugar sales went up like mad, rather smart bit of advertising!

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HFCS is actually abit healthier then sugar cane sugar, but that is kinda moot since anyone who is consuming enough of either to even need to consider health effects is eating to much.

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>more fructose than sugar

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>HFCS is actually abit healthier
t. subsidy rich corn farmer

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Hah, not quite, just someone who just actually read the study and about sugars.

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Yes, and you also do too unless all your food is raw. Bread is a processed food

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can you elaborate or link it ?

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No, just controlled by the corn industry.

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Going off of old memories here, the body deals with different sugars in different ways, different enzymes for different sugars and all that. When we eat glucose our body actually converts it to fructose, using those same enzymes they use to make HFCS. There is some nonsense about how the body deals with glucose that deals with kidneys and insulin, fructose is not as big as a deal there but still an issue. It is 5 AM and these are Decade old memories.

perhaps after I sleep I will bother to dredge this all up if no one else has but its all academic in the end, the difference between different sugars and how our bodies deal with them is not much. White table sugar is probably the worst, honey may be the best, but the difference is almost none. Switching to a different sugar is not going to make you healthier, moderation will help, best would be to just get your sugar from fruit/veggies since you get alot of other good stuff from them as well.

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You mean you're talking shit.
Don't bother replying next time you smarmy shit.

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Thanks for contributing, you are a valued member of society!

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i believe its fiber that makes fructose from fruits easier to take in

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>>more fructose than sugar

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I dont trust a fucking word you say, son.

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He said then. So something something a bit then sugar. No idea what he's talking about desu.

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tariffs on sugar cane and corn subsidies made hfcs cheaper product to use.

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GOOD!, go and do some reading and confirm or disprove it!

no, I cleary said abit, not "a bit." A text out of context is a pretext.

nah, fiber has little to nothing to do with it.

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I wasn't born yesterday, ameriblubber.

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Then why ask.

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You still need to learn the difference between then and than, though. You misused 'then' in your shitty reply.

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Back than I was ignorant, but than you delivered me to light.

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Another shitty reply.

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>regular corn
>80 calories, 2.8g protein, lots of fiber, complex carbs

why is HCFS so fucking bad then? do they add sugar syrup or something to that shit? not a burgerlander so its not like I ever hear about it other than "shits bad".

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Corn syrup is condensed pulp extract from corn, it will have nothing but refined carbs. HFCS is worse due to fructose content. Despite some others above saying it’s harmless and the same as other sugars - bullshit, it’s found rarely in nature (while first found in plants, the vast % of sugar by weight in them is sucrose) and our enzymes don’t process it well. Fructose on its own is only good for giving you insulin resistance.

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The only thing worse about it is the lower cost which enables you to eat more. They're all shit. Eat fruit, dumbass.

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Question for americans. If you travel abroad do you find the food bitter or otherwise lacking in sweetness?

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dont they?

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Burger here. Nope, if anything I've found it more sweet. Then again I've only gone to places in southeast asia and south america.

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Of course. And you do too.
Other countries just call it 'Fructose/Sucrose'.

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are europeans all inferiority complexed?

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Spanish technically doesn't

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i inject the shit through an IV at least twice a day

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>fructose is worse for the body than glucose
This meme again.

There's no sucrose in HFCS. You mean fructose-glucose syrup.

Honey is largest portion fructose and many fruits contain fructose. Sucrose is a glucose-fructose disaccharide.
>our enzymes
Fructolysis processes fine. Hfcs is only like 10% more fructose than table sugar anyway

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i use a small amount of regular gold corn syrup as a secret ingredient to my french fries (i believe mcdonalds does the same)

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I tried getting raw agave syrup but then its just as much loaded in fructose as HFCS

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If you eat 90% of the processed pig slop on US grocery shelves you're consuming corporate welfare subsidized HFCS. That's what's wrong with it and that's why the majority of amerifats are obese ham planets. Sure it's a matter of education, but when you defund education at the rate most states are doing, the first thing to go is health and nutrition coupled with the fact the red state whore congresses contract out to corporations for school lunches who provide HFCS laden garbage for enormous profit. Welcome to 2017 amerifatistan.

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There's no way to produce enough sugar from sugar cane to feed the entire USA/world from the areas it can be planted you dork.

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A spoonful helps the medicine go down. Personally, if I'm craving it I will just pour a little straight out of the bottle. Getting expensive to buy here in Ohio though

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OP here, I'm not sure, you'd have to ask a european

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Sugar's not supposed to be a nutritional staple.

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You're backwards. Fructose is separate from glucose. They are both base compounds and form fructose in fruits. Galactose and glucose make lactose. Glucose is directly used by the body and stored in muscles and because of this the common consensus is that glucose is the healthier sugar. It's literally broscience until confirmed

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Sorry sucrose in fruits

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"the study" as in the only one ever made?

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well, i'm not, just honestly surprised by the stupid shit that americans do

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Only one that ever got the corn farmer associations paycheck.

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honey and hfcs are the same.

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t. Brainwashed by your government and the corn lobby

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>Another "Do Americans really x" thread
No, they do not consume HFCS directly. It's put in processed foods, mostly candy and soda, which won't kill you unless you're eating it in high quantities. It's highly likely you have also consumed HFCS as well unless you're like african or something.

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>enough sugar from sugar cane to feed the entire USA/world
>without processed HFCS sugars we'd have mass world starvation.

Lol, what'd you have for dessert in the fattest country in the world, amerimutt?

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>Do Americans really eat processed food?
I process my own food by eating it.

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>No, they do not consume HFCS directly.
Ahem. (pic related)

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>its just sugar

No, it is high fructose corn syrup. It has sugar in it, but it isn't sugar.

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can sugar prices fluctuate and the profit margin on pop is so small, pop makers jumped at the chance to replace it, and after a chemist at the RC Cola company devised HFCS, the pop makers started to substitute it slowly and regionally

crap is in everything now

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no, though I have found some of the people bitter or otherwise lacking in sweetness, but I find that at home, too

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>get sick because you consume 150g of sugar per day
>blame the type of sugar instead of the amount
do hurr durrs really hurr durr

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Is this a meme or something? Got my sister to ask her boyfriend and he got pissed. He's from South Italy.

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Italians are so emotional

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My emotions!

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Do Americans really process food?

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>Italians are so emotional

it's from talking with their hands all da time

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Only when I cant find a version of the product that uses real sugar. And if I cant I will reconsider how necessary that food product is to me.

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IO actually found that after I lost my job I ended up eating a lot healthier because I started cooking more reals and eating less processed garbage.

Of course I was awarded unemployment and Ive pretty much my girlfriend's housewife so I have lots of time to cook, clean and do other chores. Many americans dont have that luxury. I know lots of fellow poors who have to work long hours and sometimes even have more than one job. These are the kind of americans who eat like absolute crap.

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So you never eat mcdonalds on a whim?

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Now you know

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>0g High Fructose Corn Syrup

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Is it poor education or genuine desire to cause disinformation that one guy here is shilling fructose?

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Yes it has. Lima (lime) and Limón (lemon).

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Top notch logic mate. Next you will tell cage free eggs are better because it is more "natural"

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Global wars have occurred over centuries for sugar. Wishing it away because it is not necessary is libard level logic

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That is neither hfcs nor directly consumed by anyone.

Lazy Europoor delusion at its finest.

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Bread is processed food you know. So is butter.

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Some sodas taste wrong without it, others are superior in a cane sugar version. Cane sugar Coca-Cola is amazing while cane sugar Mountain Dew is just weird and inferior.

But other than that, no. I've never actually seen a spoonful of it before, for instance.

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Do Americans really eat bread and butter?

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Literally just as bad for you as sugar.
No this doesn't mean it's healthy, just that you should be looking at sugar the same as corn syrup.

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>cane sugar mountain dew
Are we talking about the actual Dew, or that Dewshine stuff they were selling a while ago?
Because Dewshine was the fucking shit and I wish I could get more of it.

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