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>american "salad"
>just take beans or pasta and slather them in mayonnaise
Un fucking believable.

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macaroni salad is pretty good tho

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just like aunt myrna used to make

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>implying salad doesn’t have many different forms in America

We have no limits you fucking street cheetah

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>eropean salad
>it's just rabbit food with sour juice on it

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It's for classification purposes. Burritos are also defined as sandwiches in certain states. No fuck off.

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yeah i can tell by your "pizza" you animal

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Mayonnaise is basically the same as any other type of "dressing," retard.

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>stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and either vinegar or lemon juice
You're a fucking retard.

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mayo is not comparable to a nice vinaigrette you absolute slob

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We're not arguing over what tastes better, retard.
Mayo is still technically a "dressing," so dishes that use it are still considered "salads."
Salad doesn't require lettuce.

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Hey, real american pizza has a delicious smokey flavor you can't beat!

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The ultimate comfort food.

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>eat beans with a fried egg on top
>wholesome meal
>eat eggs with mayo
>le triggured

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>eggs with mayo

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I'm Australian, I like pasta salad especially on a crusty roll with some thick cut ham

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American-based shitposting is the laziest kind of trolling you can do.

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when you live in a land where "salad" = macaroni and cheese you can't call anyone else lazy

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Damn now I'm craving it. A big ol' vinegary blob of that garbage straight from the big tub at the deli counter. That's good eating.

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"You're just mad because you're the subject of the shitpost" replies are just as lazy.

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Yeah, it's called egg salad.

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in russia we eat something a bit similar on new years

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Id say about 50% of Americans dont like these """"""salads""""""". Its never the most popular dish at a pot luck and the person who brings it is only a little less of a piece of shit than the person who brings the paper plates or the chips (crisps).

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have you taken a survey you massive faggot
i hate when people pull percentages out of their ass based on nothing

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i'm pretty sure that is the fault of the German immigrants.

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Yeah, obviously this is based on my personal experiance. I figured that was implied. I guess i didnt take retards into account.

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No one's forcing you to eat it. Just let others enjoy what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

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enjoy it if you want you fat fuck but don't sit there and pretend you're eating salad

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What fucking state regulates burritos?

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That looks like how I imagine Russia must smell

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>he doesn't like pizza soup

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epic prank xD

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o b s e s s e d

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