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Why do people leave grocery store reviews like this?

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Virtue signalling
Is this whole foods?

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That is the kind of review I would post, minus the racial element.

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Schizophrenia. Completely serious.

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>bringing up race for no reason but to virtue signal
jesus christ

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>He hasn't experienced the euphoric trance that is a Hypnotically Caucasian store.

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>muh virtue signaling
Has this phrase ever been used by people other than bitter alt-right neckbeards?

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Its really nice.

>everyone is aware of their surroundings
>patient while in line
>don't have to contend with someones unattended brood

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not really

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>muh alt right
Yes you delusional libcuck.

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evry tiem

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>Widdle babby doesn't wike being called out for it's in bullshit
Color me surprised

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Not to mention you'll rarely if ever be stuck behind somebody with their cart packed to overflowing with junk food that'll be purchased with food stamps.

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There are many related terms like holier-than-thou attitude or hypocrisy that fit many of those behaviours. virtue signalling is just a shorthand for the specific contemporary humbug that many people fabricate in their spare time, these days.
I prefer it being used for the behaviour of big corporations acting like they are just one of the guys with a big heart, instead of using it on individual people.

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>supermarket in a country built by white people has too many white people in it
I'd say the commentor is suffering accute ashkenazi inbreeding syndrome

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people with unfulfilling lives who desperately cling to any measure of control they can seize.
the same reason things that get left out in public get pointlessly ruined in short order.

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I'm pretty sure they're pleased with the dizzying degree of Caucasian in the store they visited.

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>local 4chan poster with poor reading comprehension also antisemitic

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hell yeah

i am lucky to live in the cheapest housing in a rich area. the highschool kids driver better vehicles than me.

i get to benefit from their standard of living without owning a $500k+ house

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Yes, that right go-erm I mean guy, Jews are good!

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>hypnotically caucasian
I really hope this little twat goes to a more culturally enriched area and gets welcomed into their lovely culture.

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There were some "youths" at my local Publix - they weren't overly crazy, just typical behavior you would see at Walmart - and it took everyone by surprise.
They were speaking loudly while walking up and down the aisles and it was making everyone uncomfortable.

I don't mind spending the extra money at Publix just so I don't have to deal with this regularly.

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He brings race because it's ok to steal white people. It's virtue signalling in their world.

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Are you both this autistic? The comment is tongue in cheek quite obviously.

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Please don't steal me, brown man.

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I want to live like this. Fucking city is 40% black though.

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>Implying the review poster isn't a melanin-enriched youth and future doctor making a statement about how he enjoys getting five-finger discounts

Fucking niggers, man.

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good bait OP, seems to have triggered both /pol/ types and the people who hate them. btw, clearly you're the one who posted this and took the screenshot of your own post

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Normally I would agree with you based on the stealing bit. But a black person would never complain about too many white people in a store.

Complaining about a lack of diversity is strictly a white liberal thing.

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I dont even understand it. Are they praising it ironically or shitting on it SJW style?

>> No.9785881

most likely just an unbiased snide quasi-ironic remark not really meant to offend or make a point, just a statement

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That kind of attitude is going to bring about the complete and utter extermination of the white race in the next 35 years.

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this >>9785922
wasnt me
Also youre completely wrong, literally everyone loves white people

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>posting the shoop

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Has there been anything worse for the world than social media?

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>Pacific islander do 1 percent better with black chicks than white men
Well what's their secret boys?

>> No.9786860

Better memes

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they think they are being cool quirky, le epic penguin style

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The same reason pompous faggots post on /lit/.

They are simply compelled by their innate pompous faggotry.

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>nigger steals from white people

stop the presses

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Le 59%

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The same reason why more than half of 4chan users post here: they get a kick out of roleplaying as neo-nazis online. It’s really funny to them and they rarely get bored of it.

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Go back to /pol/

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>tfw your city is 96% white

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Remember when everyone was wearing those shitty mass produced wrist bands to show everyone how much they cared about wathever?
Yep, nothing new about wearing social consciousness as a fashion statement
Look at how amazing I am, I totally care about wathever, just give me my like

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And don't forget half are like me, total fascists who libpost to take out our frustrations

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>lol white ppl suck btw
This makes me so angry because everyone thinks it's fucking fine.
Fuck these disgusting hypocrites.

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>too tired
lmao women

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Yes, but only if you don't instantly label anyone that uses it as alt-right

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do cities really make local ethnic census?

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>Goes through lengths to tell people about it on facebook
>Doesn't even bother to approach this man to tell him that she appreciates his good job


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>ugh I'M bothered by this thing
>look at how it affects ME
>I'M such a good person for thinking this
>tell ME how sweet of a person I am.

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Its been used for almost 10 years you literal child.

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>the butthurt
where did /pol/ touch you anon?

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Women love to date white people for the same reason they shit all over them and for the same reason why like wvery single fucking black feminist or sjw dates a white man: they see them as superior to everyone else. They bitch out of jealousy but will marry into it at the drop of a hat.

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Lold hard. ((White hispanics)) drop our white part down to like 15% or so.

Am white hispanic.

Real talk, how do you get rid of the "I'm about to die" feeling when there's no blacks around?
I went up to Rhode Island and I didn't feel comfortable because I hadn't seen a black person in days. Down here that means shit's about to go down. I didn't destres till I ran into a black worker at McDonalds.

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Said this to myself as I was opening the thread

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>le funny review maymay
When reading reviews I want them to be informative, if I want funny I would go and watch comedy, not read reviews about a restaurant. Fuck social media and fuck normies.

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Guess the skin colour of this person

>> No.9789451

Welcome to the internet, newfag. There's someone shitposting everywhere.

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Are you Black? I generally notice that overwhelmingly white areas are accompanied by some type of prevalent subculture EG country club dockers and boat-shoe types, high tech nerdy types, or simply very very hipster

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This. I have a schitzo friend who posts stuff like this all the time.

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I think I first read it in the Guardian yonks ago

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$500k for a house is considered rich where you are?

>> No.9790236

I don't think you understand how much space we have once you get away from the coasts. Real estate is cheap.

>> No.9790241

i guess i'll just starve here in my $1500 a month 1 bed apartment.

>> No.9790584

In my area, you can get a well constructed, new 2700 sq ft all brick facade house on a 3 acre lot for @ $220,000-230,000.

>> No.9790597

>store is white, things are so easy to steal

>> No.9790657

I can buy 2 houses with 15 year mortgages for that price

>> No.9792807

No you cuck, I told you I'm a white hispanic

>> No.9794202

I actually can't tell if this is supposed to be funny, but I'm laughing anyway.

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>It's ok to steal from white according to god himself!
There's no hope for those people.

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this inspired me to read the reviews of some supermarkets close by, it was worth it

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>local 4chan poster with poor reading comprehension also antisemitic
>meme generator
You've lost all credibility. Back to Facebook you go

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You could buy four houses on 3 acres for that here.

AVG mortgage payment for a 24 year is like $300 a month.

>> No.9794327

She's burning coal, isn't she?

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>> No.9794657

Nope, in Sweden whites are the criminals now
It's so progressive

>> No.9794676

Black people will complain about anything, up to and including making snarky, snide comments about establishments being frequented by White people more often than Blacks. Niggers can be well spoken too, but that still doesn't change their shitskin ways.

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Why are wypipo so sensitive

>> No.9794995

Why do porch monkeys have a chip on their shoulder about everything?

>> No.9795004

It's sarcasm you autistic fuck

>> No.9795325

Darkies stole their compassion

>> No.9795488

it's like eating at torchys tacos. it's literally the only place that is staffed by crackers and has only white patrons in my city.

>> No.9796003

Maybe 2 shitty houses, $270k, usually gets you a pretty decent house where I live
Trailers don't count

>> No.9796374

Spotted the porch monkey.

>> No.9796409

>tiki torches

who's brain wave was it to use tiki torches for a massive Nuremberg style torch march?

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>chocolate milk

Grow up.

>> No.9796427

Tiki torches are more readily available than old oil torches. It's also meme-worthy which makes for added exposure due to publicity, and the brainwashed public don't have a favorable view of them anyway so it makes them look more harmless.

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I wish someone would post that one pic of a US nazi demo where there was some alzheimers riddled 90 year old WWII vet at the forefront who had forgotten he had fought against them in his youth.

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Post mad store reviews.

>> No.9796615

What store? Sounds like a quick service restaurant

>> No.9796626

go to random business on google maps
click on "lowest ratings"
I guarantee 80% of the 1 star ratings will specifically say "I wish I could give 0 stars"

>> No.9796636

It's from a liquor store.

>> No.9796648

kek, what are they trying to do, start up a convo? Fucking hell

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>memeing this hard
t. assblasted cuck
Time for you to fuck off back to r/eddit/ kid and most importantly fuck off out of my thread

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>t. nigger

>> No.9796821

spencer's suit doesn't look bad. Kinda wish I had it desu

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