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anyone who puts peas in their alfredo deserves to be gunned down

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Anybody who

>does thing

in their



>a funny way to die

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you're right. I only put peas in pasta when I make carbonara

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Anybody who posts pepe on my 4chan deserves to be raped by reddit mods (aka 4chan mods)

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Dumb phoneposters

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Cabanora and Alfredo is the same except one uses fettucio and canned eggs.

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> Breaks pasta in half before boiling

> Boils frozen peas along with the pasta instead of putting frozen peas in a collander and thawing by pouring the pasta water over them, leading to super mushy peas

> Vegans who make 'alfredo' using some boiled and pureed cauliflower and potato monstrosity instead of making soymilk soubise or even just bechamel sauce or something less cringy

> Non-vegans that use store-bought jarred alfredo sauce that looks like a quart of cold, congealed semen that someone vomited into a blender

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I bow to your obviously filipino wisdom

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>posting pepe

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congratulations, you're retarded

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Anyone who cooks (dried) spaghetti longer than 6 or 7 minutes should be shot
(this dosent apply to spaghettini that only needs 3 or 4)

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Peas and canned tuna

Suck it

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