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>tfw best food in the world

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>place with 0 culture has best food in world
makes sense

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Northern Spain was better
>T. California fag

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and thats literally all thats in cali, food
its a shit state that needs to fall into the ocean.

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You're going to manage triggering both YuroSJWs and flyovers, quite impressive.

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We have great weather great people and any type of landscape a person could want. You're clearly quite mad you can't afford to live here.

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it's not that great

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>great weather
Hot, no rain.
>any type of landscape
Scrub desert and recently burnt by wildfires.

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Oh shit I almost forgot about the other 2 Ws

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>just fly-into things

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>light skinned female

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I've met a few Californian's that have moved to Australia, they prefer it and don't want to move back to California.

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Stop describing everything Bakersfield and south we have
>The best slopes outside the Rockies
>The largest most fertile river valley
>A beautiful Delta region
>Rolling foothills
Get rekt flyovers.

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Yeah the food is pretty good here. Granted you live in a rich white neighborhood like me and not in the ghettos or other lesser places like Anaheim.

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california is full of stinky yucky brown mexicans according to my friend that’s lived there his whole life

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Is Huntington beach a shit place to go for a holiday?

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If you’re visiting the USA then California is the only state to need to go to.
It has everything.

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Usa would unirronically instantly become third world if cali left. They have 99% of usas smart people and developing industries.

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daily reminder that west coast cities have to power wash their sidewalks with bleach every day because homeless people with hepatitis are shitting everywhere

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Americans worse than poo in the loos now?
That’s worse than mart sharting.
Filthy amerimutts.

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I don't have any intention of ever visiting USA but if I had to I'd probably go and check out New York.

LA would be kinda cool, I'd just like to see how similar it is to GTA 5.

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That was only one neighborhood in San Diego, you moron.

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This. CA has the sixth largest economy in the world.

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