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Post food and cooking webms

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>supporting the jewish psyop
How can one man be so wrong in so many dimensions.

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>overcooked beef
>raw egg
>pours chocolate on it
This is the worst!

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why there grass in it tho

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Its not beef you dingus.
And the eggs are not raw.
And that is not chocolate.

Just give up on posting anon.

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It's for the presentation.

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>can't tell beef when there's a big webm of it
>doesn't see the raw egg in the center
>the chocolate isn't chocolate
kill yourself

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Nice bait anon
Have another (You).

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>refuses to acknowledge what's clearly raw egg, beef, and chocolate
>le bait le bait!!!

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This shit has so many layers.

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>It's Omurice, but from a world where God has left us

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ionno, they are pretty cute together. bitch needs to work on her ice cream scooping technique.

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Aesthetically speaking this is horrendous.

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soooo, they just dont know how to cook eggs?
raw egg in an omelet is disgusting

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Have you tried a lazy man's omelette?

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Dear lord why would anyone want to make this?

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can you be an idiot off on your own, instead of coming in here spraying it everywhere?

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Ive tried omelets not cooked all the way if thats what you're asking. I make the mistake of thinking my roommate can make simple meals from time to time.

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Maybe learn how to cook

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uh what now

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a television commercial for a brand of juice in Sweden

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>niggers chinks and fags

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>he doesn't post b8
Literally the only fun thing to do on here

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Fucking kek

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that little peace sign was sick as fuk

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Only in California.

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These terrible Tasty parodies are even worse than the actual Tasty videos.

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that fucking peace sign at the end, followed up by the cheerful smile is always the best.

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Once he finished I would laugh, shake my head without saying a word, get up and walk straight out without paying the bill, and no tip.

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Fucking disgusting. Use a glove, you subhuman wetback.

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A national TV camera is pointed right at you and you don't even offer a fucking one dollar POPSICLE on the house to the ruler of the free world?! What a classless establishment.

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>giving handouts to blacks
Not even Obama was this stupid.

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This has to be bait.

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I believe the president is supposed to pay for his meals in photo ops like this. Makes him look relatable and such. That said given this is Richack Obixon I'm sure he just enjoyed the handsfree orgasm that resulted from lording over his peasants.

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>Taking the bait.
Come one dudes.
Do you not know about feeding the trolls?

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This has to be bait.

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I wouldn't accept his money.

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>his daughters in the background

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Why are his daughters acting like whores in public?

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It's a fucking popsicle for christs sake, like a 10 cent value at the most. I guess the presidency must have lost all respect as a institution to mellennials, but personally I find it tacky as hell to ask the president get his wallet out to pay for a damn popsicle. It's not just about Obama, I'd say that for any living president. Fuck, I'd go so far as to say it's downright unpatriotic.

I guess that's possible, he might have insisted on paying, but based on their body language it didn't seem like she even offered.

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>doubling down on the bait

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>eat a strawberry
>eat sugar with strawberry flavor

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>doubling down on being a useless millennial with no sense of respect

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This fucking thread is this board's own meme, it's 95% the same meme webms every single time.

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>wearing a rubber glove over a ring
more upset about this than anything else, honestly

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