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Food trend you hate the most


>a deconstructed pizza

fuck you Derrida

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Chicken and cheese together in the same dish.

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Seems like you fucked up when you decided to eat at a place that serves pretentious food, Anon. Time to start making some better choices

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Anons complaing abother other people's food tastes on a mongolian anime imageboard.

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Is that some sort of tribal African belief? Or just autism?

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its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault. its not my fault.

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>mongolian anime imageboard.
>being this much of a try-hard
Stick to Facebook, normie.

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>"deconstructed trifle"

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pretty sure it's pineapple pizza

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It's just something you used to only rarely see done, and over the last few decades it's become a common thing. I think it's a shit combination.

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You don't like chicken permission?

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I enjoy deconstruction, but a fraction of a piece of bread with a small slice of meat and half a tea-spoon of tomato sauce is so goddamned sad that it's actually funny.

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Anything that blends savory and sweet
Anything that mixes chicken/fish/meat with cheese
Anything from starbucks
Any form of fast food chains
Anything "deconstructed"
Literally ANYTHING based off of pop culture or cartoons 'lel rick and morty szechuawn may may!"
Honey on pizza (you should be exterminated)
Excessive bacon, products that don't go with bacon e.g bacon vodka, bacon cereal
Overly sugary/sweet desserts. Like yeah I like dark chocolate cake. There is no need to dump oreos, whipped cream, caramel, candies, sprinkles and and tons of extra sweetner into it you tasteless fucks

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I agree, I like my food constructed thank you very much. I mean really what's the appeal?

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I like it with eggplant, not chicken.

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I prefer the tofu permeated

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>he never had a deconstructed meme before

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>Chicken and cheese together in the same dish.
>Is that some sort of tribal African belief? Or just autism?

Maybe hes a jew.

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Breaking something down into its constituent parts isn't Derridan deconstruction. I blame soft-headed Foucauldians for mangling it.

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>Food trend
Maybe 15 years ago.

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they do this kind of shit at art school too

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Kek had to do a double take, haven’t heard that name in like 10 years. Was not expecting it

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Not Jewish. I'm just saying the combination of chicken and cheese was almost unheard of until the 20th Century in any cuisine anywhere. Then by the lend of the century it as totally a thing. It seems to have come from fast food, and I think it's a shit trend. Whoever came up with the idea of putting chicken on a pizza should be shot.

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> I didn't have time, or couldn't be arsed, to assemble your food

"It's deconstructed"

> I did a shitty, rushed job of assembling your food

"It's rustic"

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Chicken parm is all I know how to make

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This, and also chicken and pasta. The texture/flavour combo feels awkward.

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>farm to table

Who cares? It’s just farmers dropping off food at the restaurant instead of Sysco.

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Over the last three decades or so both chicken and cheese have just become default foods for a lot of Americans. As a result they've been put together in countless ways that really don't really work all that well just because they're things people eat without thinking. We're consuming more chicken and cheese than ever before - both ingredients get shoehorned into everything, yet the quality of them is almost always poor. I don't fucking get it at all.

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The concept of farm to table is great, because the food will be better when the ingredients are better sourced. The problem with it is that it becomes an excuse to triple the price of a meal composed of simply prepared dishes. I'm not willing to pay to go out for that - i'd rather just hit the farmer's market and simply prepare my haul myself.

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I wish I was on my desktop. I still have my picture of "deconstructed rice krispy treat" which was just a bowl of rice krispies with marshmallows on top.

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The food is good cause it has a fuckton of oil and butter. Not a single Michelin star restaurant in my city is fart to table

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non-consensual chicken is best chicken pleb.

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I live in NYC, and Blue Hill has a star, and it's farm to table. I totally respect what they're doing there, but I don't want to pay those prices for that. When I drop big dollars for a meal out it's either because they can get ingredients I can't (dry aged beef, truffles, top quality seafood) or more likely because the dishes involve more complicated techniques than I would bother with in my home kitchen. I'm not paying top dollar for fresh seasonal ingredients simply prepared because that's how I cook at home most of the time. I participate in a CSA, so for a chunk of the year I've got farm fresh veggies coming out my ears. So that shit is hardly a novelty to me.

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To be fair the vegetables are at least a day fresher that way

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Meanwhile two-star restaurant and "best restaurant in the world", Noma, is closing up shop to rebuild on a new location as an actual farm.

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well... Restaurants don't exactly go shopping in a k-mart, they have the stuff delivered from the same warehouses the stores get it, so it *is* fresher than the stuff in the shops, since it doesn't have to be shelved first. Asian snack joints being the exception, ofc.

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>enjoy's chicken cordon bleu behind u

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Chicken Kiev is the better dish.

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I think you meant chicken stroganoff.

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I worked at a farm that grows a crop that was kind of a novelty for the area. Completely amateur operation, farmer didnt know shit, can't get his yields to meet demand, so he just buys in product from an industrial farm a few states over and sells it as locally grown with a huge mark-up. This is very common in a lot of these "farm to table" type gigs.
Not saying that everyone in the local food game is like this, but a lot are fucking scumbags and you might as well be buying from Cisco.

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Any place that crows about how their ingredients are sourced could be incompetent or unscrupulous making it a lie. Which is kind of why reputation matters with these places. If you're cutting corners work gets around.

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