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GIFs tolerated as well.

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>inb4 >inb4

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Off to a good start.

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I came here to post this

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Inb4 jack

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Yeesh, that looks like a disaster. Why not just buy a whole chicken for cheap at the supermarket?

Though I guess if you really wanted to use a canned chicken, you'd rinse that motherfucker good of all that goop it's in.

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Because it's pre-cooked. You're ready to eat the second it's out of the can.

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Dude, that shit don't look cooked at all.

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>Fully cooked

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Canned food is cooked twice. Once before going into the can and then again after the can is sealed to kill off bacteria.
If anything it's over cooked. Nobody cans raw meat.
Also that goop is fat and congealed cooking stock.

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Canning involves a heating process. All canned goods are cooked.

As someone with access to a grocery store, it doesn't seem very good though. Camping, hiking, or some situation like a bomb shelter or a civil uprising that knocks out infrastructure, then I could see it having its uses.

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Why do people get upset about a chicken in a can, nobody gives a tin of sardines a second thought.

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Cause it looks weird and gross.
I've had it, it's meh. Just tastes like overcooked chicken. Canned ham is worse.
It's really only sold at bulk markets and survivalist websites these days anyway.

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Whole-boiled chicken isn't really a good preparation of the dish.

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Ah, fair enough.


Dunno, I guess 'cause you don't see it often. Or rather you're more used to seeing whole chicken raw or something. Not to mention sardines aren't as popular/are seen as one of the stereotypical gross foods (which is a shame 'cause they're tasty as fuck), I think. Or something. So maybe that contributes to it?

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>you'd rinse that motherfucker good of all that goop it's in.
If you've ever made your own stock you'd know that goop is actually tasty. The chicken is pale and overcooked but the liquid it comes in would actually make it palatable.

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Only the best OC of /ck/.

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I love win and cheese but that is absolute shit.

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>those pancakes
Hggg i know what is exactly it'll taste like

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Only fresh webms allowed.

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Can someone link me to the video where surly king of the egg fort comes from?

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Jesus that made me feel so uneasy.

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Has he hospitalized?

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His stomach ruptured, he died later of eternal bleeding.

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The guy secretly wanted to see some fingers removed.

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She has come so far, she is truly precious.

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what in the name of holy fuck

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Some nice activation going on there.

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What's funny is that a couple of them look like they're actually "activated".

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They are chicken wings, what is it you are confused about?

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>homestyle goodness.

I get that canned food in necessary and needed, but that statement went too far.

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I dont get it. Is the goose jewish?

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What in gods name

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Well that's just rude.

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A real day wrecker, for sure.

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getting handjobs from her must be amazing

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i gagged

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>Stillbirth in a can

No, Thanks

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I've eaten that shit before. The only problem is that it's too sweet.

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so even japan has shitty clickbait now, huh? fuck.

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>alternating between fast and slow motion
i really hate this video style. it makes me unreasonably angry

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I'm not some whiny vegan but why can't people kill the animals before they start dismembering them, or is it just some automatic reflex and this fish is already dead?

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theres shit pouring out the back of it so it could just be reflex/physics but honestly

>have cut the fucker in half and it's still wheezing
>"lol y they cant just execute it first ?? "

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>or is it just some automatic reflex and this fish is already dead?
Somebody has said this is the case. But someone else has said that they don't kill it because of how long it takes to butcher it, that the meat will start rotting before they're finished if they kill it. I hope it was dead. I'm not a vegan either but I'll gladly switch to cultured/lab-grown meat so we don't have to kill things for food anymore.

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Failed wrap.

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honestly with the water pouring out the back of it it could be opening and closing its mouth because of the pressure/draft from it emptying out. kinda like how putting a bottle upside down makes it "burp" water and it doesnt just pour out because the exiting water has to compete with entering air. venturi effects n shit i guess

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maybe it feels good to the fish. maybe the japanese are the only ppl to understand this. maybe your perception of pain is based on 'mammilian' life forms.

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god bless /pol/

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This explains a lot

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Why is inb4 guy the most annoying poster on this board?

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These threads were shit before inb4 guy and his relentless autism forced us to adapt instead of just reposting

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>Shots of wine

How much of a shit cunt do you need to be?

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>you'll never be browing /pol/ with your grandma and stumble across a BLACKED thread and get a handjob from her while looking at white girls taking JUGE black cock like they should

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>eternal bleeding.

Really nigga?

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It's a meme response to this webm, don't worry 'bout it.

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underrated post kek.

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i am pretty sure it is a meme response to that /fit/ meme.

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din't knew it was a cringe thread.

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I'd only eat this if i were high and desperate. american cuisine at its best

an uncultured cunt

will stay disgusting until the end of time

full of normies, no surprise

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sauce good sir?

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>they can't figure out a coconut
>they try to stab cans open
Please tell me these are dumb Brits. How the fuck do you even survive if you can't open a tin can.

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i can do this too

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What the fuck material is that cup thing made of and why does it not melt?

What shop can I buy one from beside amazon.jp?

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No :(

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I just made this webm.

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I remember that guy.
His recipe for 3-cheese changed my life.


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I love that jelly. I love that jelly cold. For real, this gif always triggers the hunger in me - I'm usually not for eating crap but this shit makes me salivate. I'm so fucking damaged.

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Sorry, don't have a source, besides 4chan, but would love to have a proper source myself.

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Well that was hard, took one whole google search

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is that the shy girl from big bang theory that dated the indian?

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As canned foods go that chicken isn't really what I'd classify as "crap". It's just a boiled chicken after all. Probably has more salt that strictly needed and it obviously doesn't look very appetising but you could do a lot worse.
If they were really cheap I could see myself keeping a can or two around for making chicken soup when I was sick and didn't feel like doing a lot of cooking but still wanted to eat.

I fucking hate that man so much.

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He's lucky it was cold or he'd have burned himself. What a tool

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But why, though?

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White people ruining my people's food once again

>> No.9649925

Scotts aren't white, they're some sort of mole-people human hybrid.

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legend says he's still eating

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what's the point of 4chan when rule #1 is flouted so often now. might as well move to reddit or tumblr or better yet off the interactive altogether

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You think an animal that has lost literally tens of gallons of blood is alive?

>> No.9649956

All memes aside, a canned chicken like that is probably quite salvageable.
Get rid of the chicken stock jelly, maybe give it a light oil rub and roast it up. Probably pretty nice in a pinch.

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Cerebral palsy

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You don't say..

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This is a safe for work board.

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>isn't really what I'd classify as "crap". It's just a boiled chicken
>just a boiled chicken

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This is actually a very compelling argument to me. We share a common ancestor with sharks (and rays and skates) longer ago than literally any other group of vertebrates. Do invertebrates feel pain? Do fungi feel pain? Where does the line get drawn? Did we develop our particular concept pain in only mammalian consciousnesses??

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I hope that fish was dead, otherwise he's just a cunt.

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Man what bugs me the most about this is the lack of meat. Like, if you put some good shredded or chopped or ground meat on those chips then added a bunch of extra bullshit, that'd be a legit meal.

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Are we full-on jackposting now?

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>all these replies
>no inb4 pastas

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What's the kibble they're always dumping on?

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You're not the boss of me.

>> No.9650072

Turns out I made yorkshire puddings wrong all my life.

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All you had to do, was just soften the damn butter, Jack.

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he snorted fresh homemade organic coca off some peruvian ladyboy's feminine penis

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Why's it gotta be like this

>> No.9650098

Fuck off mate.

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You faggots are literally falling for a professional troll. Just STAHP.

>> No.9650107

What is this christmas nightmare?

>> No.9650110

what's that orange thing?

>> No.9650112

>tfw you fucking hate jack posters ruining webm threads but also find jack posts funny as fug

What do?

>> No.9650121

>white people doing """taco"""
I hope white genocide is real You deserve it

>> No.9650129

Make your own fucking Jack thread.

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Make a Jack generally and have mods ruthlessly delete Jack posts anywhere else

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Why does she bother using gloves?

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what I'd give to get the chance to put my mouth onto one of those nozzles

>> No.9650153

Not really funny, all those fresh caught fish wasted

>> No.9650210

I have made jack threads but mods delete them, why do they hate Jack?

>> No.9650216

Is that ice cream? or mashed potatoes?

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Very fattening mashed taters

>> No.9650227

It all makes sense.

>> No.9650233

>my people's
Mexicans aren't people.

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Are you the same autist that keeps making those mexican food threads?

>> No.9650336

>implying bleeding eternally doesn't kill the man

>> No.9650342

Surely if you can bleed forever then by definition you're immortal?

>> No.9650349

a permanent snacking solution! how are black people so smart?

>> No.9650388


Like I said, compared to some of the other shit that comes in cans it seems fairly benign. It looks like it's practically falling apart already so you could easily pick off the meat, throw the bones and the stock from the can in a pot and boil it for a bit, remove the bones, add vegetables, add the chickenmeat towards the end. Fairly low-effort chickensoup.
Someone else mentioned roasting it but I doubt that would work very well. It looks like it's already overcooked and you'd probably not be able to get the skin crispy (if you could even make it stay on)

>> No.9650395

Are you able to buy these anymore?

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They weren't trying to open it for water, right?

Because, she should know that dry coconuts are for the shavings, not the water.

>> No.9650436

i-i-is that sand...?

>> No.9650440

that looks utterly disgusting. what the fuck is wrong with mexicans?

>> No.9650448

why does he add cat food and raisins to that boxed "mac & cheese" [sic]?

>> No.9650468

Because at this point it's just brainless spamming of the same "content" over and over again

>> No.9650469

the trashcan is the best part

>> No.9650495

T_D is nuclear waste no wonder 4chan sucks now

>> No.9650501

>Yes, I would like all the junk food I would eat once or twice within the year, gimme those siracha based sour sauce and don't forget the line. I didn't cross the border to eat mexican food with no lime in it.

>Oh and gimme some of that kool aid mix too

Mexican webms in a nutshell.

>> No.9650528

I can't remember what this guy's channel is called, can anyone help me out? It's like videoman or cinemaman or something like that.

>> No.9650534

Those wings look tasty, but those stupid salad tongs they used to toss them triggered my autism hard.

>> No.9650565

What is this, exactly?

>> No.9650567

Fucking boomers have to ruin everything.

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>> No.9650576

Jesus, the worst part is it's probably a disgusting soggy mess texture wise too.

>> No.9650592


>> No.9650597

Hey thanks buddy. It's Featureman but your post jogged my memory.

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>> No.9650631

But are discussion threads not only "content" threads

>> No.9650655


>> No.9650667

I think the canned meat is tuna.

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Oh fucking god i want one of those!

>> No.9650722

What's this called and where can I get it or an analogue?

>> No.9650723

A lot of people say shit like "Wow I really admire her perseverance" and "she is so brave to continue to try so hard and lead a fairly normal life". 99% of the time I think its just fucking cliched and generally disingenuous. Fuck people right? But whenever I see a webm/gif of this girl I literally think about how difficult her life must be and how fucking courageously brave she is to just put herself out there on the internet for all you fucking pedo sick shits to meme over. i also hate the whole "we have to thank everyone that ever served in the military for their service" cliche. fuck that. but this chick... with her perfect titties and her ability to keep trying in the face of adversity... she makes me very fucking proud of parts of the human race, and she gives me an instant half chub too. best of both worlds right there. hot as fuck. 10/10 would hold down while fucking so that she could finally be free of those tremors for a bit.

>> No.9650737

>tens of gallons
Try hundreds, friendo - and you'd be surprised how alive something can be, for how long after its been severed.

The polite thing would be to shoot it in the head, or stab it in the brain. I'm sure butchering takes no longer than an hour or two, meat does not spoil that fast.

>> No.9650760

Go on amazon.co.jp and search "パンケーキシリコーン".

>> No.9650764

You fucking idiot!

>> No.9650804

why put the sauce on stone cold?
may as well just have the sauce in a dipping bowl, less mess then.

>> No.9650857

She's a sweet chick that it's easy to have weird girl-next-door fantasies about. Genuinely a sweet chick, & I like watching her videos without it being weird.

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File: 1.54 MB, 640x360, 1501051872023.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.85 MB, 650x364, 1501471227474.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9650915

Damn, that's mouthwatering

>> No.9650916
File: 2.99 MB, 800x450, 1499112099630.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9650918

That's pork, right?

>> No.9650919


>> No.9650922


>> No.9650923

thicc omelet

>> No.9650928

>The polite thing would be to shoot it in the head, or stab it in the brain.
Or at least start cutting from that end.

It is pretty inspirational how she manages to be so happy and optimistic. I'm bitter and miserable enough with a mostly functioning body; if I woke up tomorow with palsy I'd fucking kill myself.

>> No.9650941
File: 2.73 MB, 640x360, 1509714064176.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Is there nothing this mad man cant do?

>> No.9650974

I'm with you. The worst is when they do the extra slow-mo on a closeup of someone getting stiff peaks on something after mixing. Wow you fucking mixed it, thanks for the illustration.

>> No.9650990

are we sure there not some person off screen who just doesn't know that spanish word for when?

>> No.9651016


>> No.9651026

fucking soyboy

>> No.9651125

Saw the thumbnail.

Not opening that shit.

>> No.9651138

Adrenaline and other stress-released stuff makes meat tastier so it makes sense to keep the animal alive as long as you can

>> No.9651183

this is above and beyond soyboy bhp tier level ranks

>> No.9651184


Everyone on 4chan is so fucking clueless these days its fucking sad

>> No.9651193

It is believed that fish don't feel pain, but they percieve damage as something. It is a weird neurobiological phenomenon, and it's not my area, but I hope you can find more info here:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4356734/pdf/10539_2014_Article_9469 [dot] pdf

>> No.9651194

Kill yourself, redditor.

>> No.9651216

I would say cooked corn kettle, pinto beans or grated cheese; wouldn't know. I've seen some street vendors that use peanuts baka

>> No.9651241

Anybody got the webm of the gyroscope chicken?

>> No.9651263

Found the Chinaman

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File: 2.24 MB, 640x640, Chicken Gyro.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's impossible
>No, it's necessary

>> No.9651285


>> No.9651291

>American salad

>> No.9651373


"You want some eggs with your heaping plate of fucking salmonella sir?"

>> No.9651411

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the grill though?
The meat is supposed to absorb the heat, not be ventilated.

>> No.9651443

Captain I assure you the Event Horizon is perfectly safe.

>> No.9651457

>We won't need fries where we're going.

>> No.9651480
File: 166 KB, 330x319, 1497418641887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9651488

Thanks senpai

>> No.9651583

its not cocaine though its just cocaine paste you cant snort that shit

>> No.9651601

You dry the paste, then crumble it into powder. Moron.

>> No.9651606
File: 1.13 MB, 1285x764, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If you're going to keep posting this you need to change the filename to "gyro"

>> No.9651615

No, you cant it has to go through another chemical process.

>now apologize you little bitch

>> No.9651625

prove it you little fag

>> No.9651644


Never in my fucking life have I seen someone grill hotdogs parallel to the grating on the grill. I hate this man more than I hate anybody else.

>> No.9651653

Yep. Looks like belly with the skin on.

>> No.9651658


>now stfu cunt

>> No.9651688

I'll fucking kill you nigger.

>> No.9651701

These are pretty good for making chicken soup.

>> No.9651760

What is that?

>> No.9651787


Because sardines are traditionally eaten preserved, chikin aint

>> No.9651813


>> No.9651958
File: 899 KB, 960x540, How-To Cube Daikon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9651962

This reminds me of


>> No.9651971

>someone thought a video was required to teach people to cube a starchy root vegetable
>specifically not a potato
>the process is incidental

>> No.9652339

>I'm not some whiny vegan but why can't people kill the animals before they start dismembering them, or is it just some automatic reflex and this fish is already dead?
Not sure if this is the case in the webm, but Chinks like to put their food through as much agony as possible, they think the Adrenalin released makes the meat taste better

>> No.9652353

Why didn't he dab his fucking face while he was at it?

>> No.9652360

yeah such is the state of social media. throw whatever up. its a scramble.

>> No.9652374

my parents said in italy this is how they cut pizza quite often. are my parents stupid or is this true?

>> No.9652394

you mean at your table?

why not use a mezzaluna

>> No.9652395

Pick one

>> No.9652411

I stopped watching at the wooden claws

>> No.9652427
File: 765 KB, 844x410, tacos.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw ordered 2 lbs of carnitas for tacos today

>> No.9652440

How the fuck did someone discover that's how you make cocaine.

>> No.9652481

I unironically do that every time, doesn't change much really

>> No.9652495

look at all that instant money

>> No.9652967

Why is American pizza floppy?

>> No.9652973

Seems like a pretty random thing for them to just make up and lie to you about.

>> No.9652980

the shape of those pancakes irritates me

>> No.9652984

Koreans cut literally all of their food with scissors, even broccoli

>> No.9652991

yeah I noticed it too what the fuck? Can someone explain the reason behind this?

>> No.9652997

figured out the science and that you can do replicate the chemical reactions cheaply using those ingredients.

>> No.9652998

your low iq is showing. I bet your dip your steak with ketchup

>> No.9653010

something about her face is triggering me

>> No.9653017

gotta get some use out of the bamboo salad tongs they got from whole foods

>> No.9653023

I think getting fucked in the ass would be less gay than that webm.

>> No.9653025

No idea personally, I didn't notice it until a friend of mine who used to live in Korea started bitching about it.

>> No.9653029

It's called aligot. It is the most based thing of all.

It's from southern France, and it's delicious. You can drink it with white wine

>> No.9653030
File: 23 KB, 374x276, 3069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone using my reaction images

>> No.9653035

>all that shit just to drink a beer

If it had liquor id drink it but this drink screams uncultured housewife on vacation in baja.

>> No.9653037

yeah, i wouldnt mind that shit if they threw some meat in there and skipped on the 3 different kinds of clamato and hot sauce
shits probably like fuckin soup at the end

>> No.9653048

There's quite a bit you can do with boring meat. Confit was a method of preservation before canning and now it's considered gourmet. I bet that canned chicken has a funky flavor, though. Somehow companies seem to find ways to fuck up what should be a simple thing to not fuck up.

>> No.9653050

Imagine how well she could cradle a set of balls

>> No.9653057

what does a daikon tast like?
i like the look of it

>> No.9653059
File: 298 KB, 1600x900, let's get started.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9653063
File: 287 KB, 1600x900, okie dokie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9653065

i want to put my carnita in her taco

>> No.9653070

your food is shit and is hated everywhere except north america

>> No.9653076


waht is this called exactly?

>> No.9653083


>> No.9653096


>From the Aubrac
>Southern France

wew lad

>> No.9653110

if you heated that canned chicken up, it would probably look a lot better, probably tastes fine cold though

>> No.9653116

Like a radish.

>> No.9653125

what does a radish taste like?
i can snag a piece tomorrow from work

>> No.9653132

Like carrot

>> No.9653134

what does a carrot taste like?

>> No.9653141

Like a parsnip

>> No.9653142

what the fuck is a parsnip?

>> No.9653154

It's a root vegetable similar to a carrot

>> No.9653157

are they expensive?
i want to buy some more veggies and i like carrots so maybe ill like parsnips

>> No.9653161

Not really if you've got a walmart nearby, they usually keep them in stock. Parsnips are like a firmer, slightly less sweet carrot, they're great in stews

>> No.9653167

that sounds tasty
do you know of a stew recipe with those?
my dad gave me a crockpot a while ago and i havent had the chance to use it until recently and a good stew would go nice right now

>> No.9653175

Sent : )

>> No.9653190

Get a big chuck roast, cut it into bite sized chunks and brown in a pan, then throw it with chopped parsnips, onions, potatoes, a tablespoon of flour and several cups of beef stock in the crock pot on low for 5-6 hours. Season with rosemary and thyme, the last hour throw in green peas and mushrooms and enjoy extremely comfy fall food

>> No.9653200
File: 21 KB, 341x336, 3065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon
this sounds really good and looks easy enough so that i cant fuck it up

>> No.9653252

Pork belly is so underrated. Also cheap as fuck and one of the best cuts in terms of meat and fat.

>> No.9653256

They made knives illegal

>> No.9653274

does anyone have the webm of the chinese guy dicing the tofu?

>> No.9653278

No, you'd be a woman

>> No.9653291
File: 22 KB, 500x243, 1420057_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where are you from?

>> No.9653302


God damn that weed is mouthwatering.

>> No.9653311


>> No.9653315

I'd rather have it in that big log though, before he passes it through the press

>> No.9653321

>is scared of getting burned by cold oil
>fucking drops the damn steak in instead of lowering it gently with his hands or some sort of utensil

>> No.9653370

Looks like caramel to me. And the fact that it turns into candy in the end also seems caramelly to me.
But I'll admit, I dont know much about weed, so please tell me if I'm wrong, or if the stoners are seing weed everywhere again.

That poor woman. Can't afford a proper blouse. Hers is way too small to contain her ample, womanly bulges. Doesn't she have a good Cristian husband that has a good job and can provide her with proper, chaste clothing?

>> No.9653390
File: 13 KB, 366x329, 1430070509249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i dont know why, but pain made it good

>> No.9653395

>tfw too poorfag to have those.

>> No.9653429

arigato gyro

>> No.9653434


How does this guy not pick up any skills or information over such long periods of constantly cooking? Why does he do stuff that is clearly not going to work and make a mess? Is this a gag channel?

>> No.9653439

If he is a troll, he's second only to CWC.
This level of trolling is harzardous to your health; it killed Andy Kaufman.

>> No.9653467

>>>>LOW CARB<<<<

>> No.9653472

I can't watch Webm's of Mexicans putting too much shit on chips any more. I'm burnt out

>> No.9653563


Why the hell do they keep calling each other centipedes?

>> No.9653633

i dont know but i say kill em all!

>> No.9653647
File: 43 KB, 532x389, 1473727340685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in Vienna for 3 years and have never seen something like this.

>> No.9653658

Hieß aber früher mal anders, glaub ich.
Hast nix verpasst.

>> No.9653659

Dont knock them till you try them

I myself dont get shit from these over the top snacks

My female relatives on the other hand find them irresistable in a sickening way as if they had a craving when pregnant

>> No.9653661

Hmm ok scheint so was wie tiramisu zu sein

>> No.9653665
File: 2.92 MB, 1280x720, cutting tofu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one?

>> No.9653670

He went on tv and cried about how he just wants to feed people when they accused him of only being there to market his barbecue sauce.

>> No.9653704

!nazi out!

>> No.9653732

Nope. Just crappy standard vanilla ice cream with some chocolat layers in a fancy form.
At least the ones I remember from forever ago.

>> No.9653745

You should come to norway in christmas time and have some ribbe.

>> No.9653753

>We only had it in there for a few minutes but the chicken looks like it was cooked for 18 hours

>> No.9653765

My sides are okay to go.

>> No.9653868
File: 21 KB, 460x304, long chicken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9653943

how new

>> No.9653952

they are like 2€ aren't they?

>> No.9654019

jesus christ, the yellow menace is real

>> No.9654035

>english sauce

>> No.9654060

seems pretty tasty, i like my mashed potatoes with extra cheese

>> No.9654081

hey, southamericans like it too

>> No.9654108

>My people
>flatbread was invented by mexicans
Lmao. Get fucked.

>> No.9654157

This is why misogyny exists.

>> No.9654171

>All the beta thirst over some disabled cunt.
Simply pathetic.

>> No.9654346

>not wanting her to give you a handjob
youre a fag and should go

>> No.9654652

Which porn star is this?

>> No.9654695

I am pretty sure this guy must have OCD in addition to being a faggot.

>> No.9654902

daily struggle in europe because the chineese buy all of our milk and butter prices rised over 70% this year.

>> No.9655476

>jack is secretly my hero
>he messes something up
>someone with knowledge immediately pipes up and says what needs to be done to fix what he is doing wrong.
Ive become a better cook because of anon's making fun of jack.

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