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>after all, you are the johnny cash of your instant mash

is chef john the comfiest food-tuber? yes[\spoiler]

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>is chef john the comfiest food-tuber? yes[\spoiler]

Nigger please
That's not artisan bread with Steve.

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>Nigger please
no rudeposting in my thread!!!1!

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Three posts in and there's already enough autism in this thread to run /b/ for a week.

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>buy real parmesan cheese you fucking poorfag!
what did he mean by this?

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after all, I am the Julianne Hough of being called a /b/ro

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>*Chef John groans as he jams cayenne down his dickhole*
>”After all, you are the master of your piss blaster”

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Love Chef John!

What are his best Thanksgiving recipes?

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i think he means, you are the ellen degeneres of being parmesan generous

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I love using instant mash potatoes, they always come out better than using fresh potatoes.

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extra luxurious mashed potatuhs, because we're all the Paul Rudds of buttering our spuds!

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