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I just can't stop thinking about a big breakfast
YOu know, like the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity™ from IHOP®!

Or, just maybe, I'll have IHOP's® new and famous Breakfast Sushi™! It's a thin layer of crepe, and eggs, bacon, and raw salmon inside a delicious deep fried crust! Or, how about, I feast on IHOP's fantastic new delight: PANCAKE SHOES! Put 'em on your feet, then eat 'em as a treat! Wait, no, I'm gonna have the SAUSAGE GOGGLES! They're two mild sausage patties connected with links that make a fashionable breakfast for any cool cat, hep chick, or foxy momma! I can't forget about the endless syrup fountains either! 15 flavors of syrup on demand from anyone of these delicious geysers! But, that's only the beginning of the delicious maple fun, because of those fountains are fed directly from the syrup used in our most recent MEAL/EXPERIENCE: THE SYRUP SAUNA
Take a relaxing bath in our boiling hot syrup baths! And, don't forget about your "personal" massage from the one and only Mr. Pancakes™! The new face of IHOP is a lot of pancakes as a man!

I don't know about you, but it's starting to sound like an IHOP-tastic® morning to me

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Banana Nutella crepes and country omelette are good
I sometimes go at 2am to order one of these.

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Sometimes I wonder if restaurant chains actually have social media interns shitposting on /ck/. I know most of these are fake, but I'm holding out hope that a few are real.

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Let me refer you to Rule 7!

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I have a co-worker who has a second job at IHOP as a cook and always talks about how great it is.

Do you connect?

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One time my friends dragged me to an IHOP at like 3 am to get some food in me because I hammered.
While we were perusing the menu I poked my head up, looked around then loudly declared "Holy shit! We're the only white people in here!"

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>Underage b& LARPing as a shill

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If these interns are supposed to be promoting the restaurant then they should be fired. Fucking sausage goggles? Sounds like a sexual thing

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>yo bro last night i had some chick over, FREAKIEST LITTLE SEX PUPPET IVE EVER HAD MAN!
>LOLWUT!? What happened man?
>so were going it at it, right? Average little kinky forwplay, givin her the ol' portuguese breakfast when suddenly she stops, looks back at me and says "daddy give me the sausage goggles"

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Probably not that often. The reason 4chan is pretty low on the shilling list is because it has no user metrics, and marketing fucking loves user metrics. They've got everybody tagged with all kinds of identifiers so they know exactly what to sell to who.

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