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What is this called?

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babbie sodies

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babbie sodas

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carbonated sugar water

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Soft drink

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sugar water conga line

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Fizzy pops

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im from the midwest, its called pop

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corn water

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I'm from the midwest and nobody fucking calls it this, yet everybody says people call it this, can someone explain this shit? It's soda you fucking mongrel

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Where do you live? As far as I know people only call it pop in Michigan and Ohio.

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Everybody calls it "pop" here in western Canada

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Diabetes dispensers

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What constitutes the "other"s?

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>all carbonated drinks are sugared

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>In the great Pop vs. Coke wars the Soda Islands decided to stay neutral

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Chode-a pop

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All four in the picture are though so...

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I think we can agree that people who call all soda "coke" are retarded

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I live in a suburb of Chicago and everybody calls it pop.

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jew in can

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fuck you.

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its called pop
when will soadalets ever learn?

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fountains or drinks

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Is this an american things? If you called it "pop" in Australia, you'd get a wine bottled smashed over your head.

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news flash, colloquialisms exist in every culture and an area as large as north america with a large population concentrated in disparate city centers you get big differences

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Can of Pop
My gran used to call it Mineral haha fuck knows why

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I'm from Wisconsin and only black people call it pop, everyone else says soda

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"Erfrischungsgetränke" (lit "refreshment beverages", noone really uses that)
Or lemonades. But through this I just now realize that we don't really have a generic term, interesting. "Lemonades" is closest.

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fucktard fluid

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Did you know Pepsi and Sprite have been marketed specifically to blacks?

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That would be the semen your dad knocked up your mother with.

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Yeah, and if you call BBQ 'barby' or refer to sunglasses as 'sunnies' here, people will call you a faggot. What's your point, exactly?

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I'm in Minnesota and I've noticed less "pop" has been giving way to "soda" over the last several years. Internet, I guess.

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Well damnit I ain't gone be caught drinkin' no nigger drink!

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Mineral water was the cool drink before sody pop

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Thank you for reminding me it's been too long since I listened to DEVO.

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the sugar jew

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Cool, we call it "läsk" short for "läskedryck", literally meaning refreshment beverage.
Great minds, or something.

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fizzy drinks

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That's not Halloween so much as it is transgender

Did she say what time of day she started sippin'?

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Diabetes and bad teeth

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I dunno, but this is called getting dubs.

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To be fair, that's a standard greeting in Australia

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Also, one of life's small pleasures.
Everything in moderation.

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>pink soda that tastes like bubblegum
Do you think about the things you post before you post them?

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jew drink

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Disgusting cokefag

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reddit spacing


reddit spacing


reddit spacing


reddit spacing


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trannies pretend to be something they aren't

just like people pretend to be pirates and stuff on halloween

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from left to right they are
coke, coke, coke, and coke.

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at least half of those are patent medicines

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Healthcare Subsidies.

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Cokes inb4 "but only one of them is a Coke" in the south you can ask for a Coke and get asked what one you want.

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If anyone around here asked for a pop, I'd genuinely be confused and concerned for them. Coke, or soda, I'll even take fountain drink. But pop is just a dumb name. Coke is a catch-all for sodas because it's so promenant around here.

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>in the south you can ask for a Coke and get asked what one you want.
[citation needed]
sure, 'everybody' says this is true, but have never had it happen as a southerner. you ask for coke, your ass is getting a coke

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>Fanta was invented by nazi germany because they couldn't get the secret formula to coke during the war

>Germany lost the war because the soldiers were so demoralized that they had nothing to drink but faggy orange fizz

Seriously. Look it up.

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Shit people say on the internet because its the default choice in the south

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It depends on where in the south.
I heard it all the time growing up in Texas, and when I visited family in Mississippi.
I never heard it in Florida, but heard it pretty often in Georgia.

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B-blue board

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>pc fs
>pc, fascists!
Nice subliminal messages. Sage

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The original flavor wasn't the orange that we know today

>> No.9518721

>Two modern day carbonated Kaola drinks
>One carbonated orange flavored refreshment
>One Lemon Lime flavored carbonated beverage

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This, I've lived in Mississippi all my life and never encountered this meme.

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sweet water

>> No.9519327

Jew water

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Shit water in a can

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pop thread

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We call them minerals

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The word Pop makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

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caffeined salted sugared water

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lil popz

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diabetes water

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t. Scottish person

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Why is cocacola called pepsi in your pic?

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Pop, you fucking heretics

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You must not really be from the Midwest because a ton of people say it here.

>> No.9520157

I call them kooky colas

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This graph is from 2003. Coincidentally, 2003 was the last time I heard anyone call soda "pop" in Washington state

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sodie pops

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t. bong

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Pop or soda refers to the overarching name of the type of drink it is (carbonated sugary drinks).

In Ohio I barely hear anyone call anything "pop" unless they're referring to the broad type of drink, normally people order their specific soft drink like "coke, dr pepper, mountain dew" etc.

If you call the encompassing title of soft drinks "coke" you're an idiot because that's just one specific type of soda/pop/etc.. If you're at a restaurant and you order a fuckin Coke that means you want a coca cola, not just the general term for soft drinks.

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I'll tell you where you can put your freakin sodie

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can we stop having this thread every fucking week its worse than mac vs microsoft

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I'm from Michigan and everyone I know says Pop

>> No.9520494


it comes once every two months and no it's not

stop exaggerating and being full of shit

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I keked

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But why? Isn't that like calling all Soda "Sprite" or "Fanta" ?

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Deoch bog - Soft drink

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Also from the Midwest, and not a particularly large area either.

I never noticed people saying "pop" more than "soda" or "coke." I always figured that they were exchangeable. But we're clearly in the minority here, so we just have unique differences compared to most Midwesterners.

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i don't think you guys understand how we use "coke"

it's the generic term for the class of product, of course you wouldn't use it to refer to specific brands

YES: "I am going to the store to buy some cokes. what kind do you want?" "yeah i'm not drinking cokes anymore" "i'll usually have a coke with dinner." (these all mean soda generically, it doesn't matter what kind we are referring to)

NO: "i want a large coke" (this person will get coca cola in a large cup)

now someone like my grandpa does make it confusing, because he says "coke" no matter what. that's due to A) he grew up in a time when that's the only option there was and B) he doesn't give a fuck and just want sweet fizz drink. but that's mainly old people we are talking about

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Cooldrinks you fucking plebs

>> No.9524454

if you don't call them fizzy drinks you are a dumb cunt

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Agreed. Honestly, enjoy calling it pop so non-Kansans lose their shit.

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A post starting a new thread on the "/ck/ - Food and Cooking" board of the 4chan imageboard website.

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Pick a fucking side, North Carolina!

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sprizzle fizz

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bubbly sweetjuice in a tin

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