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>tfw grew up calling grilled cheese sandwiches "cheese ghosties" and got ripped on at school so bad for it

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"Rice crispies" are "crunchy goors".

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>cheese ghosties
This needs to be on one of those bs grocery store adds.
We should make a new one.
>Boo! Its Cheese Ghosties!

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>Boo! Its Cheese Ghosties!

Nealy spit beef stew all over my PC.

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"Limited Stock. Cheese Ghosties!"
>Campbell's Tomato Soup
"Have some. Vampire Sweats!"

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Goat Dust! Not for Teens!

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In short supply
Barnyard Beets!

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i love these

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called these "sweet pasty buns" when I was a kid

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called potato skins potato canoes, still do that, imo it's a better name. Cute as fuck

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A friend, and eventually me, called peanut butter and jelly sandwiches "abe lincolns."

I could have sworn he was fucking with me, but the rest of his family did it too. I just kinda accepted it at some point, but when I used the term later in life, people looked at me I was crazy.

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"fishy crackers" for goldfish

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youre not wrong?

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>best friend growing up called a root beer float a "black cow"
>his whole family does this
>I ask you, who does this

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sounded familiar. i think someone in my family called them that too. googled it and looky here

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All beef stew and anything roast is rump roast

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Anybody else call ramen "curly noodles"?

I'm getting nostalgic hungry for them just thinking about it

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We called those toasties

Also we called mett "favourite sausage"

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>be in high school
>bring my new gf over for dinner one night
>don't tell my parents or anyone else she's coming over
>family has never met her and is unaware that we're dating
>mom makes some awful casserole for dinner that she found in a Paula Deen cookbook or some shit
>it has chicken, green beans, wild rice and canned cream of mushroom soup
>to mark the occasion, mom christens the dish Meet Fiona Casserole

>6 months later
>gf and I break up
>mom's like, "dammit, we have to rename the casserole now!"
>names it after the newest thing in the house, as is tradition
>said thing is a calendar she bought that had photos of half-naked firefighters on it
>have to eat Sweaty Fireman Casserole once a week for the next year or so until I move out

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>Sweaty firemen casserole
Is your mom retarded?

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My spouse's family always called quesadillas "flop 'em overs", which drives everyone, including our children completely insane. We don't even eat them anymore, due to the hatred of that term.

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We not only called root beer floats "black cows", but also called grape soda floats "purple cows".

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My dad calls flour tortillas "burrito bread"

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She's... eccentric
She has a stable of terms to describe the flyover-tier menu she rotates through. Other favorites include:
>Big Salad Night — iceberg lettuce, croutons and chicken strips sold in a package marked "Food Stamp Eligible." We weren't poor.
>Nacho Mountain — tortilla chips, shredded cheddar cheese, refried beans and pre-cooked shredded chicken breast, heaped onto a cookie sheet and baked until dry
>Dad's Cooking Tonight — Papa John's pizza. No toppings.

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My family would always get a puff pastry fruit tart for birthdays and refer to it as a "Fruit Cake"
Naturally, the Christmastime meme of "Fruitcakes taste horrible" flew over my whole family.

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>>Dad's Cooking Tonight — Papa John's pizza. No toppings.

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My dad, who's German, calls Egg McMuffins hockey pucks, but with his accent, it sounds more like "hucka pucks" which is now what EVERYONE in the family calls them, because it's so funny when he says it. It's one for the books, even the in-laws are starting to call them that.

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I'm having mega-laughs over here. Thanks anon.

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Turns out beef and mac casserole isn't goulash

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I can't decide if your mom is retarded or the chillest mom ever.

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My father is very southern and some of his southern slang snuck it's way into my dialect as a child.

>Here anon, you want some potato skins?
>No thanks, but those tater logs look delicious!
>I was talking about the potato skins
>Seconds of confused silence followed by laughter surrounds me
>Fuck you, they're still tater logs

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She's extremely chill. She is an absolute flyover-tier cook, but that's not really any deficit on her part, more just a function of her having 5 kids and always having to deal with some crisis related to that

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>unironically uses the word flyover

how many rep bape hoodies do you own?

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>Bape hoodies
What is this 2010?

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Not even tomato sauce or cheese?

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Are you sure they weren't using coke? Because coke and icecream is a black cow. But my family did call root beer floats brown cows. Might be a Wisconsin thing?

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i used to call these 'heavens' when i was a kid
i'd be like 'mum can i get a heaven from the freezer now i've had my peas'

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>not until you finish your tea and crumpets Fergus

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cinnamon johnnies

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Not sure why but when I was a kid my dad referred to a two liter of soda as a "Boss of Pop" only the two liter was a boss. I've never heard this anywhere else

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Are you guys all 18-20 by ay chance? None of this is funny and you need to grow up.

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these kinds of judgemental comments are a lot more immature than some silly humour.

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half the time these idiotic names come from you calling it that as a baby/toddler and your parents thinking it's so fucking adorable they go with it for a while and eventually they stop even thinking about it that's just what it is.

the other half of the time it's the same story but it happened in their family when they were a kid or so on.

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Back you go thanks

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lol she's just having fun man what the fuck

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the idea that you would call up papa johns and demand they provide you with a disc of bread in a box is really entertaining to me

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back you go thanks

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when i was a kid i used to call pringles "mr mustache chips" because of pic related. it was definitely encouraged by my parents though like >>9507250 says.

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>caring what others find funny
grow up, mate

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>>names it after the newest thing in the house, as is tradition
fucking lol, your mum is a legend

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only military familys will understand "shit on a shingle"

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foreskins on toast

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why would only military families understand this, it's an extremely common phrase amongst the elderly working class

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>military family member detected

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> can of spaghetti sauce (must be from a can)
> cheap, expired ground meat on sale
> and a shit load of Louisiana Creole seasoning
> served on wonder bread

We called them "Ghetto Joes"

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/ck/ is the only board more obsessed with reddit than /v/.

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t. has never interacted with a white person poorer than an army veteran

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My older sister, when she was 16, decided to start calling pepperoni rolls "penis rolls".
She thought it was hilarious and would call them that any chance she got. Eventually it actually caught on and my mom, my other sister, and my 12 year old self all referred to them as penis rolls, dick buns, cock biscuits, etc from then on.
Pic sorta related, except my mom made them so that the pepperoni sticks would hang out of the sides, hence the name.

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when mom stopped moving we didn't know what to do. we all wanted to stay together. so my older sister told me to dig up the garden. i found a box of little bones while i was digging under the climbing frame and my sister told me it was her hamster curly and she had put her hamster curly there because it had stopped moving like mum and we were going to do the same for mum now and it was good i found curly because we could put them in the same box.

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we had to put mom and curly in the hole what i'd dug when nobody could see, so i got to stay up really late until you couldn't hear any cars. at first my sister told me she could carry mom and i could carry curly because curly was small like me. but mom was too big for her so we had to roll her along the ground and i had to help. then when we were rolling her along the ground built up along her other side and pushed against us. so i would have to dig the ground out from under her while my sister pushed. it took a long time and my sister hurt her back but we got mom in and then my sister and brother told me to say goodbye mom and go inside.

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>Sweaty fireman casserole
You had a good mom anon.

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Literally opened this thread to make sure I read that right. Congrats anon you buried your mom with the hamster that was probably up her ass at one point.

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I want to say It is a northeast thing my mother and all of her sisters called floats like that cows.

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>he's never seen this set and doesn't know what's going on

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we called orange juice, morning juice

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>tfw i have to take a breather after every page

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>tfw I ate mashed potatoes with a spoon and got lauighed at on my first day at a new primary school

I was just a 5 year old little blue eyed bong. Please leave me alone.

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Thanks for the laugh.

>> No.9508570

I thought "fizzo" was just standard Aussie slang for carbonated beverages but while being almost universally understandable by Aussies it seems relatively unique.

>> No.9508579

Not entirely in line with the thread, but you're obviously supposed to eat mash with a fork.

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But why?

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Haven't really done any of that with my son except for watermelon. For whatever reason we can't stop him from saying marshmellon.

I don't mind it because a marshmallow-watermelon hybrid sounds delicious

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What the fuck is this

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This one seems like someone is trying to copy it.

>> No.9508657

You were just a poorfag who only got storebrand

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Looks like chipped beef. Sliced dried beef with a white gravy sauce and served on toast.

>> No.9508716

Search for LiarTownUSA, they have some other pretty funny stuff

>> No.9508763

Seems like someone was just being a dick to you.

>> No.9508770

There's 12 of them for a calendar. That's one of the 12. I think one's missing.

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Not really

>> No.9508934

I love it.

>> No.9508959

It's relatively recent. I don't remember it being so bad. It came together with an increase of /r9k/ & /pol/ style postings. Why these boards took a sudden interest in /ck/ beats me.

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Grandma Egg.

>> No.9509069

Toppest of keks, your mom sounds pretty based

>> No.9509083

My grandma and me called pork chops karate chops until I fucked up. Now I'm a fat fuck who makes money by telling a story about how my fat feelings are hurt.

>> No.9509094

YEP. Dad was in the fucking navy. Would always troll me into ordering this at the diner, one place made it pretty well though (for what it is).

When I was older I worked at that place and never ordered it again. One spherical man would come in though, I remember his order to this day:

>Double Order French Fries.
>Double Order Bacon, Deep fried.
>Single order of Creamed Chipped Beef
>White toast

Pretty sure that guys arteries are made out of the gravy. Also pretty sure he's dead. The mexicans in the back loved him because he could shoot the shit in Spanish, and was the only white guy who could.

>> No.9509097

>deep fried bacon
For what purpose?

>> No.9509107

He was very, very, very fat. Imagine the fattest person you've ever met and add about 200 lbs.

>> No.9509118

It's not a recent thing. It's a conversion from tumblr being the previous boogieman, and gaia before that. The transition of the common vernacular and next incoming generation of users always tends to create dissonance in the community and because many people cannot adapt they blame external sources. The problem with this is just like 4chan has a flux of new users, so does places like reddit who share popular vernacular styles so we simply blame them. It's the curse of being in a community that is still relevant. If you wanted to stay in stasis of old 4chan you could go to 420chan, 7chan, or any of the other communities that have fallen behind.

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>0 results

>> No.9509172

Jojo is very common

>> No.9509178

This is exactly why everyone calls my grandma Gaga.

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File: 2.90 MB, 4390x2700, Hocotate Freight catalog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Don't worry mate, people always give me shit for eating rice with a spoon

>> No.9509202

>River nubs

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>vinegar husbands
Gets me every goddamn time

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It is happening all over 4chan. It is intended to make 4chan unusable.

>> No.9509317

>that image
I really think it's just an influx of newfags from r/the donald and those cringey le donald trump god king facebook groups.
They became very absorbed in /pol/ style memes, and like that one friend no one really liked much, exaggerate every joke and meme then run it into the ground until it's no longer funny

>> No.9509325

Yes, and I've never heard it again until this moment...

>> No.9509369

>really think it's just an influx of newfags
It is. If you type "4chan" into google, the first board that is searched for is /pol/. /pol/ is filled with newfags who shout memes IRL.

>> No.9509378

Is this a jojo reference?

>> No.9509436

It's just how it's done, anon. Using a spoon is weird. It's like using chopsticks to eat chicken nuggets. I mean you can sure, and it makes sense. But you just don't do it.

>> No.9509487

your mum sounds awesome dude

>> No.9509519

don't tell the rest of america that

>> No.9509620

mine was toasted cheese sandwiches, even though they werent toasted.

>> No.9509635

chipped beef on toast. shit on a shingle. boiled beef bits in milk, served on toast.

>> No.9509646

Some people like their bacon until it's really crunchy and almost dried out a bit, deep frying is an easy way to get it like that. And it's not like deep frying will really add more fat or calories, bacon is already pretty much shallow fried in its own fat while being cooked in a pan.

>> No.9509671

god i hate this. its the ultimate autist meal. my sis's ex who stalked her love this inordinately, and he was LITERALLY a beta, gamma or delta aka brave new world

>> No.9509698

That's adorable, I love it.

>> No.9509743

>mostly apples


>> No.9509750

My parents still call rice 'soft krispies.'

>> No.9509778

Deep frying it makes for awesome bacon. But, its a waste of time filtering the oil and waiting for it to come up to temp.

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This fucking post

>> No.9510232

I would get it if I heard it in context here in america, but it'd be weird

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Oh! Now I get it. I always heard your gramma referred to as "Gagger". You know, ironically.

>> No.9510455


You've clearly never been to /tv/, good for you.

>> No.9510503

shoo shoo oat goblin

>> No.9510794

I'm still stuck calling hundreds and thousands "pretties" and rum balls as "yum yums". We also had potato bake as "cheesy potato" as well, can't think of any others.

>> No.9510809

my Grandma had a word she used when she didn't want to explain what something was or just to be funny. I remember as a young boy asking what these were. they were candy corn but she said "lay overs to catch meddlers" always said it kinda fast and made it sound like one word

>> No.9510962

>cheesy potato

That's pretty common in the south of the USA.

>> No.9510972

Wisconsin born and raised. Never heard this in my life.

>> No.9510977


>> No.9511467

>hundreds and thousands
i had to google this to figure out you were talking about sprinkles

>> No.9511477

I agree with you actually, but mass replying is objectively the shittiest way to post and should result in a perma ban

>> No.9511482

I thought you just posted on that other website.

>> No.9511483
File: 250 KB, 1500x1500, 999999-68400014294[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Szoop szoop (Shoop shoop)

>> No.9511508
File: 1.30 MB, 320x213, 1478912835136.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not funny.

>> No.9511514

My family mispronounced a lot of food words, and I suspect some of it is regional to the area of PA where my father comes from. Here are some examples:

"wudder" = water
"skullions" = scallions
"SAL-mon" (pronouncing the "l" = salmon
"corn beef" = corned beef
"Vita fish" = any pickled herring
"tuna fish" = canned tuna

>> No.9511863

japanese mom always called any noodles "nu-nu" and egg salad sandwiches "eggy eggy sandwiches"

got ripped on for saying both as a young teen

>> No.9511914

Sure thing, kid.

>> No.9511918

Yeah, outside of the internet, I've never ever heard anyone call it that nor have I ever seen it called that in stores. It is always some form of "sprinkles" instead. Like "chocolate sprinkles" or "gold sprinkles" etc.

>> No.9511919

Dippy eggs instead of over-medium.

My mother once ordered dippy eggs at a restaurant and got laughed at. Felt bad man.

>> No.9511929

I only know people who call them "floats" with whatever it might be made from, "coke float" "root beer float" "mountain dew float" and so on.

Damn, now I want one.

>> No.9511962

I think there is a brand that calls themselves that, at least in Australia. If the thread's still up tomorrow I'll go to the supermarket and see if I can find anything.

>> No.9511963

we called it a egg in a basket

>> No.9512003

>>mom's like, "dammit, we have to rename the casserole now!"
>>names it after the newest thing in the house, as is tradition

>> No.9512019

>peaceful oat goblins

what the fuck

>> No.9512022

My friend called what brits call "eggs and soldiers" "dippy bread"

>> No.9512120

"corn beef" is pretty common also my grandad is an old northern english farmer so I can relate, he'd call rabbits "rebbets" and badgers "brocks" etc. I didn't know it wasn't spelt rebbet until I was like 9

>> No.9512211

I'm doing it now, fuck the haters.

>> No.9512217

God, fuck australia. Why does every commonwealth country insist on being as twee as possible at all times?

>> No.9512284

my northern English dad calls them that

>> No.9512746

If you cunts had any less self-awareness you'd probably be the subject of an Oliver Sachs book.

>> No.9512762

pizza toast. my mum calls it cheesie rollies

>> No.9512775

Where is your grandad from? I can't imagine rabbit being pronounced "rebbet" even with the thickest, most rural northern accent.

>> No.9512789

In the 80s there were ice creams just like those called Halo's so possible thats where you got it from.

>> No.9512846

The classic bacon egg and cheese breakfast sammie was referred to exclusively as "Heartcloggers" by the senpai.

"We're getting up at 6 to go to grandmas tomorrow and we're grabbing heartcloggers before we go, so get to bed early." Those were the days am.

>> No.9512960

Could be a reference to Gremlins 2, where Kate tells the story of when she was 6 she was kiddy fiddled by a guy who looked like Abe Lincoln when she went to the park to eat PB&J on Lincolns birthday.
Makes sense.

>> No.9513072

I moved several times when I was younger and hadn't to deal with people calling slurpees icees and vice versa

>> No.9513200

I legit missed those threads with the Pink Himalayan Salt.

>> No.9513562

Potato bake?? Is that potatoes au gratin? Are you a bong

>> No.9513575

I can see that. It happens where I live just depending on who you talk to. One store at one end of town had slurpees and the other store at the other end has icees.


>> No.9513577

Slurpee and Icee are both brand names.

>> No.9513598


>> No.9513836

>coke and icecream
As if you americans couldn't shock me any more.

>> No.9513845

Nicely referenced my brah

>> No.9514160

Upvoted ;)

>> No.9514881

in aus we call fizzy drink and frozen cream a spider

>> No.9514897

your moms a legend , she made me laugh out loud

>> No.9514902

dippy doo

>> No.9514913

>hundreds and thousands
>rum balls
>potato bake
I have no idea what any of these things are

>> No.9514942

Surely fergus would be having potatoes

>> No.9514949


>> No.9514951

breakfast juice is a thing tbqhdw

>> No.9514952
File: 40 KB, 616x462, 1382540129062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holiday sauce

>> No.9515213

Based on what the things are meant to be called, he's an Aussie.

>> No.9515219

Cowboy potatoes are mashed potatoes (with skins), crumbled bacon added

a hobo sandwich is scrambled eggs, bacon, and mayo on toast

>> No.9515259

The milk gravy looks fucking terrible. Why´d you do that?

>> No.9515285

Even if that looks goofy but шyбa is fucking delicious as fuck

>> No.9515463

looks like someone hurled over toast.

>> No.9515508


It blows my mind that elsewhere in the world these aren't known by this names. I've never heard them be called anything else.

Although I had a Canadian guy ask me what an arvo is the other day and it blew my mind, so that's not saying much for my multinational exposure

>Hundreds and thousands - clever name for rainbow sprinkles because there's a fuckton of them
>Rum balls - I think they could be called truffles elsewhere?
>Potato bake - literally had to Google to figure it out - it's Potatoes gratiné

>> No.9515515

Oops, I'm >>9515508 and >>9515213 is right, I'm an Aussie and I imagine >>9510794 is too

>> No.9515537

I'm gonna start calling peanut butter peanut mud.

>> No.9515552

I'm a canadian guy
>hundreds and thousands
I had a vague idea it was going to be sprinkles but I'm pretty sure it's because I've seen a sprinkle brand of that name. I've never heard it used in common parlance
>Rum Balls
This is what they're called here and also it's my favourite cake.
>potato bake
never heard of it

As for shit I heard, I didn't know what the fuck "canadian bacon" was for ages until some american finally explained to me it was just back bacon

>> No.9515582

East Lancashire along the pennines.
Older folks in rural areas will say kernt for "can't" pronounce father as "Fav-er"and shit like that. Also he uses "Tha" for you.

>> No.9515816

Holy fucking shit I've been trying to figure out what the toffee nubs are actually called

someone please help me

>> No.9515823

Probably Bezy made out of toffee, don't know the English name so just google bezy

>> No.9516271

YOU are relatively recent bud, plebbit shaming has been a thing for a long time, just the fact that they have shadowbans is enough to make you repudiate that place

>> No.9517264

Whole family call apricots "open dick" because reasons.

>> No.9517482

Glad it's not just me. Didn't find any of this even a bit humorous.

>> No.9517490

Shit guys, it's a faggot! >>9511914

>> No.9517609
File: 69 KB, 640x671, 1454283575348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Dad's Cooking Tonight — Papa John's pizza. No toppings.

>> No.9517666


>> No.9517674

OMG you guys are like so mature. Will you fuck me please!

>> No.9517789
File: 198 KB, 1024x725, Strawberry-Fluff-Salad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep, boomers used to always talk about this. I remember eating it, but dont know who cooked it. Shit on a shingle, the next thing on my boomer appeasement list.

This is my post for flyover shit. "Fruit fluff" a mix of cool whip, jello mix, cottage cheese and any fruit you want. Always dogshit when others make it, always shit leftover. I refuse to carry this legacy on from my dead relatives. Just fucking retarded.

Super underrated post man, I am a white guy who doesnt know spanish but ive done a lot for my local mexican family (They run all the car events in town, have for decades) and they love me. Anywhere he is, and he sees me the other mexicans give me a look of "Damn that guy?" Hes also a solid choice for work references.

>> No.9517817

I grew up calling it goulash too bust I came to realise it was a blanket term for noodles ground beef and what ever you had in the kitchen

>> No.9517829

Clearly a bull's eye

>> No.9518435

This is an extremely common diner dish in the Philly area. I don't see what's wrong with it, it's a great poverty food when paired with hash browns. I've lived in numerous states and a few different countries and still look forward to ordering this when I'm over in the area. Pure comfort fare

>> No.9518469
File: 1.05 MB, 500x275, tumblr_nhqlmwB5qt1rlqg3xo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Egg in a whole

>> No.9518522

When I'm on here at night I'm usually on my bed and I use chopsticks for snacks so I don't get my keyboard all greasy.

>> No.9519143


try eating shit before you post

>> No.9519161

Toad in the hole, my grandpa ate this everyday

>> No.9519165

my senpai calls cachangas cachangitas but its pretty much the same word, not like a completely different one for the same food or anything

>> No.9519256

Holy Cheesy-Poofs, Batman!

And to think that I had it bad being an alcoholic...

That wretch when she smells the broccoli I can understand because of all the sulfur when it's cooked poorly (my sister boils down broccoli and cauliflower with garlic for about an hour and it stinks up the entire neighborhood).

But damn; that's just sad (and funny at the same time -- no sympathy).

I'm gonna have to check out more of those Freaky Eaters vids. You know, for a friend.

>> No.9519270

I wanted one when I read that as well. In fact I was at a place earlier tonight that sells various sodas and I was thinking, "What would go good with the ice cream I have at home," (pistachio and almond -- with real almond chunks, mind you). Then I immediately caught myself, "What the fuck, Self?! What are you doing?" I didn't follow through. Curious though, in the gore-sense. Something that seems gross and might actually be OK.

>> No.9519275


I see what you did there.

>> No.9519281


That Anon should see if there's a brand called "Awakenings".

>my neurological pathways would be blown

>> No.9519283

What did he do?

>> No.9519313

Past tense of "spell" can be either "spelled" or "spelt" and spelt is a grain. I thought it was a purposeful choice because this is a food-oriented board. I thought it was a pun. Maybe I'm reading into it too deeply.

Either way, it made me grin, intentional or not.

>> No.9519412
File: 108 KB, 1276x708, 1467688905225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sweaty Fireman Casserole

I like your mom

>> No.9519466
File: 52 KB, 150x150, 123412343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was a picky kid
>didn't want to eat chicken parmesan
>few days later
>mom makes it and called it "super pizza"
>loved it
>mfw she revealed it was the thing I didn't want to eat

>> No.9519506

>scented belgian twinks

>> No.9519521

My father used to make what was basically a thin goulash. He called it "tyskersuppe" which means "German soup". Not soup from Germany, but soup with German people in it.
I never got the recipe.

>> No.9519625

That etymology works. Not for German people being in it, like Anne Frank stew or something that Germans would have a fetish for, but by name, it's a thin-stock soup, made with whatever you had on-hand. Like Anne Frank, I guess...

>> No.9519629

Serves you right you little brat.

>> No.9519746

That was common in my family too. Where you from?

>> No.9519856

Happy Comfy Yolk and White Sitter

>> No.9519905

I was raised calling this a peek-a-boo egg

>> No.9519920

We called it creamed dried beef.

My mom would make “chicken somehow” for most dinners, it could be anything involving chicken. Peanut butter fold-overs, where you put pb on one half of a slice of bread and fold it to make a little sandwich. Scrawmmies were scrambled eggs. Red top is Lawry’s seasoning salt.

>> No.9520331

My mom called tortillas "food skins". She hadn't ever eaten a tortilla until she was like 30-something.

>> No.9520367
File: 1.34 MB, 800x533, 1421114350359.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9520388

I called Stuffed crust pizza shrek ears

>> No.9520446


>> No.9520455


>it's the "Red Top" part that makes me go "yikes"

>I get it, but really... she's either on an entirely other plane or kinda retarded...

Indian Fry Bread (Indian = meaning Native American) is called Elephant Ears where I come from, so Shrek Ears isn't too far off because they stuff those things like Mexican tacos.

>> No.9521647

Can I drink unopened cream 10 days after the best before date?

>> No.9522553

Not funny he said...

Fucking pork dillingers.

>> No.9522624

Get outta here

>> No.9522663
File: 80 KB, 640x626, dont be a grunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Semper Fi, Sugar Beef.

>> No.9522669

That dude was so weird. What's with all the fuckin milk?

>> No.9522689

We called it "Eggie in a Nest"

>> No.9522723

These are mojos

>> No.9522854

Why would you waste good beef on this garbage?

>> No.9522872

beefaroni my dude

>> No.9522890

We call that shit "noodle mess"

>> No.9522999

Can confirm. We still call oven mitts handhotgloves due to my childhood retardation.

>> No.9524232

wait is that not chili?

>> No.9524245


you're like a 13 year old calling the 12 year olds "PRE-teens" as an insult.

>> No.9525471
File: 183 KB, 900x900, Brazil-nuts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My mom used to call brazil nuts nigger toes.

>> No.9525492

those dirt rockets look a lot like orange hopefuls...

>> No.9525516

That's what everyone that owns property calls them.

>> No.9525559

My grandparents called them this to their children

I swear it gets brought up every Christmas
fucking Baptists lol

>> No.9525618

ahh the infamous none pizza left beef

>> No.9525664
File: 52 KB, 407x438, 1503282397352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>called barbecue sauce 'silly sauce'

>> No.9525672

I thought they were called Girl Cheese

>> No.9525994

Creamed chipped beef on toast

>> No.9526480

In Britain they're called cheese toasties did you have British family? If you did it was probably your parents trying to make a cute version of that name

Or they where just mentally retarded

>> No.9526518

we call it beefy mac

>> No.9526559

Who originally made these

>> No.9526751


Is there a backstory behind this?

>> No.9526758


>> No.9526770

Nigga u crazy
Thats not toad in the hole, toad in the hole is Sausages baked inside a Yorkshire pudding

>> No.9526884

The manchurian candidate

>> No.9527084

yeah. Used to call bbq sauce "silly sauce". Want me to tell it again?

>> No.9527181

Sure, sounds amusing

>> No.9527193

Used to call bbq sauce "silly sauce".

>> No.9527203
File: 63 KB, 337x500, SY500_CR,0,0,337,500_SH20_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


last week we hitched a bike ride to a costco the other day, and ran the bank a hefty 20k subtracted by 7 on the half mark past 3 on these shits. snuck a pack in the movies and unwrapped it, next thing i knew i had a UTI

>> No.9527530

>faggot discovered new meal he likes
>serves him right

His mom should have just shoved chicken parm up his asshole till he spoke with a new york accent

>> No.9527683

>good beef
You might want to pick up a jar of chipped beef and give it a try before you start throwing the word "good" out there like that.

>> No.9527798

What the fuck is an arvo?

>> No.9527806


>> No.9527809


An afternoon, as if that isn't obvious

>> No.9528030

I don't know why you'd want to do that, but yeah it's safe, anon.

>> No.9528046

My Granny called chili mac 'Old German Dish'

>> No.9528100


>> No.9528130

My mom always pronounced the g in lasagna/bologna for fun. Now when I do it I get called a retard.

>> No.9528698

>40 cents a foot for margarine

>> No.9528805

We called them "toasted cheese" and had funny looks at school.

>> No.9528822

To my mother's side of the family "pot pie" was not a dish with a crust, but a baked pasta dish using square, flat noodles in a similar gravy. I think it's a PA Dutch thing.

>> No.9528852

we called them a 'cheese toastie'

>> No.9529479
File: 16 KB, 250x241, terriyaki_chicken_MED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rat on a stick

>> No.9529489

Never noticed that.

>> No.9529534

haha. your mom sounds sexy dude

>> No.9529801
File: 126 KB, 1600x1067, brazilian-nuts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I grew up hearing brazil nuts called nigger toes. My mom was born in 35, so it's allowed. Plus, it's hilarious.

>> No.9529814

Well shit, I should have read through this thread better...

Mine did too, as did her sister. We still call them that and laugh.

>> No.9529818

I've only ever known them as Nigger toes

>> No.9529828
File: 88 KB, 252x209, glom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9531253

These are brand names, not regional differences. In my area slurpee is owned by 711 and Icee gets the the out-of-place department store restaurants that have no place being there.

>> No.9531487

In middle School the cafeteria called this exact dish "chili stew". It was neither any chili in it nor was it a stew.

>> No.9531570

I'm lucky that the weirdest name for food I had was "sketti"

>> No.9531675
File: 52 KB, 480x480, roadside-potatoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Roadside potatoes.

not exactly unique or complicated but everyone i've ever talked to has no idea what im talking about when i bring it up.

>> No.9532963

>so it's allowed

>> No.9532984

Cowboy hat

>> No.9532996
File: 13 KB, 273x184, Chinese Arms Rewandan Bodies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to think creamed beef was just a Chicano thing... but your Niggers sole that as well.

Half of soul food recipes all originate from latin slave recipies.

>> No.9532999

>its the ultimate autist meal
It's an egg and bread, you fag.

>> No.9533006

holy kek my sides

>> No.9533010
File: 999 KB, 3000x2000, prawn-toasts-84058-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crab toast

>> No.9533022

>Half of soul food recipes all originate from latin slave recipies.

uh oh... so 'Merican niggers can't even claim soul food as their own invention? sad :`(

>> No.9534139

I looked at your list of wrong names before I read your actual sentence, and as soon as I saw "wudder", I knew it was gonna be PA. I don't know what it is with Pennsyltucky folks calling it wudder/worter.

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