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I just can't stop thinking about a big breakfast
YOu know, like the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity™ from IHOP®!

Or, just maybe, I'll have IHOP's® new and famous Breakfast Sushi™! It's a thin layer of crepe, and eggs, bacon, and raw salmon inside a delicious deep fried crust! Or, how about, I feast on IHOP's fantastic new delight: PANCAKE SHOES! Put 'em on your feet, then eat 'em as a treat! Wait, no, I'm gonna have the SAUSAGE GOGGLES! They're two mild sausage patties connected with links that make a fashionable breakfast for any cool cat, hep chick, or foxy momma! I can't forget about the endless syrup fountains either! 15 flavors of syrup on demand from anyone of these delicious geysers! But, that's only the beginning of the delicious maple fun, because of those fountains are fed directly from the syrup used in our most recent MEAL/EXPERIENCE: THE SYRUP SAUNA
Take a relaxing bath in our boiling hot syrup baths! And, don't forget about your "personal" massage from the one and only Mr. Pancakes™! The new face of IHOP is a lot of pancakes as a man!

I don't know about you, but it's starting to sound like an IHOP-tastic® morning to me

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I can tell this is going to be a fun thread.

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ironic shilling is still shilling

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>thin layer of crepe, and eggs, bacon, and raw salmon
>raw salmon

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I can tell you would qualify for disability because of your retardation

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Hey there! Play nice or else the pancake police will show up!

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Can you recommend any "Vegan" options?

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you dont want a mouthful of warm-hot uncooked fish?

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Sure I can! You're going to absolutley love IHOP's® new Veggie Village™! An entire town made out of vegetables, and only vegans are allowed entrance! Spend the rest of your days safe from those dangerous, omnivorous fools that you love to patronize! The only place safe from meat is Veggie Village™ at IHOP®!

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Had a grand slam breakfast a while ago, also the moons over my hammy were bretty good

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How can one tripfag be this desperate for (you)

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I'm Mr. Pancakes!

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You get that denny's shit out of here right this instant

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