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The USA invented the greatest condiment of all time. Objective fact.

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5 cute facts about maki:

- She's a girl?!
- She's a tomato!
- I love her!!!!!
- Maki!!!!!!!!!!!


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I beg to differ

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I only use tomato sauce on hotdogs, pies and hamburgers.

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Ketchup was originally a Chinese condiment made from fermented fish.

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but ketchup isn't made from fermented fish and nor is it chinese

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I know this is probably a bait thread but I have to agree because ketchup is fucking awesome and goes well with everything.

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That's why I said originally. That's also why it says "Tomato Ketchup" on the bottle.

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Ketchup is not a Chinese condiment. The fish sauce is.

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more like objective FAT

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the 'automobile' is in fact an anatolian cut of lamb dating from the 12th century. I don't know why you all think some retard in the 19th century invented it.

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>In the 17th century, the Chinese mixed a concoction of pickled fish and spices and called it (in the Amoy dialect) kôe-chiap or kê-chiap (鮭汁, Mandarin Chinese guī zhī, Cantonese gwai1 zap1) meaning the brine of pickled fish (鮭, salmon; 汁, juice) or shellfish.[6] By the early 18th century, the table sauce had made it to the Malay states (present day Malaysia and Singapore), where it was tasted by English colonists. The Indonesian-Malay word for the sauce was kecap (pronounced "kay-chap"). That word evolved into the English word "ketchup".[7] English settlers then took ketchup with them to the American colonies.[1]

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The original example of what Americans do to food. Take an established recipe, fuck up the main component, then add a ton of sugar.

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But ketchup is tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar and called catsup

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>believing what THEY tell you

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>not bleu cheese

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>16 posts
>no one mentioned mustard yet

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unequivocally true

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Why did the English decide to go with Tomato sauce than. I believe ketchup is an American invention. The same way they play "football" rather than rugby. And baseball rather than cricket. And freedom fries instead of French fries and so on and so forth.
Americans are so desperate to create their own distinct decadent culture that they'll poison the world in their search for it.

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