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NO disgusting stuff!
NO Jack!

+1 for sound

I remember a series of oriental food gifs in a black studio, mostly crab and broth.

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here comes jack

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this gif is too fast.

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damn thats fast

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that guy is clearly coming down off meth

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How do I make these? need recipe

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Cum muffin

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The fuck is this shit, it looks like someone just threw a bunch of crap in water

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>just threw a bunch of crap in water

hmmm what is that dish called? Vegetables and meat cooked in water?

can anyone help me out?

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>add salt to it when it was just beheaded , skinned and gutted
It has to be done purpose.

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>+1 for sound

hey OP buddy, umm... you can't get sound on your webms on /ck/, so I'm just going to tell you that your terms are NULL and VOID

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Its like he fell for the rare meme and applied it to every meat he cooks, he even under cooks chicken.

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I admire your attention to detail and how to live life on your own terms.

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>NO disgusting stuff!
>NO Jack!
>+1 for sound
How's your first day off Reddit, fag

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he's a big guy

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>tweety bird bowl

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Four You

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just nuke this thread and make another one. if we're just going to get zero effort gifs and jpgs for half of a "webm thread" it might as well not exist. just report and hope the mods give us the board space back after this abortion of a thread

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god dammit this is fucking prepostrous what the fuck jack

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>he doesn't have a complete set of Looney Tunes dishware

Look at this homo

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you LOVE it

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Looks like a puff pastry with an egg cheese bacon on a grill or oven

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He... Left the fucking sticker on.

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>having any hope for /ck/ mods at this point

This thread will be up until tomorrow at least.

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So what man, I eat stickers all the time

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this is like perfect vegan propaganda.

WHAT BENEFIT is there in making it suffer so much? I've no problem with consuming animals but give them a quick/clean death at least if they're as sentient as this thing clearly is.

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Are you retarded? It's already dead

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This image is art.

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Its bloody head’s off!

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looks good for instant anyway

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Why the cold water?

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>Why the cold water?
Because it has ice cubes floating in it.

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Wtf is this fried egg meme shit I keep seeing everywhere all of a sudden

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this looks both weird and utterly amazing

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This is when you bring up how barbaric Chinese people are. Watch the Vegan, who are predominately leftist, squirm and get uncomfortable at that bit of truth.

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I knew a guy with huntington's disease who moved like that all the time, maybe he could of became a master crepe maker before he died

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Fuck that, that guy's just rockin the OhMyBod vibe on his peter and people keep tipping him golds.

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am I the only one here who doesn't get triggered by this? It's a different culture; if you were born a chink you wouldn't care at all

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This webm. makes me smile

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They're clearly Korean.

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Me on the right