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>Al dente

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>he doesn't eat his pasta soggy

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I like them a bit firm but it'll cook itself to full noodle-y in a minute or so after you take it off unless you put it in something cold.

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>cooking show
>making nachos
>always have to tell the FUCKING LAME ASS story of how nachos were invented

How many times do we need to hear about that faggot Ignacio Anaya? Fuck him I bet the story is bullshit anyway

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>Farm to table

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everyone here, just eats some bullets and stop shitposting on my board fucking faggots

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>stop shitposting

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I.. I've never heard the story

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>stop shitposting
This entire board is just thematic shitposting anon, and thats the way we like it

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same now I'm intrigued

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Alright gringos listen up:
>young Ignacio eating triscuits with cheese with his grandmother
>young Ignacio asks for more cheez wiz
>grandmother starts to say no but sneezes
>Ignacio hears "naaaAAACHOOO" while cheesy triscuit shards pepper his face
>"Nacho" he says, "I'll call these Nachos and sell them to Gringos"
History is made

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Let's not start saying things we do not mean. Zoro was a hero and he brought the nachos to the people. Show some respect.

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>let cool

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Pa dentro.

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>product of Italy

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>made with real chocolate

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>el dante

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>free range

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>on point

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>featuring El Donte from the DMC series

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>pinch of salt

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Ignacio Anaya was a priest who was in charge of making meals for the the orphanage he was raised in, but he was givem only enough money to buy stale chips. Well, one day he decided to don the mask of a luchador, hoping to pay for meat through his prize money. Unfortunately, he lost his biggest match for the belt, and was crippled for life. However, runner up prize was a life-time supply of cheese from a lcoal goat farm, so he added that to his chips and found the childrens loved this new snack. In honor of his career as the wrestler Nacho Libre, the childrens called the dish after the first half of his name.

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>didn't post this instead

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during WW2 a few american army wives wandered into his kitchen after it had closed and all he had left was tortillas, cheese, and pickled jalapenos. They asked what it was and he told them "Nacho's especiales" as his nickname was nacho

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Adolf Hitler ordered the coca cola company to make a new type of chip to be served with cheese since they couldn't afford Doritos due to the war

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King Hitler the second ordered the coca cola company to make a new type of chip to be served with cheese since they couldn't afford Doritos due to the war.
Nacho comes from nazi+macho because eating hard foods covered in cheese was considered manly in the 30s

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>he likes his pasta musciad

fuck you

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>on the rocks

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So I can water down my mid-shelf bourbon, mon señor.

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What board is this on? My first thought was r9k but it doesn't seem chaotic evil enough

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>let the meat rest

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>Our famous [...]

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>clean eating

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probably /sci/

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>let your lasagne stand for 30 minutes before serving

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>add (insert ingredient) according to your taste

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Did you cook this and bring this to work, or do you live here?

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>contains olive oil from Italy, Argentina and Spain

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