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things flyovers can never get thread

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That place is disgusting, and if you're so wrapped up in chain garbage you belong there. Move back to flyover land please.

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This. Fuck off, lard lad

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i was at a festival last year and i was fucking hungry and saw a sushi burrito stall across the field. strode over and it was a giant fucking log of sushi rice with FUCKING VEGAN SUBSTITUTES FOR CHICKEN AND DUCK IN THE MIDDLE

never been so mad at festival food

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sushi is latin?

so, basically still a burrito?

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looks like absolute shit

just like everything from commiefornia

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just fly-into things

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>things fly-into states will never try

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Isn't that the same as Carls Jr?

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Yup. Same chain.

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actually the product and employee standards are completely different

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those lucky fuckers. I'd give a year of my life to forget the awful taste of Hardy's food.

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