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>tfw overeating again

I can't control this craving, this is what being a cocaine addict must feel like.

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Try a cocaine addiction and report back with results

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I think if you ever get to the point where you've considered sucking a cock for a double cheeseburger I doubt it.

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I would do that

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Drink more water. Any time you get cravings outside of your diet, drink water until you are full.

Over eat veggies. It's really hard to over eat those and they keep you full longer.

Once you get past two weeks or so all your cravings will stop and adjust to your diet. Good luck anon.

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>>tfw overeating again
>I can't control this craving, this is what being a cocaine addict must feel like.
Do Americans really have this problem?

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I'm Russian

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I'm from Canada

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>I'm Russian
Russian to the kitchen for a snack every 10 minutes. Am i right boys?

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t. American

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God fucking damnit, I laughed at this way harder than I should have

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I'm starting to get lightheaded because I skipped my pre-midnight snack treat. I got to hold out for twenty more minutes, but I have four junior bacon cheeseburgers in the fridge that I'm going to add baconnaise to. It fucks it up too because now I'm going to have to have an extra large breakfast tomorrow or eat a snack in between breakfast and brunch.

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Foods a little easier to get than cheese burgers.

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I meant cocaine.

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I know.

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Cocaine makes you thin, anon, you should try it

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I never said fucking doubles, randy

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Shut the fuck up, Eurofag. Go brush your disgusting teeth

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>he thinks Australia is a European country

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>not having crippling heartburn due to alcohol consumption
sorry for your loss

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I weighed 330 for the longest time, started to diet in March and I'm down to 260. Coffee and Water, I also smoke a cigarette during work break (never go over 2 and sometimes I don't smoke for weeks).

>B-but smoking is bad for health
Better to get cancer in my 70s and keel over than die in my 40s or 50s which is where I was headed. Also while even a little bit of tobacco raises the chances of harming your heart I think a Chain Smoking is what really kills you.

Also portion control is essential, autistically measure everything you eat and start realizing how 200 Calories is in truth an insanely small amount of food generally 1/2 Cup.

I still got a long way to go but I didn't get fat overnight.

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fuck off, junkie Randy

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keep it up man

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stop eating fat

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Switch to smaller plates for your meals

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Implying I had any idea that you were from Australia. Nice b8 dickhead

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Just eat super-low cal for two weeks and the cravings disappear.

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Thats just because cocaine is hard to get.
If suddenly burgers got outlawed and only dealers would have access to them you could bet your ass that people would whore themselves out for a proper quarter pounder

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Try purging, you have a while after eating before you turn it into calories so you can enjoy a nice unhealthy meal then just barf it up with no consequences.

I break down and eat too much about once a week but since I discovered purging a month or two ago there's been no problem

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>lack self control to stop shoving shit in your face

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Pretty sure this was a maury episode

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frig off, Bobandy

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Have fun with your fucked teeth.

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>fat fuck eats 3 mc doubles, 2 mc chickens, 2 large fries, mc flurry, apple pie and 2 litre coke every week.
>uses guilt to make weekly thread on /ck/ with pathetic bawww image instead of anything involving full body motion.
No one will give a fuck when you lose a limb to diabetes you sad, bulging sack of shit.

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Implying you fat yokels don't constantly call Australians dumb yuropoors and ask Australians why Europe is so obsessed.
Implying you fat yokels will ever get this and stop raging at Australians about Europe while they laugh at you.

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>Better to get cancer in my 70s and keel over than die in my 40s or 50s which is where I was headed
Or do neither? At least vape my man, better for your lungs

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Just brush teeth after purge

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cocaine addicts can see their penises.

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please be in San Diego

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Meet me at Main Tap in El Cajon 6pm tonight. Bring two burgers.

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>tfw undereating again

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you should still stop smoking eventually, but that's basically what I've been doing. maybe a few smokes a week tops.

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frigg off randy

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Is everyone on /ck/ a fatass? I rarely come here but decided to check it out today and was surprised by all the fast food/junk food/overeating threads

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Goddammit Carlos!

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