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Is fish and chips the pinnacle of culinary perfection?

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Not quite...

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It's up there.

Will britcucks still have fish and chips in 10 years or will it be replaced with more Middle Eastern friendly options?

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Looks like you got some diarrhea on your fish n chips m8...

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>Middle Eastern friendly options

You mean South Asian friendly options? Like all the curry shops already deliver?

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Have any of you ever fried your own fish?

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Scottish as all get te fuck.

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I just assumed when Sharia Law comes in the Muslims that have invaded the UK will object to Fish and Chips for some asinine reason.

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Yep. Home made light beer batter that isn't thicker than the fish on a big hunk of fresh fish is delicious.

It's honestly piss easy. Like all takeout it's just the convenience that sends you to the fish and chips shop.

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looks like a deep fryed dick...

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So much salt on those chips.
Would eat.

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Considering how many kebab shops also serve fish and chips it's safe to say that even the middle eastern option cannot defeat our love for bland fried shit.

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>not liking curry sauce
Pinnacle of bad taste, fuck off and die.

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Make way, everyone.

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I haven't had one of these in years but fuck me, are they good.

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Why is it Mars bars that get fried? How did frying one of the shit tierest candy bars in existence become the go-to fried candy bar? You'd think after the first fried Mars bar someone would say "yeah but let's do this with a candy bar that isn't fucking shitty."

But no. This is what stuck because people are fucking stupid.

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It tastes glorious.

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