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Can we all agree that this is the worst pizza topping?
Forget pineapple, all this shit does is give an unpleasant greasy richness that the pizza doesn't even need because it already is rich.
The only reason it's popular is because it's the default for some reason.

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I think it pairs nicely with green olives.

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Conversely, meatballs are the best meat topping for pizza.

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You mean sausage

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Were you the faggot kid who bitched and moaned at the lack of cheese pizza?

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"A sausage is a cylindrical meat product "
nice try cunt

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yep its pretty bad
deli meats imo dont mix well at all with cheese

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I agree. It just pushes it over the edge in terms of saltiness.

Sausage is much better as a meat.

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>Years ago, be at friend's birthday party, along with a bunch of other friends
>his cousin was there too, no one liked him
>parents bring pizza for lunch
>the cousin discovers that there is no plain cheese pizza
>falls to floor crying and yelling
>now everyone really hates him
>parents eventually give in and order a cheese pizza

I wonder where he ended up in life.

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Wrong, its the default because it so popular. Crispy pepperoni is the undisputed best topping.

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probably a tranny now

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Pepperoni is unbearable. Up there with olives and pineapple

My favorite combo is anchovy and spinach

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>dislikes pepperoni, the most patrician of toppings
why dont you go farm up some semolina you plebeian twat

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>Literally the most normal, average, and popular pizza topping ever

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Nah, I'd just get kind of mad if the only optiption was peporoni, but I wouldn't make a scene about it. If there was cheese I would eat that, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

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Plebs the lot of you. Pep is goat topping only contrarians hate.


best pizza period.

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i bet you like anchovies

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What's wrong with 'chovies?

Anchovies, spinach, and mushrooms are the undisputed champion of 'za toppings

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>unadulterated garbage on the pizza
you cannot be saved, but at least you still enjoy yourself. that counts for something

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They're a bit too salty for my tastes.
I enjoy stuff like meatball or pretty much any vegetables.
Pepperoni is awful because of the sheer amount of grease it produces. Its minor spiciness wouldn't be a problem under normal circumstances, but the combination of the grease and spices creates an extremely unpleasant experience that lasts even after you finish your pizza.
I don't think you have to be a contrarian to dislike it.

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I think it goes well with mushrooms as well.

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What about some adulterated garbage then?

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>anchovies, the saltiest topping this side of pure sodium
>spinach, the leafy green no one wants
>mushrooms that aren't full of psylocybin
i could go into detail, but i am rather drunk atm

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Anchovies are understandable but
>He thinks spinach and mushrooms are gross
I thought children weren't allowed on this site?

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>parents eventually give in and order a cheese pizza

Hard to describe my contempt for people this picky, and they never have the slightest bit of shame or social awareness about it.

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Why not render the pepperoni slices in a skillet or oven before putting them on the pizza?

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>You can see the grease drops on the sheet

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20 bucks says this faggot was the kid in school going around telling everyone "UMMM YOU KNOW WHAT PEPPERONI ACTUALLY IS RIGHT??"

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>Oh uh someone has a different opinion
>Better attack his character

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I'm afraid the tumor is deeper in the brain than we thought, sir

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>Pepperoni is unbearable

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You do realize that using a character that it supposed to represent the bottom of humanity doesn't make a very strong case, right?

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>doesn't like pepperoni and olives
I'm gonna force feed you my pizza until you love it, bitch.

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It appears you have a serious case of the 'tism

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The grease is what makes it awesome unfortunately. Pepperoni, onion, and pineapple is amazing because the other stuff cooks in the grease from the pepperoni. I think what matters the most is the balance of all the toppings

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Anchovies are unironically amazing on pizza. I don't know why they are considered a meme topping like pineapple. They are a good burst of saltiness and if you like a fishy taste, they are a good addition to cut the cheese.

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Probably around my hippocampus due to its sudden rapid decline in size

What with all my recent drinking and all that



You're probably not even in one of the cool red Midwest states

Just stuck in Minnesota with the somalis


I'd sneak some 'choves into the tomato sauce

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Kys hipster

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Almost anything can be on a pizza. It's just a open faced baked sandwich. If you think that pepperoni is too salty or greasy then you are using the wrong cheese.

It's the whole argument with pineapples on pizza. Pineapples on pizza are great when they are cooked properly, sliced thin and large and allowed to caramelize in a proper pizza oven but when you just run it through a domino's rack it just ends up uncooked, hard, and completely separate from the rest of the pizza.

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Hipster is such a boring label

It's like you're stuck in 2010

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Yep, you're a hipster

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I agree with
You should have called him a numale faggot or something.
You are weak.

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I'll just call him what he is:


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Shut up, numale faggot.

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sausage is my least favorite pizza topping, I like it by itself but when its on pizza it ruins the taste of the whole thing

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Go back to regedit with your shit taste and spacing

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>Reddit spacing
Reddit's userbase is fucking garbage and all, but this meme needs to end.
It's a fucking formatting choice.

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>Implying I'm a numale


Bet you've never even met Sam Hyde


I don't use Windows

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explain your reasoning

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Wish I had enough money to buy the whole KPM backlog. MP3s will do i guess...

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>>implying im a numale
>mac demarco
>meme os

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>hates pepperoni
>reddit spacer
>uses a mac
>likes 'chovies
Off yourself fag

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I'd love to keep arguing and destroying you but it's 4:20 AM in the only timezone that matters and I can't keep up with the 34 threads I'm actively posting in from my phone any longer



>>Uses a Mac


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Mac's are overpriced pieces of technology that require replacing every year.
Keeping one alive is a nightmare.
Only use is for specialized applications that are probably avaliable on any windows pc.

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I don't use an Apple computer or the Macintosh OS

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oh boi you're a Debain user or something aren't you fag

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>sleep deprivation
>talks like an edgy teen

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this is him now. feel good about what you put him through??

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>He doesn't enjoy the heavenly pepperoni pizza with a slight crunchy ring around the sausage slices that breaks apart and releases the full salami flavour as soon as you bites it

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Market doesn't work that way, boy. Grow up. If something is popular people like it. Ain't no one gonna last long trying to sell what people don't wanna buy.

You should try and move past people liking what you don't like if you ever hope to be a man. If you're female or plan on becoming one, that's fine, not much'll be expected of you anyways.

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Nah. Pepperoni is best.

Did you just watch that maddox video or what, you faggot

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Show me one sport where the ball is a cylinder. My 7 year old brother calls sausage pizza "meatball pizza."

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Good quality pepperoni is excellent on pizza or even in a sandwich. The mass produced garbage deserves a bad rap because it's poor quality with an excess of fat. If made properly, it's a sem-dry, fermented sausage (70/30 lean/fat ratio) with primary spices being fennel, anise, paprika and cayenne. I enjoy it enough to where I make my own.

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I would be interested in seeing your fermenting setup.

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Salami is the best.

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Prosciutto is the ultimate pizza meat topping

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I'm a ham and mushroom kind of fag. If the place is really fancy, mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese with a clear sauce is top tier.

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If you had to pick 2 toppings to go on your pizza, what would they be?

Personally, I cheat and get 2 different halves, or cave and get a third topping

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Yeah. Prosciutto, olives and/or capers and/or sun-dried tomatoes is the only patrician-tier pizza.

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I'm a pleb that can only afford delivery from Dominos.

Salami and roasted bell pepper is my favorite for pizza...

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Any beef or chicken product

>> No.9268506


Nah, man. It's worse that you think, you waste of trips. But the trips of truth confirm you are indeed a pleb.

Good pizza costs LESS than Domino's.

That's how much of a pleb you are, you're poor and you overpay for shitty pizza.

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It's a semi-dry sausage so the fermentation is only 24 hours @ 100F and 80-90% humidity. I add a small amount of the F-LC bacteria strain to the meat, put a tray of water in my oven and turn on the oven light to get the 100F temp I need. I don't have a fermentation chamber (yet, it's on the list of diy projects) so I can't do fully dry fermented sausages.

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No one told me that. What did they say it was?

>> No.9268561

Literally who?

>> No.9268565

What's wrong with Debian?

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>clear sauce
I'm intrigued, what is this?

>> No.9268595 [DELETED] 

Neat, I didn't know quick ferments would work for sausages. I have been thinking about adding sausage to my fermentation repertoire, I'll have to try that out.

>> No.9268600

Neat, thanks. I'll have to try that out.

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no, pepperoni is god-tier which is why its on almost every pizza.

>> No.9268636

>The only reason it's popular is because it's the default for some reason.
Because people like it?

>> No.9268687

It's actually shit, and a sure sign of shit tpizza. But since most people only know fast food tier or frozen pizza that's what they assume pizza is supposed to be.

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Whatever you say contrarian faggot.

>> No.9268761

Couldn't he just pick the non-cheese bits off if he hates them so much?

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>Reddit's userbase is fucking garbage and all
It's hilarious seeing chantards bitch about a garbage userbase on other sites.

>> No.9268998

It's different flavors of garbage.
The fact that reddit is more popular lends to a type of garbage that's hard for 4chan to handle, but 4chan is also extremely garbage.
I stopped using reddit years ago, and this site's garbage is more tolerable for me.

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t. a basic eating tendie loving flyover cuck

>> No.9269039

Sauce, dough and cheese also fall under this umbrella. If you enjoy any of this on pizza you are not eating pizza the real way.

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>OP makes a shitty thread about how his autistic hatred for something needs to be reinforced by everybody else around him
>reeee why don't people agree with me

>> No.9269098

>why don't people agree with me
Except that's not what I said you fucking idiot

>> No.9269161

My point is that pepperoni doesn't go on good pizza - the kind made in a wood oven and topped with frsh mozzarella. Pepperoni goes on the kind of fast food pizza made with low moisture mozzarella. While that's the most common pizza you can get it's also the shittiest kind of pizza.

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Some topping's flavor ends up getting cook into the pizza.
A lot of places put toppings under the cheese too.

Do not underestimate the pickiness of these people.

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why is everyone on this board a complete fucking retard?

>> No.9269261

I think you might have some reading issues

>> No.9269313

God damnit, I'm retarded

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The worst pizza topping is "no topping".

There, I said it.

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Just bread

>> No.9269468

football isnt really a ball, its more of an egg or ovaloid, inbetween a cylinder and a sphere.
same with rugby i guess...
fencing has 2 really long pointy balls

>> No.9269531

>Bet you've never even met Sam Hyde
my favorite Sam Hyde skit was the one where he got his show cancelled off Adult Swim by antagonizing senior staff and administration, then went on Tim Heidecker's podcast to cry and beg for him to get it back on air

good laughs

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>muh meme pizza

t. reddit.

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Italians have been putting fish on bread for more than 2,000 years. Every other topping is a meme topping in comparison. I blame the younger generation. The children who got their moms the remove the crust from their school lunch and turn their noses up to onions, bell peppers, sauerkraut ect. Pathetic.

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So you admit to being a numale?

My favorite part was when Trump won

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It's oil-based. Essentially, it's oil, garlic, cheese, and seasonings instead of something thick. It makes a pizza feel very light and accentuates the flavor of the crust, cheese, and toppings. Often they are referred to as white sauce, but some people interpret that as alfredo, which it isn't.

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i love you

>> No.9269775

frig off ricky

>> No.9269783

Kek spotted the tranny

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what's all this talk about cheese pizza?

>> No.9269930

>Italian pizza is meme pizza
Man am I glad I don't live under the rock you do.

>> No.9270035

There's going to be almost no pizza joint in the US that will sell you a quality 14" pizza for $8 or less. You can make better pizza yourself, but unless you find some kitchen full of mexicans making below minimum wage who are simultaneously great cooks, you're going to have to pay more.

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I'm sure he still loves cheese pizza as much as before

>> No.9270213

Pepperoni is salami.

>> No.9270215

Here we go

>> No.9270225

But there are no Italian salami like it - they're all pork. It's more like a German sausage.

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