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How can I make already delicious mac n' cheese even better?

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I can't stand spicy food, even slightly spicy food.

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You need real elbow macaroni, you need real cheddar, you need sodium citrate.

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Sit down while u eat it then retard

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people who eat garbage food like this usually like soft noodles and silky sauce. so use cheddar and sodium citrate.

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After some thought, I was unnecessarily hostile in this post and would like to apologise.

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They already improved upon this.

It's called Hamburger Helper.


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I don't want to listen to Hillbilly Willy. Stop posting southern poverty people who make me want to cry.

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Oh god, is sodium citrate gonna be the new meme like pink salt?

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What is sodium citrate and what does it do to food?

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No, asshole. It's the 'science' you fucking family fuckers are afraid of. Stop inbreeding and learn something.

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here you go, dipshit


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hot digs

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Tuna bump

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Bacon or smoked sausage. Also, real cheese.

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OP here. I ended up using bacon.
It wasn't terrible, but honestly I think I prefer it without.

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Thanks anon.

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Bacon is just more fat. Mac and cheese needs an acid like a bit of mustard, malt vinegar, or hot sauce to cut through it.

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>What is sodium citrate and what does it do to food?
It's a emulsifier and a salt. It allows you to melt cheese without the oil and milk solids separating.

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>Mac and cheese needs an acid like a bit of mustard, malt vinegar, or hot sauce to cut through it.

Thomas Jefferson recommended Nutmeg, but I confess that I have never tried it.

Sauteed onions are very good, however, caramelized onions are too sweet, so don't cook them for too long.

You can also try black olives, broccoli, or mushrooms, all are quite good, and my mother in law makes it with a combination of the three.

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>black olives.

Your fucking disgusting.

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Fry up some diced spam and toss it in

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Onion powder
Dried parsley
Cayenne pepper
Mushrooms (cook them separately and drain them)
Minced clams (may substitute another shellfish of your choosing)

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tuna. mac and cheese and tuna used to be a major staple of my diet.

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Add broccoli

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ground pepper

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>Not using Monterey Jack or pepper jack and extra sharp cheddar with just milk and butter

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I was meme'd into believing that a cheeto breadcrumb crust on top was the best thing ever. It was not, so don't do that.

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Bacon bits
Get a block of cheddar cheese and shred some in
Pinch of dry mustard