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>flyover food

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dear fucking god, is that a shepherd's pie (with bacon and cheddar on top) in the shape of a birthday cake?

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There's already a flyover food thread.
Learn to use the catalog, newfag.

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>it's another foreign Ameriboo pretends he's an American thread

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you fucking cut away too early. you get more trigger effect by leaving in the 'TASTY!' splash logo at the end

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wtf why? a bottle of teriyaki sauce is like $2-3, he could have bought a lb of hamburger for that much

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>3 and a half cup of cheese
Jesus christ.

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How about 2lbs of cheese in a recipe

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i'm more upset the dumbass didn't take the plastic spout off so he could just dump it out faster

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Penne??? Who the FUCK uses diagonal cut Penne in their Mac and cheese, this goddamn triggered the fuck out of me

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I also asked the same thing, what a stooge.

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I've never cut meat. Is it as tough as it looks here or is that knife extremely dull?

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Is this supposed to be like a keto pizza or something?

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You obviously never cooked before. That dish serves 6 people.

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>pour lots of cheese on everything
>It tastes good:)

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I assume it looks difficult because they are trying to make a deep cut without actually cutting it apart.

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>Cooking with Jack
the thread

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this looks like something i'd enjoy.

i love really soggy corn tortillas. just infused with enchilada sauce.

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