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Is cast iron cookware a meme?

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No it's a legit tool every kitchen or serious cook should have, but it's not for every situation. It's like having a food processor...you get a good one and use it when you need it.

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Your pic isn't but those cast iron grillpans are

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Whem do you use an ironcast pan?

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Searing a steak

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Wtf, I love Iron pans now.

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it's heavy, and a pain in the ass to clean and maintain.

it's alleged "non-stick surface" is a total myth.

i'd rather have stainless steel.

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when you wanna sear something
mostly meat
Good for cooking potatoes too

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Definitely not a meme, but somewhat niche.

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You can also fry in it assuming the pan is deep enough.

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A meme, no. But it is used to make homemade Lebanon Bologna.

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This sounds like a fucking meme.

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Depends how good your ventilation is. If you cook at those high temps in a place with poor ventilation, you're going to set off your smoke alarm and stink your place up for days. Not worth it.

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Stop saying meme, you peasant. Honestly, stop fucking using that word.

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>homemade Lebanon Bologna.

how the fuck is a cast iron pan involved in homemade lebanon bologna? also how the fuck does a person make lebanon bologna at home? the pros put it in smoke houses for weeks.

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100% meme. Plenty of things make a difference when cooking. Having a bunch of old shit caked on a pan does not.

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It's not. It's a pan, but lets say you have a cast iron Dutch oven, also a kitchen tool and also something you could fry in.

In fact a Dutch oven could actually replace an iron skillet, the only downside being that it's fucking huge and heavy. It's also more versatile as you can slow cook in it, fry in it, braise in it and more.

Really a cast iron saute pan is only good for home defense because one solid swing to the head and that situation is over.

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I'd say so

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Alternatively spend $20 for one on Amazon and receive the same results.

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>a piece of cookware that has been used for literal centuries for its utility is a meme

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>it's heavy
What a stupid complaint.
>a pain in the ass to clean and maintain
Why, because you can't just throw it in a dishwasher? Just give it a light rinse with some soap or a chainmail scrubber and dry it with a cloth. That shouldn't even count as effort if you're used to the effort of cooking.
>it's alleged "non-stick surface" is a total myth
Season your fucking pan, jesus christ. You sound like a retard who bought a pan, burnt and rusted the shit out of it and then complained because you didn't take the time to learn how to look after your shit.

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well it's like how bacon and avocados became memes. sure they were foods that have been eaten for ages but that didn't stop them from evolving into a meme.

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It's a meme because bored housewives will now pay $400 for a rustic looking cast iron skillet due to the popularity of this type of cookware.

previously the most they would shell out was $180 for a le creuset

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Doesn't matter how much or how well you season a cast iron pan. It still requires a ton of fat to keep things from sticking. I use one for steaks and other things that get finished in the oven but let's not pretend it's very useful as a nonstick option. Anodized > cast iron

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also memes in my opinion are items or foods that have gained in popularity to the point where companies can charge absurd amounts for them or people use them for everything when they shouldn't.

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I feel like you might be suffering from a case of incompetence.

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stop propagating that retarded word. you end up sounding like a kid.

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I feel like you might be suffering from a case of cast iron chauvinism. It has its uses. There's no need to oversell it.

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>these things are memes and I hear people talking about cast iron, so it must be a meme too
It's a fucking pan that people use to cook with.

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You dildos need to stop using these pH vulnerable iron shitboxes and use PTFE, Stainless, Steel, or Ceramic coated iron pans.

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Nobody is trying to market cast iron as the all purpose wonder-pan. The point is that it does the things it's good at better than any other pan does them. If it has shortcomings, use a different fucking pan for those foods it's not as good for. You might as well bitch about teflon pans being a meme because they're good for eggs but you can't get a good sear with them.

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>takes weeks to make Lebanon Bologna and absolutely can't be made at home.

Homemade Lebanon Bologna: (note particularly the specific use of cast iron)


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How about you leave and never come back.

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you kinda tarded, scrote? If you've ever cooked with ceramic you know it's superior in browning EVERYTHING. Why are you trying to be an idiot douche?

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OK then. I'm not the anon bitching about cast iron being a meme, nor am I the anon shitting on cast iron pans earlier. I just agree that the nonstick thing is a myth and anyone looking for nonstick shouldn't bet on a cast iron to cover that base.

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Ceramic iron seems really cool, especially for deglazing. I really should get one.

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ITT: poor faggots that will never know the glory of a proper blue seared steak on a cast iron pan under a fire

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Senpai I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference between something cooked on cast iron vs stainless steel.

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Cast Iron is so poverty isn't not even funny. Grilled blue meat is one thing, SS grilled blue is another. Ceramic is new, but very crispy.

In general you don't know meat to save your life.

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>poor people will not know the glory of cooking meat like a hobo

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where do you see any mention of cast iron?

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We don't use holes to poop even if they were used a lot in the past.

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some countries use streets

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>Good for cooking potatoes too
you what, you literal retard?

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The only thing lazier than food analogies is poop analogies.
Cast iron has literally nothing in common with shitting in holes.

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But no onr has said why it's useful besides searing which I think you can do better with ceramic. Hipster meme.

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But what does that have to do with lazy analogies about shitting in holes? Make your arguments like an adult.

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>Hipster meme.

An inconvenient truth, for sure. CI is bullshit memeware.

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>tried and true cookware used for centuries is somehow a new hipster meme
I fucking hate this board sometimes. If anything is a meme it's your bullshit no stick pans. Scraping off chips of toxic chemicals in your food every time you cook on it.

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I was responding to the point someone was making that because something has been used for a long time, it's somehow relevant today which is itself a completely retarded argument. Idk why I am responding considering it's clear you are a massive autist.

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Searing and baking. That's what I use it for most. Meats, corn bread, pizzas, etc.

Enameled, it can do anything. Great for a quick sear on some shrimp.

It's also the kind of pan you can take camping, though I use a carbon steel one most often while camping due to weight.

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I use mine to make pizzas only

Delicious pizzas

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You're still responding because you feel the need to defend yourself. Call me an autist if it makes you feel better, but if you care so much about being right, make arguments that don't make you sound like a kid.

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Mine isn't heavy, but that's probably cause I'm not a hungry skelly autist.

Mine is pretty good with non-stick too, of course not matching non-stick. When I'm ready to clean harder stuff I just soak it for 10 min then everything comes off easy as pie.

Stainless steel is cool too, but I would recommend tri-ply for even heat spread and retention. Now that's hard to clean though.

Also you're a humongous subhuman faggot knuckle dragger retard

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Made kabobs and a pan sauce in mine tonight, and plan on making a skillet apple pie in it next weekend.

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I prefer plain old aluminium since that's we use in the kitchen at work,

Spreads heat well and sears meat as good as any cast iron pan.

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religion has been too and that's a meme.

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I was gonna make a new thread, but I'll ask here instead so I don't take up too much space.

I'm just about to move out (be kicked) out of my parent's house and I've never cooked anything more than eggs or fries. What do I need to know about pans, pots and knives before buying them? What should I look for? What does a pan being cast iron mean(what makes it different)? What are the non-cast iron options?

Webm just to grab attention.

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Just buy some shitty cheap cookware, you can focus on becoming some gourmet chef later.

A decent knife will serve you well though. I'd be more picky about one of those first.

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I thought the non-stick was a joke too, until I found out that the factory seasoning that came with my cast-iron was outright horrible and detrimental in pretty much every way. I guess they're trying to make them "dishwasher safe" these days, by applying some shit coating. Once that shit gone the non stick gets really decent, even with barely any good seasoning already.

I can't say the same about my stainless pan. I love how good and shiny it looks, but it sticks like mad in comparison.

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Mfw granddad has 36 inch cast iron pan he got made when the kennedy valve plant near us used tl secretly make them (until the foreman would catch them) and i get it someday bc uncle doesnt cook
Mfw they were poor so it was used for litteraly everything
Im not sure what ill do with it as kitchen isnt big enough for it, but for camping or massive cooking duties it will be based (minus the fact its heavy as fuck)

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one nonstick pan for eggs, pancakes, and other light cooking. don't spend too much on this one.

if you plan on teaching yourself to cook, get a heavier pan for roasting meats. if it's shaped like >>9123143, you can do stuff like curries in it too. don't get cast iron, it's not beginner-friendly. aluminium is good.

get one small pot (pic related, they call them saucepans too) for shit like cooking pasta, oatmeal, soups, or whatever the fuck. you won't need a larger one if you're only cooking for yourself.

and for fuck's sake, when you're teaching yourself to cook, focus on techniques, not specific dishes. learn two-three ways to prepare veggies, two-three ways to prepare various meats, two-three ways to prepare potatoes, basic shit like cooking rice, and you will have so much fucking easier time to follow all kinds of recipes.

follow foodwishes on youtube, chef john has a lot of easy recipes and he explains what he's doing really well.

good luck with becoming a person.

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forgot pic

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May not be an issue, but in case you plan on getting an induction plate, know that many pans (usually aluminum) won't work with it. They often claim "for all heat sources" then add in small letters *except induction*.

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>36 inch cast iron
Holy shit, you'd need a forklift for that.

Maybe some paella kitchen would like it? I think they use pans going up to sizes like that.

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Then get a pan that isn't made with toxic shit, bruh.


>Healthy cooking has a name, GreenPan. As the inventors of healthy ceramic non-stick cookware, GreenPan is the trusted go-to brand for non-toxic, easy to clean and easy to use pots and pans. Never releasing any harmful fumes or persistent pollutants, we pride ourselves on being free of PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium. Create healthy meals with confidence with GreenPan.

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>cast iron

Literally you are too incompetent to use it properly, fucking pleb

>> No.9123969


Too bad those things don't work very well, which is why (like any other gimmicky infomercial shit) you'll never see one in a restaurant kitchen.

>> No.9123972


Your reading comprehension is awful.
He's talking about nonstick pans.

>> No.9124234


Different shape maybe

Paella pans are curved and shallow

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You have to be either professional or a bit autistic to have it. For regular people it's just too much of a hassle and doesn't make a big enough difference.

Btw there is nothing wrong with being a bit autistic about your hobby, if that's what you're going for, great.

>> No.9125000

>Having an interest in something, learning more about it than a single youtube video, and actually becoming good at it is autistic

Learn what words mean

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Get cheap stuff first because you're going to destroy it by doing something stupid (e.g. cooling your pan too quickly and warping it and over time you'll find out what you need the most of quality. So just go to Ikea and pick out a flat pan, a wok-y pan, a big pot and a small pot.

You might want to invest into a good set of knives, it's hard to damage those unless you put them in the dishwasher. A chef's knife and a paring knife is all you need, don't buy a bigger set. You're going to use the chef's knife 95% of the time, so investing into it is worth it. Many people would also recommend a serrated bread knife, but I've never found it useful -- buy sliced bread or you can also cut bread with the chef's knife if necessary.

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I used "autism" in a memey way; the point is that many people enjoy cooking every other night but don't want to spend time specially cleaning and seasoning a household item just to get their food taste 5% better.

I said it's completely fine to want to do that... it's just that it is a lot more than most people would do.

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>Is cast iron cookware a meme?
How could something every generation before the past couple grew up on be a meme? I love mine, it maintains heat well for searing, and you will never make a better gravy. My mom used to say every meal her grandma, mom and her cooked added flavor to her pans.
Don't get me started on a dutch oven cooking cabbage over an open fire.

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>it's just that it is a lot more than most people would do.

The thing is that you don't need do any of that.

I seasoned my cast iron cookware exactly once, when I got it. I take care of it like any other cookware: I wash it out with water when I'm done. If it's really dirty I use a little soap. I wipe it dry, then I put it away. That's it. Anyone who tells you you have to do a bunch of maintenance or rub it with oil or other silly crap don't know what they are doing. Season it right the first time, and don't stick it in the dishwasher. That's all there is to it. No special effort needed.

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well, many if not most iron-cast-pan people would tell you that using even a little bit of soap destroys the seasoning

>> No.9125091

>How could something every generation before the past couple grew up on be a meme?

On this board the term "meme" might mean any of the following:

-something the poster hates because it's popular or trendy
-something the poster hates for any reason
-something that has a cult following
-a fad
-something that gets discussed often

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Ya, I just wipe mine out, maybe a little steel wool if it is bad. I never soap mine.

>> No.9125100

>-a fad
I was assuming this

>> No.9125107

ITS CALLED GREENPAN hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha
As somebody who works in a wholesale store aimed at big restaurants this kind of biological meme-bullshit shows up every couple of weeks, scams some people and stays in-store for years never to be touched again until another victim appears .

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>How could something every generation before the past couple grew up on be a meme?
Quite easily, think straight razors for instance.

>> No.9125126

people taking the utmost care of their great great grandmothers only pan and insisting it is the ultimate in expensive pans and entirely irreplaceable.

sorry boys but they're a meme even if you like them

>> No.9125132

Id mever get rid of it, even if i could practicality never use it

>> No.9125134

How the hell is a straight razor a meme?

>> No.9125144

>an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.

>> No.9125146

Still use wheels tho

>> No.9125147

See >>9125091
There is a subset of people who use straight razors still despite most people having switched to either the safety razor or an electric one. That certainly doesn't qualify as a meme for the real definition of the word. But on this board? Yeah, meme.

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You are literally retarded.

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So basically anything hipsters are into?

>> No.9125158

I guess you don't live in a hipstery town full of "gentleman's" barber shops.

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And those people are wrong. I can explain:

When a pan is properly seasoned the result is a rock-hard shiny black coating. It's not sticky or greasy to the touch. It doesn't smell like food. It cannot be removed from the pan without either extreme heat (i.e. making the pan glow red-hot), or a strong abrasive like a grinder. That coating will not be harmed with a little soap.

But, there are people who don't manage to season their pan correctly. Instead, those people just keep the pan perpetually oily. They wipe oil on the pan every time they use it, because if they don't do that the pan will rust, the root cause of which is the improper seasoning. If your pan is like this then yeah, soap is a bad thing. But that's just improper seasoning, not something that is a must-do for all cast iron.

>> No.9125169

see, your autism is seeping through

>> No.9125170

>So basically anything hipsters are into?
Or rednecks. Or hippies. Or truckers. Or skaters. Or any other group that anon doesn't like. meme has lost all rational meaning here.

>> No.9125174

I'm autistic because I want to explain why some people seem to think that cast iron pans need constant maintenance?

That's a new one.

Would I also be autistic if I tried to tell people that if they train their dog correctly it won't poop inside the house?

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Great example but, my barber still uses a straight razor on everyone. Grant it I don't use one at the house.
My favorite pan over all is not cast, but cast has it's place in several meals a week at my house. During the summer I/we cook breakfast (lunch sometimes) and supper every day.
Also I didn't see anyone mention cast iron grilling grates (I saw griddle above and they work on outdoor grills). Those things are awesome. We are big outdoor cookers so anything that retains heat well and distributes it more evenly is better. If you have a smoker and get your heat up high at first, drop meat on cast to sear, stove it off and reduce temp. Welcome to flavor city.

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>reat example but, my barber still uses a straight razor on everyone.

Yeeeeessss......and? What? Surely you realize that your barber isn't typical, right?

>> No.9125198

>my barber still uses a straight razor on everyone
Of course, no one would pay him to be shaved with a regular razor.

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Not who you were responding to but safety razors are for pussies. Pic related. Mine.

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Yeah, but safety razors also give you the same shave, and are safer and faster, so there is no functional reason why you shouldn't use them.

>> No.9125236

Some people don't like the idea of a "throw away" when a straight razor will last a lifetime with proper care.

I've heard many people claim that a straight razor gives a better shave, but I wouldn't know since I have never used one. I use electric because I don't want to hassle with replacing blades on a safety razor or sharpening a straight razor and I don't really care about how close my shave is, I just need to be presentable for work. My wife actually prefers I have a little stubble.

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1 straight razor lasts a lifetime? Probabaly more.

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I use a safety razor if I shave daily.
If I let the beard grow for a while it's much easier to take off with a straight razor, though.
You can get one of each for like three bucks on eBay too so there's no excuse.

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