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al/ck/ alcohol thread
what you peoprl rdrinkgn rightn now todya? i am irnk tvodka and listne good tune

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get help anon

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what ever you feel now, and however bad you think it will be to get help, you will thank yourself every day for the rest of your life if you get that help.

t. former alcoholic, 3 years sober, not 1 drop.

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I don't really drink anymore.
The last three times I drank any at all my stomach made me regret it.
Jagermeister was my favorite drink back in the day.

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Anyone here drink and game a lot?

I don't myself, but I fancy buying a PS4 but think it might be damaging because i'm in the process of cutting down massively (7 days a week to 2 days)

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I don't game without a drink in my hand. That would be silly.

And with the state of today's video games, I don't think I even could without.

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Is it possible to be addicted to the act of drinking but not alcohol itself?

I drink pretty heavily and regularly, but only when I go out to the bars. I never drink alone also.

It's just so much fun to be around my friends and people watch and act like a retard and tell funny stories and light smokes for strangers.

I've never had any withdrawl symptoms, or cravings for booze...I just always want the social part that comes with it, even if it means being hungover all the time and spending most of my money on booze.

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Not sure I understand, do you mean addicted the feeling of being drunk over liking the drink?

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Yeah I play a lot of sudokus when I'm drinking

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psychological addiction.

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I'm drinking beer.

When I'm done with the beer, I'll go and finish a bottle of wine I've got open.

Baby mama and the baby don't often tend to wake up, thankfully.

I know I'm a lightweight compared to most of you, but I'm worried.

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I guess so. I don't really even like alcohol, like the taste or the feeling it gives me. I guess I'm just addicted to the aura and the experience that surrounds it, if that makes sense.

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it's a violation of my probation, yet i consume it daily.

>I pray that i dont get egt tested.

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>tfw you drink when you're alone because there's nothing better to do
>tfw you drink when you're with friends because you need it to socialise
Anyone else know this feel?

Drinking beer and listening to the Smiths. I don't even like beer but it was cheap and pretty strong (for beer). I don't like the Smiths much either but I'm sad

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How did you deal with boredom and wanting to escape from the monotony of life? I have almost a month and it's killing me.

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Stop writing baby mama. I'm sick of reading that.

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Fine, my wife then, is that okay?

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Yeah i think most of us are in that boat tb h, i drink cheap cider and i certainly only like being drunk

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>>tfw you drink when you're with friends because you need it to socialise

I know this feel. When I'm sober I feel like I'm socially inept.

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i drink to avoid how lonely i am which is pretty inescapable

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>not 1 drop
The thing that scares me most about becoming an alcoholic is having to eventually quit for life and never being able to drink again to avoid relapsing. Like I wouldn't mind if I could get to a point where I could enjoy getting drunk occasionally without relying on it but the thought of having to go completely teetotal depresses me

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Much better, thanks

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I do. I remember I drank a fuck load one time playing the witcher 3. My baby momma and son had gone out of town so I had a lot of free time. I decided to look for all the witcher armour that day. Don't remember getting the last one. Woke up and saw I had them all.

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I say baby momma all the time to. But because we're not together haha

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witcher 3 would be the game i would want to play the most, it looks amazing but feel i'd really want to drink and id fall into old habits.

last game i bought was GTAV four years ago so i've missed a lot of games.

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Oh yeah definetly. Also, people are just generally nicer and more open when drunk.

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Been playing BOTW wasted a lot lately, good game for it

though its easy to forget what i was doing just because theres so much to do and you mostly direct yourself

trying hard not to drink today though so i might not play. thatll make two days for me, stay strong bros

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>been sober for a few days
>there's a family occasion
>have a toast of champagne
>have another glass of champagne
>have a few beers
>seven beers
>start on the liquor
>pint of liquor later

Tricked again!

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>have ulcer
It hurts boys

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Do you puke blood m8?

Scare me.

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No, at least I don't think so.
I haven't puked since it came back

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Haven't had a drink since Saturday, haven't been drunk for like 10 days. I feel okay except for being fucking bored. I guess I'm just boring?

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I got so drunk on Sunday that I spent all of Monday vomiting.

I'm kind of craving a drink right now, should I give in or is it too soon?

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>have a drink

That sounds so vague. I mean, are you going to have a beer? Or is it bourbon out of the bottle until you're about to gag and have to pull a chaser up?

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I'm thinking about making a glass of grog for myself, I hope my drunkedness doesn't snowball into the second thing you described though.

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it goes away. get a hobby

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I dont really drink much atm, but i should because my life is fucked atm. Business failed, being evicted, and trying to find a job in a restaurant again after 5 years out. so maybe i can get back on my feet. Drinking atm just bums me out.

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stop saying atm dude

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Lol i did use atm alot, good point. Tha ks for the kind words,needed it atm

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Party animal detected

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I used to game when drinking. But then my drinking progressed to the point where I was usually too sauced to continue or make sound decisions. Or remember the last half of what I did. Now I have to quit within 2 hours or so of when I start drinking.

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get /fit/ also spend your money on something you really enjoy doing at least once a week, hang with the boys (i play dnd), bike somewhere, eat a new food, make a new dish, skydive, i workout and now have a kid so theres that too.

some people get into pot, which is something if you are ck might be fun, but i dont like smoke/smells in my house

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some people can go limited and just need to dial back, i had a friend that around the time i stopped joined me, he has a beer now and then, but never more, he always has that around company(his wife) so they/she can tell him when to stop, but im also not so sure hes truly independant anymore, he might be relapsing, but he wasn't as bad as me

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Fps games are what I play. Battlegrounds is especially fun solo and even more fun in a squad.

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My wife left me. :(

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There is nothing finer than Captain Morgan Gold Blend and coke.

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No wonder why you guys keep making shitty threads on here. You're all drunk.

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The witcher is an amazing game. On my 2nd play through. I only play it drunk when the babies momma is out of town with my son since I can drink openly in my room. She doesn't like me drinking to much. So its not so often ill play it drunk but when I do I can be more lazy while playing it. I think you'll be find playing it. Just have enough in your room the game will keep you pretty distracted imo

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>New Amsterdam

>Water, Pizza, Garlic Bread, Orange Juice

>YouTube dunkey, CSGO, ASMR videos

Tomorrow I will smoke the other half of this joint. Since cutting back on weed intake it has been much more fun.

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Forgot to mention, I been playing a shitload of Farming Simulator 2017 which, it turns out, is a fucking great game.

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so I read on here that the negroni is a nice drink and today I remembered to buy red vermouth and compare so I could try it

the negroni is the worst thing I have ever tasted, it literally tastes like something that fell out of satan's asshole.

to the fucks recommending this drink I hope you get fucking diarrhea and your dick fall's off for wasting my 30 bucks

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I just distilled enough booze to kill a goat. You guys all moderating your intake?

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Do you guys know what 'low wines' are?

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is this noobie alcoholic night?

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In WD hard, no money until tomorrow night. Halp

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>tfw hit the perfect buzz at the end of the night when its too late

how do I prolong that?

drinking too much early on usually makes me sick

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Load some opiods on at the end of the night to kill off any joint pain. In the morning drink enough water to drown a cat.

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this will kill you.

so do it.

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Yep, eventually. I'm 45 and it refuses to do so yet.. hopefully soon.

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you jokers figure anything else out in life?

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How healthy is it getting addicted to my Norco prescription to deal with my alcoholism? It stops me from drinking cos it gets me high and helps me sleep through withdrawals. Takes 40mg to fall asleep is that bad?

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Its extremely unhealthy, you're doing a lot of damage to your renal system with that.

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I currently have my next 5-10 years planned out and am pretty happy lately. The worst thing is that I suffered so much throughout last 2 years and am just not used to being happy and having good things happen to me in life. I don't know, I'm probably a retard for thinking so, but it's just fucking weird.

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What are you taking?

I've been on something like 8 different drugs over the past year to deal with alcoholism. (Got back into the kitchen when the withdrawls got minor enough to allow me to drive. Now I'm drinking every night again.)

Got a basic physical/blood/urine test a few weeks ago, and got referred to an abdominal ultrasound and a gastroenterologist...

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It takes money to go full al/ck/.

Hard to hold onto a good woman, though.

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Uh, all I take is divalproex sodium for bipolar, trazodone for insomnia (doesn't do shit), and Norco (hydrocodone) for chronic pain caused by a genetic disorder. I need to not drink as divalproex and trazodone already REKT livers. My feet got super swollen for like 3 days last time I drank and I got super scared, but apparently my liver is still OK. Weed just doesn't kill the cravings, the hydrocodone do but nothing makes me sleep as good as alchobro.

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None of those are specifically for alcoholism.

Was just wondering, because everything I've tried hasn't done shit, aside from turning me into an asshole I don't recognize, and ruined just as many relationships as a decade of heavy drinking.

I'm sure my liver is pretty fucked, but I'm also a hypochondriac (well, I've become one in the past couple years, because there's definitely something wrong with me), and though I've always gotten paranoid with weed, it just doesn't fill the void.

My back started really hurting last night at work (I do bend down a lot), specifically on the right side. I was also tired, sweating, dizzy, and felt nauseated for a couple of hours. Anyone know it that's one of my organs telling me to fuck off, or just working so hard that I remember what being hung over feels like?

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Well yeah, I have never been treated for alcoholism or ever admitted it to a shrink. I have only been heavily drinking mid 2016-present. I was implying I abuse CII opiate painkillers.

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Ah, I'm drunk.

I focused on the "prescription to deal with my alcoholism" part and skipped over the norco.

Kind of wishing I never went into a doctor's office and said I had alcoholism. Probably going to fuck up any chance of being able to afford treatment at some point in the future.

Been drinking more and more since around 2003, btw. Almost 3 handles of vodka a week, plus a couple beers every night, for probably the past 5 years.

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>tfw get home from work, have 7-8 mug vodkas for dinner, then make a spam burger for a 3am snack before passing out and starting over again tomorrow

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All the time, especially RPGs because there is an immersion and replay factor. Quite often I play the games multiple time just because I like them and its comfy. When I get too drunk I either come here or watch a film or something.

Favourite games are Witcher 3, Witcher 1, the Elder Scrolls games, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Sometimes Fallout New Vegas too but it is a bit clunky which can be frustrating

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Yeah I'm a real beast

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Holy crap, lorazepam helps so much, this is almost easy

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I've literally been waiting for one hour for the bar to open doing absolutely nothing but sitting here. I could have left and bought beer but I didn't feel like leaving the house, this is just closer and easier this way.

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Just wanna put this little story about my experience with alcoholism here.

I was really bad, to the point I couldn't move in my house without knocking over a piss bottle or stepping in sick I left on the floor. I'd dry myself in piss stained towels after a shower (the only room not burdened with bottles of vodka and mess). I lost my job because I just decided not to go in anymore, I reasoned with myself I have 500 or so in my bank, so that will last me until I sort myself out and find a new job. I spent all of that in 2 weeks on alcohol and other worthless shit.

I hit rock bottom 2 months ago and decided to just quit. It was absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done. During my drinking I'd always think how someone could live sober...everything seemed so boring and pointless without a drink, I couldn't talk to anyone normally without a drink and I thought I was doomed to be constantly drinking for the rest of my life for any sort of joy.

I can tell you guys now, that wares off. I'm 2 months sober and whilst I still don't really enjoy social interaction and talking, it is so much easier for me now, and I have also started listening to music again which I couldn't before.

My mother was my main support. She let me stay at hers whilst I was being sober (still here for now, but looking for work) and she made me stop. There was a few times during the beginning in which I'd sneak some in, but she'd be extra vigilant and make me give it to her. I'm a grown man, but I needed it.

Now I spend at least an hour outside in the sun, take regular walks and only drink water and my body has loved me for it. I feel absolutely amazing and I never thought I could without drink. I say to myself that once I get sorted I may begin again but just as a social thing and never alone again, but I honestly think that is deluding myself and hope I don't start again when I become content with my life.

Long story short...don't be afraid to ask for help, and there is a life without drink.

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My kidneys hurt... how long till im liver fail next?

>> No.9053453

Drink water. It helps.

>> No.9053475

Yeah, I love playing MTG Online while drinking beer, or any FPS with beer + music is ultimate chillmode.

>> No.9053487

>shaking even when you're drinking

>> No.9053576

Capt is straight chemically garbage.

>> No.9053589

most of you guys don't make your own booze eh?

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So you start with a sugar wash. Distill it and get vodka.

>> No.9053628

"old man shaking his fist"

>> No.9053815

I got 2 energy drinks + vodka and a 15 pack of old style pilsener.

>> No.9053849

24 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. 2 of 'em.

>> No.9053868

Does that get you feeling anything at all? I have to drink 12 to get drunk at all... maybe I'm just an alcoholic though.

>> No.9053885

This was me last year.

>> No.9053924

>be me 24 years old working at a newspaper distribution plant.
>Boss gives me a letter stating I have accumulated 80 hours of vacation time that needs to be used up in the next month or two.
>Look up buying a train ticket to travel the country.
> Look into hiking a portion of the Appalacian trail.
>Think about visiting sister in Calidornia.
> Spends the whole two weeks doing nothing except watching TV., Playing vidya, drunk on Greyhounds and Pabst

>> No.9053930

I was once going to hitchike across Canada one summer. I bought everything I needed while working on the internet for 2 dollars an hour. Backpack, sleeping bag, knife cooking gear etc. But I never lefft my city. I spent 2 months homeless drunk as shit and living under a tree. I got pretty good at panhandling though,

>> No.9053958

Okay dipshit, you tell me a good AAA game that's out these days? Not some indie fagtron's specific cup of tea that you only play for like 4 hours.

>> No.9053962

witcher 3

>> No.9053968

Is getting a bunch of cheap vodka and running it through brita filters worth it or am I better off just getting some I enjoy straight out of the bottle?

>> No.9053978

How do you guys feel about rose wine? Not an alcohol yet just trying to make conversation

>> No.9053983

its shit but it has alcohol in it so its ok in my book

>> No.9053984

Pass. Rather play Oblivion.

>> No.9053987

Get what you enjoy. Brita filters aint gonna do shit.

>> No.9053993

I use activated charcoal to filter my sugar shine and it noticeably improves.

>> No.9053997

Proper French rosé is great for summer afternoons.

>> No.9054001

Do you have any preferences?

>> No.9054008

I'm just looking for best price/drinkability ratio for vodka

I guess I'll pick some up and see if it makes a difference in storebought then

>> No.9054032

I'm far from an expert, I just look for something French and pale.

You should read the wiki, there are different techniques. Some companies just blend a little red wine with a white wine and call it rosé but that's not how it's supposed to be.

>> No.9054039

buy cheap rotgut vodka.

Drink vodka clubsoda/ vodka water when that runs out.

There you go no point of buying up if you're just getting drunk and by drink four the tongue is numb enough to hide any edges of that shit vodka.

>> No.9054043

>I guess I'll pick some up and see if it makes a difference in storebought then
If you just drink to get drunk storebought is waste of money desu. You can drink top shelf for a buck a bottle if you make it yourself.

Unlimited booze supply is dangerous though, I had some tricky tapers a few times.

>> No.9054046

nigga, are you me who doesn't remember making this post

>> No.9054060

If I had the space I would have a still, but its going to be a number of years until then

>> No.9054222

Play Gothic 2.

>> No.9054223

Day 1 done.
Day 1 is always the worst for me. Thank fuck it's coming to an end. Now comes a week of terror, insomnia and throwing up, then I should move onto the nightmare stage, then regret and apologies, then I should be starting to feel a little better, so I'll celebrate by relapsing. And on it goes.

>> No.9054236

anyone else get numb in their arms and sides of their face after a bender?
really scared me the first time my entire left arm and left side of my face went completely numb cuz i thought i was having a stroke or something but it went away after a week of sobriety

>> No.9054526

Heh. I'm heading into night #6 and starting to feel better. Those "Good job, it's time for a drink!" thoughts are really starting to creep in.

>> No.9054608

neuropathy dude

i get it too

just take it as a sign to chill out for a while and slow down

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for the love of god stop going cold turkey, why do you all do this to yourselves?

good post

godspeed anon

>> No.9054643


I get that behind my elbows. Have it right now. About 4 inches are entirely numb.

>> No.9054648

>and there is a life without drink.

Don't care, everything is fucking boring without it

>> No.9054658

I've actually gotten a bit of placebo effect from drinking NA beers or mixed drinks at a bar. It gives the same feeling of "going out" and I still get some of that euphoric feeling that's typical after a few beers. I don't get drunk obviously but still don't get the feeling of being the sober one while everyone else is drinking

>> No.9054677

I started brewing months ago.

I drink 27-30 gallons a month now.

Time to get another beer, thanks /alc/.

>> No.9054686

Any of you sober bros hit that speedbump around 5-6 months? I'm currently 6 months sober, and the first 5 months were pretty easy. I started feeling good again, got back in shape, got some new hobbies, etc. But now everything is starting to seem boring again, kind of the reason I started drinking in the first place. I'm starting to get those thoughts like "maybe I can just get drunk once a week, I won't get back to how I was right?". I know that's a lie, but I'm at the point where I feel like I have things under control again. It's kind of a scary feeling right now

>> No.9054688

>for the love of god stop going cold turkey, why do you all do this to yourselves?

I can't into tapering. The only way I'm gonna stop is cold turkey.

>> No.9054705

longest i lasted in the last 10 years is 49 days. life got too boring.

>> No.9054765

Lost my job on a 72 hour cocaine/MDMA/whiskey binge. Should feel like shit but it's happened so many times before. Think the only way out is finding a job I care about. Till then it'll just be working my dick of as long as I can till I fuck a job up o guess. Would be stressing more but got a new job roofing under the table. Drinking 101 and jamming with a homie now

>> No.9054768

How long does it take a liver to heal so alcoholism doesn't show up on a blood test? I've gone about a month and only had about 2 bottles of whisky

>> No.9054824

Take benzos and multivitamins. At least vitamins, they help the brain not get damaged.
You too

>> No.9054833

what kind of liver damage are we talking? fatty liver?

>> No.9054864

now I cant find the paper where it said what it was testing for but yeah fatty liver, bilirubin, ast, cgt, and maybe some other stuff

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>tfw Indian guy at the liquor store is starting to worry about me
>have to start driving a mile further and alternating liquor stores each week

>> No.9054923
File: 58 KB, 848x480, 1414825766288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well from what i've read fatty liver disease is completely reversible so that's good

the most important thing to do is cut carbs as much as possible from your diet to allow the fat buildup in your liver to dissipate

how long this will take depends on how bad it is and how much sugar you cut (this includes things like bread, pasta, potatoes, complex carbs are just as bad for your liver as simple ones like corn syrup and sucrose)

ironically eating fat itself doesn't do much of anything bad to your liver, because fat is digested in the intestine and enters the bloodstream as fatty acids, while carbs (fructose specifically) are digested in the liver and converted to fat, which overloads the liver with fat over time

alcohol is also metabolised into fat by the liver

so basically cut out as much sugar as you can, keep drinking less, and you'll be fine, but i can't tell you how long it'll take

just do your best

this desu senpai >>9054824

>> No.9054952

>tfw relapsed a little bit

It feels bad.

>> No.9054962

was there a sale on popov or something? I can't see the point in buying 3 handles even as an alcohol myself
the most I could go through in a night is maybe half a handle

>> No.9054964

God bless you and your mum anon.

>> No.9054981

No It's just cheap and that's what I drink.

It's $16 a handle and I drink 4 a week and that's what's left.

The Indian guy actually orders boxes of it because he knows I come in like clockwork every week

>> No.9054985

>just have a glass of wine anon
>two bottles of wine and some gin and beer later i'm chugging vodka from the bottle

feels genetically impaired desu

>> No.9054991

Then you don't have to go back, you alchie fuck.

Also what is it with you fucks and not varying your drinks? I got vodka, gin, whiskey, beer, and jew wine. And that's not when I'm on a kick for something niche like rumple minz or malt duck.

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File: 7 KB, 213x320, 0002156_white-wolf-vodka-1l_320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats your go-to bottom shelf al/ck/?
Pic related. A bit cheaper than taaka and somehow gives me less of a hangover, plus it sells in a couple of sizes that taaka doesn't come in (at least at my liquor store)
theres a 500 ml plastic bottle and a liter in glass botle
handles are around 13 bucks with tax

>> No.9055006


my alc tolerance is building up fiercly...I( can down a bottle of bourbon easily, with the usual repercussions in the morning..I'm down to two bottles of cheap bourbon (0,7l) and a few beers by now, Never did other drugs, smoked weed maybe 7-8 times. At the momement I'm good, come tomorrow/today...meh.

>> No.9055007

I hear if you run cheap ass vodka through a water filter it makes it much nicer and it is free if you already have one... may be worth checking out.

>> No.9055012

>Whats your go-to bottom shelf al/ck/?

>> No.9055019

Start tapering, lad. Tapering is the way of the gods. Every day, you just need to have ONE drink less than the day before. It's easy. And before you know it, you hit the ground running freshly.

>> No.9055058

Usually pick up a couple tins and some whiskey and shoot the shit with my mates playing Overwatch or PUBG at the moment.

>> No.9055071


>$16 a handle for fucking popov

I pay less than that for Seagram's, and don't exactly live in a cheap area. Also go through around 4 handles a week. Alternate between two liquor stores, two grocery stores, and a pharmacy.

>> No.9055090


You can drink vodka like water, it's super cheap, and doesn't lead to hangovers.

>> No.9055091

You are lucky! I live in the city, Other places go up to $19 a handle for popov.

I just go to this ghetto Indian liquor store/gas station because the Indian guy see's heroin addicts and crackheads daily so I don't stick out in the least.

When you buy 4 handles a week at a grocery store or CVS, You stick out like a sore thumb and get weird looks.

I try to blend in

>> No.9055103


Where I used to live there was a warehouse style liquor store where I'd buy cases of 6 handles of Skol a couple times a month.

People throw parties, right?

>> No.9055120


Out of your element, Jewie.

>> No.9055151

Is Popov any good as a cheap vodka? Did a quick google search on it and it says it's made in Britain but I've never seen it on the shelves.

>> No.9055198

I remember a youtube video where a "vodka expert" did blind taste tests of shitty cheap vodkas, and that's the only one he liked

>> No.9055200

Jaw tremors is a new thing for me
What's up with that?

>> No.9055203


Popov is basically the best "bottom of the barrel" vodka you can get.

>> No.9055204

I think these will show you're currently drinking 2 bottles per month.

Don't make it an excuse to relapse more. Empty the bottle into the drain, feel like shit for a while, and you'll get better soon.
The other option is to drink, feel worse, stop, feel horrible for longer.

If tipsy you want to get drunk, and drunk just chug down everything, either you find ways to only have limited amount of cash/alcohol when drinking, or you don't drink. Your slippery slope is very steep, sorry Anon. I sled it down, you don't want to get there.

>Also what is it with you fucks and not varying your drinks?
I used to vary during the fun drunken pirate part of my alcoholic life.
Skip a few years later, polish vodka is the thing that keeps me alive while killing me, a few hours without her and my hands are unsteady.
I'm in debilitating pain during pancreatitis, can barely keep anything down, I can see the lovecraftian horrors from the corner of my eye, ready to come and fuck my brain if I don't force myself to drink diluted vodka, just enough to keep them kind of away.
But as soon as my pancreas goes back to work, wounded but courageous organ, I go back to a 75cl bottle a day.
So, not in the mood for a fancy cocktail, but thank you for offering.

>> No.9055235

HESUS FUCKING CHRIST HELP, my bank balance, holy SHIT I'm in trouble, been to scared to check it for weeks

>> No.9055262

go on

>> No.9055286

yeah I'm curious too, what do you mean? buying booze on credit?

>> No.9055288

Credit card is hundreds over, so is bank account, something like 10 bills have bounced, which will mean overdraft charges, and a 7 grand loan, which I lied about my income to get, has bounced and is due to come out again tomorrow. My phone, net, electricity... everything could be cut off at any moment and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. This could get me fucking locked up.
I've got like 80 cash and no food, I'm going to spend all of this on the cheapest booze I can find, get my tent and hide in the fucking woods. Anxious as fuck thanks to booze. Can't handle this.

>> No.9055301

do you not work anon?

>> No.9055310

Yes. Try to not sound like a nig in the future.

>> No.9055368
File: 3.76 MB, 2442x2300, 20170615_200111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im having trouble standing up please look at the spinach pie i made

>> No.9055372

This. I don't have anything else that makes me feel as good as a glass/pint/bottle does.

>> No.9055374

That looks really fucking good

Drinking + cooking is great

Until you wake up to how you fucked everything up

But it looks like you didn't?

>> No.9055380
File: 94 KB, 499x281, tumblr_mdd35aATHt1rddvkvo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aw fuck that looks good

>> No.9055384
File: 2.61 MB, 1554x2567, 20170615_200722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot to post my drink. this is p good but i had a lot of whiskey before so
idk havent tasted it yet but if i had too guess, onion/spinatch ratio too high

>> No.9055387

That looks amazing
Everything about it

Where's about you buy that?

>> No.9055417

I need to make the switch from hard to beer, it's been a few years but I have to do it now
what's some cheap shit I can drink all day

>> No.9055428

Depends entirely where you live

Also that's a bad idea as beers are like 300 cal each
You gonna get faaaat if you try to swich off one dependancy to another

>> No.9055429
File: 3.05 MB, 2441x1973, 20170615_201939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we need bigger filesises

and it turbed out tasty

my drunk cooking is usually hit or miss

>> No.9055434

got the beer from whole foods.

i said i was gonna go there after work to get brewers yeast

my coworker told me to check out their beer selection

no more pics i'm sick of croping

>> No.9055435

Ontario, Canada

>> No.9055438

That looks real good nigga

I personally hate doing inefficient effort to result shit like that
But I love the fuck when other people do it

>> No.9055442

I live in Quebec.
Which has a far better beer selection, you Hindu bitch

If I were desperate, I'd get Vieux Montreal

>> No.9055448

is ontario full of hindus or something?

>> No.9055459

Parts of it yeah
Like Brampaladesh

>> No.9055473

not him but yes. learned that while telemarketing

upon closer observation, its a local beer

as in same zip code im sitting my fat ass in right now local

it's very malty, dark, and a little sweet
would reccomend to other WA bros

also i should have put more feta in the pie it needed a bit more salt and cheese

>> No.9055475

I'm in a shit city called Burlington and the whole place closes down at 8pm. Pretty comfy walking around a ghost town at night

>> No.9055587

not looking for some fancy shit
i'll take any cheap shit to be honest

>> No.9055589

I don't think it is accurate to show I'd drink two bottles a month. The body i think is normal for a light drinker and a non-drinker, the body can handle some alcohol - but if you go over a certain amount then things start to go out of whack and show up on the tests

In some ways I wish I could get that bad, then I could fix it. For me I can hide the drinking, take really good care of myself, I keep a cleaner house when I'm drunk, and I only occasionally wake up with injuries I didn't know how happened. I can probably go on like this and almost live a normal life except will die very early

>> No.9055605

Stews man
Stews and the italian equivalent
Put a whole bunch of shit together and let it cook

>> No.9055646

Quit being a pussy

>> No.9055653

Go ahead buddy you earned it.
One or two couldn't hurt.

>> No.9055654

Russian standard, finlandia or smirnoff?
Don't mention something that I probably can't get

>> No.9055667

How long does one of those 1.75's last you?

>> No.9055668

I've had all three
They all tasted bad to me
All needed a strong chaser

>> No.9055708


>> No.9055715

Mmk you're pretty sad, I drank half a handle of 100 proof vodka straight and I could still pass for sober.

>> No.9055721


>> No.9056121

Thank you for drinking yourselves to death. Our species does not need weak minded individuals.

>> No.9056152

Metro series and un-iroinically fallout 4

>> No.9056177

What type of business anon?

>> No.9056182
File: 128 KB, 534x640, 1497477439051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9056188

i love you, anon <3

>> No.9056194


My penis left me :(

>> No.9056206

Drinking a shit tonne of goon I buy for $10/4.5L

At least I'm not drinking myself poor

>> No.9056247

Schizoid. 28. Unemployed. Lives with mother. Just got a girl pregnant. Hurricane 5.

>> No.9056273

>drank 5 shots of crown royal
>still depressed
i hate that in between zone where i wanna be drunk but didnt drink enough so stuff still sucks.

>> No.9056409

2 days sober, no sleep until 8.30am, then woken by my fat cunt neighbour's handbag mutt at 9.15. Listened to it FUCKING yapping for an hour and a half and relapsed out of absolute desperation for sleep. I'm trying to drink myself unconscious, it's just too painful, too hot, ears are ringing and eyes are stinging... even my Doc said that if I can't get the fat, arrogant cunt to shut her creature up, I should move house. I'm so fucking angry right now. I could legit behead that retarded slut. Every time for like 6 years that I've complained, she's just been a bitch and tried to pretend it's not a problem. Fucking kill me.

>> No.9056544

Watch that edge faggot

>> No.9056548

That poor girl and kid tho

>> No.9056557

Cunts like that should go to jail and be banned from owning pets.

>> No.9056575

Where are you at man? Most cities have laws for barking dogs. I had some neighbors with an obnoxious mutt and was able to fuck with them big time by documenting everything and contacting animal control.

>> No.9056689

Just got the word that my cousin killed himself. He was an alcoholic for as long as I can remember and ended up homeless after pawning a bunch of my aunt and uncles furniture and jewelry for drug/booze money.

In a way I envy him, his pain is over now. Loved the guy but there was no way he was ever getting sober, not with the addictive personalities our family has and naturally it crushed his fucking parents and siblings and is going to effect their lives for a long, long time. fuck.

>> No.9056751
File: 239 KB, 966x716, REMINDER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do this every thread because its interesting, but

>Greentexting Withdrawal stories
>Wake up
>Skin is itchy, feels like theres ants everywhere
>Body smells, not like BO but like waste products from the booze is coming out of my pores
>Tongue is fuzzy, even if I brushed the night before
>The idea of food is disgusting
>Hair is dry and greasy at the same time, somehow
>Stuff under my fingernails, smells pretty good in a dank way
>Did i mention anxiety?

Anyone else have a symptom to add?

>> No.9056753

Fallout 4 is so fucking garbage. No random encounters, scoured the entire map just looking for shit, but the closest thing you get to a story in the mind-numbing enemy killing are a few terminals tellling you about the building.

Fallout 3 and Oblivion were much better for that.

Also, metro were play-once and done type affairs.

>> No.9056882


I get worried about squirrels coming into my room

>> No.9056921


What would be worrysome about a squirrel getting into your room? What could it possibly do that would be cause for worry?

>> No.9056923

Too drunk and exhausted to clean

I'm no better than an animal

>> No.9057510

Guys some friends are going to visit me in a few months, what is a nice drink i can get for us to drink during the afternoon then eat a massive burguer later?

I'm thinking about the usual vodka but something else would be nice. Maybe Rum?

I've been playing War Thunder while drinking, it's fun when i'm bored saturday night.

Between those three, Russian Standard. It's what i drink anyway, but i think you can find something better for the same price with some research. Look at the Vodka general if it's still alive.

>> No.9057917


>> No.9057920

did it work

>> No.9057926

nah, I'm still alive

it's 3 AM I wish timezones were all the same

>> No.9058006

Tequila,sprite,and a splash a oj

>> No.9058119
File: 11 KB, 337x328, 1457163588669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude I got cut off at two stores... fuck. "we cant sell to you, you're drunk"

>> No.9058134

They hide nuts and forget them.
Shouldn't be too had to clean.

How wasted are you?

>> No.9058139
File: 33 KB, 541x541, 1494326276774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gone, dude.

>> No.9058142

I get really really drunk, and when i get home i find a russian playlist of the 80s, about which i know nothing about and play Spintires on hardcore mode.
I tip over the trucks and logs fall out
i wish the game had a clutch and all gears

>> No.9058147
File: 160 KB, 635x648, 1381717314371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trying to sober up enough to go to this other store.... sick as fuck, need at least one more bottle...

>> No.9058154

spintires is a rad game.

>> No.9058161
File: 321 KB, 900x1200, askaig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought pic related today, first time tasting islay whiskey and damn it's pretty good for an impulse purchase.

>> No.9058165

>confirmation bias

>> No.9058196


>> No.9058241

If you drove out to the store drunk then fuck you

>> No.9058267

I don't drink very much but I'm out of weed today so day drinking it is.

Makers Mark and Cream soda here tell me I'm a pleb I don't care I'm fucking blitzed.

>> No.9058375 [DELETED] 
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1395210494800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too, thanks. I walked, you ass.

>> No.9058399

You're in the wrong thread gtfo faggot

>> No.9058405

ive always wondered about the moral implications of working at a liquor store

they must see the same drunks coming in day after day and they know theyre enabling them. eventually some of those guys must die and not come in anymore, personally i wouldnt give a shit but i wonder if some people would take that kinda hard

>> No.9058493

Same as with every industry. Fast-food employees that serve 3 bigmacs twice a day to a morbidly obese person must feel bad, but they know if they refuse to serve the guy another employee will. Or another restaurant.
So they just assume they can stop and make money of a good client.

>> No.9058574

>on't make it an excuse to relapse more. Empty the bottle into the drain, feel like shit for a while, and you'll get better soon.
>The other option is to drink, feel worse, stop, feel horrible for longer.
>If tipsy you want to get drunk, and drunk just chug down everything, either you find ways to only have limited amount of cash/alcohol when drinking, or you don't drink. Your slippery slope is very steep, sorry Anon. I sled it down, you don't want to get there.

Thanks for the support, Anon. I'm drunk today but I'm tapering again and will probably be sober tomorrow. Or maybe the day after tomorrow.

It's hard to touch ground without getting suicidal, but after a few days I usually feel much better.

>> No.9058694

Day ....9 of sobriety I think. i think the chemicals in my brain are starting to work correctly a little bit, on the way home from work i was incredibly relived that it was the weekend and found myself actually feeling good. or at least not horrible. I had already poured out all the few pee pee bottles i had in my room and rinsed them out so they wouldn't stink so much in the trash can and leak pee every where, and took all the empty and almsot empty whiskey bottles and poured them into one small bottle and trashed the bottles. so now i have about 3/4 of a fifth of old crow/evan williams/canadian club mixed together. pretty cool huh. and i found a tiny bottle of wine in a coat pocket in my closet that must have been there for years, cause that's where i had booze when i lived with my mom. anyway. haven't slept worth a shit all week, go to bed abot 11 and get somewhat drowsy but wake up 5 times a night, in some half awake half asleep hallucinatory delerium, wake up and drink a ton of water and shoot foamy frothy doo doo out your ass all day. oh well. gonna move the firnature in here and vaccum real good and possibly rent a carpet shampooer to clean the filth off the carpet. don't have any urge to drink tho. prolly fuck around with the raspberry pi tonight since i bought two more of the things the last time i was drunk. i was obsessed with the idea of having on in the bathroom for some reason. oh well who cares take it easy guys.

>> No.9058721

keep it up brother youre doing well

>> No.9058802

Who /boozeandblow/ here?

>> No.9058811

>drinking literal poison on purpose

I'll pass, normos.

>> No.9059200

I almost broke down all night but held off. I'm definitely drinking tomorrow though. I have to celebrate 1 full week of sobriety somehow.

>> No.9059242

I had a wake up call yesterday when I woke up in the hospital black out drunk. My girlfriend had a miscarriage and I lost it and knocked back a liter of vodka in about two hours. I tried to ride my bike to the store to get smokes and fell off in a random parking lot.

>> No.9059414

>Extreme headache
>The literal sensation of "i can stay in this bed forever, feels like a pretty good idea"

>> No.9059433

How to i know if i'm addicted to alcohol?

>> No.9059628

>pass user since 2012

>> No.9059636

What happened to these threads? They used to be filled with actual full blown alcoholics and now it seems like it's just people who drink a few bottles of shitty whine and beer. Where my vodka bros at?

>> No.9059642

we out here but im pretty sure a lot of the real shitheads just lurk once in a while

>> No.9059679

I became slightly sober, I just felt like shit all the time and was over it real quick.

>> No.9059680

codka bro here
the weekend has started you know what that means

>> No.9059697

I'm a drunk who works in a liquor store. I don't really think about it too much. When you see people literally killing themselves everyday, multiple times a day you get immune. There are a few who you see daily that when it eventually happens you're going to be pretty fucking sad about. Just hasn't happened to me...yet.

>> No.9059714

handle of aristocrat here

gone through half of it already, wanted it to last all weekend

shaking my head to be honest family

>> No.9059745

some of us talked about this in another thread but to reiterate: when you buy a handle you should try to pour it in smaller bottles to try to pace yourself
gives you a limit

>> No.9059779

I'm 22 and worked in my uncle store for a year and some months. During this time something happened that made me really sad and i've started to think about life more often.

A guy (in his mid 30s), crashed his car into a tree and died instantly. I remember him in the store. He used to buy vodka sometimes (specially stolichnaya). and looked like a nice person. I didn't notice back in the day but after i knew about the story, it was really shocking when i noticed he never came back to the store.

It made me hold back on alcohol a bit and consider what i've been doing to my life. Usually i'm like "we're going to die anyway lol" but now i know how bad it is to say something like that. I don't know if he was drunk while driving, but please my friends, we all know it can happen so take care and don't do dangerous things while drunk. Let's live today so we can enjoy another round of alcohol tomorrow.

Today is the big day bro, let's enjoy this weekend with many shots of our russian komrade.

>> No.9059880

>but wake up 5 times a night, in some half awake half asleep hallucinatory delerium, wake up and drink a ton of water and shoot foamy frothy doo doo out your ass all day
i don't miss this feel

>> No.9060006
File: 82 KB, 313x560, 92720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's the best (read: least worst) vodka straight? a lot of people are saying pic related

>> No.9060022


>least worst

I think you posted in the wrong thread by accident.

>> No.9060031
File: 379 KB, 960x1280, cq5dam.web.1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well you get what I mean

give me something

>> No.9060039
File: 36 KB, 489x423, 1497026127694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9060040
File: 330 KB, 1024x768, skol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9060046
File: 58 KB, 623x713, 1487427530731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

actually I had a hard doo doo today, that was different. getting ready for withdrawals... ugh

>> No.9060073
File: 32 KB, 467x350, 694abbba8046c78ec091ff8bcc873993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I haven't had a "hard doo doo" in close to a month.

I had to skip work yesterday because I think one of my internal organs was telling me it was about to fail.

My poo has basically been, "oh shit! gotta go..." long, loud gas, *cumming a million suns out of my ass* more gas *spurt, spurt, spurt*

>look down and the water is redish-brown, with only a few little bits and pieces, here and there, that actually look like shit
>use up half a roll of toilet paper before realizing i should just take a shower, because it spurt in every direction, and then splattered up from the bowl even further down my legs

I guess it's better than the time I was walking around naked in an apartment with my ex and just wanted to let out a little fart while she was out of the room, and ended up shitting all over the kitchen floor.

Then again, I've probably injured myself holding in farts in public since that incident.

>> No.9060092
File: 253 KB, 540x404, 1465103610563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude. still have a gf? I get that feel.

>> No.9060101


Was briefly seeing an ex from 15 years earlier, but pretty quickly fucked that one up. (Story is from probably 6 years ago with previous gf, when I went full day drinking.)

Turns out I'm not the "nice guy" I was back in high school.

>tfw drunken texting didn't exist back then, plus i was the responsible one back then

>> No.9060110

you sound like me dude.... wow.

>> No.9060116

all my ex's are girls from the past.

>> No.9060134

all my currents are guys from the future

>> No.9060224

Trying to quit desu.

>> No.9060275

its 641 am and I think im drunk

pissed the bed, again. at least the aliens aren't trying to get me. don't know where I hid the beer but at least I have vodka

over and out
big 10-4

>> No.9060281

I got wasted last night and managed to somehow detach the control rod from my vertical blinds and I can't get it back on, it seems impossible, seriously

Anyways I'm getting dickered again which is usually a bad idea as I have vicious hangovers if I daydrink but idgaf

>> No.9060330
File: 11 KB, 182x268, MV5BMzAwMmQxNTctYjVmYi00MDdlLWEzMWUtOTE5NTRiNDhhNjI2L2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGde[email protected]@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who here watches movies while drunk? I usually have about 10 standard drinks and watch a new release thriller like this one. Then when I sober up I watch it again, it's interesting.

Watching movies is the only thing I do while drinking

>> No.9060339
File: 29 KB, 482x800, brettygud.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Passed out last night watching the original Alien, fucking awesome when I came to around the climactic scenes and did not know what the FUCK was going on,

>> No.9060341

>decide to go on a bike ride
>crash twice
>fuck my leg up
welp im never doing that again

>> No.9060348

I shit myself a little at 3am. Had to take a shower. Liquor and penuts should have known better

>> No.9060357
File: 422 KB, 768x768, 1471029965032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got you senpai
>buy $1000 bike
>I'll never drunk drive again
>crash and hurt myself & bike repeatedly

I just drink at home now. Sold the bike the other day.

>> No.9060378

This is what stranger danger has done to millennials. You're supposed to get all that stuff out of your system when you're 7 or 8 years old. crash your bike constantly when your bones are soft, then as an adult it's a rarity

Instead kids are imprisoned indoors with their play stations and tablets and televisions because their mothers' brains are filled with graphic pedophilic sexual fantasies by television dramas, forwarded spam emails, and so on

Many people reach the age of 18 more familiar with the operation of a 4,500 pound death cage than with basic bicycle control. They've grown up thinking riding a bike is an extreme sport for crazy people and being surrounded by reprocessed air and assaulted by electronic beep-beep-boop noises is normal

>> No.9060399
File: 11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thoughts on this video? I picked up drinking this year and the video and comments scare the absolute shit out of me lol

>> No.9060470


Try again you stupid fuck. I guess you just needed to vent a little because your verbal shit stream makes no sense.

I crashed the bike because I was drunk, not because of my age. God you are a fucking dumb nigger.

>> No.9060562

I agree with >>9060470
you are a complete fucking retard.

>> No.9060641

if you are sober enough to walk you are sober enough to stay upright on a bike

it's actually easier because rotational inertia and so on

the trouble is you guys learned too late in life

>> No.9060695

Could everyone please help me by not arguing? If an ignorant fool posts, maybe just ignore him? I am about to die and I hate the negativity in these threads

>> No.9060745
File: 83 KB, 533x553, psyrott.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What's the matter mate? I am sorry for all the conflict.

>> No.9060767

Only got hours, maybe days, left in me. Can feel it. I can't wait to go. And can't believe I almost made it to 40 years old.
Doc came to my house, says liver is desperately bad. Eyes and skin are yellow, a whole litre of Smirnoff won't stop the shakes, everything hurts; I'm off.

>> No.9060777
File: 32 KB, 500x428, duck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had my first seizure this morning AMA

>> No.9060778

Well... what was it like?
And how do I know if I'm about to have one?

>> No.9060787


>> No.9060791

For a bit afterwards I thought I had nodded off and woken up to sleep paralysis.

Looking back, though, realized that I actively went down onto my couch, and went into this sort of half dream where I knew I was awake. Images kept flashing in front of me of horrific shit like skeletons and dead people. Then found myself facing into total black, unable to even twitch my fingers. Terrifying. Managed to force myself up again, but that may have been placebo. Disoriented as hell still, this was three hours ago. Lucky it wasn't worse, I live alone.

As for your latter question, I'm not a doctor. No idea.

>> No.9060795

Meant to reply to

>> No.9060796

Was it as cool as you thought it would be? I've seized before. You don't remember it, but for some reason you're laying on the floor when you come to.

>> No.9060800

Was terrifying.

>> No.9060823
File: 1.93 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of the skin is coming off my legs, arms and feet. The shaking won't stop and I'm still hallucinating even after a litre. There's broken glass all around me and I stink of blood.
Really liked these threads. Thank you al/ck/
I will die very soon.
Looking forward to it at this point.

If you are still able to stop, DO IT.

Bye all.

>> No.9060826

See you tomorrow

>> No.9060845

I'm so yellow I look like something from the simpsons. I don't want to see tomorrow... but if I'm in one piece, I'll be here. Haven't missed a single al/ck/ thread for like a year.
I hope you're ok, anon. Those visions of death never leave you. Putrid. Awful. Disgusting. Good luck, I hope you get better.

>> No.9060848


>> No.9060871
File: 84 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi anon.
I'm done for, bruh.
Not going to hospital. Comfy here on my dining room floor. At least the stench of my corpse will irritate my fat bitch neighbors and their yapping mutt.

Gtg. The pain is insane. <3

>> No.9060880

You should strip down to boxers, a beater, and flip flops when you go to the liquor store next. Give the guy behind the counter a trip, knowing that he very may well kill you.

>> No.9060892

it's been good reading your stories and hearing about your life

if this is it, I hope you finally find peace away from the liquor. You're probably a good person. 26 days sober here. I'll be thinking of you today.

>> No.9060927

Admiral Nelson.

Highly underrated.

>> No.9060943
File: 26 KB, 500x441, 1491985014681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damnit i've done this too.

>> No.9060950

I went from a 5th a day for 10 years to a whole week sober. Not much to report. Still kinda foggy.

>> No.9060953

Better be 101 stormy seas.

>> No.9060992


I slept with the girls of my life the last 4 days.
The problem is, I'm not her boyfriend.

Why can't she be only mine?
Why can't I love an ugly chick that gives me all of her?

I'm drinking all of my remaining home made liquor out of depression.

It's not just that. Lately I've been drinking out my depression every weekend, each time for a different reason.
Thank God on workdays I'm too tired to feel down.

Why am I even writing this I'm not gonna read any reply.
Fuck my life.

>> No.9060998

>I slept with the girls of my life the last 4 days.

That sentence just sounds like you systematically raped your daughters.

>> No.9061000

Thought this was a Bukowski poem for most of it, if that makes you feel better.

>> No.9061099
File: 92 KB, 766x960, 1467173322897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the last girl I was with was married... I get this feel.

>> No.9061231

Going to a hospital will at least help the pain of your passing.

You literally have nothing left to lose

>> No.9061369
File: 105 KB, 853x1280, Lambs_Navy_Rum__94096.1489005537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>its hot and humid as fuck for my part of thew woods
>booze will solve my problem!

Currently drinking some ice cold Kopperberg strawberry and lime cider as a warm up to some vodka or rum (I haven't decided yet) later tonight. No doubt I will wake up in a pool of sweat feeling like shit tomorrow but eh.

>> No.9061625
File: 2.83 MB, 320x180, 1497202766845.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Help, I've been drinking every day this week outside of Monday, and getting hammered on most of them
I have some anxiety and headache right now, but i only have 2 beers left until Monday. Am i gonna make it

>> No.9061633

I'm morning drinking while brining some chicken, gonna go out and buy cigs a county away because I live in the city and it's mad expensive. Once this beer is done I'm going to get together with the homie and smoke some weed then make my chicken later

>> No.9061665

I love you my man

>> No.9061715

He has a point about biking. I learned to ride before I was four years old and I can bike home drunk while rolling a cigarette.

>> No.9061735


>> No.9062091

drinking cheap beer and listening to some fine negro music from the 70s

>> No.9062114


Go play Vigilante 8.

>> No.9062124

Saturday = day drinkin day
this is not up for debate

>> No.9062266
File: 364 KB, 752x940, 900597-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Jagermeister is god tier.
I also love a very cold gin and tonic. Really refreshing and tasty

>> No.9062281


Ever mixed jagermeister in with melted chocolate which is then chilled and served with cream to make a dessert?

>> No.9062285
File: 1.50 MB, 218x218, sip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gin and Ginger Ale.
Feeling hobo classy.

>> No.9062319


Isn't Gin and soda water the health-concious alcoholics drink of choice? Fuck all calories but monstrous ethanol content?

>> No.9062351

>the anxiety out the fucking ass from two days of not drinking

What do I do friends?

>> No.9062360

drink alcohol

>> No.9062363

Wait for the trippy hallucinations?

>> No.9062369

take a few cheeky benzos or some oxy. or drink.

>> No.9062383


Pump iron. If you are too exhausted to stand you are too exhausted to drink. A few years ago I actually got a job on a building site labouring to deal with thew booze - everyday I would come home exhausted with just enough energy to cook dinner, have a shower and then slime to bed. Sure helped curb the drinking.

>> No.9062402

I don't think learning later in life change anything.
Heck, I learned drinking as an adult, and I did a pretty good job at it. Managed to slay my pancreas while leaving my liver almost unharmed.

It's been nice talking with you Anon. Sayonara my friend.
We'll miss you.

>> No.9062407

Drinking some surly micro brew and a bottle of 151 rum. Also eating some bomb ass wings. How about you guys?

>> No.9062409

Taper with beer, or take benzodiazepine.
Take multivitamins, they help prevent brain damage from withdrawals. I think it's some Bs and PP you need most.

>> No.9062420

I have an open can of frosty jack from 2 days ago, room temp, is it fucked or can I safely get fucked?

>> No.9062422

Safely get fucked with us.

>> No.9062425

I'm drinking wine at summer room temperature I'd say it's safe to drink

>> No.9062428

Promise I won't boke my ring up?
alright mate lets get pished, this'll do me, the aul cans get me sorted.

>> No.9062429

Maybe, but the ginger ale I'm drinking is loaded with sugar.

>> No.9062468

I have a can of white lightning sitting on my shelf from 3 days ago, anyone want to actually shed some light on this? Like how long can you leave this shit sitting cos I always forget about my cans and find a full one days after.

>> No.9062471

No what the fug I've never thought to make anything out of it. Literally gonna do that today. Any other recipes???

>> No.9062488


None that spring to mind but Jagermeister's somewhat sweet nature and thick viscosity make it ideal to put in desserts. I'm convinced it mix with chocolate divinely and chocolate mixes with many fruits (expecially strawberry) very well.

The cornerstone of both science and cooking is "I do not know" and fucking about until you do know.

>> No.9062557

brooklyn lager and cheap sherry

>> No.9062638

its fuckin booze its not going to evaporate or anything
check if theres flies or bugs then drink it

>> No.9063188

Too drunk right now. Cheap vodka tastes like shit but some friends bought cigars and wweed

HOpe everyone is doing ok. Great weekend to everyone

Please smirbro if you come back tell us.

>> No.9063227

How come a glass a wine will make me feel drunk but it takes almost an entire 750ml bottle of whiskey just to feel buzzed?

I've taken a 5 month break from drinking every day for six months to 1-2 a month and while I noticed it takes a shit ton of whiskey, fuckin wine gets me going. Only with an added headache as opposed to whiskey where I never have a hangover.

>> No.9063238

>Anonymous 06/17/17(Sat)23:45:25 No.906322
Do you mind i f i ask wich whiskey and wich wine

>> No.9063249

I call bull shit.

>> No.9063265

Evan Williams mostly because its cheap. Jack Daniels when normies throw up after a few shots and don't want to look at it anymore so they give me the bottle. It all tastes the same to me but I have a poor sense of taste in general due to breaking my nose one too many times.
source: my ass

As for wine, I know jackshit about wine but it's offered seemingly every where so I drink whatever. However I semi-remember one particular one, a red wine that I think was Barefoot. I drank a medium size glass at my aunt's party and remember feeling weird as fuck. Buzzed, but different alcohols give me different kinds of buzzed.

I think it's only happened with red wines, come to think of it. Because I drank some other white Barefoot wine someone pawned off of me and remember being angry that I didn't get a buzz at all from an entire bottle.

>> No.9063280

I'm interested to know why you're more drunk with wine than whisky too i hope someos else answer this but

That's really strange. I mean, aren't you drinking one too fast and the other slow? You're meant to drink both slow, Wine with food (wich means wine cause less effect because food + alcohol).

>> No.9063314

Remember the golden rule: the better the booze tastes the weaker it is. There are a few exceptions (such as zombie and long island ice tea) but generally that rule holds true.

A good zombie I swear by - tastes like fruit juice but is easily 50%+ rum (and as everyone knows rum is 40% or higher or bust).

>> No.9063347

So let's say i buy a really shitty vodka ($5 for a 1liter 40% alcohol vodka). It will be REALLY strong but taste like shit?

>> No.9063357


Basically yes. Then again vodka isa just rotten potato water and only taken neat by the finish and the eatern bloc. If you aren't one of those you mid it with beverage of choice to get shitfaced.

>> No.9063368

fuck the anxiety is too fucking real man I only have it the days after drinking FUCK

>> No.9063403

ya its pretty bad. in a way when it passes i kinda miss it tho.

>> No.9063419

Where the hell is everyone tonight?
Don't tell me you guys actually go out on a saturday night.

>> No.9063565
File: 103 KB, 547x717, bakersfeel1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw going to spend $100 on festival tickets that some with beer and booze

>> No.9063749
File: 36 KB, 605x598, d0597714f2d08a6c1d6e77221b780588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got home from work.been a week since I got shit faced drunk. Tommorow marks a week since I last drank. Trying to go till Friday. Luckily in not having urges and kinda just going on. Just want to lose my beer gut

>> No.9063911


>> No.9063999

>different alcohols give me different kinds of buzzed.
Ethanol is ethanol.
You must have eaten beforehand/had empty stomach, or drank faster/slower, or have been tired

>> No.9064042

what you talking about no one goes out on a Saturday night

>> No.9064183

Don't forget to create another tshead

>> No.9064389
File: 76 KB, 720x960, 1493566403197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hour till the store opens holy shit i'm fucking losing it..... it's like i'm on fire... two stores around here wouldn't sell to me a few times, I hope I can keep my shit together i'm getting sick as fuck....

>> No.9064460

Hang in there anon. I just got back seconds ago, about to crack open a vodka. 20 mins and the pain will be gone.

>> No.9064533
File: 799 KB, 200x189, 1379287865040.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got it, they sold to me. thank fucking god

>> No.9064549

Why have they refused to serve you in the past?

>> No.9064576

shaking to death, couldn't slide my card

>> No.9064582

Ah, I've had that. Well, it was that I couldn't type my pin. Thankfully they now use contactless payments, so the only thing I have to worry about is not throwing up all over the place and knocking stuff off their shelves

>> No.9064825

I've got to get to a hospital, but the only one anywhere near me won't take me because I grabbed a nurse's tits while I was delirious. Fug.

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