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I enjoy his videos

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Blog it.

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Were you dropped as a child? Had some kind of traumatic brain injury?

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You either have shit taste or you're just really bad at ironically shitposting.

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Both of which qualify OP for "subhuman"

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who doesnt?

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I like Jack but sometime I wish I could reach through the screen and choke him until his nose bleeds over some of the stuff he says

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Is it just me, or is a baseball cap worn backwards a nigh fucking guarantee that the person wearing it is dumb as a sack of bricks?

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File: 2.09 MB, 1280x720, jack cooked to perfect.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I wear it backwards when on a motorcycle. Makes sense. But otherwise yeah I'm pretty retarded.

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Shit cooking thread then yeah?

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i wear it with the brim facing the sun
i'm outside a lot

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Is he really a cuck?

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>try to browse some western porno comics
>like 60% of the site is taken up by shittier cuck comics comics and 3D incest cancer
Why live.

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Yes. I've met him in person and his wife and her bull were there too. It was pretty awkward. I'm pretty sure he only does the youtube videos to distract him from them fucking.

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Are you being serious? I want more details, my lad.

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I hope so for her sake. I'm sure Ja/ck/'s penis hasn't seen the outside of his FUPA for years, much less been physically capable of entering a vagina. If he's not a cuck the poor woman probably hasn't gotten off without a vibrator in years

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I can't really give any more details without potentially revealing my identity to Jack, but just trust me. He's a huge cuck and it's been going on for years.

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I really want to believe this

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You mean like he did to his son?

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I enjoy watching jack, like I enjoy looking at a train wreck, partly because of morbid curiosity partly because I hoped he'd seriously hurt himself in one of his videos.

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no I didn't mean it in that way at all

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What are your top Ja/ck/ moments? This one might be the best for me.

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I want Tammy to sit on my face.

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what the fuck

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What is he doing there? Is that water or something else? My favorite is when he gets angry at that induction hot plate because he didn't turn on the whole burner.

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Looks like water in cayenne

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I do too, but I enjoy Joey's more. Joey has a more lovable personality.

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apparently the disgusting fuck had pink eye (ie. he got shit bacteria in his eye and it got infected) and heard that cayenne pepper could cure it

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W-wew lads...

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Because he fucking touches raw meat with those dopey rings on

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Ja/ck/ Jr. Is not going to let that shit happen to him. #justice4garrett

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how does he still have all his fingers intact considering the way he handles knives....

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Incredible reflexes

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I like jack, makes me laugh when he fucks up constantly. I need a laugh, my life is in the shitter.

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Does Ja/ck/ have a clothes washer and dryer in his kitchen like a Europoor? How have I never noticed this before?

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>dropping the steak into the pan towards you
It's clear that Jack never cooks outside of his YouTube videos.

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