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Favorite type of candy?

Mine is gummies. I like almost any style although I have a soft spot for the cola and orange flavored ones. Recently they introduced Sour Patch Kids in my country and I've been enjoying them a lot, particularly the melon flavored one.

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marshmallow strawberries are disgustingly addictive to me

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Sour Patch Kids are my shit. I have a bag of the berry ones, and strawberry right now.

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Recess cups. My girlfriend brings me some every now and then, I love it.

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Payday is my favorite candy bar.

Gummy worms and bears are cool too.

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This. Highly addictive.

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The new versions aren't as good. These were my shit while they existed

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'ere we are lads

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I recently went to Target and saw these sitting in the dollar candy section, so I picked up three boxes to bring back to my kids.

Something about the packaging appealed me, the overwhelmingly bright neon pink box whispered out my name, "Jake, let one of your kids not have candy, it will be our little secret Jake." I felt greedy and a little perturbed, but I could not resist, as my dense, callus-struck fingers peeled back the top of the box, revealing a little white baggy concealing the sour bits.

Please believe me when I say, this has to be the greatest candy I have ever tasted in my entire life. No other sour candy (maybe with the exception of Warheads but I happen to like the tissue lining my cheek) has surmounted to this level of flavor like this.

If any of you see this candy, and you have a dollar on your person, do not hesitate. Buy the box, try it for yourself, be amazed.

Long story short I made one of the fuckers share with the less fortunate son, I am a good parent I promise guys. I'm going out to buy some more later and will more than likely soak these in vodka for the hell of it.

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Anything sour is my favorite shit, could eat warheads until my tongue bleeds
also like gummy things but they have to have a certain amount of chew to them I don't like jelly-ish gummy things
pic related are my favorite. haribo also makes these smurf ones that are great. in general haribo gummies have what i'd call a near perfect texture

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I love most things sour and or chewy. However, my favorite candy is pic related. I just wish I could buy them in Merica.

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I love stuff with puffed rice, that crunchy texture is so good. Specially with chocolate.

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Hands down Skittles. Regular ones and tropical are my favorite. I also enjoy some gummis from Haribo.

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Mike pue Ike?
wtf is that

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I like toffee.
I like it best with a crispy texture but also enjoy it chewy or hard. Coated in chocolate, plain, mixed with nuts, or flavored I haven't yet had a variety I would say I actually don't like.

It's all up to my mood though. The only type of candy I would say I actively avoid would be suckers and lollipops just because eating them is kind of gross.

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i like chocolate more than candy but i consider them to be in slightly different leagues.

for me its the jelly belly beans. nothing like generic jelly beans that are are gritty and poorly flavored. jelly bellies actually taste like what they are supposed to taste like.

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and i forgot to give honorable mention to these delicious fuckers.

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Salted licorice is my favorite

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They are just called Mike and Ike's, look for them online.

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fuck the bananas though

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just fuck my tongue up

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Sup, all inferior chocolates?

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lemon drops! where my fellow suckers at?

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Retirement homes

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good for tongue endurance

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>tfw the staff steal lemon drops from your room

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This is literally nobody's favorite candy. Maybe in the 1800s. These are a step up from necco wafers. That's it.

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I unironically like these.

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Never tried these until recently, so fucking good. What is the white covering over the presumably peanut butter/wafer combo? Vanilla? Is that the peanut butter?

I would have to say favorite for me are Swedish Fish, Mike n Ikes and Jelly Belly jelly beans. Though I have one of the biggest sweet tooths I know so I love candy in all shapes and sizes.

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I love various kind of gummy candy with cinnamon bears being my absolute #1 favorite. I live pretty close to the Albanese factory which which is pretty dangerous for me.

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Salmiakki....a huge chunk of finnidh candy is salmiakki and im not complaining.

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Mobilefagging sucks

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Seriously, love these things.

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My nig of nog

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They used to be called zours and they are #1, 2nd would be watermelon or berry sour patches, 3rd jolly rancher chews.

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>eating them is kind of gross

is it because of some repressed homosensual prejudice?

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If you guys haven't tried mexican candy you're missing out on a whole other level of candy theory. Perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy.

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How can one of the US get a package like that of different varieties of salmiakki?

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Tips for buying gummies (sour gummies especially) on the cheap, for the US? Online or retail are both ok.

What I usually do is look for deals on bags of Haribo or other gummy candy in stores, best deal you can usually find here in Georgia is $1 for a 4.5 oz bag of Haribo sour gummy bears or $5 for a 2 lbs bag of Sour Patch, but I would prefer more variety if I could find it for a similar or cheaper price.

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Live in San Diego, I've tried a lot of these over the years. Some are really fucking good...some are pretty shitty though.

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Gummy nooses?

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love these chewy little fuckers

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Same, OP. I love gummy candies. I got some cookies and cream hershey's, white chocolate Lindor's and Green and Black's dark chocolate waiting for me with some vanilla ice cream.

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I fucking love Haribo Gold Bears. I could eat bagful after bagful.

Snowcaps aka nonpareils are another favorite of mine.

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Those new Trolli sour gummies with the liquid center were pretty great

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ayy. the drop/licourice ones as well

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Nonpareils. Sno-Caps can't even compete.

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>"Look at me, I'm a mature adult who eats solidified water!"

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>solidified water

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you mean the things with the slightly sour sugar coating and chewy marshmallow inside?

yeah, these things.

i dont live near any stores that sell them, except the haribo ones. the little dome shaped ones are god-tier.

as for chocolate bars, I seriously miss Cadbury's with Lu biscuit bars. I'm pretty sure they're discontinued. I mightve been the only man in the country who bought them.

but god fuckin dammit they were good.

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These along with gummy candy of any kind.

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Get out

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Wasn't the response I was looking for but I guess that will do.

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I genuinely like them but they aren't my favorite.

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Blue/white whale gummies

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Bon bons.
Any flavour, just so long as they're chewy enough to give you jawache.
Chewy greatness.

>> No.9046308

Albanese Gummies. Amazon usually has them available for like $3 per pound if you buy in super-bulk. That requires trusting yourself with 10 ounces of gummy bears or butterflies, though. Can you do that?

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this you punk ass bitches

>> No.9046315

Underrated candy

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Ebin Reddit frog there, tard.

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i will meme you where you stand, brigand.

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no no no

the Ritz ones were next fucking level

you a basic Lu bitch

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Literal fucking crack.

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match me

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remember to mix with water!

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>solidified water

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spoopy chocolate oooOOOooo

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These are amazing and I'm usually not a big fan of stuff that's filled with sherbet powder.

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Whats the best m&m and why is it this?

>> No.9046907

They've changed the recipe and they don't taste as good anymore.
It's very depressing because mini eggs were dank as fuck.

>> No.9047061

the ritz ones were fucking inferior. you only liked them because they were salty like your mama's nuts, and all those memories of league of legends.

lu 4 life.


>> No.9047065

The only reason I want to return to germany

>> No.9047121

You fat fucks.

>> No.9047283

Those raspberry jelly gummies with the bead sprinkles around the jelly

>> No.9047391

Swedish Fish are by far my favorite candy, but I prefer most types of baked goods to even the goat of candies
I don't classify chocolate as candy

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Much better than Haribo by far.

>> No.9047447

Reese Cups

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I miss both of these.

>> No.9047491

Wait, you were suppose to mix these with water?

>> No.9047510


I've never seen these in the US, but I have seen "Violet Crumble" which I'm pretty sure is the same thing.

Tastes like a giant lucky charms marshmallow covered in crappy chocolate.

>> No.9047522



i miss the 90s

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I love these things, but only when they're very fresh.

>> No.9047582

i was genuinely confused why it was mike pue ike. thought it was some 3rd world monkey speak at first, but the box had other american words on it. eventually i realized pue is and upside down

>> No.9048127

Oh shit I remember creme savers

>> No.9048649

I've always disliked candy, unless it's the kind with food in it, like chocolate, peanut butter and such. Then I like it in spite of it being candy. Candy that simulates other stuff just makes me pissed off I'm not eating that stuff. Ammonium chloride licorice is fun.

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Favorite candy that's not a candy.

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what's going on boys

>> No.9049281

Liquorice, salty liquorice and any chocolate with some form of nuts and/or nougat

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>come home from school to an empty house
>flip on the TV
>Turn on YTV
>Watch Video and Arcade Top 10
>Break these out

Sometimes I can still taste them if I think real hard about it.

>> No.9049310

Right in the feels with that one

>> No.9049325

I envy you, Albanese are the g.o.a.t of gummies.

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>not sour cola bottles

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